Mali Transportation

  • Bus station near the border
    Bus station near the border
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  • Mali
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Mali Transportation

  • Travel agency in Bamako

    I used the Tellem voyages agency for a trip I did in 1999. Very reasonable prices on a 4x4 with driver. Highly recommend the driver Amagoundo. I went back this year, just to have a chat and the agency still exists, albeit now run by the son, Amadou Dolo. His uncle is the manager of the Hotel-campement Guina in Sangha,ideal for your Dogon trekking...

  • Flying in

    Mali is served my a number of airlines...Ethiopian from Addis&Dakar, Kenyan from Dakar &Nairobi, (both airlines use Bamako as a stop on the way to Dakar) Air Senegal from Dakar, CAM is a local airline flying SAABs and DC-9s out of Bamako, Royal Air Moroc flys from Morocco? along with Air France from Paris. From what I heard RAM is a cheap option...

  • Guide in Segou.

    Here is a guide/piroguier in Segou that can take you across the Niger to Kalabougou or just for a trip up or down the river. He can also organise trips to Mopti and further if needed. Across to Kalabougou for the morning or afternoon is a fixed price of 20.000 cfa for the boat, regardless of how many are in it, the rest is open to negociation. He...

  • Punctuality non existant

    Planning does not really pay off in Mali. You can end up waiting days for transport to a desired location. So bring few books along, you might end up spending quite some time on bush taxi stops.

  • Flying to Mali from Europe

    If going directly to Mali from Europe, check out Point Afrique ( It has charter flights from Paris and Marseille to pretty much every small town in French West Africa. It is cheap and flights are operated by Air Mediterranee so it means it is safe as well. Here on the photo above is the Mopti Airport. Don't expect X-rays. The...

  • buses from Segou onwards

    Bus station on the south side of the main road through Segou, 15 mins. walk from the centre or 3 mins on taxi/moto. TCV leaves from the same place for Bobo and Ouaga, normally at 11 a.m. Supposed to take around 6 hours but with the frontier can take up to 8 1/2 hours to Bobo, another supposed 6 hours to Ouga.Price for Bobo is 7500 cfa.

  • getting out of Bamako

    Most of the buses to all points east of Bamako leave from the "Gare Routiere" at Sogoniko, roughly 4 kms from the Pont des Martyres. Any taxi will take you there, 2000 cfa. Bittar and Bani are the best buses. The company TCV is the one to take for Bobo Dioulasso and Ouagadougou. Take tickets at the point for Bittar.Price example : 3000 cfa for...

  • taxi from Bamako airport

    Arriving outside Bamako airport, you will be assailed by offers of cfa. and taxis into town.Arriving during the day taxis can be had for around 2/3000 cfa but at night this will be more than doubled. Try to negociate down to around 6000 cfa. Of course this also depends of your destination,i.e. are you going to a hotel for rich people or to the...

  • Mali buses do break down! But enjoy the...

    Don't get me wrong, bus travel in Mali is a great way to go. Only a river pirogue could be better. Spare the expense of the rented vehicle, take the budget bus transport and experience the lives of those who live there. You will generally be provided extra care by the drivers, but if the bus breaks down, all bets are off. After our bus from Segue...

  • North west Mali by 4WD

    Our route in the region north of Kayes was part of our transsahara trip. We did this trip with two 4WDs of the Dutch organisation Transsahara of Marius Dussel from Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The two cars of our trip were a 22-years old Toyota landcruiser and a 18-years old Mitsubishi Pajero. The age of the cars and the rough routes caused...

  • Private small filling stations

    I like going around in Mali on my motorbike. Sometimes it happens that I am short in petrol and am obliged to stop in a village. It is very difficult to let them understand that I need petrol for a 4 strokes engine, they don't know that a motorbike can be something else than a 2-strokes. Anyway, my motorbike is always an attraction in the villages.

  • Kayes, known of the express Dakar -...

    We visited Kayes by car, but many travellers in West Africa know Kayes only as town along the railway from Dakar to Bamako. They only pass through on the express between those two capitals of Senegal and Mali.This 1200 KM long train line from Dakar to Bamako is a remnant from the colonial time. It is the longest railspan in West Africa, partially...

  • Road to Tengréla, our truck is passing...

    For the truck it was not easy to cross the river. hte depth was OK, but there were some big holes under the water surface. So we had to guide the truck very precisely.Lucky us. The truck reached the other side safely without problems. So we could continue our journey in the direction of the border with Cote d' Ivoire.

  • Road to Tengréla, passing the river

    From Bamako we travelled to Cote d'Ivoire. Just for Tengrela, the Malinese border town with Cote d' Ivoire we had to cross a river.We all had to leave the truck and we surveyed first the crossing place by feet. Some of us went into the river to check the depth of the water and the holes at the bottom.

  • Camel Caravan

    Large camel caravans ply the desert to collect salt from the mine at Taradenni. No longer the same size as they were, up to 20 camels once covered that route. Now a lot of salt travels by more modern transport. These camels are however, waiting to make the 40-day journey to bring back the 'white gold'.

  • Chinaman on Donkey

    David, a retired Chinese dentist, was a great character. Not realising what to expect, he came totally unprepared - no walking boots, no rucksack and inadequate fitness level. At one stage he hired this passing donkey to take him to camp as he was feeling rather tired of walking. Much to our tour leader's concern, he flagged down a passing 4WD at...

