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Asilah Highlights

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     The paintings on the houses' walls, city walls, views of the ocean 

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     What would an independent overnight be like? 

Asilah Things to Do

  • Beach

    It was quite a surprise for us, the long, wide, sandy beach of Asilah, empty in... September. Out of tourist circuit? Dangerous currents? That emptyness couldn't happen in Portugal!

  • Portuguese Heritage

    Portuguese heritage is present in most cities in Moroccan coast, but nowhere I had the imeddiate and strong sensation of... Portuguese work, that I had in Asilah, even before entering the city.The port, the fortress, the houses, everything seemed to breath... Portugal. Was it a wrong idea, from a quick passing by?

  • Walk along the ramparts and sea walls

    With Asilah's fortress town still being intact, walking along the ramparts and sea walls for views of the sea below, and the interesting architecture of what was the Rif berber warrior leader's palace here, is a special part of any visit to Asilah.Particularly nice to see sunsets from here - and a must do when in Asilah is to head along to the...

  • Coastal views of Asilah's ramparts

    Walk along the sea barrier near the fishermans lagoon just south of Asilah's tower near where the campervans are parked, for great views of the coast, the beaches and panoramic photo shots of Asilah's fortress town and the walls that protect it from the sea.

  • Art in the streets

    Every year in August there is an International Arts Festival, lasting for about a month.Through the year you can see the art of the visiting artists for the festival painted on the walls around the lovely medina with its white washed walls, narrow streets and high riad homes with interesting doors and windows.Usually colourful and make great...

  • Excellent art around Asilah!

    The annual International Arts Festival brings international artists to Asilah - excellent art ends up painted on the walls that stays for the whole year - take a look at the paintings and many are of really high quality and are signed by the artist.Its interesting too to see where they have come from and the story told in their painting.Check out...


Asilah Hotels

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Asilah Restaurants

  • Enjoy the excellent food in Asilah

    Seafood is of course the specialty of the town here being right beside the Atlantic coast and with fishing a major livelihood of the men who live here.We have always had excellent seafood when staying here - the calamari would have to be the best Ive had anywhere - ordering a plate of mixed seafood with fish and calamari is an excellent...

  • Yali Sandwitch

    This resturant is located out side the City walls beteen Bab Al Homor and Al Imam Al Asili Tomb. There 6-7 resturants near each other and they are more or less the same. The food is good and the place has a nice seating to watch people. When the bill came I was desappointed becasue they tried to overcharge me. Be carful and don't let them get away...

  • Spanish Food

    If you happen to want good rice and spanish paella, try this restaurant. But good seafood too (and alcohol).


Asilah Nightlife

  • le_routard's Profile Photo

    by le_routard Updated May 29, 2006

    when i was in Asilah it was the holiday period for moroccans (the start of july) and at night the men of about 18-40 years of age hung around in cafes and on the street just outside of the medina wall. Outside of this period it would probably be quiet. There was still no other foreigners however!

    Dress Code: we bought a robe similar to a jeleba but a bit 'fancier' and more colourful (see pic), but i cant remember its name. people seemed to respect us for wearing these traditional garments, as they did in Fez and elsewhere.

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Asilah Transportation

  • CTM bus to Agadir

    CTM has buses departing for Agadir.Journey time is 13 hours.Ticket are around 275 dirhams plus 5 dirhams for luggage.Please use prices as a rough guide only.CTM have an office on Ave de la Liberte.

  • CTM bus to Marrakech

    CTM has buses departing for Marrakech.Journey time is 9 hours.Ticket are around 300 dirhams plus 5 dirhams for luggage.Please use prices as a rough guide only.CTM have an office on Ave de la Liberte.

  • CTM bus to Tangier

    CTM has buses departing for Tangier.Journey time is 1 hours.Ticket are around 10 dirhams plus 5 dirhams for luggage.Please use prices as a rough guide only.CTM have an office on Ave de la Liberte.


Asilah Shopping

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  • Lots of shops with interesting things to...

    Not really local craft - a lot of it is from other parts of Morocco - most likely Fez and Marrakech - or China! - but theres a lot of little shops to get some interesting items to commemorate your visit to Morocco and yes you still need to haggle! - but haggle and you could get yourself some good deals.Ive bought the best priced leather...

  • buy a Rif mountain lady hat!

    you can buy everything and anything here - and if you dont want to buy its great for looking for an hour or so.Interesting and colourful textiles and fabrics, excellent music that you can hear before you choose, or maybe buy a teapot for your mint tea - along with ornate tea glasses?, or veges to take back to make a tagine!, or like me shade your...

  • Fresh melons

    Driving main road south of Asilah towards Lixus and Larache I easily found many locals selling fresh melons by the road in late September. They sometimes stood in the middle of nowhere with tons of yellow or green melons under the piece of cloth which protected them against sun. The melons are surely available in a local fruit market which takes...


