Kenya Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Myndo
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    Nairobi downtown
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Kenya Warnings and Dangers

  • Do Not Book With Plan Safari Ltd

    Never in my 25 years of travel have I come across a travel operator as unprofessional, uncaring, reckless and uncommunicative as Plan Safari Ltd. They acted fraudulently by taking our money but not providing the tour as per the conditions that had been agreed on. Plan Safari admitted on numerous occasions that the conditions we endured were not...

  • Street Boyz

    There is big difference in strolling around during a day or during a night. The city centre area is very safe during a day but the situation is changing after 11pm. This very busy area, during a day, is completely changed after dark and only few people could be seen walking the streets. I am taking the risk and walk even late in the night but I...

  • Kenya One Tour - NEVER USE THIS TOUR...

    In the beginning of September 2011 I made a booking with a seemingly legitimate travel operator in Kenya for an exclusive Beach experience in Mombasa, Kenya for several families .The entire tour cost US$24,000.I made the booking through Kenya One Tours, who received full payment from my clients in early December 2011. This January 2012, when my...

  • Yellow Fever cert. in transit flights to...

    Before our trip to Kenya we did a lot of research about the Yellow Fever Vaccine requirement. We got a lot of conflicting information. If you are coming straight from the U.S. you do not need the YF certificate. We had a connecting flight in Ethiopia which is a YF zone but we were not going to leave the airport, we were not going through...

  • Carjacking update

    My Taxi driver was due to pick me up from the house to take me to the airport at 3.30am. She was a bit late as she arrived, shaking like a leaf, at my door. Apparently, carjackers had attempted to jack her on Waiyaki Way near Kangeme which is the most dangerous place for this practice. She had to do some creative driving to get back to the Police...

  • Kenya Budget Car Hire

    Whatever you do, DON'T go with this company. They have an office in Kemu Towers in Nairobi, 16th Floor and the Conman is Mr N J Njorge. His ploy is to get a slip from your credit card as *deposit* for 250,000.00 Ksh. The contract states 100,000.00 Ksh. He will pay it into his personal account and then delay and delay and DELAY paying it back to...

  • avoid moving around alone at night.

    I agree with whoever said that Nairobi is insecure and dangerous, but so is NY,Johannesburg and even Los Angeles. Most urban areas are dangerous which is why its important to know exactly where you are going. If possible get someobne that knows the city well to hang out with but not just any random person. A caucasian always stands out in an...

  • Crime

    To most likelihood you will have a wonderful holiday in Kenya. however, even paradise has its dark spots, and crime is a reality, especially in big cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. So you should be careful - no night walks at the beach, actually not walking after dark outside the hotel. I know some members here wrote on their pages they felt...

  • Pick Pockets and Conmen

    When in Nairobi, there are pick pockets and conmen who are in the streets looking for unsuspecting people to cheat. They talk slowly and very convincingly, you will not think but give them the money they are asking for!! They then trick you to wait for them in a hotel but sadly, they will not come!!This usually happens in downtown of Nairobi or...

  • Medical Info, Vaccinations, etc - Kenya...

    Well I don't know about danger..I just wasn't sure how to file it, but this is useful information.This website (Off the Radar) has some medical information posted concerning travel to Kenya as well, such as vaccinations, malaria information, and a hard-to-pronounce, shcistosomiasis (which is a parasitic disease). Might be useful...unless you're...

  • Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission

    Corruption is generally a problem in Africa. Kenya has it's own Anti-Corruption Commission. If you need their help, they are located at the Integrity Centre, Milimani/Valley road Junction. P.O.Box 61130-00200 Nairobi.

  • Don´t head out on foot after dark

    Crime is rife especially in Nairobi, which got its little cherished pet name Nairobbery in the 70´s. While trigger-happy policeman crack down on the gangs every now and then, it is advisable to be street-wise. pickpocketing, muggings and carjackings can happen even in broad daylight, but make sure you do not walk the streets after dark in Nairobi,...

  • Kenya is safe for Tourist to Travel...

    Kenya is very safe, there was no Problems at the Beach Hotels. The Problems where at some areas after the Election end of December. No Tourists where involved and do not wory, you will have a great Holdiay and I hope you will not miss out a short Safari while you are there.Kenya is great

  • Vaccinations

    Ensure you have the appropriate vaccinations for Kenya and carry your shot records on you.- Yellow Fever- Tetanus- Hep A and BAlso, ensure you have malaria pills and lots of bug repellent to keep ticks off you!

  • Nairobi is SAFE!!!

    I don't know who started this rumor, but I never felt threatened on this trip. I could walk wherever I wanted, day or night, and never had a problem. Kenya has the most friendly people in the world...oh...cept the cops...wear your seatbelt.

