Nigeria Warnings and Dangers

  • the local market
    the local market
    by djburn
  • Lots of traffic.
    Lots of traffic.
    by Dizzyhead
  • I was very lucky no one saw me taking this photo!
    I was very lucky no one saw me taking...
    by Jan-ErikK

Nigeria Warnings and Dangers

  • Try to stay the minimum time in Lagos

    Do not stay in Lagos too many days, and if possible, cross it as soon as possible to Biafra. I had to wait 3 days for my visa, sleeping in private houses or in a Spanish organization. In that town, very dangerous, you will be harrased, so better do not experience what I experienced and keep on travelling to Biafra.

  • Check travel warning by Foreign Ministry

    Many states ïn Nigeria are off for foreingers due the security, check with your Foreing Ministry which ones are to be avoided. If you still go there go travel insurane will not cover you if anything happens. US Bureau of Consular Affairs gives very accurate, precise and updated warnings

  • Avoid "Luxury Buses"

    These (normal) buses for long distances are frequently attached by armed robbers, particularly if the continue after dark or get delayed due to break-down or traffic congestion so darkness comes.Would never ever go by such!Safest it to go by a private driver for example during weakends when traffic is lighter.

  • Be careful taking photos in Nigeria!

    People on the street feels offended it you take photos, they will get angry and shout at you. Even if you are just taking a general street view. I always tried to take photos with people far away. Once I went with a Nigerian friend to the market and took a photo at the butchers place where we was shopping, Immediately where was an angry man...

  • Nigerian Marriages

    I can really sypathise with the above post. I am sorry you had to go through all of that. My story is similar. I met this man in Korea in 2005 where I was working at the time. He was VERY CHARMING at first. TALL AND HANDSOME. He seemed amazing! After about 2 months of knowing him in Korea he asked me to go back to Nigeria with him to meet his...

  • Watch out for online money requests

    As a Nigerian with wide experience i can tell you that many online requests for help are scams no matter how well coated, tell the person that its not that you dont trust her but you will forward the request to the EFCC [Economic and Financial Crimes Commision] so you can pass the money throgh them, and wait for the reply ,if in doubt contact the...

  • Fake Marriages

    Don't get married in Nigeria unless you are sure the person you marry is a not con artist out to get some easy money. My story is one for the ages. I met this young lady on a dating site. She emailed me her pictures and I liked what I saw. We talked off and on for about 1 year. Then I decided to go to Nigeria to visit her. Off I went in May 2005....

  • Fake ebony

    Ebony is a popular souvenir, you can buy a lot of high quality things made of ebony in Nigeria.However, local guys in souvenir shops make a lot of fake ebony dying carved wooden things with shoe polish! They are actually doing this openly :-))In the picture you can see one of them who gave his consent for photographing him.Anyway, maybe what he is...

  • Be careful at the airport

    Don't let them cheat you at the customs control! They can say things like "You cannot take more than two souvenirs out of the country!" Just be firm and polite, but not rude. When they understand you are not going to pay anything to them, they will let you go.Nigeria is a corrupt country, don't make it more corrupt than it is.

  • Islamic Religion and the People

    Religion is a big issue in the lives of these people, and the Western media would warn you about religious intolerance in Nigeria. However, here are some young female muslims going for their worship. I must say that, in Nigeria, Islam is more liberal and not as volatile as the International media portrays it.I am a Christian, and when these...

  • The Nigerian Police

    This is realy not different from any other country... DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE NIGERIAN POLICE. They are usually quick on the trigger. This is because of the perculier operating environment.

  • $hell on earth

    MURDER AND TORTUREIn May 1994, after a secret meeting withShell, the Nigerian Head of Internal Securitycalled for "ruthless military operations". Theresults? Dozens of villages destroyed,thousands of people made homeless andhundreds massacred. Shell even admittedthat it had supplied guns for the "securityoperations". In an attempt to end the...

  • All visitors to Nigeria should...

    All visitors to Nigeria should be very careful at the Airport because there are many touts who may pretend to be helping you.But they are only interested in getting your WALLET. Some of them may pose as taxi drivers and would offer to drive you. Many people have been robbed of their visa, money and belongings in this fashion. There are also some...

  • Open your eyes

    A passport and visa, which must be obtained in advance, are required for entry into Nigeria. Foreign nationals cannot legally depart Nigeria unless they can prove, by presenting their entry visas, that they entered Nigeria legally.Roads in Nigeria are generally in poor condition, causing damage to vehicles and contributing to hazardous traffic...

  • road bandits

    It is very unsafe to travel at night in nigeria and should be avoided. Even in the Daytime travel by auto is dangerous. You may encounter many temporary roadblocks. some say they are police, some say they are soldiers, others tax collecters or just plain bandits. All want money in some form either as Fines, Bribes, or outright theft. all are...

  • You must have a legitimate VISA!

    You must obtain a legitimate visa before you enter into Nigeria. Many visitors to Nigeria come without one and open themselves up to very corrupt officials at airport and borders. If you aren't getting your visa from a Nigerian embassy, chances are you are being set up by fraudsters!!

  • Please if you are visiting...

    Please if you are visiting Nigeria for the first time, becareful at the airport because some bad guys who have set out to tarnish the image of our country have decided to use the airport as an avenue to acquire ill-gotten wealths from visitors. They can snatch your luggages, your visa, your passport, and your money. They may pose as taxi drivers or...

  • Please educate yourself about...

    Please educate yourself about the high crime rate, financial fraud schemes, and corruption. Social/economic/political tensions make it a fairly unstable place.It's best to come here with some well-planned assistance and support.

  • expect the worst in...

    expect the worst in transportation, anything better is a blessing. Get your shots before coming. Stay clear of anyone you suspect in the city. basically make sure you know someone in the area you are going to.

  • Permission is required to take...

    Permission is required to take photographs of government buildings, airports, bridges or official-looking buildings. I had a dispute at work with a guy who had left equipment in our compound, he had a secret policeman with him as back up.I called our head of security and mobile police to sort it out.I took a picture and the secret policeman decided...

  • Warri can be a dangerous place...

    Warri can be a dangerous place if the locals get restless.Most houses in Nigeria have steel bars fitted over the doors and windows to keep out robbers.Oil workers have been taken hostage before as a protest against the oil companies.Not many white people venture out after dark.Click on map for enlargement.



  • Generally, don't look people...

    Generally, don't look people in the eyes, especially police officials and elderly people. It's considered disrespectful. Also, never, never, never drink the water or eat raw vegetables and fruit without the skin (you will remove the skin yourself, of course.) Be prepared to give your Nigerian friend the rest of the chicken you never learned to eat,...

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Nigeria Warnings and Dangers

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