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  • wiew from room balcony-harbour on right
    wiew from room balcony-harbour on right
  • beach view from our hotel room
    beach view from our hotel room

Agadir Things to Do

  • Kasbah Agadir

    Visit the ancient Kasbah on the summit of Cap Ghir. It is the only historic site in town and tourists get here if only to see the fine views back across the new modern city.Some history: Agadir's most beautiful site is "Citadel", looking down on the ocean. In town you'll have an ideal spot to admire sun setting over the bay from a height of 236 m....

  • TIZNIT & Treasured Silver

    We went for an after breakfast travel 100 km to Tiznit, a fine crenelated walled of pink ochre city. It was created by Sultan Moulay Hassan (somewhere in the middle of the 19th century) to and established a reputation by settling Jewish "silver artisans" within the walls of the city. Fascinating visit!

  • TAFRAOUTE Up In The Mountains

    We drove from Tiznit up in the mountains to Tafraoute, a beautiful, and amazing trip to see the upmost spectacularly contrast of the country in Morocco. The barren Anti-Atlas Mountain slopes next to green oasis create bizarre views around Tafraoute you won't forget that easy. Meet the many autochton people here living up in these mountains. Find...

  • Bird Park

    Valee des oiseaux. A good few hours if you have kids, take them to the cheap bird park where there are not only birds but loads of other smelly animals too, and young moroccan couples hiding in the bushes!

  • Beach!

    The massive beaches in agadir are definately this towns selling point. You feel like you are in europe. We were there in november and they were uncrowded and unspoilt. Beautiful weather and you can see for miles

  • Lycee "Paul Gauguin"

    Agadir......My most vivid memories are from there.....I remember going to French lycee"Paul Gauguin" having classmates from Ethiopia, Norway,Poland, Belgium,France of course,and Morocco. I used to be "tres forte" /very good in french spelling, the teacher Mr. Bousquel always giving me as an example....I skipped a class,which was unthinkable even...

  • The bay of Agadir

    The beach of Agadir , spreading from the port, through the city,crossing the fancy hotels situated in the first line , and continuing all the way to the delta of a river ,where my dad has seen thousands of pink flamingos resting before flying futher....

  • Agadir Beach

    Our hotel was right by the beach, so of course we made the most of it.Lovely warm sea and waves and to your right, you had a great view of the Casbah. The only problem I had was that as soon as you leave the hotel, you've got traders trying to sell you useless tat and some of them can be a bit on the pushy side... I can understand they've got to...

  • Camel Trekking

    OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was still sore from the camel trekking 4 days after I got home, but it was totally worth it. If you do it this way, you will be picked up at the hotel and you don't have to worry about driving or getting lost. (It is about 15 mins drive from Agadir town)I booked an excursion through the hotel to go...


Agadir Hotels

Agadir Restaurants

  • Watch your bill

    This beach front restaurant. Most restaurants will give you a bill however at this one some of the waiters have a habit of not giving you a paper bill, just asking for the total amount. On two occasions our bill was higher than we'd expected but we just thought we'd not totalled it correctly and didn't want to ask for the menu to check. On the...

  • The best Pizzas in the city

    Mezzo Mezzo - The best pizzas in town. Very good wine selection. Iced bottle beers; no tap beer. Small, cozy and very elegant decor, I especially like the hand-made lamps. The waiters are friendly and attentative. Quatro Stazione. It's just great!

  • A must when you're in Agadir

    Really excellent cuisine. Very elegant decore. Moroccan 'theme' evenings Thursday, Saturday. A bit more expensive but the service and tastes compensate. Very good wine-list. Cold tap-beer. Happy-hour (50%) 4 - 7 pm.Tip: There is a Group Menu that the Maitre'd will try to get you to order. Don't! It's much to big to finish and more expensive than...


Agadir Nightlife

  • Clubs

    SHOCKING!! We went out for dinner one night and ended up going to a nightclub with some guys from the restaurant. OH MY WORD. The club was FULL of prostitutes and middle aged dutchc men rubbing their hands together with glee. YUK. I did NOT expect to see that in morocco, but i suppose the town has been created for europeans. Whatever, the less the...

  • Dancing Queens

    Being the number one tourist resort in Morocco, you can have a marvelous night in Agadir, just start at one of the many cafes and terraces. Enjoy live music and cabaret spectacles, as well international as local entertainment.Most of the fashion-trips all of us had to go to bed real early. This time we had a easy-go job, and visited a lot of the...

  • Agadir Hotels

    1 Hotels in Agadir

Agadir Transportation

  • Agadir to Cassablanca

    ONCF run both the railway and the Supratours bus service, If you buy a ticket from Cassablanca to Agadir or vice versa, you will travel by train and bus changing in Marrakech.Its not a bad journey but it takes all day. both the train and bus service in Morocco are reliable, clean and comfortable. Snacks and drinks are available on the train and the...

  • Best Private Tour Guide in Morocco!!

    I have used Abdou as a guide for my 1 day visit to Agadir, he used his car and drove my friends and I to Touradant which is his home town and gave us a personal tour and then drove us back to make a ships sail away that afternoon. What I liked about Abdou is he's a genuinely nice guy, full of knowledge since this is his homeland, and he speaks...

  • To marrakech!!

    Buses leave Agadir from the Rue Yacoub El Mansour. Cost about 60 dirhams. The journey takes about 5-6 hours and offers some spectacular views of the atlas mountains. You may wet yourself on the journey, not only because the bus has no toilets but because the driving is pure scary. i LOVED this bus ride because you see loads of isolated villeages,...


Agadir Shopping

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  • Lipstick on your collar?

    Up in the mountains of Agadir it's a great experience meeting the Berber people. Take a look insight and into the unique culture of the proud Berber people with the most famous Blue People of the Tuareg Berbers (to meet the last group you have to enter the desert!).One of the products the Berber people use is made of the natural mineral of red...

