Senegal Favorites

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    Dakar skyline
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Senegal Favorites

  • Saint-Louis

    Founded in 1659, Saint-Louis was the first French settlement in Africa. It was established on an island near the mouth of the Senegal River, strategically located between the mainland and the Langue de Barbarie Peninsula.By about 1790, Saint-Louis had become a busy port and trading center, and was one of the most important cities in French West...

  • Richard Toll

    Richard Toll is a small town located on the Senegal River in northern Senegal. The river forms the border between Senegal and Mauritania, and it is possible to look across the river into Mauritania. The town is the center of Senegal's sugar industry, and is surrounded by fields of sugar cane. There is not a lot to see or do in Richard Toll, but I...

  • Kaolack

    There is nothing about Kaolack that I would recommend to travelers. It is one of the most polluted and filthiest cities I have ever been in. Located on the Saloum River in west-central Senegal, the city is the center of Senegal's peanut industry.To enter the city from the south, which is what I did, it is necessary to cross a causeway over the...

  • Touba

    Touba is a small city in west-central Senegal which is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the Islamic world. Because Touba is an Islamic holy city, alchohol and tobacco are forbidden throughout the city at all times. Touba's holiness arises from the fact that it was the hometown of Amadou Bamba, the founder of the Mouride Islamic...

  • you can find all information...

    Whatever you're looking for about this beautiful country you'll find it at this regularly updated link. in english and frenchIf you want more history, then this is the

  • Tambacounda, internet

    In Tambacounda we saw several signs of internetcafes like this one. It was peculiar, when we entered this building we found out there was no internetcafe at all. Luckily there we enough others in the same street. The connection was rather good. I could open all my mail, which was not always possible in other African towns.The only problem was there...

  • Kidira, border town, going to Mali

    We travelled from Senegal to Mali overland, taking the road from Tambcounda to Kayes. This is also the road when you travel from Dakar to Bamako.In Kidira, the Senegalese bordertown, you have first to get a stamp at the policepost, before you can cross the borderriver. This police post is not at the border, but somewhere else in town. There are...

  • Velingara, border town, coming from...

    When we visited the Niokolo Koba Park in the south-east of Senegal, we crossed the border between Basse Santa Su in the south-east of the Gambia and Velingara in Senegal.The 25 KM long road between Basse and Velingara is unpaved, dusty and bumpy. The Badiara Senegalese borderpost between those two towns in the middle of nowhere is told to be the...

  • Health in Senegal

    Senegal is one of the most confortable countries in West Africa and you will not feel like you'll be under attack by any serious virus at every second. Senegal it's mostly dry and seasonally mild and its health care system is not very bad if you need somthing, big cities will surely help you out decently.Treatments and vaccines you may have to take...

  • Eating and drinking in Senegal

    Senegal has some of West Africa's best food, giving opportunities for everything from serious food to dining on the street. Restaurants in the larger towns and main hotels incline towards French style, offereing a menu and a "plat du jour".There's lots of tough steak and chips, heavy sauces and imported canned food. For a menu expect to pay...

  • People in Senegal

    Senegal is a multi-ethnic country. Wolof is the dominating ethnic group in Senegal and the officl language of the country is also Wolof. The first muslims in the country were called Tukulor who are closely related to Fula. There are also another ethnic group in Senegal called mandinka which were converte to Islam before Wolof people did. In the...

  • Meeting people

    People in Senegal are very friendly. When meeting locals, it is important to know a little about the rules. In Senegal it is a habit to always say hello, even if you don't know the people! The greeting "Salam aleikum" (reply "Aleikum Salam") is a good form. Do ask about the family, even if you do not know them. The end of this kind of conversation...

  • When to visit

    If you decide to visit during the dry season, that is from November to February, the temperatures remains rather fresh, both air and water! Between March and May, the climate remains dry, but the temperatures go up, especially in the interior of the country. The raining season which is from June to October, is nice, because it is great for the...

  • Senegal

    Senegal has a lot to offer. Besides Dakar, you can visit six national parks, coastal lagoons, an inland delta and notable bird sanctuaries. Senegal is also blessed with some beautiful natural scenery including many secluded beaches to relax.From wonderful mosques to traditional architecture, bustling markets to lonely beaches, lively cities to...

  • Waiting...

    There's a LOT of waiting, waiting and more waiting in this part of the world...specially when dealing with any type of public transport. I have quite a few of these pictures taken at various bus stops through out Dakar.

  • Haunting part of our history

    Goree Island. This is close to being a must visit. To see the Slave House and Door of No Return. Seeing the rest of the Island is good also. My fondest memeory of Senegal is the people and their characteristics. They "make" themselves your freind.

  • Senegal's national dish

    I didn't had the chance myself to visit Senegal in Africa, so I visited Senegal in my favorite city Antwerp. I was invited to share the meal with my new Senegalese friends.It was delicious! and that is an understatement.I have to ask for the exact name but here is the picture!

  • For a fantastic holiday, go to Senegal

    I could not especially name one fondest memory, because the whole vacation was fantastic! ... if you're interested in my travel report, you can read it on

  • GOREE ISLAND. A small island...

    GOREE ISLAND. A small island in the west of Dakar where 22 milions slaves leaved Africa for America.

  • Take a walk to the markets in...

    Take a walk to the markets in Dakar. Don't be afraid of getting deep into the dark sites of it. I didn't find any danger there, but very friendly people selling condiments and plants I've never seen before.

  • Meet the villagers!

    If there is one thing that you do whilst you are in Senegal, it is getting out of the city and into the country to meet the villagers, they are really amazing people...... I really miss the Senegalese music, it is very unique and is very infectious. (See my Senegal Travelogue for more photos of the villages)

  • Parc Niokolo a must!

    You absolutely must go to Parc National De Niokolo - Koba (a mouthful I know) There are some great chances to see hippo, crocodile, and lots of antelope, and if you are very very lucky, maybe lion too.... It is definately the Serengeti of west Africa. Visiting a very rural fishing community, not far from the Gambian border, and being invited to...

  • Witness a sunset from one of...

    Witness a sunset from one of the many bridges in St-Louis. The laid-back atmosphere. I went during the rainy season (not much rain but big thunderstorms at times) andthere were no tourists

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