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  • At Timbuktu Aitport runway
    At Timbuktu Aitport runway
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  • Best grilled food in Bamako

    Bamako Restaurants

    San Toro is the most original and interesting restaurant in Bamako. With excellent fish, meet and sauces, the food is simple, well presented and delicious. The decoration is amazing! I've never seen something like this! Presenting African food in a luxurious setting is genius. Much better than badly copying French food in Africa...if you know what...

  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Bamako

    Bamako Hotels

    ACI 2000, Hamdallaye, (formerly Radisson SAS), Bamako, 2566, Mali

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Bamako Fashion

    Bamako Local Customs

    This collection at a tailor shop shows his work and the fashion in Bamako at the time (2006).ps: tailoring is done - as in many African countries - by men.



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  • Beautiful doors of Timbuktu

    Timbuktu Favorites

    Everywhere in Timbuktu you find beautiful wooden doors with metal handles and decoration, a souvenir of Timbuktu's glorious past....

  • Strolling through town

    Timbuktu Things to Do

    Best way to get to know the local life is just strolling through town, going to the markets, have your eyes, ears, noses, ... open for everything coming in... :-)There are plenty of alleyways, there is the old and new town.

  • Visit the market of Timbuktu

    Timbuktu Shopping

    Not as much as for buying, as just for strolling around and getting an impression of daily life here, the market is an interesting place.The central market building, a storage high building, is a good starting point for your discovery. Much of the market spreads out from this building onwards.



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  • The Mud Mosques of Djenne

    Djenne Things to Do

    The most fascinating, and famous, thing to do in Djenne is to check out the mud structures. These massive buildings were constructed with only basic earth materials such as mud and clay. They did not use any "solid" materials such as metal or even stone to build or support them. It's quite impressive and also beautiful!

  • From Mopti by bus

    Djenne Transportation

    On monday's (marketday) a bus leaves around 7 am Mopti 2500 CFA, returns around 3 pm.If you want to go from Bamako to Djenne there is a ocasional direct buses, otherwise take a overnight bus (with daytime buses you don't get a connection to Djenne) to Mopti until the turnoff, you will have a connection there.

  • Local Market

    Djenne Shopping

    The market in the old city is fairly common. Usual mix of local food and craft along with the imported household items from China. The spice markets are always fun for me even if I end up getting more than a nose full of the scents Best thing to do is look around. If you really need something then be prepared to bargain them down a bit. I go in...



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  • not your average harbor & market

    Mopti Off The Beaten Path

    The harbor, which is the most important in the country, is located at the Bani river, not at the Niger, but a few hundred meters upstream of the confluence of both.If you have some spare time, stroll around here and on the market and you will get a sense of the local life. It is not a typical tourist attraction in se, but for fans of off the beaten...

  • Y'A Pas de Probleme Hotel

    Mopti Hotels

    The Ya Pas de Problem hase nice rooms from 10000 CFA (2012), dorm 5000 CFA and a decent restaurant...

  • By Public transport to Ouagadougou

    Mopti Transportation

    If you want to arrive on the same day in Ouagadougou you have to leave early, at about 7 am a Sept Place (shared taxi) goes to Koro, 4000 CFA, 3 to 4 hours, from there you have a minibus to Ougahiguia, 2500 CFA and 3 hours, and a bus from there to Ouagadougou, 2500 CFA and 3 hours.


Lac Faguibine

See all 13 Lac Faguibine Tips
  • From Timbuktu to Essakane by 4x4

    Lac Faguibine Transportation

    We planned to leave from Timbuktu for the festival at 10 am, but the evening before we heard we should leave first at 2 pm in the second convoy of 4x4's of the tour agency. I was not unhappy about that, so we got the possibility to visit the old town of Timbuktu in the morning.At 2 pm there were no 4WD cars yet. After more than one hour we heard...