  • Carpets In Hot Colours

    When you want to buy carpets, it's good to know there are 2 different types. The old ones are named "Rural carpets", next to the modern "Urban carpets". You pay for the value by the number of knots (so go for a count), or strands of warp I heard. When you absolutely donot know anything about this, just follow your heart, ... and visual attraction...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Agadir Local Customs

  • Money To Spend

    Easy to know about the Moroccan money ...In Morocco you pay with Dirham (DH), with notes of 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 - 200. You may get coins of 1 - 5 - 10 and the 50 centimes-coins.Go for change to the bank, they will charge no commission. Credit card and cheque book can be used, too, at the bank and in some hotels, shops and even restaurants. It's told...

  • dress code, custom etc

    the rule in this country is that all Moroccan Muslim women must cover thier arms. however i wore short sleeves and did find that i was looked at by women as well as a few odd men, especially as i am Asian, they assumed i was Moroccan and not following the dress code ,untill i spoke english and they realised i was a tourist.There were lots of...

  • Languages

    I would strongly advise that you brush up on your French before you go there. If you know a few words of Arabic, that will go down a treat. After all, Morocco was a French colony and everyone speaks it as a second language. Anglophones - don't expect everyone to know English. Do make an effort to learn some French / Arabic before you go to...


Agadir Warnings and Dangers

  • Bakhzouz Tours in Agadir-service quality...

    I would like to warn you against Bakhzouz Tours travel agency run by Ibrahim and his family, who hunt for tourists in Agadir and in some hotels are even recommended to them!The price for their tours vary depending on a client and the way they estimate his wealth. They sell more tickets for their trips than they have seats in their coaches which...

  • Women beware

    Now we consider ourselves rather decent women, but the amount of times we were harassed and followed and generally abused happened here more than in any other muslim town i have experienced. I expect it is because the men here are used to lots of package holiday women here for a good time. On one occasion a man followed and harrassed us so bad we...

  • Taxi: overcharging

    The small, red city-taxis (Petite Taxi) are metered. Day rate from 06:00, evening rate from 20:00 (+50%). night rate from midnight (double the day rate). In my experience 80% of the taxi drivers will try to cheat.The most common problems:Setting the meter for the night rate; meaning during the day you're paying double,Telling you that after 20:00...


Agadir Off The Beaten Path

  • Help - Bolted Camel!

    Reading about KASBAHS CAMEL TREK we all had to try riding a camel. Not a bad idea, however ... those animals, when very close, are huge with big eyes. And ofcourse not every tourist on his back feels nice, does it?Maybe the nice camel felt a bit of fear, or maybe he just wanted to have fun ... my riding-animal suddenly bolted. It just ran away with...

  • Flying Goats In The Argan Tree

    This is the famous Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa), not that well-known outside Morocco. You'll find this thorny tree in the South-westerly area, somewhere between Essaouira and Agadir.I heard the tree can grow older than the olive, no cultivation requiring. Because goats love the tender shoots of greenery between the thorns on the branches they climb...

  • Go & See Morocco

    From the outside looking in, Morocco has inspired all sorts of artists. Like the French Neo-Baroque artist Eugene Delacroix showed his work after a visit in 1830. Also fashion-designer Yves Saint Laurent loves Morocco, owns a palace-like building and some later Hollywood got embraced with Morocco-mania.Loved the movie Morocco with leading part lady...


Agadir Sports & Outdoors

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    heading to Agadir to surf...

    by angiebabe Written Aug 17, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have Norwegian friends who travel back to their family at Hassania for a couple of months each year too (Sept to Nov) and I have taken the opp to visit and stay with them while they are there - on the outskirts of Agadir on the way to Taghazout and the beaches along the way are their favourites - including at Taghazoute - which is a nice little town with all the surfers requirements including classes, surfboard shops, internet cafe etc....On further (towards Essaouira) is at least one big camping ground that I know of, with a good cafe restaurant popular with my friends in a nice spot beside the beach.

    You could try a google for Atlantic Park which is the name of camping ground between Taghazout and Agadir and might be about 60 dirham a night for 3 of you.

    Another friend of mine has also recommend this park but also recommends Immousouane, and I have page on Immousouane or at least tips in my Agadir travel page, its a lovely village and famous also for surfing - my friend says theres a really good camping ground there (Immousouane Camping) and probably about 50 dirham a night. You can catch a bus up and then get off at the turnoff and then catch a taxi to Immousouane.
    There are quite frequent local buses that run in and out of Agadir, and as in most places grande taxis service main travel routes.

    also famed places for surfing are at Tamri and down the coast from Agadir at Sidi Ifni.
    As for safety many places in Morocco have an enclosure for safety at night and shut their gates with a night guardian as well to look after the entrance. The Atlantic Park Ive seen that it is fenced.

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Agadir Favorites

  • Le casbah

    On the casbah hill there is a sign in arabic saying 'God, King and Country' on the hill. At night from the beach it is lit up and you can see it for miles around.

  • Vamos A La Playa

    Modern-day Agadir is a European package resort located in Morocco. We named it Benidorm at Maroc! Nevertheless it boasts a great beach, high quality hotels and restaurants, and a fantastic climate, just a little bit too cold for the time being there. The reason people come to Agadir IS the beach, one of the best beaches in Morocco ... Vamos a la...

  • Red Ochre In Berber Lipstick

    Studying about the myths of Java, Indonesia, and the make-up traditions, I love the colors of red & yellow ochre. This natural mineral is used in make-up, too, to paint faces and other part of the body. It became one of my specialities to create many shades, also for my oil-paintings.My Own Berber Buy Red ochre is also linked with the Greek word...


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