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  • Bab Boujloud, gateway to Fes el Bali Medina.
    Bab Boujloud, gateway to Fes el Bali...
    by Bennytheball
  • The Tannery stripping wheel.
    The Tannery stripping wheel.
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  • The covered dye vats.
    The covered dye vats.
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Fes al Bali Things to Do

  • go to ancienne medina with Abdelkader!

    we had a chance to see old medina in Fes with Abdelkader; he is a licensed tour guide in Fes (ps. avoid the fake ones, you can meet them on the streets, if you wish to spend the day with the real one - ask in your hostel or hotel). Without him it would be impossible to see all these wonders in old medina, the streets are narrow and dark, a real...

  • Discover the Souks

    Ancient craftsmanship still thrives in Fez. The city’s souks have specialized craft zones where Maalems, or master artisans, can still be seen meticulously working their ancient art with their specialized tools and bare hands. If you allow yourself to meander through the maze of the medina you will stumble upon these artisans and their old world...

  • The Chouara Tanneries of Fez

    The most remarkable sight in Fez, if not Morocco, are the Chouara Tanneries. The Chouara Tanneries are the largest tanneries in Fez and one of the most striking sights in Morocco. It is run by only one family with around 125 members. Little has changed in the production of leather in these tanneries over the last 600 years. The animal skins of cow,...

  • Madersa Bou Inania

    Non muslims may not visit a mosque in Fez but they may visit theological colleges like the Madersa Bou Inania. This madera is an exquisite example of 14th century Merinid artisanship and architecture. The zellij glass tile, stucco work, and carved screens are some of the finest examples of artisanship in Morocco.See the Madersa in the video Fez

  • Sacred Music Festival

    Here you will come across modern, sufi, gnaoua... a complete mix of music but the focus is on traditional sufi.Dar Tazi being one of the main free event venues for this.You can happily hear enough concerts without payng a penny if you so wish.Some hotels have terrasses offering views of the square at Bab Boujloud and can be a pleasant alternative...

  • Fes Jazz Festival

    This is not to be overseen. Yes, it makes for an interesting alternative to the sacred Music Festival also held in Fes.Free and Ticketed concerts runs over a few days.Excellent acustics on the square at Bab Boujloud.

  • Pool Party - Riad Alkantara

    This ia an amazing riad in the medina. Recently opened. The first to have a legal alcohol license. Every 2nd week they put on a pool party incl. Nibbles and sangria. Entry DH150,- includes use of pool.Normal access to pool incl dinner is DH300, so make a day of it.

  • Leatherworks

    Your guide will take you to the leatherworks. It is a fascinating view, the man working the leather to make is smooth and give it the desired colors.Some people can't stand the smell and bring some mint to cover it up. Tell me, is it really that bad?

  • kairouyine mosque

    Kairouyine mosque has been the centre of Islamic learning in Morocco for more than 1000 years, but its real growth to importance came in the 10th and 12th centuries, when most of its structures were added to to the rather modest original structures.As a mosque it is rather unusual. Its large quarters have since long grown together with the rest of...


Fes al Bali Hotels

  • Riad Numero 9

    9 Derb el Masid, Fes, 30200, Morocco

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Bab Boujloud

    The best thing about the hotel was its location, it could not be better. Hotel itself was quite nice...


Fes al Bali Restaurants

  • The best pastilla ever!

    In the heart of old Medina, in a historical palace of the 12th century easy to reach,, is located this quiet restaurant where , at a reasonable price, you can taste moroccan traditional cuisine cooked with art. You will feel like a sultan in the large riad well furnished. The ambiance is traditional, the food is simply fantastic.The price is not...

  • Recommended......

    When I first arrived at the entrance to Fes el Bali Medina, after walking two kilometres from the train station, I had become slightly disorientated but the observant waiter of this restaurant noticed my dilemma and came to my assistance, in recognition of his help I decided to patronise his restaurant daily on my four day stopover.The restaurant...

  • Shabby chique

    In a spot you wouldn't just stumble into. After a stroll to R'Cif, it's just round the corner. Run by a local Moroccan family in a non touristy quarter.Pre book so they are open. Always cook on the spot only.Menu only DH140 (€14) for full starters, main and desert.

  • Meeting point - funky to just hang out

    Too pricey for the food you get but good quality and a nice treat.Known for it's camel burger, but I prefered the lamb burger. Expensive at DH90,-Great terrasse to hang out on. WiFiEnglish owned.Dreadlocked staff. Draws the traveller crowd. Lamb burger


    Every inch a capital, Fez is also the capital of gastronomy. It is the birthplace of the legendary and succulent pastilla: a flaky pastry as light as rice paper stuffed with a subtle blend of minced pigeon, sugar, almonds and spices. And then, if you happen to meet a nougat vendor as you stroll through the streets, don't try to resist the...

  • very simple...

    Excellent. Fez has some of Morocco's finest restaurants, but you should not let simple, popular restaurants and food stalls untried: they often have the very, very best there is of tasty, if unsophisticated, food


Fes al Bali Nightlife

  • Modern shisha lounge

    Shisha bar in the medina. No terasse but will be great spot for the colder autumn and winter evenings. Trying to appeal to the nouvelle ville crowd but more likely to attract tourists that fancy a change.Modern lounge style athmosphere. Lacking a bit in charm, but that is minor.In formal alcohol list available.Superb Sangria!Free shisha voucher...

