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  • L. Vilanculos
    by lotharscheer
  • Vilanculos
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  • Tofo
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L. Vilanculos


Praia do Tofo




Ilha do Bazaruto




L. Vilanculos

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  • Restaurant Ti Zé

    L. Vilanculos Restaurants

    If you are tired of your resort food, this is a nice place to sit around have some beer and something to eat. The way they put the chairs to the table when nobody is sitting on them makes the place look like beeing closed, its usualy not! I had a grilled Fish. Between (town) bus station and market.

  • Make a daytrip to the Bazaruto...

    L. Vilanculos Things to Do

    The daytrip i took was sold bya italian lady going arround the resorts, 2000 mtc. going to Magaruque island, lunch included. You can walk arround the island, on the southside there where some Flamingos and snorkeling was quite good. We where lucky and a Dugong (seacow) came very close to the boat. There is also a quite nice looking hotel on the...

  • Cheap local food

    L. Vilanculos Restaurants

    If you are tired of your resort food, this is a nice place to sit around have some beer and something to eat. The way they put the chairs to the table when nobody is sitting on them makes the place look like beeing closed, its usualy not! I had a grilled Fish.Between (town) bus station and market.


Praia do Tofo

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  • Go diving

    Praia do Tofo Things to Do

    There are several dive shops, for nearby divesites 1500 (plus 300 for equipment) Meticals, for further away, deeper reef divesites with a good chance to see Mantas (you might be asked for a advanced dive certifivat) 3300 (plus 300) Metical for 2 dives.

  • Go to Inhabame

    Praia do Tofo Things to Do

    A quite nice daytrip, particular in a not so nice day but also for some shopping (exept off touristic things like wooden elefants, painted sunsets, sunglasses etc. there is not much to buy in Tofo). Get there by (very full) Chapa for 18 Metical, about 1 hour or by taxi a bit faster and 400 Metical.


    Praia do Tofo Restaurants

    I really wanted to eat here. Twice. The first time was at lunch, but they ran out of food. The second time was at night but they had too many people. Rather than make us feel welcome or suggest we get some drinks, the staff made us feel in the way. In fact they made sure to let us know they did not want us there. Too bad. The food looked wonderful...



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  • Kanoe & Dhow Trip in Inhambane Bay

    Inhambane Things to Do

    Wonderful, relaxing and not necessarily reserved for athletes ... and you can also request a visit to the peninsula Mocucune, chasing a chicken for the grill and drink a traditional beer. In short, it's new, local, professional, and it seems that Water Sports 969s'engage in a draft eco-tourism.

  • Baobab Beach Backpackers

    Inhambane Hotels


    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Vasco da Gama - The Statue

    Inhambane Off The Beaten Path

    Vasco da Gama is reported to have stop in Inhambane on his very first sea voyage from Portugal to India that sailed from Lisbon in 1497.It's said that while in Inhambane Portuguese sailors were given a very warm welcome by the locals. Thus Vasco da Gama named Inhambane as the Land of the Good People.Pictured on this VT tip is Vasco da Gama. I'm...


Ilha do Bazaruto

  • Flights to Bazaruto

    Ilha do Bazaruto Transportation

    Please be aware that the flights to and from Bazaruto really are by light aircraft and therefor the luggage weight restriction is imposed quite strictly. I believe it is possible to leave belongings in hotels from where you may have come from, an enquiry might be worthwhile.Soft bags are encouraged also.

  • The police

    Ilha do Bazaruto Tourist Traps

    If you are driving and they see you they will probably pull you over...They are big on bribes and if you havent done anything wrong they will look for a problem whether inside or outside of your vehicle and if the cant find anything then they are still going to ask you for a bribe!!!! Or some money, openly admiting to wanting some money for beer......

  • Awesome.....

    Ilha do Bazaruto Restaurants

    The food is generally good... But the crab starter is TO DIE FOR!!!! And the spring rolls were great too... I guarantee that you WILL CRAVE for more!!!! But I dont recommend the steaks as we ordered them Well done and they came bloody so we sent them back and it was returned exactly the same!!! CrAbS>!>!>!>!



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    Inharrime Warnings and Dangers

    Apparently the lakes in the area have a heavy mineral/sulphur content that makes the water more placid and produces the incredible mirror effects. It also makes one hell of a stink if you disturb the water. So if you stop for a close look or a pee, stay clear!

  • The Inharrime Lake

    Inharrime Things to Do

    Located by EN1 off Quissico when driving north. We were lucky the sunny day that allowed just to produce some very nice shots.The road goes by the lake. We also felt the urge for a quick stop for picture shots. You have to see the video my friend Marco produced at the Inharrime Lake. - MF in Inharrime, May 2009.

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