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Madagascar Things to Do


    Ok, reptiles may not be for you, but this place is a natural wonder. The MADAGASCAR EXOTIC (REPTILE FARM) actually breeds a variety of reptiles and insects. This means you can see great examples of truly exotic fauna all in one place very quickly. You would need months to see all these varieties in the wild. Some of the chameleons are truly...


    Brown Lemurs are friendly and cuddly. These friendly guys are actually 'Red-Fronted Brown Lemurs' or Eulemur Rufus. It’s a little hard to tell the difference between the males and females because they are the same size. A give-away that it’s a female is when they are carrying a baby (last picture). These cute little guys live for up to 30 years and...

  • Madagascar Tour

    Hello,Madagascar is one of best place to visit on Indian Ocean , this island is unique , rich for the wildlife , culture, beaches resort and so on...If you will be there on December , it's rain season so east part is not best place to visit because it's wet area and too much rain so the south part is best place for you or north.If you lead to the...

  • Mantadia-Andasibe NP (Périnet)

    The first park we visited was the Mantadia- Andisabe National Park, also known by its colonial name Perinet. In every park you must hire a guide to go with you on your hike. In this case we had a very good one (especially compared to the others during this trip). He was specialized in birds and found the crested nightjar, a rare endemic nocturnal...

  • Ranomafana NP

    The second rainforest we visited was Ranomafana. Ranofamana became a NP after they discovered the golden bamboo lemur in this area. Ofcourse we had to book guideservices. As we were with 18 people we had several guides and the group was devided in smaller groups. One group decided to do a 3 hour walk, while the other groups wanted a four hour walk....

  • Visit a montane rainforest!

    Montagne d'Ambre was the first of the national parcs visited by us. It is a montane rainforest - meaning that it is found between 800 and 1300 high. The difference between lowland rainforest? It has tree ferns , spectacular to watch , bamboo is common , leaves are smaller an tougher ...etc.Why we enjoyed montagne d'ambre?A guide is not...

  • Montagne d'Ambre (part 2)

    We found lemurs within the first hour of our visit. We climbed up , and I heard noices , like likke pigs...and there they were. The first lemurs spotted on Madagascar , in the wild , by myself. We also enjoyed bird life , the plants and the spectacular red chameleon that soaked up the un in the morning. Interesting insects too. The nights are long...

  • Visit a dry decidious forest : Ankarana

    Let me take you to 'Ankarana special reserve' or 'réserve spéciale de l"ankàrana' in French. (if you want to pronounce it in Malagasy , leave the last a hehind and say something like Ankarn) This réserve is considered among the most adventurous of all. The réserve is very close to the rainforest of Montagne d'Ambre , but oh so different. About 100...

  • National parks and nature reserves (esp....

    This is the only way to see all species (or most of them) of fauna, especially birds, lemurs, chameleons... Madagascar forests are home to lemurs as well as gigantic chameleons and butterflies. Strange to believe that only there are lemurs. Elsewhere, their era ended hundreds of thousand years ago... Seeing them moving, making gesture, sitting...

  • Charming Antsirabe, litte Europe in...

    While Toamasina and Mahajanga welcome great influxes of holidaymakers during winter holidays (well, they use to be the summer European and US holidays) from July to September, Antsirabe or Bira welcomes holidaymakers in Easter holidays. Go there to relax as the city is really calm, rather clean. Antsirabe is also the trade place of precious stones...

  • Horombe plateau

    A trip within a trip... Going through Horombe plateau is like discovering many countries at same time, in only 41 kms.The desert plateau of the Horombe stretches as far as the eye can see. As trip goes by, rocky hills with ricefields at their foot (Asia) are replaced by grey stone blocks along with yellow grass in winter (People use to say it is...

  • Isalo region, a unique place in...

    Isalo region is located in the South part of Fianarantsoa province, just before entering Toliara's. Its landscape's feature is a series of ruiniform rocks. Winds and rains had made their work on those rocks, by eroding them, so as to provide them with strange shapes. Yellow-to-orange grass with specific palm trees (satrana in Malagasy).Go there...

  • Heading East of Madagascar

    372 km to drive through Imerina soil and then lush rainforests. To join Toamasina, 6-hour drive is enough. If you stay in nature reserves in Andasibe, Moramanga, it's up to you to stay in hotels and forest lodges before following your path.Road uses to be well preserved unless it suffered from cyclones disasters in rainy seasons. Then, drivers...

  • National Park

    There are around 20 national parks in Madagascar. Be aware that they are different form North America or Europe: they are not huge areas of wilderness with a network of hiking trails where you can wander at will. You can only visit parts of the park with a guide. You will need a permit to visit the reserves and national parks. It is obligatory to...

  • River trip + trek at NPs in Mada

    We went down to Tsiribihina a month ago with our trustworthy guide Belaza; it was an unforgatable trip for us since we observed the daily activity of the people along the river, we also trekked to the amazing of Tsingy of Bemaraha which is unique in the world; we ended up our trip along the RN7.l can say that Madagascar is an amazing country we...

