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Mauritius Shopping

  • Smoked marlin: delicious and exotic

    This is a photo of ultra macho author Ernest Hemingway, with his trophy haul of marlin, proving beyond question that 'size does matter'.Given that Hemingway is long dead, I'm not even going to dare to claim that he caught your fish for you if you visit Mauritius. However, game fishing is big sport in the Indian Ocean, and smoked marlin is a local...

  • Wonderful unrefined sugar makes a great...

    One of the (many) nice things about the colleagues that I work with on my corridor is that we have a tradition of buying each other gifts whenever we do on holiday or business trips: nothing big or expensive, but just a little something that says, "I was thinking of you (possibly smugly)". Which, in my case, gets to be a little expensive, but is...

  • More dodobilia than you can shake a...

    Every destination has its own particular spin on tourist souvenirs, and I suppose that it's not surprising that Mauritius offers every form of dodobilia imaginable.Dodos appear in every possible incarnation from fridge magnets to stuffed toys, and form the basis for the motifs on a whole range of textiles (from tablecloths and bedspreads to...

  • You can't go wrong with a sarong!

    A sarong must be about the most useful memento that you can bring back from a holiday, because it can be put to so many uses.Quite apart from protecting your modesty and covering up the bits you may be less than keen to display outside of the water, they can be pressed into service in so many other capacities. So far in our experience, my sarong...

  • Searching for coral ?

    Just a short walk from Mahebourg market towards the esplanade and next to the bus station is Fabrizio's boutique. This is an art and crafts shop, making its own coral jewellery, bracelets, necklaces etc etc. Dominic Duvergé is the owner who does the diving for the coral, one of the few that are allowed to dive around the island for coral. His...

  • Local Market

    After getting lost during a long drive, we finally made it to Quatres Bornes. It was a crowded medium sized local market with narrow aisles of stalls selling mostly clothes. Didn't think it was really worth the trouble it took to get there. You can do the same kind of shopping at the market in Port Louis.

  • Tropical Rum/Doll

    Mauritius produces sugar cane, so go grab a tropical rum made with sugar cane as souvenir. the bottle is handpainted with dodo (extinct animal in Mauritius) while the doll is soo local, get one for your travel collection. Rum is about Rs400-Rs290. i spent Rs200 for the doll.

  • Reasonably priced saris

    Remembering our driver (for the day,) had said he had bought his wife a sari for her birthday that week, The Handsome Man politely asked him if he would take us to the shop he had chosen for his wife's gift. He drove us 5 mins around the corner and hey presto - an enormous sari shop with thousands of saris and clothing, shoes & accessories of all...

  • Overpriced saris

    I really wanted to visit a sari (or is it saree?) shop. Or a shop that sold clothes or fabrics in fabulous bright eastern colours and silks. We were taken to the 'Volcano Club' (what a strange name for a clothes shop!) This is an upmarket shop, very tastefully layed out over two floors which specialises in 'Indian Wear, Classic Wear and Jewelry'.I...

  • World Class Duty Free Shopping

    Gateway is a new Shop where u can buy without paying duties and taxes. The Shop is not yet open officially but it will be on the first week of November 2007. It is a world class duty free shopping. It provides many high quality services and facilities and above all it sells only genuine products. Anything that you'll buy will be accompanied by a...

  • Local Handicraft

    Another place to buy souveniers and ship models is the Le Craft Market at Port Louis Waterfront. Its built like a big court with 3 levels and you get a wide range of local handicraft plus the regular souveniers here.This shop is part of the Port Louis Waterfront Mall.

  • Souvenier Shopping

    For all your souvenier shopping, we landed up at Port Louis Waterfront where our lovely guide dropped us, telling us to be picked up after 4 hrs. Guess 4 hrs is a lot of time to shop if you are not much of a shopper. After scanning a few shops, we finally stopped at this shop ULUWATU (don't ask me the meaning). It had a good collection of Mauritius...

  • The best bazar

    Je pense que le meilleur marché de l'île, pour les vêtements et les souvenirs, est celui de 4 Bornes.I think that the cheaper of the island, for the clothes and the memories, is the one of 4 Bornes

  • Ship Models

    Le Port is one of the ship model factories in mauritius and they have a guided tour for you to explain how the models are built, before they take you to the main shop where you can buy various ship models Always take a ship model as a souvenier from Mauritius for your living room mantlepiece. Available from MUR 300 - MUR 1,50,000, don't forget to...

  • Shopping at ile aux cerf

    There are shopping stalls at ile aux cerf, a bit more expensive than the rest of the island but... take your rupees in case you see something you like.

  • Model boats

    Hand made by locals, beautiful model at factory or market in Port Louis Jewelery, Model Boats, Clothing is very cheap. Wine glasses carved out of stone, from 700 MUR+ for model boats, clothing from 50 MUR+, Jewelery from 50 MUR+, wine glasses from 600MUR+ for 6 glasses.

  • Model ships

    You can find many shops in Mauritius which builds and sells model ships. The models are made out of teak or mahogany and are lacked from six to seven times!All the models have been done by actual drawings of boats/ships like Wasa (Sweden). I remember that the biggest ships takes few months to complete. Prices varies according to the size and the...

