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Madagascar Shopping

  • Malagasy lychees - perfumed perfection!

    Towards the end of our trip in Madagascar (December 2010), the lychees were at the height of their season.On the way back, our guide Mamy - I never did get used to calling a grown man Mamy! - insisted that we stopped off in one of the small towns between Andasibe and Tana so that he could buy a basket of lychees for his family. My expectation of...

  • The best comfort food for sweettoothed...

    I know only two decent patisseries here: my cousin's and Colbert's. My cousin's is not running yet (we're still looking for the location)... and Colbert... is Colbert.NY celebration was celebration with family... and definitely the best dessert I've ever had here is still from Colbert. Not really a chocolate cake fan, I literally devoured (and...

  • Chocolate is taken seriously here!

    Yes folks, this is the real thing!From the website of its South-African distribution network"... Chocolaterie Robert produces a number of NATURAL Cocoa and Chocolate products each sharing the heritage of the organically cultivated, naturally fermented, sun-dried Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans. The cacao is transformed without the use of...

  • Baobab shampoo !

    Baobab shampoo ! Because it´s the best shampoo that I have ever tried. You can buy it for a couple of euroes, in the small homephatic shops, in the main cities, where you can also find many other funny and interesting things.

  • You don't want to buy your meat here!

    Meat is kept and sold simply in the open air. Given the temperatures, around 30 degrees Celsius, I would not advice westerners to buy! Eh, nothing!

  • Right amount in Ariary: the only Mada...

    You will see, while shopping in markets, price displays that use amounts in Ariary (A) or in Francs malgaches (Fmg) or combinations of the two them.Know that:- Ariary is now (since 2003) the (only) national currency. In supermarkets, prices are rightly given in Ariary both on shelvings display & on your bills. It's when shopping in markets (the...

  • Zafimaniry woodcraft and furniture

    It is rather about a range of products than about shops.Zafimaniry peoples are traditional woodcraftsmen. Zafimaniry villages are located in what used to be the Fianarantsoa province. S-E forest, far from industrialized world. Though buyers, tourists use to flock in to buy, order items. Wood sculpting (jewel boxes, bonbonera, huge wood box,...

  • Warm bivouac motive materials

    It can be cotton, silk material but it has to be the fauve/ brown shade Bivouac motive.I like this type of motive for the reason that when you buy this material, you can hang it as a painting, a wall carpet, a cushion (silk) or... like in the pic, as a lamp. For my best friend, I bought this warm bivouac motive material (hand painted) Ateliers...

  • Madagascar essential oils to heal & feel...

    Since the murky depth of times, Malagasy people have used to integrate the use of plants & their medicinal properties in eveyday life. Be it for beauty recipes, be for health reasons or comfort, the traditionals used to be very knowledgeable regarding the use of plants. They knew the properties of a plant's roots, its barks, its fruit, its...

  • TINTIN in wood

    It is quit funny to see that TinTin is popular in Madagascar. It was a surprise to us. They use images and covers of this popular strip figure and give it a title with Madagascar in it. These images are made of different sorts of wood. That wood is almost peeled in tiny slises and the differences in color are used to create the image. We found...

  • Market

    The best market to go to in Antananarivo if you are looking for souvenirs is this one. It is a fairly big market in the suburb 67 hectares. Lots of souvenirs such as handicrafts, wood carvings, semi precious stones, hand made scrap metal toy cars, spices, vanilla, paintings, batik, etc. But also furniture and other stuff. There are also good food...

  • Tiny cars, bicycles in wood and recycled...

    No shop in particular.. The best is to look at the stalls along Tana-Antsirabe road since there are homes of the craftsmen.Guys, here I ask for your full support. You see those little cars, tiny bicycles? There were first crafted in Madagascar. Nowadays, you find them elsewhere on African countries who copied our products.. but the first to make...