  • Go Clubbing with the Moroccans

    Here you will find the people that want to be seen. The crowd s mainly yound affluent Moroccan men with 20% female, yet not sure how many of them were working vs just going out. The dress code is stylish - designer labels, short skirts (very short skirts, therefor the question about work)Drinks and entrance are pricey. You will see most Moroccans...

  • better sleep

    Fez, and then we consentrate on the modern city has some night life, oriented to night clubs and bars. Night clubs are somewhat seedy, and are more about prostitution than going out and having fun.


Fes al Bali Transportation

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    by cabeyp Updated Sep 28, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Catching a taxi you have two options: Hailing one in the street or going to a taxi rank.
    There are ranks in Bab Boujloud, Batha, R'Cif, etc Just look for the small signs saying Petit Taxi.

    But whatever you do be quick!

    Once a taxi slows down be ready to prance. You run over qnd indicate it's yours by opening the door. Do not talk to the driver first as it is fairly certain some locals will jump in from the other side and off they go.

    Be prepared to argue over it being yours depending on the time of day and the rank you are at taxis can be rare and you do not want to be losing out just because you are too civil to fight your corner.

    In Fes taxis go on a meter and most drivers turn it on automatically, but do give a quick glance to make sure it has happened.

    The small taxis are legally not permitted to carry more than 3 passengers.

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Fes al Bali Shopping

  • African shopping...

    African Shopping......Nowadays, shopping in the Fes Medinas is a more civilised experience than I remember many years ago. The malpractice of guides blocking a tourist's exit from antique and carpet shops, intimidating them to complete a sale and secure their commission, appears to be in decline, except perhaps at some of the less reputable...

  • Where do I buy wine & beer?

    Big supermarkets in the Nouvelle Ville (taxi ride from th Madina)Marjane being the bigger of the 2 If you do not want to spend a fortune on alcohol in the few licensed places in the medina(e.g. Mezzanine, Riad Fes, Riad Alkantara) then jump in a petit taxi for ca DH12 - 20 and buy some bottles of wine to take back to your hostel or riad.Most...

  • sugar, tea, coca cola...

    There are few streets in old Fez that do not have many shops. The basic shop is the tiny grocery store, where basic commodities like sugar, tea, tins and Coca Cola can be bought. Often there will be shops selling goods needed by the local craftsmen. In slghtly wider streets, the more typical touristic shop is found. But even this will often have a...


Fes al Bali Local Customs

  • venteeocho's Profile Photo

    by venteeocho Written Aug 27, 2003

    Fez was founded in 789
    at a place between the mountains
    where the river was flushing by.
    History has provided the city with long periods of hardship,
    but Fez has never died.
    Today it has its own culture,
    pride, art and even cuisine.

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Fes al Bali Warnings and Dangers

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    by cabeyp Written Oct 9, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you get
    - Touched on purpose
    - insulted
    - stered at in an overly sleezy/ perverted way
    - have someone exposing themselveds to you
    - groping themselves and asking you for a massage

    DO NOT be intimidated or ashamed that it has happened to you beacuse that is what the are relying on.

    Instead DO make a scene, shout at them, tell them to go away and leave you alone and do this in what ever your own language is as your tone and body language will let others around know that you are upset and they will come to your help and put the offender in his place.

    Normally you will also receive a very sincere and appology from the other Moroccans that hope this incident will not tarnish the rest of your stay.

    It will also be good for you to express that something was wrong!

    Do remember though that streets are full and the genuine accidental touch can happen but if this is the case the person will appollogise immidiately. And pople watching is a Moroccan past time. But we all know the difference between what is comfortable and what isn't.

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Fes al Bali Off The Beaten Path

  • The Merinid Tombs.

    After escaping from the attentions of the Chouwara Tannery touts, I made my way north out of the Medina through Acces Bin Bakr, left onto the main circular highway Abu Bakr Ibn al Arabe and after a long hike in the hot sun arrived at the fifteenth century Merinid Necropolis, it was a steep climb straight up the hillside Al Qolla from the main road...

  • The Fes Tanneries.

    The Chouwara Tanneries in Fes el Bali Medina are a big tourist attraction, the colourful vats are much-photographed and postcards are on sale everywhere. However, most tourists prefer to get their own pictures to add to their travel collections and want to visit the everyday industrial site, this has led to the unwelcome presence of greedy touts...

  • A walk back in time.

    The majority of places of interest in the thousand year old working city are to be found along the Talaa Kabira (great climb) and to a lesser degree on the almost parallel Talaa Seghira (short climb.) The more important sites now have information tablets displayed in English and French and tourist trails are mapped by overhead signs of various...


Fes al Bali Favorites

  • Cats and Fes

    If you ar a cat lover you could struggle in Fes. Here there are hundreds of cats and most are misformed, malnutritioned or have a problem of some sort.If you think you can save it you can't. Here many expats and tourist often give in to the cuteness but the animals are often too ill.The ones that are strong enough will survive in the streets no...

  • clothes

    Visiting some of the clothes shops of Fez is an experience that is worthwhile even if you're not buying anything. Like this one, clothes in all colours and qualities hang from every possible spot as high as the ceiling.Long sticks are easily available when you want to take a better look on the item that is 6 metres above you

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