  • Matatus

    Matatus are mini buses used to transport locals to work and such. They always blastin' music, each one is original and has a name. They are a lot cheaper than taxis, but if you take one, WATCH YOUR STUFF!!! Pick pockets make their living on these things.

  • Do not use your home phone-operator

    After I came back home from my last year trip to Kenya, had to pay very huge bill for my calls. Famous roaming cost me very dear, just to mentione, a minute of phoning between Kenya and Croatia costs about 2 euros.This year, before getting to Kenya, I bought phone in Dubai (N72 cost me less than 200 euros) and have used Celtel prepaid card for all...

  • the Yellow Fever vaccination racket

    Before I went on my trip, I was advised to get a yellow fever shot by the "knowledgeable" sources in the US. The Center for Disease control will tell you that all of Kenya has yellow fever risk (although I think they actually admit that Nairobi is too high an altitude, but then on the map they simply color the whole country yellow.)I actually find...

  • A Few Warnings

    Here are a few warnings:1) You really should take maleria pills, but don't take them on an empty stomach! Make sure to have a granola bar or something first or else you will get sick. Vomiting on the side of a dirt road in rural Kenya is not a fun thing to do!2) When shopping in small villages, people do get aggresive. When I was a younger, people...

  • Bargaining

    Remember, first price asked is always much too high! Take in consideration also that you'll get alot of local paper money for one euro only (1€ = 92 shs). Don't behave yourself like a millioner. Be persistent and take your time. Checking the prices for items in the local shops might help you to get idea what to pay to a street vendors. However,...

  • Nairobi

    ...don't walk alone at night! Don't walk too much "in slum"; "working ladies" are realy the pest-even in the middle of the day! AIDS is also great danger -when I saw those young European girls age 20 how they "pick up" the Kenya beach- rastaboys I was realy worry (sorry -not all boys are...)...

  • Robbery's

    Do take care in this country, the city may look enticing in an African sort of way but it is full of conmen, pick pockets and who knows what type of other villan. It is best not to venture out of a night and certainly leave all your valuables at home, it is pure temptation for these people who live hand to mouth in most cases. If you cannot resist...

  • Wild Dust-devils!

    In the afternoon heat, when both man and beast were relaxing in the shade, a common sight on the flat landscape of Amboseli National Park were large dust-devils swirling away with terrific force! We were never actually caught by any of them at the campsite, and when outside driving around the park, you were not supposed to get out of your vehicle....

  • Cheeky Vervet Monkeys!

    One thing we had to be careful with at Amboseli Lodge were the naughty Vervet Monkeys who were always on the alert to grab something if you turned your back for a second! These two managed to sneak into our Banda and ran off with an Avocado pear from our supplies. Once they have got their hands on something, you can kiss it goodbye!

  • Hungry and angry people

    I am curious character, want to see and explore the places I visit and like to do it on my way. My longtime experience have learned me that organized city tours are, more or less, waisting of time. At the same time, I've learned not to belive in gossips and not to have predjudices.Before departing to Kenya, and during my stay there, I've heard lots...

  • The "Jambo Bwana" Tune

    This song has become a sort of unoffical anthem of Kenya. You will hear it so many times during your stay in Kenya that you risk hating it like the pest.

  • Security

    Nairobi at night is not a safe city. Hotel staff told us not to walk out in the street alone, only in groups and in a car. Hotel doors were closed at night, with armed guards patrolling the surroundings, just like in Masai Mara, although in that case it was not your money what they were looking for, but you, as a dinner!!

  • Watch out for Mozzies at dusk and dawn

    Mozzies are especially active during dusk and dawn, and they are attracted by dark clothes and perfume. Therefore the best prevention against getting bitten is to cover up during those hours, and to wear lightly coloured clothes.

  • Don't Ship Purchases Home!

    Don't plan on having souvenirs shipped home. I have friends who never received their packages. Shipping problems are probably less likely if you buy from the better galleries, but make sure they use a reputable shipping company.

  • What Not to Do

    Do pronounce the name of the country KEHN-yah (KEEN-yah, which is the old British colonial pronunciation, may offend residents).Don't photograph the people or their homes and livestock without asking permission first (don't be offended if you're asked to pay for the privilege—it's customary in some areas).Don't change money on the black market. The...

  • "I know we just met, but I LOVE YOU!"

    One thing unnerving to men and women alike, especially white tourists, is the rather upfront way in which a Kenyan will try and get to your money. White women, especially blondes, should not be suprised if a nice young african man starts a conversation and then offers to show you around. Should you follow him, you will most likely be safe, but...

