Tsavo National Park Travel Guide

  • Pride of lions relaxing.
    Pride of lions relaxing.
    by CDM7
  • Salt Lick Lodge,Tsavo West
    Salt Lick Lodge,Tsavo West
    by CDM7
  • Voi Safari lodge.
    Voi Safari lodge.
    by CDM7

Tsavo National Park Things to Do

  • Elephants

    There are a couple of water tanks all over the ranch, and they are very popular with the elephants. Does it not somehow remind you of the bar in your local pub?

  • Baboons

    This baboon was part of a big group of 20 or 30 animals, but while the rest of them scattered into bushes when we stopped on the road, he and a friend of his climbed to a good vantage point in a tree by the road, and we were not sure anymore if we were watching them or the other way round...

  • Giraffes

    It is amazing how these huge animals can hide behind the slimmest of trees. We got a good view of this one here, but sometimes they were really hard to spot if they were a bit away from the road among the trees.

  • Lions

    This is one of the two male lions that we watched for more than 2 hours. After having cruised all over the ranch in our vehicles for more than a week, 8 hours a day, without getting so much as a glimpse of a lion, it was just brilliant to get such a good look at these two guys and see for ourselves that the Tsavo lions really don't have manes.

  • Hyenas

    When we smelled something rotten one morning we hoped that we might come across a lion-kill, hopefully with the lions still having breakfast. While we did not see any lions, this hyena obviously had also got a whiff of the smell and was making its way towards the same spot as us.

  • Genets

    Genets were quite elusive creatures, but during one morning drive we saw four of them, all on or around termite mounds. One was actually crawling into the "chimney" of a mound with only the long tail dangling out of the hole.


Tsavo National Park Nightlife

  • Krumel's Profile Photo

    Sundowners at Kisima

    by Krumel Updated Dec 17, 2002

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our nightlife in those two weeks consisted mainly of watching out for big yellow lion eyes to be reflected by the spotlight, but on our last evening we interrupted our game drive for sundowners at Kisima. We climbed the rock with our bottles of Tusker beer and waited for the sun to set before finishing off our last game drive in the Tsavo bushlands :-((

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Tsavo National Park Local Customs

  • Krumel's Profile Photo


    by Krumel Updated Dec 22, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had learnt a bit of Swahili for a few months before going to Tsavo and tried to put it into practice when I was there. While I usually got across what I wanted to say it was a different story understanding it when someone spoke to me. When one of our guides found out that I knew a little bit of Swahili he got a bit carried away and gave me a run-down of Kenyan history in Swahili. Needless to say that I lost him completely after the first sentence.

    Below is a short list of words that were useful at camp and at directing the drivers during the gamedrives:

    Simama = stop
    Hapa = here
    Mbele = forward
    Nyuma = back
    Kushoto = left
    Kulia = right
    Kidogo = a little
    Pole pole = slowly

    Tembo = elephant
    Twiga = giraffe
    Simba = lion
    Chui = leopard
    Swala = antelope
    Punda milia = zebra
    Diki diki = dikdik
    Komba = bushbaby

    Moja = one
    Mbili = two
    Tatu = three
    Nne = four
    Tano = five

    Asante = thank you
    Tafadhali = please
    Sawa sawa = ok
    Habari = how are you
    Lala salama = sleep well
    Karibu = welcome
    Kwa heri = goodbye

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Tsavo National Park Warnings and Dangers

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    The Waterhole

    by Krumel Updated Dec 13, 2002

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The peaceful appearance of the waterhole just below Galla Camp is rather deceptive, as it is inhabited by three crocodiles, so no skinny-dipping here! Not that the water looks THAT invitingly, anyway...

    Crocodiles at the waterhole
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Tsavo National Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Krumel's Profile Photo

    No minibuses!

    by Krumel Written Feb 25, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being a private ranch all of the Taita/Rukinga Wildlife Conservancy is off the beaten path which meant that whatever wildlife we found, we had it all for ourselves, unlike in the big parks where a whole convoy of cars will congregate around one animal. Even though they don't seem to be too bothered most of the time I always feel rather intrusive, and it reminds me too much of a zoo. So while we saw less wildlife and had fewer photo opportunities than you would have in the National Parks, I found it more of challenge to find animals, and more rewarding when we did spot something unusual.

    View from Kivuko Rock
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Tsavo National Park Favorites

  • Riding High

    Sitting on the roof of the vehicles during the game drives was absolutely brilliant, no matter how uncomfortable sometimes. The drivers were very considerate and tried to avoid the potholes and the low branches, but every once in a while you reluctantly would have to climb down when an especially rocky patch or thick foliage was ahead. The only...

  • New Friends

    Meeting interesting people from different walks of life that I would never have met in my everyday life, and making some great new friends.

  • Lions, finally!

    The best thing of course was when at the beginning of our second week the big day finally arrived and we saw our first (and last) lions. We had just arrived back at camp from our evening drive when the guys from the other vehicle radioed us to say that they spotted two male lions. Immediately everybody piled back into the car and hung on for dear...


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