Mozambique Local Customs

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    Pic's author: AJD
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  • Local Customs
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  • Local Customs
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Mozambique Local Customs


    The people of Mozambique speak Portuguese as a legacy of their colonial past. Here are a few phrases to get you started! Olá Hi Bom dia Good morning Boa tarde Good afternoon Boa noite Good night Como está? How are you? Muito bem, obrigada Very well, thanks Obrigada Thanks (for a woman) Obrigado Thanks (for a man) Adeus Goodbye Tchau Bye...


    The current Mozambique flag was officially adopted on May 1, 1983. It consists of three equal horizontal bands of green (top), black, and yellow with a red isosceles triangle on what is called the ‘hoist’ side. The Green colour stands for agriculture, Red sybolises the struggle for independence, White denotes peace and Yellow denotes mineral...


    A lot of art in Mozambique seems to require weapons. Land mines, machine guns and hand guns all add to the lethal mix. This is rather disturbing when you keep seeing this art in many places. Oddly this unique art style has a positive purpose. When the massive civil war ended here in 1992 there were between 400,000 and 5 MILLION landmines scattered...


    Ever wonder why some countries have Embassies and some have High Commissions? A High Commission (with the attendant High Commissioner) means that the country is a member of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth was the Former British Commonwealth that was formed by nations that where former British Colonies and Possessions before individual dates of...


    Rondovals are round houses with thatch roofs. Across Mozambique you will see authentic all-thatch Rondovals. They are small and without walls inside. They remain cool because of the large openings and shade they provide. Properly made thatch can survive even the wettest rains and still stay dry inside.

  • mcel - the popular cell phone provider

    mcel is the most popular Cell Phone company in Mozambique.Giro is the name for the credit recharges that are easily found in the streets of Maputo, for instance.All mcel phone numbers start with 82 and have a 9-digit number.Example: 82 xxx xxxx.

  • Drink beer 2M and watch Benfica Vs...

    Beer 2M is doing a contest among its costumers. Four trips are available to watch in Portugal the Benfica x Sporting football match. Both Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Sporting Clube de Portugal are two major football (soccer in the USA) teams from Lisbon, Portugal's capital. I'm sure the fact that the Portuguese Football League is close followed by...

  • The Indian Ocean

    Mozambique - all of its 2,500 km (approx. 1,550 miles) Sea Coast borders with the Indian Ocean.After the Atlantic (nearby my home village) and the Pacific (in 1998), the Indian was the third Ocean that I personally got the privilege to swim in (in 2006).---- from Wikipedia ---"The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water in the world,...


    All along the roads in rural areas you see goods for sell from firewood (pictured) to fruit, carvings, cashew nuts and something that looks like coloured local firewater. Don't worry that you do not see anyone attending the "store". Even slowing down seems to produce at least one person and usually 5-6 inquisitive children. Cashews are roasted and...

  • please eat seafood in Mocambique

    Dont miss eating seafood, prawns....crayfish in Mocambique... they have the most wonderful seafood, crabs..huge ones, crayfish as long as your arm.... try it!!!! in quieter seaside villages you just buy it from locals on the beach and prepare yourself..or ask around for a restaurant that makes it...but DO NOT MISS IT if you love seafood!!!

  • a nice travelogue about Mocambique

    At CLARKES bookstore in Long Street in the centre of Cape Town, I found two by a mocambican writer, Couto: the verandah of frangipanithe other book was:JUSTIN FOX WITH BOTH HANDS WAVING A JOURNEY THROUGH MOZAMBIQUE...I didnt get into it straight away but few days away from Africa and the saudade for mocambique..the book became a soul...

  • AIDS the new curse

    The provinces bordering South Africa and Zimbabwe have the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in Mocambique.. In one province bordering Zim, one out of five children are orphans

  • a metaphor for mozambique

    the years of internal struggle, after a glorious struggle against the portuguese colonialism, has left the country devastated. everywhere one looks there are signs of destruction and man made is admirable that mozambicans are so easy going and friendly to foreigners, especially south africans, after such maltreatment.

  • Mascara de beleza

    In the province of Cabo Delgado, near Ilha de Mocambique it's very common to see women and little girls with a white paste on their face. The mask, called Musiro or N'siro is made by scraping branches of a bush (Olax distiflora) on a stone and mixing it with water. It is used as a beauty mask to protect the skin from the sun as well as to provoke...

  • Avoid Anglo-Saxon ideas of...

    Avoid Anglo-Saxon ideas of Mocambique.As this country has Portuguese/Latin influence citizens coming from English Language countries do not understand Mocambique soul. You do not need to know Portuguese Language, you have to feel them as they really are: friendly and always smiling.

  • CASHEW NUTS in the shell are...

    CASHEW NUTS in the shell are inedible, , but once the kernel is taken out, plain or roasted, the Cashew Nut ranks as one of the tastiest and most useful cullinary nuts. === Whilst Mocambique is a developing country and the processing of the Cashew Nut is labour intensive, for some unknown reason, it is exported for processing elsehwre, taking the...

  • Try and fit in. See, even for...

    Try and fit in. See, even for a white man like me, I fit into one of Lord Jim's classes very well. You can't even tell which one is me.

  • It seems that vehicle theft...

    It seems that vehicle theft and hi-jacking is a great problem in Mozambique. Vehicle owners mark their vehicles by drilling holes in the bodywork and insert pop rivets. Petty theft comprise the removal of wiper blades, light lenses, rearview mirrors, etc. Motorists rivet metal brackets across screws to make it difficult to remove parts.

  • Treat the locals with respect...

    Treat the locals with respect and you'll get far. When you stop at traffic intersection don't get cross for the person in the vehicle behind you when honking the hooter. It's just a polite way of telling you the traffic light has turned green, for it's not always visible when your car is the first at the pedestrian crossing in the intersection.

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Mozambique Local Customs

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