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Nosy Be Things to Do

  • Cruising the Nosy Be Islands

    A great way to explore the islands around Nosy Be is by private yacht charter. Fully crewed with a skipper, deckhand and chef the catamaran is exclusively yours and charters include excursions to Tanikely Marine Reserve, Nosy Komba Lemur Park and (if you are on the right boat) Lokobe National Park.Islands you will visit may include Nosy Iranja,...

  • Nosy Iranja island

    While staying in Nosy Be - an island in the nothern part of big Madagascar - tkae your chance to explore some more remote places like Nosy Iranja island. If you are lucky enough - on your way there you meet dolphins and whales, but arriving on the island - just sea of incredible colours and white pristine beaches. And above that - it is very likely...

  • Fishing

    Okay I am not really a fan of fishing since I rather like to see the fish alive whilst I am diving - but we were put on a fishing boat jetting between the islands. If this is your cup of tea and can certainly recommend it - since Sail Fishing is very big in Northern Madagascar. To my relief my collegues did not catch anything... so back to the...

  • Sailing around the islands

    One of the best ways to discover the islands is on one of the luxury yachts or catamarans that operate in the region. We booked ours through an operator in South Africa and were treated to absolute luxury and adventure.

  • Rum - Distillery

    Being a subtropical region Nosy Be has got a lot of sugar cane. Hence the idea was formed in 1930 to import a colmplete rum distillery from Brazil, the building was broken down in Brazil and completley re-built on Nosy Be. Currently it is not operational - but I have been told that after June 2005 rum will once again be produced at that distillery.

  • Hell Ville - Market

    Very colourful and the main area for the locals to shop is the market. Divided into a fruit & vegetable section, a section for fish, meat and other goods it makes it interesting to see what the locals eat and buy.

  • Perfume - Distillery

    One can also visit the perfume distilleries and see first hand how the production of the essences is done, also possible to purchase some of the essences right in the factories.

  • Perfume - Red Pepper

    One never learns out – I certainly did not know that pepper is used in the creation of perfume essence. But I learned on Nosy Be that red and black pepper is distilled as a perfume essence.

  • Perfume – Ylang Ylang

    Nosy Be is also called the perfume island since perfume production or the production of essence is very big. The yellow Ylang Ylang flower is one of the products used in the production of perfume essence. The trees are bend to the ground to ensure easier picking of the flowers.

  • Hell Ville - Crafts

    Crafts are a very important source of income to the local people and above the port one will find the crafts market with many beautiful and inexpensive art and craft works.

  • Hell Ville - Russian Monument

    In memory of a naval ship that sank of the coast of Nosy Be in 1904 with many Russian soldiers that drowned in the Indian Ocean.

  • Hell Ville - Guns

    The French who colonized this part of the world were very keen to keep control over the islands as well as Madagascar, since it meant a certain control over the Southern Indian Ocean. Fortifications and guns can still be seen as they were left by the French when they ultimately departed.

  • Hell Ville - Port II

    Besides the ferry one also can negotiate with the local boat operators to be taken to one of the other islands. Most of the traffic from Hell Ville will probably go to either Nosy Komba or Nosy Tanikely the resort island which can be reached from here.

  • Hell Ville - Port

    Being an island there are only two ways to arrive and leave - by boat or by plane. Most of the islands close by are only served by boat - the ferry in the picture being one of the more or less regular services.

  • Frogs

    Another highlight of this trips exploration of the nature of Madagascar are the many frogs one can find everywhere, most of the time they relax on a leaf in the tree almost wanting to be photographed!

  • Chameleon

    Madagascar is a nature paradise. Being separated from the African continent for so many years it has developed its own species of animals, reptiles, birds and insects – which can be found almost everywhere in the country, such as the colourful chameleons I discovered on Nosy Komba.

  • Lemurs

    Certain islands around Nosy Be are home to Lemurs. As is the Lokobe Nature Reserve on the main island. This cute animals can only be found in Madagascar and here in the North two species are at home.

  • Nosy Komba

    Along the port of Nosy Be you find a number of boats that can be hired to take the ride across to Nosy Komba. If you are in this part of the world it is a must. We paid USD 40 for 8 people - make sure you negotiate first. Our "captain" decided he wanted more money at the end - we refused to pay more since the price was agreed and he stopped...


Nosy Be Hotels

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  • Hotel Benjamin

    About 15~20 minutes drive from the Nosy Be Dock, (taxi may cost Ar 20,000~25,000) at AMBATOLOAKA the...

  • Hotel Ylang

    Ambondrona Nord, 207

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Nosy Be Tourist Traps

  • Complete transfer Diego to Nosy Be - pay...

    by Egbertonline Written Sep 18, 2005

    We just came back from a trip to Madagascar. We really enjoyed it. One thing we were less charmed of was the trip from Diego Suarez (Antisaranana) to Nosy Be.

    We bought tickets for the complete trip at Hotel L'Orchidee. These tickets included going directly to Ankify (the harbour) and a rapid boat to Hell-Ville (Nosy Be). We would leave at 4 a.m.

    At 4.30 a.m. we got picked up by a mini-van. The next hour we picked up several other people including the driver. At 5.30 we finally left Diego Suarez.

    In stead of going straight to Ankify we went to a small village about 20 kilometers from Ankify. There we took a taxi. When we finally arrived at Ankify there were no regular boats, at least the boatmen said so. In fact there was a boat, but therefore we should pay extra. Of course we didn't want to. After a lot of talking and shouting we managed to get in the boat without paying extra. At Hell-Ville we went to the police and told them about the situation in Ankify. They said they knew, but couldn't do anything about it. The major problem is that there is no police in Ankify, so the boatmen can do what they want.

    Unique Suggestions: Maybe it's better to arrange transport to Ankify and buy boat tickets as soon as you arrive at the harbour.

    Fun Alternatives: I think the best way to avoid this trap is to go by plane.

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