Madagascar Restaurants

  • Yum
    by Orchid
  • Calamari creole pate
    Calamari creole pate
    by Orchid
  • Scallops and prawns in a creme crab sauce
    Scallops and prawns in a creme crab...
    by Orchid

Madagascar Restaurants


    It’s a coup alright. This fantastic restaurant manages to make French influenced food taste great, have an artful presentation AND give you enough food to survive on. That’s impressive. The service was friendly and always a glance away from appearing at my table. Even something as simple as pâté (pictured) was sublime. It was a variety of pâtés...

  • Le Cocoteraie

    Langouste, grilled to perfection, eaten outsideLe Cocoteraie is also the top hotel on the island.We came here by boat from hotel Le Crique, along a wonderfully blue sea under blazing sun. After lunch we napped on the beach and found sea stars. Langouste !

  • A little taste of Madagascar

    Hotel Anita, located just outside of downtown, has pretty good food. Some fish, pasta, beef and pork, most items are grilled, some fried. A common item in Madagascar is a little meat stuffed pastry, fried, called a Sambo. If you go, dont forget to try them, they are very good.Also, they have a ground up pepper sauce to put on your food. BE WARNED:...


    'La Brasserie' is a delightful looking restaurant inside the Hôtel de France. I saw the beautiful décor and smartly attired waiters one night and decided that I would eat here the night before I left on my travels across the island. I was greeted cheerfully and seated. Then I was served a wonderful looking and tasting Salade Niçoise (Pictured)....

  • Be cautious if you have special dietary...

    I'm going to go out on a limb and offer some generalities about the food when you are traveling for wildlife viewing in Madagascar. In some areas, you will have a very limited choice of restaurants, perhaps only one restaurant to choose from, and service can be very slow. Also, if you have a special dietary requirement, such as wheat allergies or...

  • Ravitoto

    Was there a dish that could be qualified as our "national dish", ravitoto it would be. Still, romazava créole (leaves, zébu meat & ginger stock), voanjobory sy henakisoa (round pea & pork meat) could snatch this title to ravitoto. Malagasy style turkey (turkey & pork meat) also uses to be the classical main dish at a local wedding... but ravitoto...

  • Restaurants along Le Grand Sud route

    Below are some restaurants & other eateries addresses along RN7 or the so-called Le Grand Sud route (the Big South). You may need this list if you travel on your own (or with a driver but on self-imposed schedule) & do not intend to eat at streetstalls with their share of health hazards risks.1/ Halfway between Tana & Antsirabe, you could make a...

  • Romazava, the "other" national dish

    Although I use to consider ravitoto as our national dish, Romazava is largely considered as our national dish. It is served all over the island with small variations... So far, I can only recommend a restaurant that serves it well as my dinings out use(d) to be to taste foreign cuisines. Romazava is sometimes called "Romazava créole", it is found...

  • Malagasy food

    It is where building a restaurant tip on a country page requires a bit of ... organization. After a long long reflexion, I decided to only lits here tips about Maalgasy food. Only about what we use to eat, indulge, swallow, dine on, sip, drink - not about addies. Sooo.. Restaurant Tips in this Madagascar page are only about introducing local...

  • Hot Snacks

    A list of popular snacks (and God knows how much Malagasy love to have snacks!):- Samosas & quatles & kebabs: the best things the Indo-Paki community ever brought to us... probably the favourite of all snacks. Pic1;- Mofoanana: a kind of chopped onions & tomato & anana (diverse green leaves that are used in Malagasy cuisine, such as pak choi &...

  • Krills

    Krills........ Not only for whales.!Krills are small beasts found in the sea, they look like tiny shrimps. Krills are sold dried. Fried white krills are my favourite. Malagasy use to add red krills (pic1) to some dishes to add an extra taste to them. In the light leave stock, in the so-called "vary amin'anana"... We also have a specific dish of red...

  • Grillades & other grilled protein...

    "Grillades" usually refer to grilled zébu meat. In major restaurants, you'll find easily grillades as zébu steak or brochettes (zebu meat + veggies kebabs: tomato chunks, onions slices, green & red peppers) or pavé or côte à l'os or entrecôte grillée...You could order a grilled chicken as well. Be sure to order "Akoho gasy", the tastiest chicken:...

  • Finger licking Malagasy style crabs

    This is one of Malagasy style dishes I used to miss living in Belgium. The ricefields crabs are usually picked up when summer ends, when water withdraws (april-may) & I, unfortunately, used to have most of my holidays home later in winter (July-Sep). In Malaza, the village where I live, we use to have the crabs fresh (photo 3) as crab pickers use...

  • Seafood! Of course, seafood!

    Mada being an island, aeafood is almost a "must-try" food over here.Mada is acquiring a good reputation for its marine wealth. The world starts to know about what locals have known for ages. Many companies have been in aqua-farming & processing for a long time. Still, unprocessed seafood ( & river food!) is sold everywhere (considering deepfreezing...

  • Local pick-me-up: chicken bouillon with...