  • Arts and Craft Ideas

    This little art and craft shop is based in Grand Baie - North West Mauritius. The shop is packed with all sorts of very nice and local arts and craft, ideal for presents for the family. When we were in the shop, we were made welcome, asked what we wanted and then ably assisted. The two girls in the shop (Parma and Nita) even laid on a lovely buffet...

  • Factory Outlets

    Great bargains in the outlet stores of Arsenal All Top designer names such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vittion etc at knocked down prices Polo shirts, jumpers, cotton shirts The Genuine clothing is approx 50% cheaper than British / Irish Retail Prices.

  • La boutik

    On passe à la boutique, toujours proche de la maison où l'on habite. Souvent, les boutiques sont la propriété de chinois. Ainsi, dans le langage courant, et sans qu'il y ait quelque connotation xenophobe que ce soit, on dit, "je vais chez le chinois". Dans ces boutiques ont trouve pratiquement tout pour la vie courante : du pain aux casseroles et...

  • Maquette de bateaux

    LE souvenir que vous pouvez ramener de votre séjour, c'est une de ces magnifiques maquettes de bateaux.

  • Vegetables

    Dans chaque ville, vous trouverez un bazar plus ou moins grand, où pour pourrez vous procurer des légumes de très bonne qualité.In each city, you can go on bazaar, more or less big, where you can buy vegetables of extra quality.

  • Marchands des rues

    Nous sommes sous les tropiques, et tout se vends, tout s'achète dans la rue ! Vous pouvez vous alimenter, acheter des souvenirs, des vêtements (Attention aux contrefaçons), de la nouriture, et tous les objets de la vie quotidienne.We are under the tropicses, and all sell himself, all buys itself in the street! You can nourish yourselves, to buy...

  • Caudan Waterfront

    Un grand centre commercial à été construit dans le Caudan Watterfront, dans la capitale. C'était d'ailleurs là que le premier escalier mécanique de l'île à été installé ! Les prix y sont affichés, et c'est un centre à l'occidentale, moderne. Certes, vous n'y serez pas aussi dépaysé que dans un Bazar, mais vous aurez moins de risque de vous y faire...

  • Marchands de glace

    Sur les plages, dans les rues des villes, ces petits fourgons se font bruyamment annoncer à grand renfort de klaxon, musique indienne très forte et autres bruits. Vous pouvez y acheter des glaces et autres confiseries.On the beaches, in the streets of the cities, these small vans make themselves announce noisily with lots of horn, music Indian very...

  • Buying expensive jewellery

    Buying any expensive item in a jewellers in Port Loius in Mauritius is always a nice feeling, but take note that you wont be walking out of the shop with it!!!!It will be kept in the shop and sent to the airport for you to pick up on your departure,due to customs rules! Quite disconcerting to say the least, but the folks ive spoken to all...

  • Mauritian Alcohol

    Since there is a lot of sugar cane in Mauritius there is a lot of rum. You can find it almost anywhere but if you want minis (50ml bottles) the only place I found them was at the airport. The local beer is quite popular here. Phoenix is it's name and is found everywhere.

  • Backets, and clothes....

    Mauritius is exporting the sugar and it's textiles.. There are lots of sugarcane fields everywhere and the textiles factories, you might not miss the clothes, they are pretty cheap with good quality.Another thing must not be miss out is the baskets... they are many and easy to get in the main towns.You could get the baskets in Port Loius market,...

  • Markets and factory shops

    The markets referred to on the trabvelogue pages are great for bargains of all sorts. Dotted across the island are Ralph Lauren shops selling a full range of shirts etc. Our best purchases were of a good quality pashmina 650 rupees, an excellent quality sari with gold thread for 550 rupees, a hand carved wooden bowl 850 rupees, 4 Ralph Lauren...

  • Port Louis Craft Bazaar

    This shop stocks all kinds of exotic jewelry,which hangs in great loops everywhere. Necklaces of corals,camel bone,shell,carvedwood.....the selection is very good. Unusual necklaces in camel bone[or cow]that are about $30 Australian.The only knitwear with any imaginationis at the Floreal Knitwear Museum shopping centre.Many of the items sold are...

  • Shops and Markets in Mauritius

    10 € - 330 MURCigarettes:Marlboro 150 MURRothmann 57 MURBenson and Esges 56 MURlocal 51 MURMauritian food by foodstalls Pain vindaye d'ourite, rolls with calamares approx. 20 - 25 MURPain de poisson or poulet fish rolls with approx. 20 MURfried auberginen, Chilischoten, Gateau de Piment, samoussas approx. 1-2 MUR/pieceDholl Puri with sauce approx....

  • The central bazar of Port-Louis

    The central market of PORT-Louis, the Bazar, is a passage almost obliged for all tourists in quest of memories (well less dear than in the hotels), anxious of Maurice to loock under an aspect most original. In this Bazaar, not very far from the entry of the Rue Farquhar (that cuts the market in two), this stall (celebrates because in photo in...

  • The Bazar of Rose-Hill

    Strange and enthralling universe that the one of the Bazaar : colorful, teeming and loud. The merchants challenge you "ziromon, pome d'amur...", the women jostle you in the crowd, bargain some rupees. Everybody is agitated, and the odors delight you (odors of bread, fruits or spices...), or raise you the heart (meats, let's pitch...).

  • Corals

    The gift shops sell corals, but it is wise not to buy them, because the more we buy them, the more local people bring them out from the ocean. You understand, what I mean....You can pick them from the beaches by yourself as well.

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