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Rodrigues Things to Do

  • Holiday to Rodrigues

    Dear friends, I had been to Rodrigues, i really enjoyed my holiday, i visited the whole island and did nearly all acticvities like excursions, snorkelling, Visit to Ile aux Coco, shopping etc. My tour operator really is very experianced. I think he is the best in Rodigues, i had compare his prices with other tour operators but i will recommend him...

  • Snorkelling

    Wow! Our best snorkelling trip so far, diving and snorkelling started here just 10 years ago, so you really feel like a first time visitor at the reefs, they are untouched and magnificient, plenty of beautiful fishes.The trip includes a visit to some beautiful Islands, barbecue included (fish, sausage, chicken, salad, etc..), and it was...

  • Hiking

    Rodrigues are perfect for hiking, the landscape change fast, sheeps and goats, wonderful views, dense jungle, endemic species, a very rare experience is waiting for you, many plants are almoust extinguished, if you are lucky you can see the Rodriguan fruit bat flying between the trees, meet the locals, get lost, you are always a few steps from...

  • The great cave

    This was a big surprise, a 600 m long cave with stalaktites and stalagmites, its a bit chilly down here so bring an extra sweater, walking shoes and a flashlight, the cave has no light yet. The entrance fee is 200 Rs.You can visit the cave either by yourself or with a tourgroup, if you choose the group, the guide will bring flashlights and the fee...

  • A tour around the island

    This is one of the best options if you like to see most of the island, we were transported around by JP Excursions, a great guide (Jean Pierre) shows you the best spots, we visited the great Cave, snorkellingtrip with barbeque on a beautiful Island, visited Care CO, Port Mathurin, etc...

  • The Airport

    I just get a kick out of these small island airports. Realistically this is where you will arrive on Rodrigues. Considering the location it is a fairly nice airport.


Rodrigues Restaurants

  • Exellent seafood

    Fast service and friendly staff, we asked what to order and their recommendation of the seafood of the day was a true highlight, and it was dirtcheap too, the restaurant was packed with people, many locls eat here, mixed with a few tourists Fresh seafood, mixed rice and vegetables, spicy sauce.

  • Exellent Local food

    A nice homestay feeling together with other Tourists sharing your experiences in a nice outdoor barbecue area in Claudines garden. You have to book in advance Octopus with rice or french fries and vegetables. Claudines food is absolute top class

  • Like no where else...except Mauritius

    During my stay I mainly ate at the hotel's restaurant. Mauritian and Rogriguan food same style and typical but in Rodrigue they serve it at the restaurant while in Mauritius, restaurant's food is mainly European and/or Asian. The ambience is very much relaxing and cozy, the background music perfect for any situation.Breakfast and dinner was part of...


Rodrigues Nightlife

  • The only one in Port Mathurin

    We didnt have the oppotunity to visit this spectacular Night club, it is open during weekends on friday and Saturdays Like you are

  • One nightclub!!!

    When I was there, not much was happening and I missed the lived show which was an introduction to the local folklore. I was also told that on Saturday night, the nightclub-situated in Port-Mathurin(the capital). Ate too much and did not want to go out. Instead we stayed at the hotel and took a warm moonlight bath... Anything will do

  • Rodrigues Hotels

    0 Hotels in Rodrigues

Rodrigues Transportation

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    Local bus ride

    by majoe Updated Aug 1, 2003

    While in Rodrigue I travelled by bus to the capital. Others rent a car that can be arranged by the hotel staff at a few $amount extra. It would actually be easier and more sensible to take a car. I remember having to wait in the bus for a bit while the bus driver was having a fag and talking with his friends. Did i say that everyone's so relaxed...and the day my diving instructoir decided to have a nap before the lesson bacause he was tired!!! Crusing...

    Port-Mathurin-the capital

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Rodrigues Shopping

  • Rodriguan Panama

    One of the oldest shops in Port Mathurin, look at next picture - the shopowner, here you can find clothes hats and most everything you could ask for, it was impossible to bargain, and you dont need that because the price asked is so low so you can afford it Rodriguan Hats and baskets made of vacoa, a very strong material that grows on...