  • Nosy komba

    Nosy komba is a small volcanic ilsland between Nosy Be and the mainland.It´s a quiet and relaxing place.The ilsland offers several walking trails, including a hike from Ampangorina to the top of the volcano, and along the tracks connecting the villages in the interior of the island.Swimmig is possible but the beach near the villages is...

  • National parks

    There are many beautifull national parks to visit at Madagaskar. You can only visit the parks with a guide.Parc National D` andasibe mantadia: a good place to spot lemurs. Reserve speciale L´ankarana: facinating caves, loads of bat flies, lemurs. etc.Park national de L´ Isalo: great views over some unusual canyon scenery.Remember to be kind to...

  • Food

    You will eat well at Madagaskar. Nize Zebu steaks, chicken with vanilla, loads of mangues, lichy fruits etc.Travelling at Madagaskar you will find many known as well as many new exotic fruits you did never knew existed. A 'funny thing is to go to a lokal market and by all the fuits that you dont know. Then go home and taste them.When season you can...


    These docile little guys are actually the largest Chameleons in the world. They are indigenous to Madagascar and mainly inhabit the rain forests. They grow to about 40cm and move very slowly. The males have a large helmet like structure called a casque with 2 rounded horns. Their tongues can be longer than their bodies! Makes it easier to catch...

  • Ambalavo.

    Ambalavo is a cute town in the highland. Many of the buildings display the carved balcony balustrades characteristic of the Betsileo architecture.The town has an amazing Zebumarket. It takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, normally, but it can change.Other things to visit: "Fabrique de papier Antaimoro". Situated next to the taxi-brousse station....

  • Sambava

    Sambava is a pleasant town on the north-eastern coast, with some attractive beaches. It is considered to be the vanillia capital of Madagaskar.A visit to a vanilla factory is really interesting, at least for the nice aroma of vanilla.For a few days I was considering if I should change my job, and go into the vanilla buisness.I don´t know if you can...

  • Mahajanga.

    Mahajanga is the main town of western Madagascar and one of the more cosmopolitan centers, similar in atmosphere to some places on the east African Mainland. It has a very pleasant and relaxing ambience and a large population of Muslims and Indians.We went there by ship from Nosy be, "sambo seeline". It´s a pleasant trip and takes about 24-36...

  • Animals

    Madagaskar has a very special fauna with animals, which you won't see elsewhere. For example: the Kattas, which are a primitive kind of primate which is called Lemurs. They live in the jungles of Madagascar. You have to take a guided tour to see them in the dark forests. I easily saw them at the Zoo in Tana.Lemurs belong to the sub-order...


    This is my highly versatile friend – Mr. Bucket. Before you think I have gone totally mad, just read on. I may be mad, but this is a friend you need for any sort of stays in Africa. So what can Mr. Bucket do for you? Well, Mr. Bucket holds water. So he can keep water for emergency drinking, putting out campfires, washing out toilets/ground, and for...

  • Beach life !

    There are many very fine beaches every where along the coastline. Be aware of sharks, and som beaches has sandflies. If eaten by sandflies, it can be really nasty. Some locals told me to put coconut oil all ower the body, it helps.

  • Watching Zebus

    At Madagaskar the Zebu often works better than a 4 wheel driver. So have a look at this facinating animal.

  • Transportation

    Transportating your self from A to B, is a big part of travelling at Madagaskar. It often takes a lot of time, as the infrastructure is no so developed. It can be so funny and also very hard.Taxibrousse, boat, ships, zebu or walking by foot it´s a part of the adventure.


    Diego is the main city of the northern Madagaskar. The northern part of Madagaskar is very cosmopolitan with a muslin community, Indian traders, Arabic sailors, french expat, descendants of African slaves, all mixing with the lokal Antakarana.TO SEE: Montagne des francais. Excelent view across the bay.


    If you come all the way here, then hire the best English-speaking guide in Madagascar. DJ (his nickname) runs Jerijery Tours and is a superb guide and all around great guy. He does guided trips all across Madagascar for several tour operators, or you can hire him directly. He operates a very comfortable 4-wheel drive people carrier and is also a...

  • Berenty The Sisal Plantation

    The sisal plantation surrounds Berenty reserve but once you are inside the forest you can't see it.You can organise a visit to the plantation and the factory which is interesting if you have a few days in Berenty. If you are there for only 1 or 2 days, you wouldn't want to miss the wildlife in order to visit the sisal factory. You are shown how the...

  • Berenty Spiny Forest - Ringtails and...

    Berenty is the best place to see Ringtail Lemurs and Verreaux Sifakas, as well as lots of other Lemurs, birds and reptiles. It is easy to walk around on your own, with nothing dangerous to worry about. The reserve is about 250 hectares of mainly spiny forest and dry Tamarind gallery woodland. There are lots of reptiles here and we saw a boa...