  • Pinasse

    Motorised pirogues, called pinasses, are easily chartered in Mopti for the three day, two night journey to Timbuktu. Travelling by river is a much more authentic and interesting way to reach Timbaktu rather than flying. Not only do you get to see the timeless lanscape and way of life along the river, it makes you realise just how remote Timbuktu...

  • Horse drawn carriage

    Our afternoon excursion to Djenne Djeno was by horse and cart. The horses were obviously mistreated and underfed, and many of our party got off and walked in disgust. The transport is just a flat board on a cart - no seats, cushions or any other sort of comfort.

  • Ferry to Djenne

    The road to Djenne crosses the river by ferry. It is mainly used by motor vehicles as duing the low water, horse and cart and pedesrtrians wade across the river. The ferry is a great place for hawkers - you are after all a captive audience!

  • Tourist bus

    Being on an organised tour, we were ferried around in one of these tourist buses. Although, bus is rather too grand a description, most of them were just heaps of rust held together with a few nuts and bolts. Beware of rusty nails sticking out from the seats - I found out too late and ended up with a three inch cut to my leg which turned...

  • Air Mali

    Air Mali, also known as Air Maybe, provides the internal flights in Mali. An 'interesting' experience - not one I would recommend. We took two internal flights and I have the following observations to make. Flight One: The fact that a passenger carries a rifle as hand luggage does not inspire confidence in their security measures. The flight was...

  • A shared “taxi”/ Un “taxi” compartido

    You can share a car, the only problem is that the owner or the driver would want to take the maximum profit of it. It can be a hell or a good experience, it depends of you!Siempre puedes compartir un coche, el unico problema es que el propietario o el conductor querran sacar el maximo partido. Puede ser un infierno o toda una experiencia, eso...

  • Bus

    You can go by bus, usually they are not very comfortable (don't expect for air conditioning, if you find one with take it as a gift), and they usually have lots of problems, but they are cheap

  • Dachzeltbus

    This cross-Sahara trip was with an organization called DALTUS. They have these special trucks with tents on top of the roof, 4x4, a 300 l water container, gas cookers and everything to be rather independant when travelling. It is a great way to travel!.

  • Ship to Tombouctou

    It's not always easy to reach Timbuktu. A great experience is to do this trip from Mopti by boat. This is possible during the rainy season until january or sometimes also february. It is a unique experiemnce to travel for 2 up to 5 days on this magic river trough the desert...In Mopti, next to the Bani river (which leads to the Niger), there are...

  • Train from Kayes to Bamako

    The local train is a great experience - leaves daily, and takes all day to cover the 500kms. To buy a ticket, turn up at the ticket office at 2pm, and be prepared to push and shove. Second class is fine, costs CFA7k

  • The Dakar-Bamako Train

    Epic!Entering Mali by train from Dakar: an unforgettable experience! 40h of dust, bushfires and quite boring landscapes, but you meet very interesting people, tourists, locals, travelling Africans,...

  • Busses

    On the main roads in Mali, it`s quite common to travel by Bus. There are freqent Bus services for example between Bamako and Mopti. If you are heading to more remote areas, you should be prepared for longer waiting times until the bus is filled up with passengers.

  • Taxi brousse

    You can use Busses on the main roads or the 'taxi brousses' for visiting villages off the beaten path.The "tayi brousses" are shared taxis, that means that they waiting at a certain corner of the village until there are enough passengers. What means "enough" is often up to the driver. As a result they are often very crowded...the vehicles often...

  • Don't count on the Malian leg...

    Don't count on the Malian leg of a flight, ever. You know that stressed out feeling you get when you think you won't make your flight? Don't even sweat it. Just face the fact that you may have to wait 6 hours more than you had anticipated. Going to Mali through Charles De Gaulle in Paris on Air Afrique was an absolute nightmare. The airport was...

  • Fly to Bamako with hotel...

    Fly to Bamako with hotel reservations for the first night. Guides will find you, and the rest is easy. We used for discount business class international airfare.There is only one Airline in Mali. It is called: 'Air Mali.' It's nickname is: 'Air Maybe (:' It only makes one round trip a week, from Bamako to Mopti to Timbuktu on...

  • To visit Bamako, the best way...

    To visit Bamako, the best way is to use the taxis. Just remember to agree of the fare before going in the taxi and if you can try to get some knowledge of the right fare to go from one place to another : Fares tend to be more expensive for tourist. If you're adventurous you can try 'les bachés', which are kind of public transportation in Bamako. In...

  • Bachees ... Green...

    Bachees ... Green mini-buses.Minibuses which can take up to 20 people. They squash people in! These buses go all over the city on planned routes. However, none of them have destinations marked! The price varies between 100 and 150 F CFA according to the route.

  • By Taxi.Taxis are usually...

    By Taxi.Taxis are usually yellow.You can hail them in the street by waving your hand or you can go to a taxi rank. At the taxi rank there is usually a man who orders the taxis. You tell him where you want to go and he tells you which taxi. It is necessary to bargain with the drivers and to show a knowledge of prices. The starting price suggested is...

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Mali Transportation

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