  • Best buys

    Most of the shop are found in Port-mathurin, the capital of Rodrigues. And they are mainly local craft, souvenirs, rafia bags-all shapes and color to suit anyone's taste...My best buy there would be a multicolor hamac, very light in weight and just beautiful.When I stepped in the shop I was amazed to see all these coloured sarongs and hamacs...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Rodrigues Local Customs

  • majoe's Profile Photo

    Rum and domino

    by majoe Written Aug 2, 2003

    Rodriguans are mainly fishermen while women often are the ones who fish for the octopus. The main spoken language is creole while English and French is officialy used.

    During the weekend most inhabitants would be at the corner store or the "pub" to play cards, dominos and enjoy a good glass of rum.

    Their traditional dance is slightly different from Mauritius. Slower in their moves and "cadence".

    Fishing departure

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Rodrigues Warnings and Dangers

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    Beware of the tide...

    by majoe Written Aug 1, 2003

    While you are enjoying the beach in the morning, do not leave your belongings unattended or go for long walks...there is simply no beach in the afternoon when the tide is high. Always check with hotel staff about these things.

    Low tide, nice beach...

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Rodrigues Tourist Traps

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    Ki Manier?

    by majoe Updated Aug 2, 2003

    I don't really have a tourist trap to share with you. The prince William visited the island 2 years ago and was said to have been walking without security concerns...

    Unique Suggestions: However her are some tips to help you get to know the rodriguans better:

    Ki manier?:
    How are you?

    Good morning:

    Good evening:

    I'm Joelle:
    Mo appel Joelle

    What's your name?:
    Commen ou appele?

    How long does it take to go there?:
    Pren comie letem pou alle labas?

    Do you sell sarongs?:
    Ou ena pareos?

    How much does it cost?:
    Comie li coute?

    It's a bit expensive:
    Li impe cher

    What's your last price?:
    Ki dernier prix?

    Thank you:

    Have a nice day:
    Bonne zourne


    Fun Alternatives: If you want to know anything in particular, just let me know and I'll be glad to help.
    A bientot
    (See ya)

    Henry Koombes-In Dodoland

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Rodrigues What to Pack

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    Slip, slap, slop

    by majoe Written Aug 2, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Casual attire, bathing suits, sandals, runners for long walks. A little jumper might be handy, in case of cyclone it might get a bit cold and windy...just joking but choose the holiday period carefully before booking your trip.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Mosquito repellent

    Photo Equipment: C'mon you're going on an exotic tropical'll love to take beautiful pictures. You'll find photo stuff at the hotel or store but might be more expensive to buy it there.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: There are few hawkers on the beaches trying to sell their seasonal and yummy fruits, handicraft made jewels (bijou coco) or sarongs...have some cash handy because if you are good at bargainning, you'll get them cheaper than the market price or should I say "tourist price"

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Rodrigues Off The Beaten Path

  • Rodrigues' Interior

    Get out on foot or bike and travel through the interior of Rodrigues. Roads are starting to be built to a good standard throughout the island. It's a small island so if you do get lost you should be able to follow one road and it will lead you to someplace that you should recognize or to somewhere where you can ask for directions. This is a good...

  • La Passe

    During my visit I have not been much out there but I am sure that just wandering around would prove to be quite spectacular and out of the ordinary. However, while travelling to the capital, Port-Mathurin, I thought that "la Passe" was something amazing: the passage that fishermen take to leave the lagoon and that leads to the deep sea.

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Rodrigues Favorites

  • Keep your eyes peeled.

    While on Ile Cocos keep your eyes peeled for birds since they are everywhere and can make a nice picture.

  • Take Your Time

    When in Port Mathurin take your time. It is a slow relaxed city and it should be explored at that same rate. It is a well kept city and is quite clean. Rodrigues is a place to relax.

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