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  • Crocodiles in the sacred pond of Amani.
    Crocodiles in the sacred pond of Amani.
    by F_Meignant
  • Map of the Dogon Country.
    Map of the Dogon Country.
    by F_Meignant
  • Tellem houses in the Fault of Yougo-dougourou.
    Tellem houses in the Fault of...
    by F_Meignant

Yougopiri Things to Do

  • Edible baobabs...

    The fruits of the baobab can be eaten. Cut them and suck the kind of white stuff inside. Refreshing!

  • People again...

    Children: of course, they will run after you, asking for “cadeau” (gift), “stylo Bic” (ball pen), or “bonbons” (sweets).They will hold your hand while you visit their village.Cute... and suffering malnutrition.

  • People.

    It's hard to like some Dogon practices in particular concerning women.But I have to say that Dogon probably are among the most friendly and easy people I’ve ever met.Open minded and always a good sense of humour. In one word: they are kind.The only risk for a tourist exists if he comes without a guide. He will then certainly infringe a taboo. This...


Yougopiri Restaurants

  • For a tea...

    A nice place to rest after hiking around Yougo.This small restaurant is at Yougo-dougourou. The owner has another one down in the plain at Yougo-na (see picture).Beautiful sight, fresh drinks.Some "antiques".

  • Against thirst...!

    Yenndouma. One of the worst things when hiking in Africa is thirst... DRINK BEFORE YOU FEEL THIRSTY...! Millet beer everywhere, even in the streets… With 1€, you offer a drink for all the street ! Almost all these guys are now supposed to be Muslims. But it seems that there is an exception about millet beer !It is said that it's bad for tourists...

  • Yougopiri Hotels

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Yougopiri Transportation

  • Guide.

    A good guide is very important. First, you’ll have to spend several days with him. Then, he must be able to organize things for carrying luggage, for food, water and for the nights. Last but not least, he must be able to explain you at least a few things about the region. He has to be a Dogon.Abou was a fantastic companion. You can find him by...

  • Slow travelling...

    The best way to carry your luggage if you’re trekking and don’t want (or can’t) carry them by yourself.Of course, you’ll have to hire porters in mountainous areas. Don’t hesitate: it makes them earn some money. Always consider them well : it seems that lots of tourists don’t behave very well…

  • Hiking.

    Walking is by far the best way for visiting Dogon country : so many places that you can’t reach in another way.The 2 guys on the picture were met when walking down from Yougo-dougourou. The little one on the right is wearing the traditional Dogon hat.He was helping Brigitte (not for money, just like that…) and used to call her “Grand-mère” (Grand...


Yougopiri Local Customs

  • Huntsmen again...

    Their houses are always impressive: hanging skins, skulls of monkeys…The guys themselves are impressive too: specific clothes.

  • Huntsmen.

    Like blacksmiths, huntsmen are supposed to have some special powers…The old man asked me to take the picture… “To be on the Internet”, he said…!Now, you are, man…!For the occasion, he hung a dried dead iguana at his neck.

  • About death again...

    Around villages can be seen places where are stored series of round potteries called “canaris”. They are altars in memory of the dead. Each “canari” symbolizes the skull of a dead person. Small ones are for children.


Yougopiri Warnings and Dangers

  • Toilets...

    Sorry for the face on the picture: trying not to breathe…You never have to ask where are the toilets… Just follow the smell.They are always clean, but since they are only made of a big underground tank without a siphon, the smell doesn’t stay inside… Usually, showers (a barrel with water and a bowl) are just beside the toilets which is not very...

  • Sauces...

    Dogon use strange sauces made of strange things… Dried leaves of baobab for example.If you are courageous, try the “ Da ”. It’s made of mutton’s head and tripe cooked with onions, sorrel and chilli. Strong taste but not bad. The only problem is that Dogon eat it for breakfast… Too hard !But don’t worry too much: they usually don’t offer “ Da ” or...

  • Stairs...

    Dogon stairs are quite unusual, at least for Occidental legs… They are just cut in trunks and are seldom steady. They are found everywhere in villages (to climb on terraces) and even in the countryside…! Dogon can run in such “staircases”.


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