Bir Moghrein Travel Guide

  • Bir Moghrein Mauritania
    Bir Moghrein Mauritania
    by johnsakura
  • Virtual Tourist T-Shirt going to Bir Moghrein
    Virtual Tourist T-Shirt going to Bir...
    by johnsakura
  • bir moghrein mauritania
    bir moghrein mauritania
    by johnsakura

Bir Moghrein Things to Do

  • Doors

    doors here are painted in all sorts of colours and materials which create a very nice pattern along with the mud houses.

  • Houses

    Youll notice houses here are a bit destroyed. Someone told me they had a great ztorm a few months before which destroyed almost everything and also ended their electricity and all. People here live far away from everything. I have no idea from what people subsist from.

  • The Rich Moutains

    ok these mountains are not exactly near Bir Moghrein. They are located 1 hour away, which in sahara's desert standards its not very far at all. These mountains are on the top of the most beautiful one i've ever seen. My friends and I encountered some Polisario Front on a small resting zone right on top of the mountain. On top of the mountain...

  • Sun rising

    haha, like i said on my previous tip, sun sets are not to miss, the same aplicable on the sun rising. The colours here on the desert get a special taste along with this small village with mud houses.

  • Sun set

    I got to notice on my travelings that small things like this are the most apreciated by me and by all. Sun sets exist everywhere. Don't miss this one here. once on a life time unless you wich to come back to nothern mauritania 600km away from the neares town which doesnt even have electricity... ha

  • The mud buildings and streets

    this is a place very far from everything. the closest city is 440km away south (Zouerat) and 600km north (Tindouf Algeria), the rest is only desert.


Bir Moghrein Transportation

  • 4wd car

    for sure the best way to travel here. there are no asphalt roads not good conditions non-asphalted roads. Expect rock roads with a lot of sand around the village. The way to Bir Moghrein is kind of rough to small cars, can be done but its not a very easy task.

  • “Le Mure” -> Way to Gueltat Zemmour

    You get to the wall and you have to deliver your passport to the Moroccan authorities. You stay under Moroccan army custody maybe even for a few days. Don’t go out of the asphalt as it has lots of land mines. You have to wait maybe up to a few days to get the permission to go inside morocco with army convoy just for you until Layoune to get a stamp...

  • Gueltat Zemmour ->To Layoune

    We got permission and headed to Gueltat Zemmour with army 4x4 on the front of us. Due to much sand also in this part (no road exists, or many parts are really in bad shape that is better to go into the sand), again my friends had to jump off the car and be transported on the army Toyota until Layoune.I hope this will help someone travelling to this...


Bir Moghrein Local Customs

  • Polisario Front 4wd

    you'll find lots of polisario or sarawi people along this route. Remember this is the passage way to get to Tindouf 600km north in Algeria.

  • Inside locals house

    This is how does a Bir MOghrein average houses looks like from the inside. They have a couple of weels where they take water from inside their house.these people gave us a room foto spend the night and even cooked a special vegetarian meal for us. Quite nice people indeed. It made me have one of the best times in Mauritania.

  • Bir Moghrein Hotels

    0 Hotels in Bir Moghrein

Bir Moghrein Warnings and Dangers

  • Landmines and kidnappers

    The town was destroyed by the war between Mauritania and Morocco. This has left many people poor. Hence they kidnap the tourists for money. Also, there are many landmines just outside the city near the border. Hence, donot wander around.

  • Land mines

    there are lots of land mines on your way to the moroccan wall. dont go off the road. Of course saying "dont go out of the road" its quite easy, but in reality, the road is completely destroyed and you need to go out to the sand...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bir Moghrein Tourist Traps

  • johnsakura's Profile Photo

    write your business down

    by johnsakura Written May 23, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if you agree with someone to do something, write it down and make that person sign the deal. after if that person changes the agreement you can go to the police and show the paper. ususaly people change the deals and you say "hey i didnt say that" and they say,no no, you said, NOW WE GO TO THE POLICE, and because they know you're afraid of the police they know you'll try to solve hte problems.

    Unique Suggestions: dont be afraid of the police, if they say, lets go to the police, you say" Yes yes lets go to the police and yo'ull see! with this you already earned a few points of your discussion.

    bir moghrein mauritania morocco

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Bir Moghrein Off The Beaten Path

  • Destroyed spanish road

    Old spanish road of Western Saharawe are already inside morocco or better no mans land of western sahara. this area has lots of pirates that can rob you or kidnap you, last year a group of germans were kidnaped here and people asked for money to the german have 30km from the castle until you get the wall which separates the mine free...

  • Border with Morocco

    This is the castle that stands right in the border with Morocco. From now on and along 30km (militar outpost) you have no mans land, with pirates and criminals, lots of land mines, destroyed roads...think twice about passing here, or at least bring a 4wd car, go by me!! we're alive i dont know how...

  • chinese army was here

    it seems many different armies where here to hepl protecting the area and also help to take some land mines away from the area.


Bir Moghrein Favorites

  • Houses

    When the sun was rising, we started to go in direction of the moroccan border. we got out 6 oclock in the morning. How about if i told you we only got to the border 2 hours after . this is nothing right, but then to go from there to the wall moroccan military outpost yes we got almost 9 oclock pm only to make 30km... i love the colours that are...

  • Main street of Bir Moghrein

    Bir Moghrein is nothing much than a militar outpost with mud houses. No commerce at all. I only saw a cpople of street shops which i thing can be the only way to get goods here in town. If you're traveling from NKT bring some provisions along or you'll pay maybe 4times more the original price. The electricity is not runing now (april 2004) due to...

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