Morocco Warnings and Dangers

  • model-meditation-morocco
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  • snake on the road in Tafraoute
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Morocco Warnings and Dangers

  • relationships with Men in Morocco

    Well Rini and Pep, if your experience of Morocco has not included or uncovered the situations that I have been writing and warning about it does not necessarily mean that what Im writing and warning about is not valid - for those that are naiive and 'stupid' in your box that these people then go into if they do get involved I think that its not a...

  • Snakes!

    I have lived in Australia for 15 years and seen plenty of occasions to be wary of snakes - Australia has some of the worlds most poisonous creatures so we are supposed to learn to be careful and be observant especially when in the UK is rather cushy with bare minimum of creepy crawlies to be worried about being bitten or poisoned...

  • Nut allergy

    Okay,I have just returned from a visit to Marrrakech, Essaouria and the High Atlas.It was an interesting country ---I especially liked the scenery, the people and finding out about the cultures.As a person with an epi-pen due to my nut allergy, I can tell you that Morocco was an awful experience food-wise! A lot of the food contained nuts and I was...

  • Holes in the footpaths and other...

    Heres a photo of a good leg breaking sized hole I found the other day when walking along the promenade in Essaouira - youd wonder how in such a popular and touristed place as Essaouira a hole like this would manage to be in existence in such a public place but we would just say......Morocco!same goes with holes in the road when out driving or other...

  • Afriquia, Fuel Pump Scam

    While driving from Agadir to Marrakech I stopped for fuel at Afriquia gas station. I think it was the Imintanoute rest stop, it's the one on the top of the hill at about 1200m/4000ft elevation. I asked the guy at the pump to put in 100MAD worth of fuel. He seemingly typed something in the pump and put the nozzle in. After a while he put it out and...

  • Road Flooding

    Morocco for some reason does not have nearly enough bridges. To that end, be safe and pay attention to the weather forecasts and be warned that roads frequently flood over and make sections impossible.Delays can last up to several hours after the storms stop, so you should have some basics in the car (water, etc.) to make any delay a bit more...

  • The Donkey Bomb, Tight Streets and You

    Donkeys will not move out of the way for you on a crowded street.Donkeys will not make much noise to alert you on a crowded street.Donkeys will knock you over with themselves or their cargo on a crowded street.You need to keep your eyes open when in tight spots in the medina.You need to keep your ears open for a warning call "BALAK" or "ANDAK" -...

  • Sly Crotch Grab!

    My wife thinks it might be the way that I walk, but I was grabbed by the crotch by a passing fellow. This was as I was checking my mail on my phone as I was heading down some stairs in a guilez cyber cafe. I had a word with him about his misjudgement of the situation and he appeared to heed my wise advice.

  • stay at a reputable hotel

    Hi! Me and my husband and two kids (ages 8 and 12) are in Morocco for 2 weeks. Our travel agent in Canada booked reputable hotels (3 star and very nice!). The hotel has very well organized trips for tourists and the staff are very knowledgeable. This has made our trip very very nice and exciting. We did a camel safari into the desert in the late...

  • Your travel agent's told you Morocco is...

    Well if he is totally basing his advice giving on opinions rather than bothering to uptodate himself I can understand him saying this sort of thing - Ive been coming to Morocco for the past 7 years and its almost home to me - travelled around a lot of it, been in many different situations and with different levels of society - but growing up in NZ...

  • Unreliable foreign mail service

    When I was in Morocco 6 months ago, I wanted to send postcards to neighboring Canary Islands, to South Africa, and to Asia. As we didn't have time to find the post office to get stamps, I took the offer of the kiosk owner (where I bought the postcards) who told me that they also sold stamps, which he emphasized, could be used for sending postcards...

  • No photos of people without their...

    Morocco, despite the trappings of modernity, is still deeply traditional. And as images of persons are prohobited in Islam, taking photos of people is considered offensive, unless one has asked permission of the person to be photographed and has been granted it. Despite the strong temptation to photograph this immensely photogenic land and people,...

  • Deportation Threat

    I don't think your reply is inappropriate: My family (from the States) has cancelled their trip to Morocco next week... and they aren't even Christian! The concern is the "V for Vendetta" style midnight visits from the police, hour to pack, dumped in a police truck, and thrown out of the country.Why should any outsider believe they are safe?

  • Common rip off practices

    P.S. Just to list a few of the other known rip offs:- I have an ill relative and we can't afford the mnedication- My mother/sister needs an operation we can't afford- I need to pay a fine or I'll end up in jail- Lend me some money for petrol and I'll come back to do the trip (never does)- Can you buy me dinner I don't have time to go home- Being...

  • Finding Accomodations in Morocco: "On...

    Choosing a place to stay in MOST Moroccan cities often depends upon the tout who sees you first, immediately upon your arrival. VERY often you will not have the chance of finding accomodations "on your own" because some street leach will hang onto you like a nugget of gold. I normally avise to stay clear of them but in some places it is virtually...