  • Meals during the festival

    Lac Faguibine Restaurants

    For lunch, dinner of a drink I went to a small restaurant just north of the artisan market. You could sit here outdoors in the shade. There were a few chairs and a couple of benches in front of the small white building (picture 1). The place was frequented by many of the visitors. The meals were basic, but good. You could choose for a vegetarian...

  • Camelride

    Lac Faguibine Things to Do

    The setting of the Essakane festival in the middle of the white sanddunes is perfect for a camel ride into the desert. So several times I saw people going in or coming out of the desert (picture 1) on a camelback.I love camels and made camelrides on several occasions, even a three days trip in the white desert in Egypt and a camel race in Maralal...



See all 41 Bandiagara Tips
  • Excellent guide for Dogon Country, Mali...

    Bandiagara Things to Do

    Moussa Timbine' is an excellent tour guide in Mali. He lives in Bamako but will go all over the country. He is also Dogon, and a wonderful guide for seeing Dogon country. His English is excellent.He has trained extensively for his job, and has a good understanding of different nationalities and what they expect as tourists. He is therefore in a...

  • Watch your step

    Bandiagara Favorites

    Dogon is not a dangerous place....but you do have to watch out for a few things like the millipede below. Medical care in Dogon Country is sparce at best and most options involve hiring a car at the last minute to get you to Bankass or Bandiagara...and in Africa a tourist in a rush = $$$$$$ to the locals. Not getting stung by anything...just...

  • Motor bike

    Bandiagara Transportation

    Thanks to cheap Japanese/Chinese imports, the world has gotten a bit smaller for some Africans. At most came site you can find a local with one who will give you are ride for a few bucks. I got on one because I had to catch my ride back to Bandiagara pronto after a long lunch. No helmets here but the sand that you will be riding on is soft so if...



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  • Niger river as transporter of anything

    Segou Local Customs

    the Niger river plays an important role as road of transport as well, as you can see in these pictures. Anything will be transported on this river to get it to the other side of the river bank or the other side of the country.

  • Artisanal Malian bogolan

    Segou Shopping

    Kasobané literally means 'Prison is finished, we are free' in Bamanan. It refers to the omittance of products that are not their own, and instead the use of natural Malian products only.The group started by studying the bogolan traditions troughout Mali, including the symbolic alphabet, the techniques and uses of the bogolan cloth, etc. This...

  • Cross the Niger in Ségou

    Segou Things to Do

    it 's pleasant to cross the river in a boat and see the life at the other river bank..take the local boats, they're the only there are anyway..


Kani Kombole

See all 2 Kani Kombole Tips
  • Animal traction.

    Kani Kombole Transportation

    There are no motor vehicles in the country. It is only possible to find cars thrown by oxen and horses.

  • Mosque / mezquita

    Kani Kombole Things to Do

    This mosque is the one I liked the most from the Dogon country, Sudanese style and perfect shapes. Done in mud, seems to be made in chocolate.Esta es la mezquita que mas me gusto del Pais Dogon, estilo sudanesa y formas perfectas. Hecha en barro parece de chocolate.

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  • Bankas, women pounding grain.

    Bankas Local Customs

    Everywhere in Africa the women pound grain, fufu or other stuff in the traditonal way.Most two of them will do the job together in a fast and energetic rhytm.I always liked to look at it. It's rather difficult to do it yourself.

  • Telli, weavers

    Bankas Local Customs

    In Telli, the new village at the plain, at the foot of the Bandiagera escarpment, our guide showed the compound, where the weavers do their work. The weavers were very friendly and helpful to explain and show us, how they do their job still in the traditonal way.

  • Dogon Country, on the plateau

    Bankas Things to Do

    From the plateau the view at the plain is really wunderfull. Near the stream down you see the many shady trees.After the climb up, the walk at the plateau to Djiguibambo at the steady rock surface is rather easy.For more infromation about the plateau see my Djiguibambo (and Dogon Country) page.


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