Rift Valley Province Travel Guide

  • After I said she is beautiful !!!
    After I said she is beautiful !!!
    by samitbabu
  • Masai women doing some daily chores
    Masai women doing some daily chores
    by Nicckie
  • Crossing the Mara River
    Crossing the Mara River
    by johnaalex
Map of Rift Valley Province

Masai Mara Game Reserve



Lake Nakuru National Park



Lake Naivasha



Lake Bogoria






Amboseli National Park












Samburu Game Reserve



Tsavo National Park West












Crescent Island















Lake Baringo









Masai Mara Game Reserve

Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Body language

    Lake Nakuru National Park Warnings and Dangers

    NP Nakuru is not as bulky as other national parks of Kenya, here visitors come mainly because of the huge flocks of flamingo birds. There is a circular path around the lake, which visitors can ride alone with own car, without the usual accompaniment of rangers. It is believed that the track is safe and that to visitors cannot happen unwanted...

  • Marabou Stork

    Lake Nakuru National Park Things to Do

    Half stork, half vulture and all ugly but found throughout Kenya and Tanzania as one of the most numerous scavengers.

  • Baboons

    Lake Nakuru National Park Things to Do

    Baboons aren't friendly specie, especially if having baby baboons around or if somebody is disturbing their territory. All this photos were taken from the car and I was warned not to go out. Baboon isn't of gorilla size but no matter that physically it is very strong, much stronger then humans are. Besides, his front pair of tooth are very big and...


Lake Naivasha

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  • By bicycle to Kongoni

    Lake Naivasha Things to Do

    From Fisherman´s Camp about 10 km east at the first roadfork left at the second roadfork to the right you will see a lot of wildlife like Zebras, Monkeys, Boars etc., if you continue a little past Kongoni you come to the Oloiden boat community project for reasonable boat tours on the lake.

  • Hell's Gate National Park

    Lake Naivasha Things to Do

    This is a small National Park where you can go around by bicycle, see some Giraffes, Zebras, Buffalows etc. and hike at the Hell's Gate Gorge. Entrance fee is $ 30.

  • The risk of flash floods in the gorge is...

    Lake Naivasha Warnings and Dangers

    A visit to the Ol-Njorowa gorge is a highlight of any visit to Hell's Gate National Park, but be aware that you need to exercise caution if and when you decide to hike there, particularly in the rainy season.Because it's such a confined space, the gorge is subject to flash floods as a result of heavy rain, during which the water can reach a depth...


Lake Bogoria

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  • Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

    Lake Bogoria Things to Do

    Lake Bogoria is located about three hours north of Nakuru in Bogoria National Reserve. It is one of the three famous rift valley lakes in Kenya; the other two being Lake Baringo and Lake Nakuru. There are three gates to the reserve, turning right just before you get to the main gate will get you to the reserve via the Loboi gate.. The soda lake is...

  • Standing room only!

    Lake Bogoria Things to Do

    When you think of Lake Bogoria, you immediately think flamingoes. However, whatever you are expecting, I doubt whether you will be prepared for the carpet of pinkness that confronts you as you first catch sight of the lake. I have never seen so many animals in one place at one time, and the fact that their colour is such a stark contrast to their...

  • 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... we...

    Lake Bogoria Things to Do

    I think that flamingoes are at their most interesting when they're taking off, as it is them that you really get to appreciate their extraodinary design.It has to be said that if you were designing a bird to be efficient in takeoff and flight, a flamingo would not be your preferred design! However light their bone structure might be, that's still a...



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  • Queen and donkey

    Nanyuki Off The Beaten Path

    The small church on the banks of the Naromoru river on the Nyeri/Nanyuki highway, prides itself of having the express permission of Her Majesty to hung a replica of her Coat-of-Arms - "Hon Soit ut Mai Pense". The item was made in silk from a picture supplied by Westminister Abbey.A plaque at the bottom reads: "Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth...

  • Mt. Kenya Safari Club

    Nanyuki Hotels

    Nanyuki, Kenya: The Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki has a checkered history, which its...

  • Handmade Woolly Stuff

    Nanyuki Shopping

    The Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers are a women's self-help initiative. They will give you a tour of their workshops where you can see how their products are made, starting from carding, spinning and colouring the wool to the making of carpets, wallhangings and other things. All of which you can buy of course at the end of the tour in their shop.


