Mozambique Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DAO
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DAO
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DAO

Mozambique Warnings and Dangers

  • Using credit cards in Mozambique

    Visa cards are widely accepted across Mozambique but MasterCard is extremely limited. I found this to be the case everywhere that I travelled. Many ATMs do not accept MasterCard either. In many places debit cards that have the MasterCard rather than the Visa symbol are not accepted. If you are intending to use a MasterCard to pay for accommodation...

  • beware of Snakes 蛇

    travel reminders may be photos or mental pictures, stored safely in our personal Memory bank, returning when we have a small reminder when reading or seeing a photo.from Shanghai via Hong Kong.On one of Mom and Dad's visit to Lourenco Marques, when, i'd forgotten,but we visited a new mansion near the Polana Hotel, there lived a family.In the...


    Its not just the landmines that kill, so does Malaria. If you are traveling from South Africa, remember your tablets and sprays! It is much easier to buy your needed supplies before you get into the country.I would suggest you buy repellant with 100% DEET.DEET


    Many areas in the country still have active landmines. The country is dangerous. The police are corrupt, the government corrupt and you can't take chances that they have accurately signposted minefields. They probably haven't. On some motorways they only have road signs on one side because they ran out of money. If you decide to drive (like I did)...

  • Roadblocks

    Make sure you have all neccesary documents...(make sure you have your driving license, vehicle registration, temporary import papers and traffic triangles, and that you are wearing your seatbelt), and whatever else needed at the time.

  • Traffic officials

    If you travel by car, keep cash with you - US$, ZAR of local currency. You will be stopped and something will be wrong with your vehicle!!! Does not matter how new it is or how well prepared you come!! Offer a bribe of about $5 and will will be left alone, do not try to be smart, say you are sorry and it will not happen again - pay your bribe and...


    All the towns along the roads have a 80km speed limit as you approach and a 60km limit about 100 meters further. Slow down if you cannot see if the criminal police gangs are there. Even if you are not speeding (I was not) you may still get a ticket. Carry an International Driving Permit or get an official copy of your Driving Licence. It is cheaper...

  • Potholes

    North of Inhambane is lots of potholes, they were going to build a new road, if someone knows till where new raod has been made I will be happy if they let me know, old road has terribly bad potholes..plan to drive 40-50km per hour

  • Children grab food from you...

    When leaving restaurants on a few occasions we had children begging grabbing our (doggy bag) from us, some places when you eat they sit and wait for you to leave.I do realise they are hungry and poor but its disturbing so plan to give your ( doggy bag ) to first one you see or hide it if you dont want to give it, on occasion change from local...

  • the locals

    Unlike it's neighbor South Africa, Mozambique is far less developed, though it is developing a lot lately. Be wary of locals unaccustomed to foreigners, they are not always very friendly, sometimes suspicious. Oh and mosquietoes can be pretty crazy there too, bring spray, mosquito net if the place your staying doesn't provide them, and malaria...

  • Safety

    As in any struggling country, there is poverty. In Mozambique, poverty doesn't really explain it. We didn't ever have a problem, but I heard many stories while I was there. We traveled with a 2 year old, so we didn't go out at night. Take the usual precautions and be prepared for some heartbreaking sights.

  • Change your money

    If you don't change your money at the border leaving the country, you will be stuck with it. The money changer will be a woman with a purse and a calculator. That is the official exchange bank of Mozambique.

  • Malaria

    Make sure you take the correct malaria medication. We took Mefliam. You take it once a week and it has very little side-effects.Make sure you check with your doctor or travel clinic before you travel for the best tablets. The medication seems to change a lot as the mosquitos get immune to some of the tablets.Even if you took malaria tablets you can...

  • For the 4 x 4 adventurers,...

    For the 4 x 4 adventurers, backpackers and eager beaver- travellers, you have been warned=== 'In 1992 there was a peace agreement for the country between the FRELIMO goverment and the rebel REANAMO group. But before Mocambicans were at war with each other, foreign forces turned most of the land into a minefield: the Portuguese colonialists who...

  • The keyword: Patients.Customs...

    The keyword: Patients.Customs can be very slow at borders, currency (Metical, or Meticais plural) can be bought at some borders, but don't count on it and there are taxes to be paid at the border in Metical. Look out for unnescesary taxes.Public transportation is not easy or advisable to use.When using own transport, the vehicle must be roadworthy,...

  • It's estimated that there's...

    It's estimated that there's still about 1 million uncovered landmines in Mozambique. A lot of the minefields are indicated through signs, but most of them have no warnings. Big clean-up operations take place around the developed and developing areas such as the recently finished Maputo Corridor. I do advise to stay on the roads though, and not to...

  • When you drive a vehicle in...

    When you drive a vehicle in Mozambique, especially in Maputo or other towns, always be on alert and cautious. Try not to get involved in an accident. This can turn into a nightmare, even if it is a minor case, or not even your mistake. You will end up guilty and pay a fine.

  • Make sure about road...

    Make sure about road conditions before venturing into rural areas. Here I'm negotiating one of several flooded sections of the road to a resort near Inhambane.

  • Forget about the 2000 floods....

    Forget about the 2000 floods. Even after a 30 minute thunderstorm the streets in the City of Maputo can become dangerous to negotiate with water rising up to door handles of sedan vehicles. One has to guess where are the potholes, pavements. etc.See more wet Maputo photos in the travelogue collumn.

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Mozambique Warnings and Dangers

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