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  • Hotel Registration Card
    Hotel Registration Card "Fiche d'Hotel
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  • VOA Counter on the left next to Baggage Collection
    VOA Counter on the left next to Baggage...
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Madagascar Favorites

  • Currency

    Madagascar Currency is Ariary1 US Dollar = 2600 By Money Exchange CompaniesBetter Exchange Rate if use the VISA Debit Card at the BNI or BOA ATMIt is possible to buy back US Dollar or Euro either from Bank or Exchange Company.The Bank Notes comes in 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 denominations and printed in different colors and...


    When my guide told me at we were going to a place called ‘Lemur Island’ - I was not excited. We had spent a whole day trying to view different species of Lemurs from several miles off at the top of trees . It wasn’t until we arrived that I realised I would not only see the Lemurs close up – I would get to feed them! Yes, we had bananas and these...

  • Free Tourist Visa for 30 Days Visit

    30 Days Tourist Visa can be obtained on arrival at Antananarivo Airport (TNR) The Visa Fee is waived and extendable for rurther 2 months for a fee of Ar 80,000It is Ar 140,000 Can be paid in Euro (50.00) or Equivalent in US Dollar if you intend to stay 90 Days. No further extension is possible.A simple small form (arrival card) needed to be filed...

  • Duty Free Allowences

    Refer to the Sign Board at Antananarivo Airport listing the items allowed to to passangers arriving or departing MadagascarIt is common you may find your checked in bag next to the departure gate subjact to inspection by customs if containing any agricultural or mineral (dry fish/jems and semi precious stones/Tree Barks such as...

  • Great local tour company

    My husband and I live in California and returned from a fabulous 3 week trip in Madagascar in May 2012. The entire itinerary, including all travel and accommodations, was arranged by our local driver and guide, Dyna, of Madagascar Travel Tour, Without reservation we recommend you contact him for whatever...

  • Beware of literal translations!

    One of the most charming aspects of touring Madagascar is idly perusing the comprehensive project information signs that is posted for everything from road construction to building renovation.Regardless of the project at hand, we were confused that the final board always stated "delai d'execution" - what we interpreted as the "delay in the...

  • Easy to fall in love with

    The beaches are stunning. The water is mild, an unbelievabe color. The best way to get around is to walk, visit the markets, and meet the people. The acceptance of the Malagasy people to "outsiders" is nothing short of remarkable, to say the least. I cant recall to many other places I have been and been treated with such hospitality and felt so...

  • Foza Orana: 2009 crisis emblem

    Not a favourite but... Year 2009 started out with a political crisis in already economical-crisis-stricken Madagascar. 2008 ended with a series of demonstrations led by capital city mayor, Andry Rajoelina. The latter and his clique dubbed themselves "Orange revolutioneers". Everywhere in Tana streets: orange flags, orange tee-shirts, orange...

  • Lemur

    Lemurs are primates (related to apes and humans) endemic to the island of Madagascar. The smaller lemurs are nocturnal, and the larger ones are diurnal. There are many kinds of lemurs. Each type of lemur looks very different. They vary color from reddish brown to gray, and come in different sizes. Most lemurs spend most of their time in trees and...

  • Baobab

    Madagascar is known for its Baobabs. Here you will find six of eight species found worldwide. The Baobab is a tree with a massively swollen trunk and sparse stubby branches. The tree can live for many thousands of years and is capable of taking up and storing water in its trunk.They are found in the West and South of the island. You can eat the...

  • Fauna and Flora

    Isolated for 65 million years, Madagascar is the oldest island on earth. As a result its fauna and flora is unique. Eight whole plant families exist only on Madagascar, as do close to 1,000 orchid species, countless insects, at least 350 species of frogs, around 370 kinds of reptile, five families of bird and approaching 200 different mammals, of...

  • Money Matters

    G'dayI travel there at least once yearly so can give you some up to date info. Currently still trouble mainly in the Capital, Tana, when you leave there its okay. Having said that if your careful then Tana is okay, its all internal trouble so they leave tourist alone unless your in the wrong place at the right time. The people are very friendly,...

  • Useful Websites

    www.newmadagascar.comThis is the official website of Madagaskar with lots of informations and the vis application form.www.wildmadagascar.orgGreat overview about just everything in Madagascarwww.madagaskar-online.deGreat website with lots of informations about Madagaskar in German

  • Money

    You can exchane travellers checks in euro and dollars in some banks.In Tana, Toliara and Toamasina there is an ATM maschine.I brougt a VISA cart. A little cash in euro. And some travellers checks in dollars, it worked very well that way.

  • The Indian Ocean Jewels.

    Yes there are organized trips to Madagascar. Which mode travel would you prefer? Air or Water? When are you traveling? Responding to this questions will help me in advising on which mode is available by then, though air is certainly available all year round.But you had asked for an organized probably which you could join.Madagascar can easily be...

