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  • Miss Tuareg 2003
    Miss Tuareg 2003
    by Bonobo2005
  • The runner up of the Camel Race
    The runner up of the Camel Race
    by Bonobo2005
  • Come on boys: show your teeth!
    Come on boys: show your teeth!
    by Bonobo2005

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  • FAQ: cure salee - gerewol

    edited> Hi Bonobo, > If you ask and look for informations it seems as there is THE cure salee> festival (gerewol) in THAT place during THAT period. But I've always> thought that it's impossibile they all meet in one determined place. there should be many places in that area, where the different tribes> meet in a spontaneous...

  • Beauty Contests

    A very important part of the Festival are the beauty contests, consisting of several stages. While for the Tuaregs it are the women who adorn themselves and present them to the men, for the Fulani it are the men who dress up and compete for being the most beautiful. The climax of all comes on the last festival night, when the winners are announced....

  • The Mix of People

    The Cure Salee Festival is attended by a mix of people in numbers that you unlikely will encounter anywhere else on earth! Just being there was to me the biggest attraction! Most of them are of Tuareg and Fulani tribes, all dressed up at their finest, carrying swords, and wearing exuberant clothes and make up; women carrying an enormous bunch of...

  • Camel races

    On the last day of the Festival, the finish of the camel race was one of the most memorable events.The circle of spectators opened up and after some time huge clouds of dusts appeared, as if a sandstorm was approaching us. The specially prepared racing camels were driven by young boys, to keep the burden light. It was not the winner that attracted...

  • Gerewol Ceremony

    One of the highlights of the Festival is the Fulani ceremony called Gerewol. The young men paint their faces and decorate themselves extensively hoping to attract the young women looking for marriage. During the ceremony they line up with a few dozen at a time and start dancing, which involves not much action however. The guys move up and down on...

  • Camel parades

    My first day in Ingall (which was the second day of the Festival) started with a great camel parade. As you can imagine, the camels parading in the Arena were fabulously decorated and the very best of their kind! They did tricks like ?walking on the knees?, but were mostly to be admired, showing health, strength and beauty. It goes without saying...

  • Dancing performances

    The music came along with a lot of dancing as well, both men and women wearing their finest costumes and showing their best moves. In general, I thought these performances lacked a bit of enthusiasm and cheer, and looked like obliged sessions for officials and tourists. The real dancing and party started in the evenings, when both groups were gone....

  • Music performances

    During the official Festival there were several music performances, varying from a couple of chanting women sitting in a circle to groups of men making music on traditional instruments. The traditional Tuareg songs that I heard so many of during my past travelling and that I loved so much, missed. Perhaps the words of these warrior songs did not...

  • Ingall and the Cure Salee

    Ingall (pop. est. 5000) is a big village in the sands of the desert, around where, just after the raining season, salty grounds and pools supply livestock with healthy minerals. This salt is reason for many hundreds of nomadic Fulani and Tuareg herders with ten thousands of cattle, that migrate south during the dry season as far as Nigeria, to...


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  • Going Individual or Organised...

    If I recall well, there were 4 or 5 foreign organised groups at the festival (about a dozen tourist in each group), including one Italian, one Dutch, one German and one Japanese. In addition I met about a dozen individual travellers and some professional photographers.The organized groups typically combine the festival with a brief tour around the...

  • About Food, Drinks and Shopping in...

    During the festival you will find at least a dozen of foodstalls to choose from in the centre of Ingall. I cannot say I had some amazing food there, but on the other hand I never got sick from it either. Most commonly on offer is rice or spaghetti with sauce and (goat-) meat if you wish (cost usually EUR 0,30 to EUR 1). Some well stocked stores in...

  • Where to sleep in Ingall

    As far as I?m aware there are no regular guesthouses in Ingall, that is probably just a sleepy village the rest of the year. The most common options for individual travellers who visit the Festival are:Rent a mattress:In the centre of Ingall someone (I suppose from Agadez) operated a service for travellers. You could rent here a thick mattress for...


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