Mauritius Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by CatherineReichardt
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by CatherineReichardt
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by CatherineReichardt

Mauritius Warnings and Dangers

  • Self catering may cost more than all...

    We love wandering around markets and supermarkets for cultural reasons, so although we were on an all inclusive package, we spent some time in Port Louis gauging the cost of living.I have to say that the cost of living in Mauritius was surprisingly expensive. With an island nation, you always have to factor in the cost of imported goods, but, even...

  • Beware of the wind on the cliffs at Gris...

    Gris Gris (a name derived from the grey of the cliffs) is located on the extreme southern coast of Mauritius and is the only section of the coastline not protected by a fringing reef. The waves pound in onto the jagged rocks at the base of the cliff, and it's starkly picturesque and a welcome contrast to the placid beaches of the rest of the...

  • Allow time to deal with Port Louis's...

    When you think of Mauritius, chances are that the image you conjur up is one of idyllic, unspoiled beaches - not traffic jams. Unfortunately both images are correct. The capital, Port Louis suffers from appalling traffic congestion, which extends from about dawn until long after sunset. The reason for this is that the main highway passes through...

  • Pick ups for morning flights go at...

    Most visitors to Mauritius are on a package tour, and are transferred to and from the airport in a shuttle bus that does a bit of a 'milk run' between the various hotels.For those many families travelling back to South Africa via Johannesburg, be prepared that the pick up to connect with the 09:15 Air Mauritius flight departs at stupid o'clock, due...

  • ATMs can be hard to find

    When we travel, we have got used to drawing local currency from ATMs as we go - a welcome progression from the restrictive days of relying on travellers cheques and bureaux de change.Mauritius came as a bit of a surprise, because we probably found it harder to find ATMs than we've done virtually anywhere else that we've travelled. Whilst there are...

  • Your mum says that you must wear...

    If you're reading this in disbelief, asking yourself why you'll need sensible shoes on an island whose major drawcard is its beaches, then look closer at the ferociously spiky sea urchins lurking under this rock for your answer.We found similar urchins wherever we went, often lurking is very shallow water, just waiting to impale unsuspecting feet....

  • Mauritian coral reefs are very degraded

    One of Mauritius' great drawcards is the fringing coral reef that encircles the entire island (with the exception of a small gap in the extreme south around Gris Gris), providing calm and sheltered conditions on the shoreward side.With all that coral around, you'd expect the snorkelling and diving to be excellent. What the tourist brochures won't...

  • Avoid being savaged by the tortoises!

    Many tourists will want to visit the La Vanille Reptile Park, which is apparently one of the island's most popular tourist attractions, and is particularly popular with families. Here, it's possible to buy a handful of the tortoises' favourite leaves for a few rupees. However, bear in mind that the only part of a tortoise that seems able to move...

  • The submarine won't operate if the sea...

    Mauritius resort holidays are all about the beach and the sea, and it is this 'picture postcard perfect' coastline that has provided the Mauritian tourism industry with such a competitive advantage.If you'd like to explore the marine environment in greater depth (excuse the pun), then a trip on the Blue Safari submarine is an obvious...

  • Expensive!

    We found Mauritius very expensive! Fair enough to say we stayed at an expensive hotel so drinks and extra meals added up to a lot but we got such a shock when we went to buy water at the airport on the way home. $18 for 3, 50ml bottles of water! We didn’t even try to buy any food!We also took a trip to the Caudan Waterfront shopping area, which is...

  • Mauritius Summertimes: worst DMC

    I have visted many countries. Mauritius is a beautiful country but the destination management company Summertimes is the worst that I have ever encountered. The staff were very unfriendly. One of them even slapped a child! I would strongly not recommend making use of the services of Summertimes. One's life may be in danger because of their...

  • Traffic jams

    Mauritius has a lot of people crammed onto a relatively small island. As a result, it has a lot of traffic in its large towns and cities. We got stuck in a couple of traffic jams that took us 20 minutes to go a kilometer while driving through Quatre Bournes, one of the larger towns on the island. If you have to drive through a large town or city,...

  • Navigation can be challenging

    Mauritius generally has pretty decent roads. However, it does not have a lot of road signs, which makes driving around the island challenging at times. The other problem is that the maps given out by the rental car companies are not very good. We rented cars twice (from two different companies) and got mediocre maps both times. There were a number...

  • Tropical storms

    Like Canuck says, the rain can be devastating. 4 people died in the floods last week when I was on holiday - the drains backed up, rivers burst banks and bridges got swept away. There seems to be very little back-up for ordinary mauritians when things lke this happen and it is a bit of a weid feeling to be 'in a tropical paradise' but seeing and...

  • Precautions

    There are no poisonous reptiles or dangerous animals on the island. However some creatures can inflict painful stings. Some individuals can be allergic to wasp stings. Contact chemist or doctor in case of several stings particularly on the head and on the face. There are few fishes namely sea urchins, stone fish, and lionfish, which are harmful,...

