Morocco What to Pack

  • Kashbah in Rabat
    Kashbah in Rabat
    by Abbeythekat
  • November in Marrakesh, Jamal Morelli
    November in Marrakesh, Jamal Morelli
    by JamalMorelli
    by matcrazy1

Morocco What to Pack

  • Clothes

    Marrakesh What to Pack

    And empty suitcase. There are so many beautiful things to bring back with you. Make sure you have the room to do it. Seriously though: I use a wheeled backpack when i travel. I find the backpack helps me get onto trains and buses with ease and the wheels just make it easy when in hotels or airports Ladies: I have seen young and older women wearing...

  • General

    Marrakesh What to Pack

    Unlike some tips I'd read before-hand, you don't need to bring toilet paper, they have it here (although in small rolls), it's fine and the the toilets in the hotels are NOT holes in the ground, they are regular, western style toilets. A compass was the most helpful thing I brought to Marrakech, as you can easily get lost in the alleyways.

  • Climate

    Marrakesh What to Pack

    I take my travel mac with me everywhere I go usually, but, to be honest, Agadir was so hot and we reasoned that it was bound to be even warmer in land.... When we first arrived in Marrakech it was throwing it down and bitterly cold - especially as we were only wearing jeans and t-shirts! So - Be Warned! - bring light rain gear when travelling to...

  • Your smartphone or laptop for internet...

    I love having internet access on a regular or frequent basis and Moroco has certainly moved in leaps and bounds with internet provision. Many hotels and establishments dealing in service provision to tourists - even some camping grounds - now provide wifi - some still only in their reception area though and the odd one maybe still the slow...

  • Light fleece and clothes to layer when...

    In all the different months throughout the year and seasons Ive been in Morocco Im no longer surprised at expecting diversity in temperatures and weather at pretty much any time of the year! Ive been in Marrakech in JUne which is mid summer - during the day can be 45-50' and suddenly at night it feel as cold as ice!...then back to its normal hot...

  • Trouble Sleeping !

    Ear Plugs It is possible that where ever you stay you will not be far from a mosque in which case you are likely to be in ear shot of the the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Sometimes it sounds delightful but at 4am might cause you to wake from a deep sleep. Be prepared, Take earplugs.

  • Voltage and All Dat Noise

    Nsha'allah, you should be just fine if it does read 125-250; e.g., my Powerbook Mac adaptor reads 100-240 - and so - works as well as it did in New Orleans as it did in Manchester and as it did in Fes. - it is a wide sliding scale between those voltages. LOOKOUT: It is when there is only one voltage on your appliance/charger/television/etc that you...

  • Toilet Rollssssss!!!!

    Toilet roll: It's a rare sight in morocco!!!!!! Bring as mush as you can. It's always useful but more so if you fall ill!!. But please remember not to throw it down the hole in the ground as it may couse plumbing problems. Many times there is a bin there.

  • Take a Compass

    I love to explore on foot, and so always carry a compass, but it's even more helpful in Morocco. Some of the old medinas - most notably in Fes - really are labrynths and you will not find any good maps (or, in Fes, even street signs). a compass can really help you retain at least some sense of where you're going.I use this little sucker from REI....

  • Preparing for Filming or Shooting pt 1

    On the DVX100: That particular camera is small enought to go under the radar as being a professional camera - what the police call good cameras. And although this may be obvious, bring the receipt for the camera. The only times I have found myself futzing around with the police for long intervals were during questions of importing/exporting...

  • Imlil and Provisions

    provisions: Imlil has everything you need in terms of provisions - if you need to arrange to have any belongings carried up the mountain by donkey, this can be arranged at your convience in Imlil. You have a choice of cheap hotels in Imlil, all of which are decent and have restaurants that are more than willing to prepare whatever food you give...

  • Sleeping bag or no?

    Should you bring a sleeping bag for hotels? No. Even chumpy budget hotels with the bugblood on the walls will give you extras. If you decide you want one after all - and you are in Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca, etc. - hop in a taxi and say "Marjane" - they will take you to a Wal-Mart style mall that has what you need.(Extra on sheets and hotel: And...

  • Summer traveller, dress light

    (Originally for Volubilis, but applicable to any hot place without shade) Depending, this will just be a day trip so don't bring much. Pack water and snacks. And look, I really recommend bringing an umbrella to provide shade for you. Light loose flowing clothes... Roll of toilet paper (always) Definitely bring a camera here... I will say water...