  • Wood and stones board games

    One of classical but beautiful gifts you may buy in Madagascar is a wood and stones board game (solitaire game, for instance).The set includes 37 semi-precious stones' spheres and, sometimes, their list included. The board is made from selected hardwoods. Buy them in Andravoahangy market (Tana) or at CENAM- Andavamamba (Tana). CENAM is a permanent...

  • And no meat from here either

    A veritable health hazard for the European.Nothing is cooled, the temperature is nearly 30 degr. Celsius.

  • Local stalls

    Along the roads you'll see thousands of these stalls where the locals buy their groceries.Better not try it yourself (maybe the fruit is ok) or you'll be sick. But it is fascinating nonetheless.

  • Tin cars

    Lots of toys, especially cars, made of tins and cans. All sorts of Deux Chevaux, other Citroën cars, Peugeout, Renault and taxi brousse in all sizes and colours.

  • Vanilla

    Madagascar grows the best vanilla in the world. The hugely fragrant pods smell right through the packet!I paid 25.000 MGF (about 4 Euro) per packet of 5 pods. But then you'll have the freshest, biggest, most succulent, most fragrant vanilla pods ever.

  • (Semi) precious stones

    This was a gift from our hosts in Madagascar. There is an amazing variety of (semi)precious gemstones here inclulding a rare dark blue aquamarine, but also all sorts of quartz, garnets, moonstone, amazonite etc. The largest crystal ever found came from Madagascar and weighed more than 380 tons.You'll find 100s of varieties of these ashtrays and...

  • Antaimoro paper

    From huge sheets to greeting cards and notebooks...handmade paper with dried flowers or real embroidery.Delicate, papyrus like, handmade Antaimoro paper decorated with pressed, dried and embedded wild flowers.

  • Souvenirs on the dyke

    On your way to the airport from Antananarivo, you'll find 200 stalls with lots of souvenirs. Very affordable but you still need to bargain! It's the custom.

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Madagascar Hotels

  • Chez Maggie Hotel

    On the West Coast of Madagascar, right at the beach, you can find the hotel "Chez Maggie". It is...

  • Residence Lapasoa

    Résidence Lapasoa Isoraka BP 3650 Antananarivo Tél :22 611 40. 180.000 FMG Beautiful colonial...

  • Vakona Forest Lodge

    Vakona is the top rated place in the area of Andasibe National Park, though it is located closer to...

  • Hotel Benjamin

    About 15~20 minutes drive from the Nosy Be Dock, (taxi may cost Ar 20,000~25,000) at AMBATOLOAKA the...

  • Le Jardin du Roy

    Le Jardin du Roy provides very comfortable accommodation conveniently located within reach of the...

  • Sidi Hotel

    had 6 nights stay at Hotel Sidi in July 2014 and it was very pleasant and comfortable The Owners are...

  • Vahiny Lodge

    BP 85 Ambatolambo, 317

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Tamboho

    Tana Water Front, Antananarivo, 101, Madagascar

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Eulophiella

    Stayed only one night but managed to cram lots in & make the most of this beautifully laid out site....


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  • niknik6's Profile Photo
    Dec 6, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    does anyone know where i can buy the metal gecko/baobab items that all the hotels and lodges had please.

    • giampiero6's Profile Photo
      Dec 6, 2012 at 10:18 AM

      Hi...I'd ask your question here:
      Madagascar Travel Forum

      you're sure to get some help...

    • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo
      Dec 10, 2012 at 10:13 AM

      Where are you based?
      If you're still in Madagascar, ask to be taken to the main craft market in Antananarivo (Tana), where you'll be spoiled for choice - it's terrific for all craftwork.
      If you're transiting via South Africa, then the Rosebank Craft Market in Johannesburg is the best and most accesible alternative and has lots of variations on a gecko theme.
      Whilst the geckoes tend to be easy, the baobab stuff is harder to get your hands on. I am still looking for an oblong mirror with a metallic baobab surround (as we saw in the bathrooms at the Arboretum in Tulear) - I now have a square one from Tana which hangs in the bathroom, but though gorgeous, it's not quite the same!

Madagascar Shopping

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