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  • Boulevard Mohammed V, the old and the new....
    Boulevard Mohammed V, the old and the...
    by Bennytheball
  • The famous clock tower.
    The famous clock tower.
    by Bennytheball
  • The tourist office.
    The tourist office.
    by Bennytheball

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    Casablanca's Central Market

    by Bennytheball Written Aug 29, 2013

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    The central market on Boulevard Mohammed V is an old established venue for Casawis to find fresh food in their daily shopping routine. Most household commodities are on sale, fish, turkey, chickens, beef and a huge range of fruit, vegetables and flowers. There are also craft shops selling attractive African wood carvings and statues, Argan oil and decorative pot plants such as large cacti for discerning apartment dwellers.

    All foodstuffs are fixed price and sold by the kilo weight, any attempt at haggling the price can expect a disdainful response, but craft items are negotiable, and as always the first price stated is only a starting point.

    The market, open daily, is an interesting walkabout and insight into the everyday habits of the local people, and being mostly covered by extensive roofing provides welcome shade in the summer heat.

    The covered market Hand craft shops Seafood shop Nearly closing time.....
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    Eglise de Notre Dame de Lourdes

    by maykal Written May 15, 2011

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    Not what I was expecting to find in the middle of a busy suburb. Actually, I was looking for the Quartier Habbous instead, and somehow got lost, ending up outside the gates of a strangely attractive modern French church from the 1950s. According to research online, this church does apparently have impressive stained glass windows inside, but as seems to be the case on a lot of my trips, the gates were firmly locked on my visit. Oh well.

    Notre Dame de Lourdes, Casablanca Notre Dame de Lourdes, Casablanca
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    Sculptures at Casablanca Airport

    by ellyse Written Apr 5, 2010

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    Well, this venue isn't exactly "off-the-beaten-path" since Casablanca is perhaps the busiest airport in Morocco. But, most people don't really come here looking for artwork.
    In the check-in area of Casablanca airport are a number of sculptures depicting traditional Moroccan culture. I counted 3, not sure if I missed any: one of a water carrier pouring water into a earthenware pot (reminds me of the zodiac sign Aquarius), one of a prancing bull balanced only on his front leg (now this looks like Taurus) and one of a Moroccan man on a horse. The rider has a number of items on him, among them a bag which upon closer scrutiny reveals a design and the words "Maroc".

    Bagging Maroc Aquarius? Prancing Taurus Moroccan rider Neigh!
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    by Doctor38 Updated Jan 16, 2008

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    Azmmor is a relaxed small city, that has an old medina, and cheap accommodation.

    Today it is still ignored by tourist and VTers :-) so why visit?? Well if you looking for a quite beach, If you want to meet real Moroccans and avoid other tourists come to Azmmour. The city is only one hour drive from CasaBlanca and you can get to the city by a train, taxi or a bus.

    If you are stuck in Casablanca and you want to get away from the crowded polluted city, visit Azmmor. walk around the medina with its narrow strrets, walk along the river walk, see the Old synegouge and grave of rabbi Abraham, visit the castle and marvle at the city walls. In Azmmour no body will hassel you and every body is minding his own buisness. If you liked the city and wanted to stay few days there are 2 excellent and very affordable hotels. Riad Azmah which is in 500-700 dh suits per night and Hotel Victorie which is a budget hotel

    If you would like to know more about the city please feel free to visit my Azmmore page

    city walls and Umm Alrabie river entrance to the castle entrance to the Medina the city walls and towers

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    Quartier Habous

    by TomorrowsAngel Written Sep 26, 2005

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    Take a petit taxi to Quartier Habous (the new medina) which was built in the 1920s by the French. It’s interesting to wander through the streets and marvel at the Arabian-styled facades and doors on the buildings. The souk is lovely and has a ‘medieval’ feel to it.

