Malawi Favorites

  • Children
    by irishflukey
  • Children looking at their photos
    Children looking at their photos
    by irishflukey
  • The boys in blue!
    The boys in blue!
    by irishflukey

Malawi Favorites

  • Flame Trees all around

    The first country i noticed to have lots of this kind of beautiful big shady Trees of strong orange to red colored blossoms. I was so fascinated about this. Next to my favorite blossoming Tree, the Jakaranda, this Flame tree became very close to my heart. I was so crazy enough that i almost took pictures of every Flame Tree that i encountered on my...

  • Malawi - The Warm Heart of Africa

    It's a rugged and dramatic country. It is quite green in places. There is a lot to see. It is underdeveloped, but a country with a lot of potential to take advantage of the tourist market. It is poor and has no civil strife. A good place to visit is Liwonde National Park. I went on a safari there. As with travelling to any country, get those shots...

  • Money exchange in Malawi

    Ask if you think you see a business man on the street if he knows a bank you can change money. He will probably give you a better rate himself than the bank can do. During my time in Malawi (August 2009) the exchange rate at the bank was 142 MWK (Malawi Kwacha) to 1 USD. The exchange rate at the black marked was 160 MWK. Most of the shops and...

  • Malawian border and visa

    I arrived at Mchinji border at 11 PM with the bus from Zambia. Be awake when you are approaching the border, and be one of the first passengers out of the bus. The handling at the Zambian side can take some time. It is wise to have a pen ready because you need to fill out an exit application form to get the exit stamp in your passport. When you...

  • Malawi intro

    Malawi is a small country in south eastern part of Africa, and was formerly known as Nyasaland. The name Malawi comes from the Maravi, the name of the Nyanja people that inhabit the area. David Livingstone reached Lake Malawi in 1859, and the country was colonized by the British in 1891. They ruled the country until its independence in 1964....

  • Tanzania–Malawi dispute

    When I was in Monkey Bay, in the southern end of Lake Malawi, I heard this was the navy base town in Malawi. I wondered how a poor country like Malawi could afford having war ships, and why. This is just a lake...The northern lake area between Malawi and Tanzania is disputed. Tanzania claims borders through the middle of the lake. This is along...

  • The people of Malawi

    Malawi is often called the "warm heart of Africa" because of the warms and friendliness of the people. That is a truth with modifications. To believe the Malawian people are more friendly than comparable African countries will create high expectations. Come with an open mind instead of that.Although I think the people are helpful and enjoyable, I...

  • Using a mobile phone in Malawi

    I lost the mobile phone connection a short time on the road from Lilongwe to Cape Maclear. And after a while I received the Mozambique phone network. But all in all, the mobile phone works good in Malawi. Big mobile masts are located along the roads and in the villages.It's cheap to use a local SIM card inside Malawi. And you can buy it from one...

  • The Malawian flag

    The Malawian flag is made up of 3 stripes of black, red and green, with a rising sun on top.The black stripe represents the African people, the red represents the martyrs blood for African freedom, the green represents the green nature, and the rising sun represents the hope for Africa.

  • Highlights Of Malawi

    - Lake Malawi is the main attraction. Enjoy the amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches, go diving or snorkelling and don`t miss to visit the Islands!- National Parks: Lengwe NP, Nyika NP and Liwonde NP are certainly the nicest and most visited Malawian National Parks.- Hiking is another highlight. Mount Mulanje offers many different hiking...

  • Beers in Malawi

    Beer drinking in Malawi can be an experience if you try the traditional homebrew! The Danish Carlsberg Beer is nearly every where available in Malawi. The most common types are so called Carlsberg “green” or “brown” named after the labels of the bottles. The quality is quite ok although it is not so strong than European beer.Since a few years...

  • Zomba Plateau, meeting with the local...

    It was really nice to meet these women. When they had reached us they started to sing and to dance. So I danced together with them and they did appreciate it. We enjoyed both to dance that way and laughed a lot. A was a really nice encounter and experience.

  • Zomba Plateau, local women

    At the Zomba Plateau we walked to the forestry campsite and the trout ponds.On the road near the trout ponds a group of local women beckoned us and yelled at us and then they started to run in our direction.They were really anxious to meet us.So we waited and walked in their direction.

  • Villages near Lengwe NP

    On our way back from the Lengwe National Park to Blantyre we saw a lot of small villages scattered between the trees along the road.In the villages we saw a mix of round huts with thatched roofs and square concrete buildings.The children in the villages were always curious to see us, when we passed. They mostly waved and beckoned.

  • Shire River near Lengwe NP

    On our way from the Lengwe National Park in the south back to Blantyre we drove along the Shire River.It was a very scenic route. We saw also 5 crocodiles and 40 hippos on a island and in the water of the river.So not only in the park, but also outside you have to watch out to see the animals.

  • Zomba Plateau, look at my baby

    After the singing and the dancing the women asked me to take more pictures of them.Especially the mothers carrying their child on their back liked it to be photographed with their child. Everywhere in Malawi the people are very friendly and was it rather easy to meet them.But the spontaneous meeting with the local women at the Zomba Plateau was...

  • Zomba Plateau, dancing woman

    The women at the Zomba Plateau liked to show me how to dance. Especially one was a very good dancer, she danced while the others sung and clapped hands.After we danced together again.

  • The big baobab trees

    A tree you see a lot in Malawi is the baobab tree. This tree can be very big and the branches of this tree look like roots. It seems the tree is standing upside down.

  • Lake Malawi, peaceful and relaxing

    It's not really a must but it's possible to relax at Lake Malawi. On the lake you can have a boat trip and go to one of the islands in the lake. Another possibility is to watch hippo's during the boat trip.Interesting is to have a look at the activity of the local people who live near the lake.

  • spend some time on the shores...

    spend some time on the shores of Lake Malawi. Baobabtrees n Malawi gold on the beach while watching the locals paddling past in their dugout canoes. Abundant supplies of fresh fruit, fish and wonderful flowers. Malawis people are probably the most warm and friendly to be encounterd despite poverty and hardship. A place we all could learn something...

  • It has to be Cape McClear on...

    It has to be Cape McClear on the Southern end of Lake Malawi. Have you ever heard the evocotive cry of the Fish symbolises Africa. Here at Cape McClear you can not only hear the cry but also see the great bird ( 2 metre wingspan) take fish from the water only metres from your boat. Magnificent. Staying at Club Makakola just North of...

  • My favorite town in Malawi was...

    My favorite town in Malawi was Zomba which was the old capital of the country and has a beautiful colonial look to it and the atmosphere is very laid back and untouristed. Zomba sits on the flanks of the Zomba Plateau which is a beautiful forested area and can be easily visited as a day trip. The views out over the surrounding countryside are...

  • Relax and play on the beach...

    Spend at least 3 nights relaxing/playing at one of the beach resorts, I think my favourite has to be Senga Bay, just for its variety of things to see and do. Being invited to a Malawian village for a traditional feast and dancing, and being swarmed by all of the children. (See my Village Life Travelogue for more photos)

  • visit one of the little...

    visit one of the little islands on Lake Malawi. You feel like Robinson Crusoe! The plants, trees and birds are amazing. going to sleep right by the lakeside, with the full moon out and the waves lapping gently at the shoreline.


    {TOURIST BACKPACKER} Go to Nkharta Bay. Of all the tourist places it's the nicest, with the least pressure from the locals, and the most tourist-oriented setup. While you're there, stay at Njaya Lodge: fantastic luxury, for not much more money. It takes a long walk to reach it (round two headlands) but it's definitely worth it!{SERIOUS BACKPACKER}...

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