  • Think "Region" not "Province"

    This Indian Ocean Island of mine is located East of Mozambica coast ( least distance between Mada & Africa is about 400 km ). Size is as 18 times as much as Belgium's, 1.5 times as UK's or some 587 000 km². 18 millions of inhabitants, Malagasy people. * Antananarivo as capital city (my city).* Until lately, 6 provinces (Faritany). New official...

  • Regions in Faritanin' i Toamasina

    Faritanin' i Toamasina is located on Eastern coast & edged with Indian Ocean. It stretches from Antongila Bay (North) to Nosy Varika. Toamasina is the Malagasy first port city.Mainly inhabited by Betsimisaraka (for main parts), it comprehends other tribes such as Bezanozano (Western part of Moramanga), Sihanaka (Ambatondrazaka region). It has been...

  • Regions in Faritanin'i Toliara (Toliara...

    UNDER CONSTRUCTIONThe new official partition in regions lists 4 regions in this Faritany: Androy, Anosy, Atsimo Andrefana, Menabe. Please note that 3 albums are dedicated to my "Big South Journey" and tips related to them are in my Madagascar pages. Big South Journey is this roadtrip from Tana to Toliara surroundigs.

  • Regions in Faritanin'i Mahajanga

    UNDER CONSTRUCTIONFaritanin' i Mahajanga occupies a long territory West of the island. Used to be referred as the Boina region, it, however comprehends other regions inhabited by other tribes. The new official partition in regions is a simple translation of the cultural reality. This province is now divided in 4 regions: Betsiboka, Boeny, Melaky,...

  • Regions in Faritanin' Antananarivo

    Faritanin' Antananarivo is the capital city' s province. It is located in the Highlands, in the center of Madagascar & mainly inhabited by Merina peoples. "Merina" means "Those who live in the heights". The region uses to be named "Imerina" as well whilst it actually comprehends other regions inhabited by other tribes. The new official partition in...

  • Regions in the Faritanin'i Fianarantsoa

    Known as the Betsileo province, located in the center of Madagascar & mainly inhabited by Betsileo peoples. However, Eastern parts of the province (East coast) are home of Tanala ("those who live in forests"), Antambahoaka, Antaimoro ("those who live in the banks") & Antefasy ("those who live in sandy areas") peoples. In Ambositra area, Zafimaniry...

  • You may need this...

    Cybercafes in Tana area: some addresses I could gather here and there. Who knows, they may be useful one day. Never tried them though... Also check at your hotel in case internet is available. Internet at hotels is reputed far better & safer & more expensive than cybercafés though. - Cybercafé de l'OuestIII G 55 Ouest Ambohijanahary Tél....

  • Famadihana

    A famadihana is a reburial ceremony. The entire family gathers to celebrate the turning of the dead. Malagasy people believe the body dies but the soul does not. So this way the people still living can celebrate together with those who are dead. The dead are taken out of the tomb and there is a huge party with singing and dancing. There are...

  • Bricks

    Traditional houses in Madagascar are built from wood or clay. In the north we saw most houses were built from wood with leaves for roofs. In the hills south of Antananarivo it was mostly clay in the color of the soil, sometimes red sometimes more yellowish. Today we see a new method the brick. Driving east from Tana we found a brick factory. Molds...

  • Malagasy poverty

    Rich fauna, flora, nature to marvel at, soil WEALTH ... and population POVERTY.Madagascar is amongst world's poorest countries. For decades, population has to struggle for life. 80% of population is rural, many being illiterate. In remote areas, no electricity neither current water. For years, government members just grabbed all they could at...

  • Why Madagascar?

    Probably one of greatest trips in current era. Go there for stunning geographical and human diversities.North-west cities use to house mosques, shores that remind you of past Arabic sea adventurers. In center, highlands and plateaux, ricefields remind you of Asia and South-American andes. Eastern rainforests, sometimes, adjoin with bush and desert...

  • Madagascar embassies and consulates over...

    Maybe interesting for your trip preparation: a website containing all Madagascar consulates and embassies. Malagasy embassy will soon open in London. Up to now, Madagascar embassy in Paris has tackled matters related to Madagascar in UK. Update on Feb. 2006, it has been some time since the...

  • Madagascar fish eagle

    One of the rarest birds of prey on earth. This eagle is endemic to Madagascar. Sources differ in size of the population , some say 40 breeding pairs , other mention 70. Whatever it is a small population for such a magnificient bird. They need space and silence for succesful breeding. And that space is becoming more scarce. Action has been...

  • Crowned leur

    Let me introduce you to one of the lemur species of Madagascar's rich fauna. This is the crowned lemur - it is easy to see where the species got it's name. Right?Their scietntific latin name is 'eulemur coronatus'. This is the smallest species of the genus Eulemur they can weight about 1,5 to 1,8 kilograms. We both saw this species at 'National...