  • driving in the Atlas mountains

    Driving in the mountains can be fun,exciting,spectacular, breathtaking, but also dangerous.Be aware of sudden changes in the weather especially in the winter. Carry spare warm dry clothes. Ten minutes outside in the rain/snow checking why the road is blocked can soak you to the skin.Carry some food /water incase you get stuck for a few hours while...

  • Marrakech, Medina at night

    Medina is a very fascinating, alive and nice place during the day, but at night transforms to a very unfriendly and dirty spot! If you are female - you should keep safe company with some male friend or few friends while walking at Medina at night. Don't walk alone, not even with female friend. You will be treated as somebody who is looking for...

  • If sick ...

    This is not as much warning as an advice. Many people visiting Morocco get sick because of local food. Also i had problems, which annoys pretty much. I had pills, but it didnt help. Then a man recommended me to eat BANANAS. The other day i was totally ok.

  • Don't respond to beggars

    Really enjoyed my visit to Morocco, and I respect the culture very much, and understand that it's a different way of life and its' still a third world country, although it's known to be one of the more progressive countries in Africa. A tourist could encounter a lot of beggars walking the streets of Casablanca, and in the souks and medinas, and...

  • petite taxi scams Casablanca

    You will never get a petite taxi to turn on the meter in Casablanca - never.They prefer to make up the price when you arrive at your destination.One time a taxi driver pretended to turn on the meter and when I came to pay, the meter had not worked - as he knew it would not.Then I had to argue, as always.

  • Raw Veggies

    Ok, so you may think that not drinking the tap water is obvious, but did you think about the dangers of eating raw vegetables?Washed in the tap water they can be just as bad as drinking it. Avoid Salads if you are worried about tummy troubles.My friend got hep A in Tunisia and he believes it may have been because of eating unwashed, or tap washed...

  • Watch out for Faux Touts

    I think this concern has been mentioned to death in guidebooks.I was informed that close to 75% of the Moroccan population is actually under the age of 25 years old. Unemployment is thus a national issue. Not sure how true this is but it really does explain common sights of youths loitering around in the streets, generally doing nothing.With no...

  • Photographic challenges

    Taking photos of people in Morocco is a HUGE challenge. Folks simply do not like having their photos taken....not unless you are buying something from their stall or their shop. To correctly compose a shot thus became an uphill challenge.I generally will ask for permission but Morocco is one tough nut to crack as people quickly scowled and then...

  • Konichiwa and Kamsa Hamida!

    Not once during the 2.5 weeks in Morocco could anyone guess right where I am from. Not that I am complaining - sometimes, it is actually good to be anonymous! BUT for 2.5 weeks, I was subjected to a barrage of unwanted "Konichiwa(s)" and "Kamsa Hamida(s)" that my initial amusement soon gave way to resigned frustrations.Generally, if you are Asian,...

  • mountains and climbing!

    I hired a guide - he was great but could only say 'flakken' I think he meant 'flat' and thought I was German...basically had me sacling deep ravines and scary mountains with no safety gear! he did give me a tip though! He told me to pray.......thanks Hassan!the warning is 'be prepared to scale dangerous slopes with no safety gear,er hum...I...

  • Train Warning !

    Train travel is cheap and I have covered great distances in comfort -the trick is to travel First Class !!! This may need advanced booking . I heard a real horror story from a fellow traveller. He and his wife had pitched up at Marrakesh station at the last minute wanting to travel to Tangier on the night service .It was full so they went second...

  • All Aboard! Room for a little one?

    In Tangier's where many international buses pass through you will see many people try to sneak under the buses and hold on tight for dear life or even try and open the hold doors to hide in among the suitcases. Some buses even just keep the hatches open, maybe to avoid damage to the bus when the people try and open them. So be careful, and make...

  • Prices and Haggling.

    Beware of over inflated prices, but before you haggle them too much think about how cheap it is for you and much in need of the money they are!But do keep in mind that all prices will be inflated for you, and this may even depend on what county you come from, ranging from Spain to America. If you are Spanish they will put the prices up a little...

  • Staying outside the the city walls

    Try not to stay outside the Medina (the part locked away behind the city walls). I never once felt threatened as a female in Morocco apart from the one night we didn't stay in the city centre where we got some unwanted male attention (they didn't realise a friend of mine understood French and understood the disgusting things they were saying)! That...

  • Smelly ass donkey in smelly market

    Not all Morocco belongs to the modern world. This market place smelt so bad it was unbelievable. So be careful if you are sensitive to bad odours, markets may not be the best place for you, especially not meat markets. Poor donkey.This photo was taken in Chaouen in about 2004, though this year (2007) when I went back I noticed they are finally...