  • November and Winter in Morocco

    WHERE TO GO? A few thoughts...Unless freezing wind is your thing, I personally would avoid the coast for anything romantic travel where you can enjoy the wildness of the Atlantic - because those winds are going to be cold and tough on you. The interior gets really chilly, too. Bring an extra jacket and a lover. If you think one of your lovers is...

  • Patterned T-Shirts as Gifts

    The Steelers won the 2005 Superbowl and as a consequence there is a glut of Steelers t-shirts - I brought plenty of them for my friends and they wear them to events you wouldn't imagine them being worn to - including weddings. Patterned T-Shirts as Gifts to Men - a winner.

  • Packing to GO HOME - UPS

    I just shipped UPS - these guys rocked. If I had needed the language interface, there were girls all over that office speaking English very well. I had a huge problem (involving my computers as well!) and they sorted everything out for me between their downtown Casa UPS branch (Zerktouni...near the Fed Ex in fact) and the airport UPS. (they were a...

  • PHONE HOME for €0.017 - Skype,...

    On your SKYPE account you should have something called SKYPEOUT - where you then find out that you can buy SKYPE credit (on your credit card) and subsequently make calls from SKYPE to anywhere else in the world. The calls to the United States and the UK are the biggest savers registering at incredibly low rates (like €0.017 a minute) meaning you...

  • Trip Preparation

    The guidebook I found most useful for our trip was Lonely Planet's Morocco. Even though the last update was in 2003, the information it gave was still quite accurate. I'd strongly recommend "See Ouarzazate and Die" by Sylvia Kennedy, a book describing 3 trips the author made to Morocco in 1990. I only found out after our trip that this book was...

  • BOOKING AHEAD in Morocco

    My number one of booking ahead - "FAX" - never had a problem with it. Book direct out the fax numbers provided in 2 - "phone" - just requires a follow up or two to make sure. no 3 - "e-mail." but that's a photo finish tie for no 4 "Hand my hotel reservation written on a Bazooka Joe wrapper to glue sniffing kid and ask him to deliver it"

  • Cellphone

    Vodafone UK switches over to Meditel when you get here (or at least it works the other way around for me) - If all else fails you can pick inexpensive phone here just about anywhere... - the cards come in 20, 50, 100, 150 DH flavors but the best thing to do is to have them recharge your phone right there in the shop.

  • imodium

    In case you get a bad case of the sh*ts...if you feel it coming on, there is no harm in starting your dose early.Remember to drink plenty of bottled water when this happens as you can get seriously dehydrated when you have been spraying crap all day. Take care.

  • Weather in Morocco - °Celsius

    Click on the picture to enlarge temperatures - Do a google search on the weather after this, will ya?

  • Your own tampons and your own condoms

    No need for Tolstoy here. Bring Your own tampons and your own condoms. Choice here is quite limited, and quality as well.

  • Money and Morocco

    Bring cash, pounds, etc. Change a nice wad of them at the airport, enough to fuel up if you are driving (350 DH+ a tank) - snacks, etc.There are ATMs in all the major cities and many of the smaller ones. Use them.Don't rely on your credit cards anywhere but the ATMs to make a withdrawl. Understand? Don't think because their is a sticker in the...

  • Megapurpose DeRRa

    The DeRRa - a head cover is all purpose for the ladies. It is a great quick headcover for mountain travel, entering a religious site, a new house or if you want a little inconspicuousness. You can also use it to cover your mouth and nose to filter to scum of Casablanca or Marrakesh's legendary traffic pollution. Take it off an improv a fan like...

  • Toilet Paper

    I need to stress that for men and women coming from the west that you keep a roll of toilet paper or something to wipe yourself with at all times. Fes may be a major tourist destination but don't think that means the service resembles Club Med - you are in a city from the middle ages and everything will remind you of that - especially the hole in...

  • Pack Light, Baby...

    It's Fes - if it's hot, you don't need much. And if it's cold, buy clothes here. Fes has the greatest crafts on average than any other city, and among these is making clothes. (And yes, they are cheap) Bring a roll of toilet paper everywhere with you, ladies and gents. Bring two. Bring anti-diarrhea medicine with you. Bring ibuprofen if you don't...

  • Passport & Visa Requirements

    USA - United States citizens require a passport, but no visa for a stay of up to three months. UK - British citizens require a passport, but no visa for a stay of up to three months, passport must be endorsed British Citizen. Other EU - citizens require a passport, but no visa for a stay of up to three months.Canada - Canadian citizens require a...