  • Cyclone Warning

    Before deciding on the trip or even before boarding your flight to mauritius, do check the cyclone warning. If a cyclone is passing by then you cannot get out of your hotel and do anything else but sit in your room. Try to avoid visiting mauritius during the cyclone prone season.

  • swimming!!STONE FISH

    take with swimming shoes to Mauritius, stone fish can cause severe pain and spoil your holiday, some beaches are ok but at the beaches where its more rustic you gonna have to have shoes on.

  • Banks & Money Changers

    A votre arrivée à l'aéroport, vous trouverez des guichets de banque seulement avant la sortie de la "Salle des tour-opérateurs". À départ, les banques et changeurs de devises opèrent dans le couloir de l'enregistrement. Il n'y a plus de compagnie bancaire après immigration et contrôle des passeporst. Au départ et les salles de l'arrivée, les...

  • Any price on the Bazaar (and other...

    Ces femmes qui choisissent avec attention leurs pommes d'amour vont certainement négocier le prix annoncé par le vendeur. Le marchandage est une tradition à Maurice, et tout acte commercial est sujet à négociation. Au bazar, il se passera très rapidement, en kréol. Pour les fruits et légumes, les tarifs sont le plus a souvent indiqué sur les...

  • Sea gherkin, slimy yucky thingies

    These black long slimy very un-nice things lie on the bottom of the sea, just doing nothing, but if you accidentally step on them they spit out this slimy, sticky white stuff that get caught all over and is hard to pull off your skin. Bleurgh!

  • Sea Urchins!

    The stingy little bastards that hide under looser coral and other stuff they can hide them selves with, and then you step on them while walking instead of swimming in the sea.. Some are poisonous and the wound can become very deep and very infected. The sting, if it breaks can stay in your foot for over half a year, and your vacation will be...

  • Cyclone and heavy rain

    This is not a warning but for your info:Mauritius is a tropical island and has a tropical weather. The summer, December-April, is hot and humid and a cooler period is from May to November. The cyclone season lasts from December to March. They say that direct hits happen rarely but the cyclone at sea can bring days of stormy rain and wind! We had a...

  • Lazy turtles and sea-urchin

    When you scuba dive or snorkel be ware of sea-urchin. They are everywhere, look where you step.And turtles well, they are just lazy, nothing to worry about ;)

  • For The English Speakers

    When choosing to come to Mauritius I read that the official language is English. This is true for government and such but everyday life is done in French and Creole among other Asian languages. So this is just a warning for you English speakers who are maybe choosing a holiday where they speak English. Mauritius is still a wonderful place to travel...

  • Watch Where You Step

    Along some of the beaches and coast, sea urchins make their home. So watch where you step and you may want to wear some footwear in the water.

  • Flooding

    It can rain a lot here so there are chances of flooding. After lots of rain you should check with locals about flooded roads in case you might need to take a different route.

  • Summer and Winter

    Mauritius has 2 seasons, Summer from about October to April, and Winter from May to September.You might encountered the cyclone during the summer. But sometimes you might be lucky as there will only 1 cyclone 'visiting' in the year. But sometimes it could be up to 10 cyclones. But as the tourists, we might have the benefit not to worry about the...

  • Pickpockers!!

    Well, I believe pickpockers appear in everywhere in the world. So just to be precautious in the main areas that most the tourists heading to.If you're taking the bus, well, don't worry, they won' t have the fake tickets, but sometimes, just very rare, the conductors will charge you more than what you supposed to pay!So just try to ask for the help...

  • Danger - this is what happens...

    Danger - this is what happens when you stay up for 3 days. This poor waitress at the radison didnt quite know what to think, poor girl.

  • Mosquitoes & BugsWe stay in...

    Mosquitoes & BugsWe stay in a beach resort hotel.Despite using repellant we were eaten alive by mosquitoes & bugs both inside and outside our room.We have a friendly family of lizards living in the room at night.No prob for us but some may not like them.Beach touts are a real nuisance though they are friendly.We used to retreat to the pool to avoid...

  • 1. I recommend that you...

    1. I recommend that you change money in the airport immediately on arrival. There are several banks in the hall directly after the luggage hall. For example, there are no banks in Grand Gaube area, which is on the North-West coast. 2. On departure an airport tax of 300 rupees per person is payable. This can only be paid in rupees. 3. You need to...

  • Many warnings here - beware of...

    Many warnings here - beware of mosquitoes, they attack through your clothing at night. Be sure to apply insect repellant before dressing for dinner as the hotel restaurant has no windows that close (hurricane safety measure). Don't have ice in your drinks as this is made from tap water and causes stomach problems, and you don't want to use the...

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Mauritius Warnings and Dangers

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