Amboseli National Park

  • The Maasai village.

    Amboseli National Park Things to Do

    Quite interesting until the visit was over and we had to file through the Maasai "market". As it was our first day nobody was into buying, but the way it was presented was over the top and we left with a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. It was a shame that this happened because later when we were offered the chance to visit a Samburu village...

  • Tortilis T Camp Hotel

    Amboseli National Park Hotels

    While this Cheli & Peacock owned property is considered one of the finest in Amboseli, we can NOT...

  • Visit a Maasai village.

    Amboseli National Park Things to Do

    This tip could also be classed in the "tourist trap" group as the Maasai are not that welcoming for tourists (probably right) and this is the only real way to get close up and see how they live. The Maasai do not welcome people taking their photograph (another van at the Sentrim was stoned by kids when they started to take pics of them selling...



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  • Good Curry

    Eldoret Restaurants

    This is a dingy little restaurant in a not-so-nice hotel, but it has the best beef curry I've ever eaten. It also has a vegetable sauce to dip fried chicken in that we actually have craved since we've been home in the U.S. The decor is not great, but it's typically Kenyan. Beef or chicken curry!!!

  • Clubs in elodert

    Eldoret Things to Do

    the nightlife is abit different from in nairobi, the clubs in elodert are sams which is expensive but worth the money, cyclone this is more of a hip hop club playing hip hop music and some R&B, then there is smiles this is dead cheap and plays well african music and some modern music. i suggest if you can't speak swahili get someone who can before...

  • Bar Next to the Lincoln

    Eldoret Warnings and Dangers

    Not so much a danger but an avoidance tip.After lieing in bed at the lincoln weekend apon weekend listening to the loud music from the club next door we decided that it was about time to see what all the fuss is about so we ventured in. This is not advisable. 200 pairs of black eyes turned and stared as we walked in. The place is very smelly and...



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  • Traditional life style of the Pokot

    Kitale Local Customs

    Many Pokot do live still very traditional with their goats, patinated gourds of milk or booze and tamarind seeds. They use also headrests, stools, wrist-knife and fingerknife.In the compound we saw a woman with a calebas container, but we didn't really understand what she was doing or preparing. She couldn't explain us herself. JLBG's idea is that...

  • Herbs for the ceremony

    Kitale Local Customs

    The Pokot still have a lot of ceremonies. The elders of the community are making prayings and offerings. The medicine man has a significant role in maintaining the spiritual balance within the community. And feasts and dances are held to thank the deities for the generosity. We attended a ceremony, where a special kind of herbs was used together...

  • Pokot ceremony of name´s giving

    Kitale Local Customs

    In one of the huts in the compound of the Pokot people, where we were introduced, we were asked to attend a ceremony.In the hut a medicine man and some elders of the community were gathered for a name's giving ceremony. The mother with her child was also sitting in the hut, watching the ceremony and waiting for what would happen.



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  • Visit Sherp

    Maralal Local Customs

    Please don't visit Maralal without visiting "Samburu Handicapped Education and Rehabiltation Programme".

  • Ready for the race !!!

    Maralal Sports & Outdoors

    We mounted our camels. And I felt my white camel was very willing to walk or even to run. He tried to be in front of all. So we were very ready to go, waiting for the start signal!At the beginning of the race suddenly one of the Samburu warriors, turned my camel into the other wrong direction. I didn't know why. So I was not at the head of the...

  • Maralal National Sanctuary

    Maralal Favorites

    Maralal is surrounded by the Maralal National Sanctuary. This sanctuary in the Province Rift Valley and the Baringo district lies at a height of 1490 M and is one of Kenya's little known treasures. In the sanctuary you can see zebras, impalas, buffalos, baboons, warthogs. There are also hyenas and leopards and sometimes elephants. On our way to...


Samburu Game Reserve

  • The Equator and Mount Kenya.

    Samburu Game Reserve Things to Do

    On the way between Samburu and Nakuru, there are a couple of places for a stop to have a look at the 5199 metres high Mount Kenya from a distance. All around Mount Kenya you also have coffee stops and souvenir shops planted just on the Equator, easily found because of the signs. You have to put up with the hustlers wanting to show you how the water...

  • Watch another wasted hunt.

