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  • Paintings on houses
    Paintings on houses
    by georeiser
  • Beach seller in Maputo
    Beach seller in Maputo
    by georeiser
  • Favorites
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Mozambique Favorites


    COUNTRY INFORMATION:Visa: Visa at the airport takes 45 minutes. Costs 25 USD.Mobil phone: Good roaming, but expensive. Can also buy cheaper, prepaid SIM cards.ATM: Yes, in the cities. It works and gives the best rate.Recommended language: Portuguese.Infrastructure: OK in Maputo downtown and major roads. Very poor in the suburbs of...

  • The Mozambique flag

    The Mozambique flag is three horizontal bands of green, black and yellow. And 2 small white stripes. A yellow star is centered in the triangle with a crossed AK47-Kalashnikov and a hoe on top of a white book. Green color represents the riches of the soil.Black color represents Africa.Yellow color represents mineral riches.White color represents...

  • Visa on arrival

    .A tourist visa on arrival can be bought at the border. It is valid for 30 days. Fill out a visa application form (pedido de entrada em Mocambique). Make sure you have your passport, 1 photo and 25 USD ready.


    Moz can be a very strange and sometimes frustrating place. For all the hassle I had from the corrupt Police, dishonest Toll Attendants and bad roads – it was all worth it. It took me 2 days to drive to Tofo Beach and it just felt great when I arrived. The few restaurants and hotels are built away from the fantastic beach. You may never see a beach...

  • Food carries import duty!!

    As in 2007 food over ZAR 350 carries a heavy import duty, I think about 46% ( plz check these details before taking food)

  • my place of birth

    ilha de mocambique.mozambique island is where i was born .left the place with 3 years of age. and returned at the age of ten. so not very much memories. i remember thou the calm and lazyness of the island as the main features and a beautifull place with wonderfull beaches and coral reefs... yeah i miss it!and one day i ll return

  • You will feel like you are the only...

    Feeling like I was the only tourist in the whole town was a nice change of pace from Europe. I loved the fact that I could spend hours on the beach and never see another person. The crabs would run in and out of their little holes, the way beaches are meant to be. Not cigarette butts, beer bottles and rows and rows of half naked bronzed bodies....

  • Rigging of the truck and second border

    Aftter the work was done with the rigging out of the truck from the riverbed, we could continue our busride to the border with Zimbabwe.Again a line for the stamps, papers. Luggage from the roof of the bus to carry it yourself to the ohter side of the border. One stamp was missing on a paper, back in line again.Two local women brought six brandnew...

  • Scenic view

    At one side of the bridge was a lot work to do to ge the truck out.At the other side we could enjoy a scenic and peaceful landscape.The river was nearly dried up, only a small stream was left.At the background we saw some mountains.It was a pity there was no village in the neighbourhood to visit or to meet some people.

  • Wrecked truck

    The bridge over the Mazao River near Tete was blocked. They decided just today to rig a former wrecked truck out of the riverbed.So we were lucky to be allowed to go out of the bus and to spend some time on Mozambiquan soil.There was time enough to walk and look around, not only to the spectacle of the rigging, but also to the vehicles, the people...

  • By public bus through Mozambique

    It is always a good experience to travel by public transport. So we traveled by bus from Malawi to Harare in Zimbabwe, passing Mozambique. We brought a lot of water, bread and peanutbutter with us, so we were prepared for a long trip! We were siting on bare and narrow boards and the music was loud, but we were excited and enjoyed the ride. It was...

  • Great Beaches

    The beaches up the coast are fantastic. Tofu was a great 'getway' resort. Vilanculos was a lovely village and the Bazaruto Islands were some of the best islands ive ever been on.The roads are in a very bad way in Mozambique which makes travelling fun.

  • The origin of the name Moçambique

    The name of the country, Moçambique was first given to Ilha de Moçambique, a tiny island that was the stronghold of Sultan Moussa Ben Mbiki (or perhaps he was the founder of the Muslim community there, nobody really knows) who controlled the island when Vasco da Gama first stopped there in 1498. It rapicly became the most important European...

  • ENGLISH - This is part of the...

    ENGLISH - This is part of the view you have from the 'mirador' which is referred in 'Lichinga' travel page about Maputo - PORTUGUÊS- Isto é uma parte da vista a partir do miradouro que é citado na página de 'Lichinga' sobre Maputo - FRANÇAIS- Voici une partie de la vue que l'on a du 'mirador' qui est décrit dans la page de 'Lichinga' au sujet de...

  • Maputo's Market is a must....

    Maputo's Market is a must. Here you may feel real Africa.Costa do Sol Restaurant with its beautiful palmtrees nearby and the coast at sunset.Amire the streets of this city with its Portuguese Colonial Houses.Inhaca is a quite and nice island. Inhaca women and kids dancing at Inhaca Beach during the night. Their bodies shown by the bonfire.

  • When visiting Maputo,the...

    When visiting Maputo,the Market - Mercado is a must visit.*** Fresh produce, seafoods and curiosities. *** it's in the City Centre and surrounded by old and new, a stones throw from the Railway Station

  • Go to Manta Reef-for diving,...

    Go to Manta Reef-for diving, this is one of the best sites I've been to. More marine life than I have ever seen in one area. Sound sof Mantas calling-if you aren't lucky enough to see them. (best reached from Jangamo) Warm sun on my back, clean sand under my feet.

  • try to go to the rural areas...

    try to go to the rural areas (especially in the provinces far from the coast).As far away of the biggest cities, as pure and distant becomes life and people. But Mozambique has so many beautiful places to visit that it´s obvious you can't ignore the amazing coast and islands and all their power of atraction. If you try to rent a car and simply...

  • walk along the long beaches...

    walk along the long beaches after a hot day in the cool ocean breeze in the moonlight a stunning ocean,and untouched beaches with marine life bursting with colour...and seafood that is the best in the world

  • Visit the coastline and...

    Visit the coastline and eventually dive ! Dream Spots Here is a link : by Maputo : Inhaca is a wonderfull... and of course : meet the people !'Magical people in a magical land' ( Bob Dylan 1972 ) Well may be Inhambane for its calm achitecture, or Ibo for its faraway impressions, or may be Nyassa for...

  • Lord Jim may seem normal at...

    Lord Jim may seem normal at first- for a volunteer. He has a bucket shower and a squat toilet and he lives in a concrete house without running water. But what isn't apparent right away is that Lord Jim boils his shower water before bathing to mix with the regualr, cooler water festering with mosquitoes in buckets in his shower room. And he doesn't...

  • Our stay in Tofo was one of...

    Our stay in Tofo was one of the most memorable and relaxing times of our trip. We stayed at a place called Turtle Cove, which in hindsight, I would not recommend to the average backpacker. It was a lovely place designed more for the two week holiday maker with a little spare cash to spend.The setting was magnificent. Paw paw trees, cashew trees and...

  • Take the ferry across the...

    Take the ferry across the estuary to Catembe. Unless you travel further south, there is not much to do at Catembe, but the view of Maputo is beautiful from there, especially late afternoon.

  • I would take my friends to the...

    I would take my friends to the afternoon tea in Hotel Cardoso, with a wonderfull view of the bay. Of course i would also guide them trough the town centre, to meet the most various sites, especially the Santo Antonio da Polana's church, star shapped, wich is really beautifull. I think i miss the calm way of life, not only from Mozambique but from...

  • Until the recent floods and...

    Until the recent floods and cyclones, Mozambique was a country full of promise and hope and development. My fondest memories of the country were Inhambane, Maxixe and Barra Beach, areas decimated by the floods.

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