  • Perinet - See the Indrie and Other...

    Perinet, also called Mantadia-Andasibe, is the place to see the endangered Indrie which is the largest of the Lemurs. The Indries make strange eerie calls and you can hear them for miles in the forest. They live high up in the trees in the rainforest and almost never come down so you need a good zoom lense to get photos through the dense foliage of...

  • Ampefy - Itasy area

    Click on the link below to read my wholepage of this superb volcanic area. Everything I experienced, memories of the daytrip, practical info, I intended to lay there. So visit my Ampefy page instead of me repeating myself...You could check the pics though. :-)

  • Tsingy de Bemaraha on the UNESCO...

    From the UNESCO website: "Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve comprises karstic landscapes and limestone uplands cut into impressive 'tsingy' peaks and a 'forest' of limestone needles, the spectacular canyon of the Manambolo river, rolling hills and high peaks. The undisturbed forests, lakes and mangrove swamps are the habitat for rare and...

  • Ambohimanga Royal Hill - UNESCO List...

    From the UNESCO website "The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga consists of a royal city and burial site, and an ensemble of sacred places. It is associated with strong feelings of national identity, and has maintained its spiritual and sacred character both in ritual practice and the popular imagination for the past 500 years. It remains a place of worship...

  • The Rainforests of the Atsinanana-...

    June 27, 2007 - New zealand. To the previous two sites decision was taken to grant Madagascar with its third UNESCO Heritage List site. Add to the Tsingy of Bemaraha & to Ambohimanga Royal Hill, the Rainforests of the Atsinanana. They are wet forests along the Eastern coast of Madagascar. 6 national parks, located along the wet Eastern coast:...

  • Betsileo vineyards.. and try Toakagasy,...

    Fianarantsoa is LOCALLY known for its wine, Lazan'i Betsileo, Maromby (from Maromby monastery), Soavita. The region was "held" by French missionaires since 19th cent, that makes Fianarantsoa counting more catholic people than other parts of the Island. Vineyards are seen from the Nationale 7. We hadn't done it but it is possible to visit vineyards....

  • Pereyras nature farm

    Along the RN2, the road from Tana to Perinet you will pass the Pereyras nature farm. This park is owned by naturalist André Pereyras. The purpose of this farm is breeding the special animals of Madagascar. They have lemurs and many reptiles. First we were taken into the woods, just a short walk, where the lemurs waited for their treats (banana for...

  • Nightwalk along Perinet

    Although the Mantadia-Andasibe NP is closed to the public after dark it is absolutely a must to make a nightwalk with the parks guides. They take you along the road next to the park. But all traffic is expecting people walking there and they drive by very slowly. Much to our surprise we saw many cameleons, in all sizes, sleeping on the branches....

  • Andasibe

    When in the national park also visit the village nearby. It is sad to see the village is not profitting from the tourist money coming in. The people living here are poor and the houses they live in are not always waterproof. Still you have to come here and see for yourself. Maybe buy something at a local shop, or have something to eat in La Gare,...

  • Big South trip, from Centre to South of...

    At least 14 days to enjoy your Big South Journey, from Centre to South! Else, you will miss hidden gems ~as I did during the greatest trip I've ever made. About 1000 km to discover! Amazing road trip ! Landscapes vary from ricefields in plains, ricefields in hillsides, rocky mountains, forests, savannah, canyons, ruiniform rocks, oasis. It would...

  • Tana- Antsirabe

    What's the point?- to escape from crowded capital city Tana and drive through isolated areas with noone around.- to enjoy Highlands' landscape made of ricefields, plains; to marvel at impressive rocky mountains (esp. in Ankaratra massif that culminates at some 2700m) with huge stone blocks in hillsides and tiny villages at hillbottoms... . - to...

  • Sunset watching, cheapest activity

    It didn't appear to me as a "must-see activity" unless I noticed that I've never seen such a spectacular beauty in Europe. Though, quite everywhere in Madagascar you could see this firelight sunset. Yellow, orange, red, blue and black...In Tana Ville Haute (go up there, to the Belvédère for the panoramic view), at seafronts in coastal cities.....

  • Play The National Game of Fanorona with...

    Fanorona is the National game of Madagascar. I recommend you to learn the Rules of the game and play as equel against the locals.You can see Malagasy People playing it on the street or sand. I saw near Aveno de Independante,Tana a board created on the sidewalk stone - each hole and line was curved probobly using some kind of stone/craft. somebody...

  • See and Hear the Indri at Andasible...

    Andasible Indri Reserve is near Perinet which is in CE Madagascar east of the capital of Antananarivo. The Indri is a type of lemur. There are 62 groups of Indri who live in the preserve. We found one group of them with 5 Indri up in the trees calling an eerie call that reminded me of whale songs. There are also interesting birds and plants found...


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