  • What I needed

    If you run out of bags, large leather weekend bags are an amazing 50 - $100 , which is amazing. comfy walking shoes, sandals. Ladies! Long sleeve shirts! Loose shirts and pants of cotton. Men stare at you and in casablanca, stop you. Wear loose clothing to avoid this. Some tourists even cover their hair.

  • Birding Sites

    Patrick and Fedora Bergier.A Birdwatcher's Guide to Morocco ISBN: 1-871104-09-2 2003

  • My Packing Last

    Northface 75L packGap messenger bag 5 t-shirts2 long sleeves2 khaki pants5 boxers5 pairs of sockspair of flip flopspair of walking sneakerspair of sandalssun hatsun glasses1 fleece jacket travel sized tooth brush, paste, shaving cream, razor, deodarant, vasoline, chapstick, immodium, apsrin, bug bite lotion, sun tan lotion, toilet paper Nikon...



  • Immodium, immoduim and lots more...

    Something that stops you needing to run to the toilet E.G. Immodium. It's a must. Most people get ill at some point.

  • I like my face cloth!

    One large suitcase, one carry-on, and a field bag. Took extra foldable bag for souvenirs on the way home. Bottoms1 pairs cargo pants (only wore once, on the camel)long dark blue skirt (wore every day)1 pr shorts (only wore in the hotel room)Tops4 medium-length sleeved cotton blouses1 short-sleeved cotton blousepullover sweater (didn’t need)Blue...


    Please, dont forget your passsport! without it you cant come into the country, even telling you lost it and you wish to make a new one in Rabat or Casablanca. I met 2 french guys and one just left his passport on his other pants at home, can you believe it?(on the picture some moroccan stamps on my old passport)

  • Things to bring

    normal bags, prepare to get them dirty if you're traveling to the desert. sand infiltrates everywhere. for backpackers the usual backpack is ok. if your driving, you can take more stuff with you. bring old stuff to exchange with people. you can make pretty good deals in the south. sun cream for the strong sun. pils for the stomach and intestines....

  • Pack

    You have to prepare yourself to have loads of photos, so don't forget your camera, bring also all the necessary things to protect yourself from the sun, and also some good money for the shopping!

  • Packing List

    Pack your own bags and do not let anyone touch them, do not let anyone carry them for you. If you are going to do any At least Sun Protection Factor 20 sun cream! In sandy area keep your camera in a plastic bag and make sure you clean the lens properly with an air canister rather than with a cloth. Sunglasses! In summer the sun refelcting off...

  • What I'm taking with me to Morocco:

    I bought a hiking backpack during the summer, it's cheap but well-made. The design is for women, with a smaller set of shoulder straps and waist clips, which I recommend for comfort. I also purchased additional velcro webbing (about $10 for a big roll) which i used to attach my sleeping bag to the underneath of the pack. The velcro is strong enough...

  • Climate in Morocco

    When I was there we had three days a hot and dusty wind, the Shirocco. This sandstorm comes directly from the Sahara desert and is really unpleasant because of its heat (around 43°C (110°F)) and the fact of getting dirty when staying outdoors. It also didn't make fun go swimming in the Atlantic. When you come out of the water you're sandy...

  • Packing List

    Bargain in the shops ONLY if you are willing to buy.To argue some time about the price, and then leaving the shop without buying anything will upset the merchants and could cause severe problems.

  • Pack light

    Definitely a backpack. Limit number of clothes to bring and just wash. Bring twine to hang clothes to dry. Cipro (need prescription from doctor), toilet paper, baby wipes, repellent w/ 33% deet, sunscreen. Powder form of Gatorade or equivalent sport drink (useful if you get dehydrated). Plastic bags (very handy).

  • Packing List

    Really handy were 2 very lightweight cotton tops. Kept me respectable and cool at the same time. Once again can;t say enough about Lush's solid shampoo in a tin. Never leaks and really light to carry around Got a new point and click camera (for those not into those huge black things). It's a pentax espio with 135 zoom. Really liked it. Must...

  • Be modest and frugal

    bring an extra big empty bag if you want to buy a big souvenir from Morocco. Or better you may buy one leather bag here, they are good and cheap. South morocco is warm. Take some good clothes for the moutains if you go out during the evenings. There is everything here. it is better to bring yours

  • Packing List

    take very good jersey/light jacket + insect repellant! see above iodene,antibiotic (broad spectrum) small automatic/leave out the full monty type gear unless you are a pro! good sleeping bag + good inner swiss army knife + compass/magnifying glass


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