  • River Rd in Nairobi

    Anyone not a local Kenyan should stay far away from River Rd at night. River Rd has been the scene of recent carjackings, snatch and grab crimes, rapes, and at least 2 murders of local men. Police have even put out notices for tourists to stay away. Even during the day, the area is inhabited by drunks and agressive Street Boys and is not of any...

  • Police harrasment of Taxi/Matatu drivers

    Police in Nairobi are known to pull over motorists for bribes. This most often happens to Taxi and Matatu drivers. If your ride gets pulled over, stay calm and don't unbuckle your seatbelt. Most likely, if you smile and mention something about being late, the cop will see that a Muzungu(white man) is on board and may simply wave you through. Should...

  • Kibera Slum

    If you are NOT a missionary or an NGO worker, you should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES visit the Kibera slum. Crime is ripe in these areas and only people going with a local villager or another Kenyan can be assured of safety. Women should know that almost 70% of women in Kibera have been raped at one point or multiple points in their life.. this often...

  • Kenya Camping Safari? Wow! Loo? None!

    Be very prepared on a camping safari in Kenya for the most basic of arrangements where loos are concerned. For one, be sure to carry a torch with you at all times after sun-down, and secondly, lots of toilet paper. Thirdly, and most importantly, expect not to have a flush or a seat, and to find that below you is what might be termed as hell, so DO...

  • Coconuts - the silent killers from...

    They say coconuts kill more tourists every year than any wild animal. I can believe it, I had once one cominig down next to me during some meal.If they fall on your head you will suffer a cracked skull. Don´t risk it.On the beaches they try to take them down regularly, but you do better looking up before you lie down, if this really is such a safe...

  • Traffic in Kenya

    Kenya is not a country I would like to drive around myself. They behave quite erratically on the roads, especially the mini-cabs that are omnipresent. They try to race each other for the customers- or just the fun of it. Look at how many cars have bumps and dents. They will overtake wherever there is some space. The conditions of the roads does...

  • Bugs, Flies, Crawlers ...

    There are quite a lot around. During the day you hardly see or hear them- except for the flies, but as soon it gets darker, well.... Especially noisy they are in the Crocodile Camp, where I also found the exemplar you can see in the picture. I have no idea what kind of bug that is. It looked a little cockroach-like, but else I never saw a cockroach...

  • Toilets - be happy if you have one

    You may be laughing when you see the picture here, but actually you can tell yourself you are lucky if you have one of these toilets. Mostly you just don’t. Then it’s either hold it or do it somewhere in the plains – with no bushes around, mind you, so that the lions can’t sneak up.If you are like me and react sensible on black tea – better take...

  • Masai: businessmen

    This is not supposed to be a general warning of the people here. They are generally quite friendly, especially if they feel they can sell you something. They are very used to tourists and quite the businessmen. So the will show you their village ? for 10-15 Dollar you can get it -including a demonstration of their dances and a visit to a hut and of...

  • Road conditions in the Ntl Parks

    Outside the cities there are still many (if not most) of the roads that are untarred (say: gravel). It is not a must to have a 4WD when driving around Kenya, but as soon as you go into the National Parks I would suggest it very much. If it rains – and it can rain a lot – the earth on the roads will turn to mud that is as slicky as soap. We were...

  • Malaria - don't underestimate it!

    I know that I am just one of many more that warn about that here.But it is to be taken seriously!Every year several hundred tourists suffer from Malaria and every year people (also tourists!) die from it in Kenya. Most of them may never end up in statistics, either.Malaria is also not only a problem in the National Parks as some may think. You can...

  • Monkeys at the hotels

    They are most probably going to be one of your first encounters with the "wildlife" of Kenya: Monkeys.They are not afraid of human (anymore) and can be found at every hotel.When the sun is going to settle down, they begin to roam freely about the hotel grounds (of course there are there also during the day, but mostly not so open).A few advises for...

  • Nairobi-Scam City

    A fool and his money are easily parted. In Nairobi it is not just the fools. " You are from Jibrovia! I'm going to University there next year! Tell me about Jibrovia?" Leading to "My friends and I crossed the border from Uganda a few months ago- we have no Money"or"I'm not going to ask you for money" leading to "I have no money"and quite a few...

  • Beware of mango's

    Sounds like a terrible horrormovie...No, if you don't take malaria pills, don't eat the mango's from the Kenya coast. They can be infected with malaria.NOTE : I got a few reactions on this tip telling me that this isn't accurate. But I'll leave it here because I got warned several times for the mango's. Maybe this is a local believe from the people...


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Kenya Warnings and Dangers

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