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  • Bird photos are FIVE dirhams.
    Bird photos are FIVE dirhams.
    by Bennytheball
  • Tourist Traps
    by Robin020
  • Tourist Traps
    by Robin020

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    Money changing hands.

    by Bennytheball Updated Aug 4, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Often, when foreign tourists arrive in Morocco from distant countries, they will either change their foreign banknotes into the local currency, Moroccan dirhams, at an airport or seaport bank, or by using a credit or debit card in an ATM.

    Being unfamiliar with the exchange rate, and possibly tired and jet-lagged after a long-haul flight or overland journey, the new bundle of high-denomination banknotes may present a problem in purchasing some immediate requirement, maybe just a cup of coffee or some snack to ease the hunger pangs, a street vendor will sometimes take advantage of this situation and appear hesitant in issuing the correct change from the large banknote, having to fumble and look around for change, or even dispatching a colleague to seek out change elsewhere. This can often be just a contrived scam, hoping the fatigued tourist will be oblivious to receiving the correct change, issued "in stages,"

    I'm rather embarrassed to admit I fell victim to this scam on my first ever arrival at Tangier a long time ago and ended up paying a hundred dirhams for a cup of coffee, which at that time was only three dirhams, my only excuse being that I was suffering from sleep exhaustion after a three-day train journey from London..........

    Unique Suggestions: When arriving in Morocco, try to rest, relax and unwind as soon as possible, and familiarise with the local currency and price lists, then as soon as practicable, amass as much small coin change as possible and don't run short of this, keeping large banknotes out of sight and in reserve.

    If unsure of the price of a service or commodity, always establish this before handing over any money. Occasionally, some unscrupulous street types have been known to accept a large denomination banknote and simply walk away with it, thinking it was the price the traveller wished to pay!

    In a situation like this, there would be no recourse in reporting the "theft" of the money to police, because it was handed over voluntarily, and not taken by snatch theft, or force!

    Fun Alternatives: In Morocco, a gratuity of between one and three dirhams is demanded for the use of public toilets, the hygiene of many is dubious, but the Gardienne will always insist on the money, sometimes aggressively!

    There is no alternative solution to this hustle, because the call of nature dictates..........

    bus conductors are always a cup of water is ONE dirham! don't expect change from the water seller. Bird photos are FIVE dirhams.
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    Shared taxis from Airport to City

    by matjung Written May 26, 2012

    Its not a typical tourist trap, more something annoying.
    I wanted to share a taxi from the airport to the city.
    But the taxi drivers refused it.
    We went to two different hotels.
    So we had to take two taxis instead of one.

    Unique Suggestions: If you are fluent in french dont hesitate dont start an argument.

    Fun Alternatives: If time permits, go by train to the city

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  • Is it acceptable to drink alcohol? What about drug

    by Robin020 Written Feb 13, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Is it acceptable to drink alcohol? What about drug use?

    Drug use is strictly prohibited in Morocco, and carries very stiff penalties for usage or possession, and no distinction is made between “hard” or “soft” drugs”. If you’re carrying pot, weed, hash or marijuana for medical use or otherwise, do not attempt to enter Morroco.
    Drinking Alcohol in public is unacceptable and not recommended (and sometimes illegal) except in tourist resorts resorts. In all other cities, you can drink alcohol at the resturants or bars that serve it, as well as in private in your hotel room. You may bring alcohol with you to Morocco, but maybe required to pay duty tax.
    Moroccois not like Dubai you find alcohol ONLY in bars of hotels.
    in Morrocyou can purchase alcohol easily from liquor shops and bars as well.
    Bottle of Beer is is aboit half US dollars in shops,while 2 US dollars in bars..

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    Posting parcels from Morocco is expensive!

    by aussirose Updated Jan 1, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Posting parcels from Morocco is really expensive. Beware of this tourist trap!

    We had done quite a bit of shopping during our Moroccan experience including a carpet purchased in Tinghir and we decided to post it all off from Casablanca. Well we were shocked at the price! It came to almost more than the pressys that we purchased.

    So be prepared to spend a fortune in shipping your gifts home by post ..... or better still... just don't buy 2 boxes worth of gifts when in Morocco lol.

    Posting gifts is expensive in Morocco

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    Rick's Cafe

    by JessieLang Updated Jan 9, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We went past Rick's Cafe (one of several) and took a photo just for kicks, but it isn't the bar from the movie--there isn't a real one. Have a drink and enjoy the idea of it, but don't let the guides tell you it is the authentic bar featured in "Casablanca."

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    by Doctor38 Updated Jun 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The city could be a gigantic tourist trap. Visiting Casablanca is a must for many travellers who come to Morocco just because has the city biggest airport in the country. There are certainly better places in Morocco to spend your time and you can do that at a fraction of the cost with very little hassle, traffic and pollution. However there are things you can do in and around Casablanca for those of us who have no choice but to stay in the city.

    so if you happen to be in the city, don't panic. You can still do and see few things in the city. I tried to bring that out in my page.These things are not very obvious and are dominated by the the fact that Casablanca is the economical hub of Morocco.

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    Short-time parking zone

    by matcrazy1 Written Aug 4, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I parked a car on Rue Allal ben Abdallah in front of Hotel Touring where I slept - unfortunately (as I remember well from 8am to 6pm) it was a short-parking zone. I was obliged to go to buy next parking ticket from ticket vendor machine every 2 hours :-(. Every few hours policeman checked the parking tickets, so better to pay and don't be too late to get next parking ticket.

    Unique Suggestions: Pay a bit more to hotel staff and ask them to buy and leave a ticket behind your car wiper.

    Fun Alternatives: Take a hotel with parking (hmm... they cost much more) or park a car outside the short-time parking zone.

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    Corruptive road police?

    by matcrazy1 Updated Aug 4, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There was the roundabout (looked quite new) just by the Hassan II Mousque. There were STOP signs there.
    To be honest I ALMOST stopped in front of the sign. There was complitely no traffic there, just my car.
    Leaving the roudabout unexpectedly I was stopped by a policeman. He took my passport and my driving licence and ordered me to pay 50US$ in local currency (dirhams). I smiled and said it's very much and started to... bargain. He got ungry about it and said if I don't pay I would have to go with him to the police station.

    Unique Suggestions: I said OK, I can pay only 30US$ in local currency but I firmly stated that I want him to give me the bill. Imagine his face at this moment haha, he immediately changed his mind and... took from me 10USS$ (no bills) and ordered me to go ASAP!
    By the way, it was the only one such not sympathetic situation while driving in Morocco. Besides this one time police was always very sympathetic and never, never wanted to rip me off.

    Fun Alternatives: Stop your car in front of STOP signs!

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    So what's this place called...

    by szabolcs Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    So what's this place called then...?

    Just one thing but it's not really a trap: you should not be deceived by the fact that Casablanca's main square has quite a lot of names. I used the 'Place de Nations Unies'. However, the more maps you look at the more names you'll come across. They tend to change the square's name quite often but since the place is really central you should have no trouble finding it.
    A general note: when you're not sure how an important road/square/whatever is called in Morocco the keyword is: Mohammed V. In most towns the widest avenue or the busiest square is most probably named after him. Maybe it will change now that Mohammed VI is the king since he may either name places after himself or after his late father Hassan II.

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