    typical architecture
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    Casablanca. Mosque of Hassan 2 -

    by ac_bouchouka Written Apr 9, 2005

    The king of Morocco at the time, Hassan 2, first mentioned this mosque in 1980, declaring that he would build it on the water, because the throne of God is on the water.
    The mosque was inaugurated on August 30, 1993. It was designed by the French architect, Michel Pinseau, and has the tallest minaret in the world, with its 200 metres. There is room for 20,000 worshippers inside the mosque at the same time, and the courtyard gives space for another 80,000.
    2,500 men worked on two shifts in order to complete the mosque of Hassan 2. The marble came from Agadir, the granite from Tafraoute, while the glass was imported from Venice, Italy.
    The mosque was funded by donations, and the total cost was an estimated US$800,000,000.

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  • Maarif Area

    by Underjules Updated Nov 11, 2003

    A great place for people watching.

    At five on Fridays I would head over and watch all the street traffic.

    If you are at the twin towers or Mango, just walk towards the plaza and all the people. You will pass a nice ice cream shop and lots of other good shops.

    There is a great little beignet place just up the street from the McDonalds. Just follow the street on the left of the McDonalds and look for the unmarked door and the line of people. It's across from the Mosque.

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    is not like the movie...

    by venteeocho Written Aug 27, 2003

    The centre of Casablanca is fairly impressive. It's brand modern, with big, lively boulevards, high, white, well-kept buildings. And it's clean and efficient. People visiting Casablanca as their first city, could easily end up hating this place: There are few things here confirming the newcomers conception on the Orient. But for people having visited other parts of Morocco first, Casablanca is good! The city is modern in a Moroccan way, and an excellent example of Moroccans capacity of taking charge of the future of their country.

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    On the coast, 100 kilometres...

    by Branco Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the coast, 100 kilometres to the south discover the old fortified cities, former Portuguese trading posts.
    El Jadida is built on an area with a mild climate, is surnamed 'Moroccan Deauville' and has a beautiful and sandy beach named Sidi Bouzid beach.
    When under the control of the Portuguese its name was Mazagan. There was (and still is) an important Portuguese cistern, a structure with a gothic architecture initially used as granary before its transformation as a cistern in 1542 (1100 m2 of the room’s surface).
    (Picture from http://www.legadoandalusi.es/itinerarios/)

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    Shooting stars

    by CliffClaven Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Camping in the Moroccan desert is an experience. You can look up into a cloudless night sky and watch shooting stars scud across the heavens to their fiery extinction. You can sit around a camp fire, waiting for the clop-clop of approaching hooves as another visitor arrives on his donkey. You can awake to a freshness in the air, before the heavy blanket of daytime heat descends again.

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    You wouldn/t expect such...

    by pjallittle Written Aug 24, 2002

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    You wouldn/t expect such verdant fields in what seems to be such a hot and arid country. The coastal city Tangier is unlike the rest, there is an element of moisture here, it is cooler in the evenings.

    This is a private pasture, note the crushed rock pile which the farmer is laying out as a road. He and his family have a view of the backside of the city.

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    Since I did not take this...

    by pjallittle Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Since I did not take this picture, I am not sure of where this is, but it is a large market of some sort. The picture is identical to another on this site, but it was not copied there, in case of objections which might be posed, don't. I know exactly where it came from.

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    COLOR GUIDE[-0-] LINES +...

    by pjallittle Written Aug 24, 2002

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    COLOR GUIDE[-0-]


    I like to carry my Little Toolkit around with me when preparing a new page. I don't really have a handle yet on preparing entire pages off site, I know it can be done but when you're working on site, it is easier to see what is going right, or WRONG, right now.

    These tools make it simple when it comes to Colours, lines, banners, and there is even an HTML guide. Should anyone wish to use these or want to get the codes for similar use, they are as follows:

    LINES ~ BANNERS ~ HTML (copy and add code appearing below to front)



    To either of the above, simply copy, paste and add a href=> then at the very front.

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