    Samburu Game Reserve Things to Do

    We were following a track through the savanna when the driver slowed and motioned off to our right. Once again it took a lot of spotting but there in the long grass was a lioness watching a small herd of Oryx. The only thing was, the Oryx were wise to her moves and every time she tried a manoeuvre they turned the other way. Being on her own didn't...

  • Pride of lions near the river.

    Samburu Game Reserve Things to Do

    We had just stopped to look at the Vervet monkeys and let the elephant past so he could cross the river, when our chauffeur/guide whispered "Look up to the left on the far bank, do you see the lioness ?". After much staring through leneses we finally spotted the first one, but after waiting 30 mins and moving along the bank a few yards, what was...


Tsavo National Park West


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  • Nyati - Buffalo

    Kimana Things to Do

    African buffalo is large bovine and its ancestry remains unclear. It is not ancestor of domestic cattle and owing to its unpredictable nature is highly dangerous to humans. The African buffalo have never been domesticated! It is very robust specie with long and stocky body and short but thickset legs. Savannah buffalo weigh up to 900 kg. and its...

  • Simba - Lion

    Kimana Things to Do

    Lion is one of the five big cats, and the second biggest living cat after the tiger. It belongs to vurnerable species, having seen a major population decline of 30-50 percent during the second halh of the 20th century. They inhabit savannah and grassland, and unlike other cats is very social. Groups of female lions hunt together, preying mostly on...

  • Kuro - Waterbuck

    Kimana Things to Do

    Waterbuck is large and gregarious antelope which form herds consisting up to 30 individuals. These groups are either nursery herds with females or bachelor herds. As a specie it can not tolerate dehydration and thus inhabits areas close to sources of water. The ancestral home of the Waterbuck is considered to be the eastern coast of Africa. There...



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  • Look after your personal belongings

    Narok Warnings and Dangers

    Look after your personal belongings when the safari car stops in this town. The picnic areas and cafes are notorious places where many tourists have lost their camera equipment and money. An italian man in my travelling companion lost his expensive camera when he forgot it on the table. It was of course stolen, and never found again.

  • Narok town, Kenya

    Narok Favorites

    Narok is an old dusty town west of Nairobi in south-west Kenya, along the Great Rift Valley.It is the last major town when travelling by road from Nairobi to Masai Mara national park. Most of the safari cars stops here to buy supplies before entering the National Park. The town is the district capital and has the major center of commerce in the...

  • More souvenirs for home

    Narok Shopping

    If you think you've missed some souvenirs from the Masai village, don't worry because the road back to Nairobi is lined with many curio shops



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  • Menengai Crater

    Nakuru Things to Do

    A short drive, or long walk up the road from the city center, you arrive at a fantastic vista, the Menengai Crater rim. You are perched high above the valley floor and you can easily make out the entire volcanic rim. Be warned it is super-windy and there are no guardrails preventing you from making a news headline back home.

  • Best Spot for a Beer and a Game

    Nakuru Nightlife

    This bar/restaurant is a 3 story monstrosity very near the city center. It has above average food, cold beers and, almost always, a football match on its TVs. If the weather is right for you, it has a wonderful balcony wrapping the outside, where you can watch the crazy matatus avoiding pedestrians at the last second, while sipping on a...


Crescent Island

  • Take a boat trip to Crescent Island

    Crescent Island Things to Do

    By far the nicest way to reach Crescent Island is by boat, which also allows you to appreciate Lake Naivasha's charms. The boats are safe and well constructed, and wearing a life vest is mandatory.It's only a short boat trip as the crow flies, but the trip is 'fleshed out' to include some waterborne game viewing - particularly of hippos - as well...

  • Flight of the Fish Eagle

    Crescent Island Things to Do

    Wildlife purists would probably condemn this trip to 'Tourist Traps' or 'Warnings and Dangers', so if you are of that persuasion, you should probably move onto the next tip ...If you take a boat trip on Lake Naivasha to Crescent Island, it is almost certain that your tour guide will ask you whether you want to see a fish eagle catch a fish ... a...

  • Walk on the wild side with the...

    Crescent Island Things to Do

    The degree to which the 'wild' animals are habituated to humans on Crescent Island needs to be seen to be believed. I have certainly never before have had the pleasure of having groups of usually skittish waterbuck pose calmly for me ... so the truth is out ... I'm actually not as good a photographer as the picture might suggest!Waterbuck are one...


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