  • Don't go to Morocco for the shopping

    One of my main reasons for travelling to Morocco was for the shopping. I thought I was going to come back home with some really nice stuff for relatively cheap prices. Boy, was I mistaken. Morocco is definitely not cheap ...yes it's cheaper than back home when it comes to food, accommodations and transportation but that's about it.Prices are highly...

  • Children

    When you stop on the road side, there will often be children that will rush towards you after a few minutes. Some years ago, they always asked for money (''dirham'' or ''fluz'') or pens (''stylo'') and could be a real nuisance if you want to take photos of the countryside. Now, owing that the average income has increased, that happens seldom, only...

  • Gifts

    We came across a stall in the market selling shells, it was beautiful and I was tempted. However, once I spotted the turtle; i changed my mind. I had no idea if any of the shells would be illegal to bring home, so I just looked.

  • Marakech. High traffic tickets!

    Large contingent of police pulled our family over for speeding. We probably were, but so does everyone. There aren't any signs to tell you how fast to go in most places. They wanted to charge us over 800 dirhams, which was about $100. My husband is Indian, so they thought at first he was Moroccan. When we started speaking English and sounding...

  • Not booking ahead: Dumbness of the...

    Bad advice: Go to Marrakesh, Fez, etc without a booking - I took the advice of recent posts on spontaneously making my reservations - I couldn't get a room at the Meridian, the Royal Mirage blah-blah, and the rest of the sexier hotels on Avenue Mohammed VI. Tired, I spent hours in proverbially sucktactular Marrakesh traffic without finding a room...

  • Unriddling The Crap Drivers Phenomenon,...

    While at espresso this morning in Narjiss, I was talking to a young woman who was in tears about her driving test. When asked what the tears were all about, she said to me that she had scored higher than anyone in her class. I said that sounded, as academic concerns go, quite good. She said, no, in fact, it made things feel worse for her because...

  • Tangier - no place for a lady!

    I am a 50 year old woman with a 43 year old sister. We travelled to Tangier March 2007 with my sister's 8 year old son. In my youth, I had lived in Iran and therefore felt comfortable in a country with similar values. On our previous trip to Morocco, we all spent a week in Agadir where we were impressed with the pleasant hospitality and...

  • Online Purchases - credit card theft

    from a letter to a peer:Together, you and I have done the Ho Chi Minh trail of Moroccan spammers before - by now, I'm sure you know that there are some talented and desperate cats out here working overtime to grab up some easy money... besides more than a few way underpaid cybercafe jockeys. Why suggest letting one's guard down on this matter since...

  • Burning DigiCam CD's

    When having your digital pictures burnt on a CD in Morocco bear in mind that the ongoing price is 20 Dirham per CD, not per memory stick! Anything more expensive is a rip-off.There is really no protection against this, but in one internet shop in Ouarzazate (Jamal's Internet on Mohammed V Boulevard) they managed to infect my digicam with 4...

  • Jackasses on Wheels - Motorbike Guides

    Hot Poppa JamJam's biggest problem with these motor guides:It's the same one women have most faux guides - there's this extremely transparent come-on whose veneer of friendliness only sloppily covers a man ready to spit pus on you when you refuse his services. (By the way, panhandlers in SF's Haight and those on Decatur Street in New Orleans can be...

  • Buying hash in Morocco

    This is a warning - if you smoke hash you may find you really like it and then the glue you sniff and the crack you smoke will seem, I don't know, a little "too ghetto"...Now, where are you gonna get that money?So, unless you are looking toward that sort of lifestyle change, don't smoke hash in Morocco.On the other hand, the music and the qarqaba...

  • Driving in Casa

    You may need some prepping. Go to the kiddy park and drive the bumper cars. Try not to get hit - when you do, breathe...that's it....relax... kids just do this.... even if they are over 50.... Driving can be a bit exhausting and tough - have some music and a little food ready for the incredible amounts of traffic.... Bayti: Care for the Street Kids...

  • Warning level-Weak...ReligioPolitical...

    A tourist was killed in the medina last year by a man who believed he was doing what he felt was 'right' in the way of Islam - and though this is way more the exception than the rule - steer clear of getting yourself into angry conversations or wandering near mosques while wearing innappropriate clothes which may comprimise your faith (or lack of...

  • Stats on Prejudice against Jews? My...

    (Warning or Danger Tips are designed to warn travelers of problems they may encounter while traveling.)POST: "95% of Moroccans do fully believe the propaganda they are exposed to, that the west is evil, 9/11 was a CIA / Israeli conspiracy etc. If you try discussing it with them, none will admit that Israel has a legitimate right to survive like any...

  • Feeling singled out Rage - The Single...

    Feeling singled out Rage - The Single Female, etc. Maybe you are whiter or blacker than a Moroccan. Maybe you are shyer or more outspoken than a Moroccan. Maybe you are a free wheeling outspoken blond (or whatever) woman in your twenties, a long haired man with piercings , an crippled beer-loving eskimo travelling during Ramadan who is also openly...


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