Asilah Local Customs

  • Like in Greece but...

    White square houses of Asilah put one by one along narrow passages and streets and located on a high cliff of blue Atlantic Ocean remainded me some parts of Greece. But some local houses in Asilah are unique. They have wall paintings painted by local artists. In addition many doors and gates are of typical, Arabic, keyhole shape.

  • No underwear?

    The jellaba is a loose hooked cloak worn by an Arab men. In contrast to many other moroccan cities, I saw a man in a white jellaba with a hood put on a head many times in Asilah. I was told that Arab men never wear any underwear under jellaba but I am not sure about it.

  • Friendly natives

    Natives, I was talking to in Asilah, were very friendly and always wanted to show me directions although they mostly couldn't speak English but Arabic and French. Well, some of them looked a bit strange - enlarge my picture :-))), but I didn't mind, and they didn't harass me in any way.


Asilah Warnings and Dangers

  • Faux guides, touts and hustlers

    Compared to the other places we'd been in Morocco, particularly Fes, Asilah was fairly hassle free. I'm not sure if this was because we were out of season, or simply because the place is so small that really it's obvious that you won't need a guide.We were approached at the bus station by a guy who followed us quite a long way asking us to go to...

  • Beware: Dangerous Beasts

    While eating in one of the cafes under the Medina walls you'll be terrorised by their cute faces and whining. Do not give in, no matter how long they pursue you!Actually, there are loads and loads of kittens hanging round begging for food in Asilah. We had about 5 at once stalking us on one occasion. There seem to be a lot of kittens in Morocco...

  • Out of the season

    I was in Asilah in October, a bit out of the touristic season. I didn't meet any visitors. Generally the city looked empty, just a lazy, hot, white town. Warning: there was nothing to do there expect just walking around. Rather forget about any nightlife in Asilah. Although, I was told that Asilah has some bars, as well as discos and night clubs,...


Asilah Tourist Traps

  • Local parking guard

    Maybe it is more a local custom than a tourist trap.I arrived to Asilah by own car at the end of September. There were many free parking places near the city walls of the medina. When I was parking a car I noticed an Arab man running towards my car. He had a plastic bag in a hand, and he put out a cap from the bag fastly. He immediately weared the...

  • So much for the kindness of strangers..

    We met a local on the train -- he seemed nice (of course), and told us we should go to Asilah with him, since he was getting off there to go shopping for a gift for his sister's wedding. He said we could tag along for the ride and that we could leave our backpacks at this lady's house who rents out rooms for artists during peak season, and for a...

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Asilah What to Pack

  • jujub's Profile Photo
    Garden in Marrakesh

    by jujub Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: i would recommend a backpack with pockets (including a hidden pocket), comfy straps... i did buy this metal mesh that is supposed to protect my backpack, i could lock my pack anywhere -- it gave me great peace of mind (available at most camping stores, kind of pricey 65USD but definetely worth it).

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: sneakers or comfy sandals
    if you wear closed shoes, socks -- your feet are gonna get sweaty from walking in the heat

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: carry some tissue with you, not all bathrooms have toilet paper...
    i also found helpful to carry those cleansing cloths for your face; when the dust flies and you feel you need to wash your face, they come in handy.

    Miscellaneous: nail clippers -- i usually keep my nails short, and as they were growing they were driving me crazy (i'm not in the habit of bitting them off..)

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Asilah Off The Beaten Path

  • Paradise beach

    you can try and find a horse-cart to take you to paradise beach, near Asilah, for about 100 dirham. This takes you through the rougher areas of the town and by the shantytown, and then through the countryside for about 15mins; its a fairly rough ride though. the beach is very nice with surrounding hills and is undiscovered to all but the moroccans....

  • Relax by the road P2!

    Before I reached Asilah driving main road P2 from Tangier, I stopped to fuel a car. The petrol/gas station was very clean and surprisingly (the only once in Morocco) very, very well equipped and reminded some rest areas along European highways. There was a picnic area, a wash car and a small playground for kids. Simply it was a nice place to take a...

  • The street spring

    Walking narrow, white streets of the medina I could easily discover quite many small architectural details, nothing fancy but... nice and interesting details. Just one example on my picture: typical, Arabic in style, street spring. Notice the typical Arabic shape, white colour and decorations of the little structure. Add here some doors, gates,...


Asilah Favorites

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  • BAck Alleys of the Medina

    Used to live there many years ago... always be careful of the "guides"!! Miss the weekly souk and countryside ladies' cheese, breads and other wonderful foods. Riding a horse 10km down the beach at low tide... magical!!

  • The Weather in Asilah

    Check the weather in Tangier, it's very close:- to transform from Fahrenheit to Celsius? Deduct 32, divide by 9 and multiply by 5.Example: 85 Fahrenheit, minus 32 = 53, divided by 9 = 5,89 by 5 = 29,4 Celsius.

  • General Info

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