    It is not about a specific restaurant. It 's about a specific dish, ron'akoho... After long journeys, days of hard work, disease, try the local pick-me-up dish: Chicken bouillon (stock) with ginger.I see you grimacing, thinking of fat chicken meat you have in Europe... No, no, forget about that! .. Meat in general has a great taste as it is not as...

  • Restaurant on the Indian Ocean

    In Ft. Dauphin we walked along the coast of the Indian Ocean up to the Mirador Restaurant. They have a nice lounge where you can sit before dinner and have hot coffee or tea which was welcome because it was very cold here in Sept. It was dark by 6pm. Dinner wasn't until 7:30pm. Our first course was eggplant mixed with meat and fried, served with...

  • Exellent korean BBQ

    Exellent restaurant and not to expensive. Korean style restaurant with BBQ's in the middle of the tables. You can order a viarity of dishes, mostly korean, chinese and japanese. Also sushi. I reckon this is the best restaurant in Tana! Tie pan is really really good. It is a very hot iron plate with stir fried veggies. you can choose to have it...

  • exellent Zebu steaks with green pepper...

    Sakamanga is a really good french quisine restaurant with a good atmosphere. It is quite expensive for Malagasy standards though. A main course costs about 3 euros. Another downside is that there are basically only Vazahas in the restaurant. Only white people. I absolutely love the goat cheese salade.The Zebu steak and the duck breast with the...

  • Excellent French cuisine at Chez...

    Setting is a bit old- fashioned but food has maintained its reputation for decades. Chez Papillon is reported to be, alongside with Colbert, the best place for French cuisine in Madagascar. They can be of different style though. Colbert would tend to the Nouvelle Cuisine type whilst Papillon would be a terroir cuisine. Dozen ways to cook crayfish,...

  • Delicious breakfast at Hotel Capricorne

    Nice, comfortable and clean bungalows, discreet and efficient personnel in a superb complex. Gardens full of flower. Patios lead to bungalows and pavillions. Many hidden corners to take pictures... Bending coconut trees.I discovered it at night. Ambience was mysterious as night was warm and I was tempted to stay in the garden, under patios,...

  • A Madagascar Food Story PART 2

    When Madame embarked on her quest, Madagascar was at the tail end of 60 years of French Colonial rule. French cooking had practically wiped out the traditional Malagasy table. 'We knew about our cuisine', she recalls, 'but no-one was serving it. So you see, I was the first'. And much as a shuffle of restaurants have subsequently followed suit, none...

  • A Madagascar Food Story PART 1

    Mariette Andrianjaka has invented Malagasy Cordon Bleu Cuisine.Somewhere amid the ripe, exotic mysteries of Madagascar, Madame Mariette Andrianjaka has honed an unique culinary extravaganza.Adam Levin did lunch.High on a hilltop in Madagascar's mad, marvellous capital, Antananarivo, the mad, marvellous Madame Mariette Andrianjaka is cooking up a...

  • 1) Le Zebu Philosophe in Antsirabe

    1) Le Zebu Philosophe in Antsirabe2) Le 'Drugstore' in MorondavaLe Zebu Philosophe: Small restaurant with the best zebusteak I have ever tasted. Even my (normally) vegetarian friend agrees! But most of all, their house-style is amazing.Le drugstore' Small and simple. Not much choice in menu, but very good quality. Nice personel, friendly...

  • Le Grill du Rova (near the...

    Le Grill du Rova (near the former Rova). Excellent view from the terrace. The food is quite nice too and on fridays there is live music. But the time that I have attended this was no big success (not bad, but pianist played only European/American songs...boring).

  • rice pies

    Locals tend to eat mountains of rice. W e arrange our tour through a local travel agent in madagascar and they wouldn't let us it in the local resterants too cheap.But with every meal you get a mountain of rice my favourite restarant was the place were we stayed in Ifaty. Ifaty is right on the beach, there was the best french chef ever with...

  • La Brasserie, Hôtel de France

    Very European. Most main courses 27.000 MDG (4.35 USD).Bill for 6 people (incl. 10% service): 394.000 MDG (63.56 USD) - main course, soft drinks, coffee and dessert Filet de mérou grillé (a fish), côtes d'agneau grillées, Ile flottante, tarte au citron meringuée etc.

  • Le Bateau Ivre

    Upmarket restaurant run by an English woman Helen Hodgson who has worked and lived in Madagascar for 8 years and had a restaurant/hotel before in Mauritius. Everything looked good and tasted good too. But they specialise in seafood.

  • La Douce Sirene restaurant,...

    La Douce Sirene restaurant, tulear Madagascarthe garden is very nice (with plants you can see only in the south of Madagascar), very calmAmazing : the only restaurant with an air conditioning in the center of tulear ! Some food presented in japanese tulear ! excellent food, various (malagasy, french, portugues,chinese , italian), very...

  • Foodis pretty basic, you'll be...

    Foodis pretty basic, you'll be eating a lot of rice,omlets and the occasional Zebu steak.Zebu is similar to beef, but a bit the coast there is excelent sea food.banana's are a typical good desert

  • Chez Louisette, Nosy be

    The place is really simple, but the food is great and very cheap, around 10 USD for a dish with lobster and a beer. Lobster!


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