  • Madagascar ground boa

    Madagascar has some snake species. The largest ones are the Madagascar ground boas. This is the smallest species of the boa-family on Madagascar. It's scientific name is Acrantophis madagascariensis. On Madagascar you can spot these animals in the east and the north in dry forested area's often near water.And that is where we found her. After a...

  • Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher

    Let's talk about the animals...let me introduce the Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher , in latin the name is Terpsiphone mutata. A remarkable little bird. We saw this male one at La Réserve Spéciale d' Ankarana . But they can be admired at other national parcs too.The nice thing here was that we saw this one after a climb of 2 houres in a canyon....

  • Ravinala tree, a closer look

    on a young ravinala... Enlarge to see details of this plant.By the way, many countries in the world have become to have this tree but it originates from Madagascar. Anyway, Air Madagascar (Airmad) has a ravinala motif as its emblem... While travelling, the encountering of those ravinala plants delighted me. In fact, it meant that we left the...

  • Ravinala, the travellers' tree

    Do you know any other country that has a tree dedicated to travellers? *LOL*This is amongst reasons to visit Madagascar.More genuinely, it is a plant that is related to banana tree. A little cut in its trunk will provide you with fresh water since its "arms" use to store rain water... In the past, travellers did that. Nowadays, there are stalls or...

  • History buffs, something for you

    I am currently reading a history book on Madagascar. It is the first (and so far, the only one I've ever heard of) to be released in English. It explains a lot: from the origins of Madagascarian (Malagasy) people, through the occupation of the island, the kingdoms, early contacts with Europeans, French colonial era to nowadays Madagascar. Some...

  • Climate

    Generally speaking, the country is characterised by a hot subtropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons, the length of which is determined by latitude and altitude. The coastal region has a typically tropical climate while the interior parts of the island are more temperate, particularly with increasing elevation.Trade winds prevail from...

  • New Currency

    Since August 2003 Madagaskar has a new currency called Ariari. the smallest note 2000 Ariari is worth aboth 1,5 Euro. The change became nessessary as the Euro removed the French Franc and the Madagaskar Franc was well connected with the French.

  • Lemurs...

    7 species of lemurs at Ankarana, the Amber Mountains: Coronatus, Fulmus sanfordi, the Aye-Aye, Microcebus rufus, et cetera.In the vicinity of Lac Maudit or the Cursed Lake, a couple of the Pyurargue of Madagascar (Haliacetus vociferoides). I met my pen-pal in Antananarivo.

  • The beautiful people

    As in most places I visit, it is the peolpe that makes the biggest impression on me. Beautiful, friendly and proud, the Malagasy peolpe are some of the nicests around. Desperate to try out the few Malagasy phrases I had learned, I attempted to hold a conversation with some road workers in Ranomafana. We exchanged pleasantries for a few moments...

  • The Island

    Madagascar is the fourth biggest island of the world. It has been separated very early from the African continent. The island has been isolated for millions of years. That way an unique fauna and flora could develop.To get an overview of Madagascar's plants and animals I recommend to visit the zoo in Tana, the capital of Madagascar. Please see my...

  • Climate

    Madagaskar has landscapes from desert to rain forest. Like this the weather is very diverse. But don't go in February!! Then it is raining almost everywhere. In February the air is very humid - at least in Tana. In the south are the deserts, where it does not rain much in years.

  • Know and respect fady, Madagascar...

    Before entering Madagascar, get to know how people may react. On your arrival, at least, ask a briefing on local do's- don't do's... Especially forbidden things (fady), places you cannot go, pics you cannot take, pounds you cannot bath in... or at least, without asking local spiritual authorities... Pay careful attention to what guides tell you on...

  • Why hiring ANGAP guides?

    Ever noticed that I insisted on you hiring ANGAP guides while visiting national parks? Not only because local ANGAP guides are the ones who know about "their" territory. Also, ANGAP (association nationale pour la gestion ds aires partagees) aims at protecting nature. For decades, nature parks, and other areas btw, have been under threaten. Peasants...

  • Back in old times...

    It is reported to be the type of boat that Malagasy ancestors from SE Asia (Malayo-Polynesia area, incl. Malaysia, Indonesia...) used to navigate in Indian Ocean (before the Arabs did it), to reach Arabic coast, African coast and Madagascar. That was centuries ago (The first wave of SE Asian migrants/ navigators were said to settle there in 5th...

  • Partying in Madagascar

    Well, it's a bit weird to put it after a "Poverty' tip but hey, it's a Malagasy feature too...Malagasy people are amongst real partyers. I don't even talk about official, planned parties.Rather talk about the ability of getting it to party while few people are together. It happens so often that when you have a family meeting, one decides to play...

  • When to go to Madagascar?

    Tricky question: I would say "year- round" .. hehe... Well, depends on your interests:* Seeing reptiles - amphibians: best during rainy season: January through March. Though they are present year-round.* Photo Safari lovers, Madagascar is a photographers paradise and is beautiful year-round. April and May are best months, after the rains, flora is...


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