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Senegal Tourist Traps

  • Dakar Airport Arrival outside shops

    Beware! When you arrive at the airport sometimes your travel agent personnel asks you to wait for other fellow travellers. During the wait, if they tell you to go with them outside to exchange money, DON'T. They will take you to a "know-to-them" shop outside the airport and the rate exchange is not acceptable. They usually do this to young couples...

  • guide and the artisanal market

    You have to know that every people work as "guide", but unfortunatly they miss the essential and you will go straight to the artisanal market and it's boring and uninteresting. You probably go back with an expensive djembe under your arms, if you're lucky and you'll miss the most interesting things to do!!!Senegalese people are very kind but very...

  • The bank scam

    The bank in Tamacounda wouldnt change my travellers cheques what could I do I didnt have enoug cash to get back to Dakar. As I went back to the hotel and related my story to the hotel clerk another guy appeared. His brother works at the bank and he could sort it all out for a hefty commision what could I do he had me bent over a barrel. They...

  • Not a great beach...

    Plage Bel-Air (very close to the train station in Dakar) is a dirty beach. so best not to stay here, though it may have been cleaned up since I was there. Don't stay there too long! If you must stay near to the city, head for N'Gor a little further away. If you want beaches it is best to head further south.

  • Border Mauritania-Senegal

    This is well known to be the worst place to enter Senegal. From all border passages, the border here in Rosso is quite messy and full of currupt police officers in both sides, Mauritania and Senegal. Coming from Mauritanian Rosso, you have to make all your documents signed from the head cheef police, and remember not to give your passport to the...

  • Police officers

    Policemen in Senegal are the worst I've seen. Altough I know in some other countries in Africa they are even worst (how is this possible??). Even if you have all your documents and papers in order, follow all the rules and take care of people and situations, police will always try to get something out of you. Once a police in countryside Senegal...

  • Mosquittos

    Take all your vaccines, bring repelent and spend money on a good mosquitto net. Mosquitto nets are better if you can actually change and mold them in different positions and ocasions...

  • Car traffic in Dakar

    If you arrive Dakar by night you'll have to wait maybe 2 up to 3 hours to make the last kms of the main "highway" towards the city centre. Traffic jams are huge and people seem to loose hours on this. Be careful with crazy drivers... Be patiente and put up some music. If you can come a bit ealier although you still have many cars but not as much.6...

  • Your car all messed up

    Taking whells to Africa means having to loose lots of hours cleaning and put everythignin order very often or you'll not be able to find anything after a while. Order and organization maybe every 2 days? 5 days? a week? 2 weeks? ok forget it...

  • Temperature

    Expect high temperatures all year round. Best time to go there maybe its in European Winter and Spring. I went in April and was ok although we got max 53º celcius, which is hot but ok. In summer temperatures can rise up to 60 and 65.

  • Little villages

    People in little villages see tourist a way of trying to win or getting something. This way when you arrive to little villages like this one on the picture xpect children to run towards yourself. Take many htings in consideration:becareful if you drive cos some kids can actually fall and you can hit them with your car; if you give someting to a...

  • Water in tea

    You should take care and dont drink the local water. Sometimes the tea people offer you is made from that non good water and while making the tea, the water doesnt boil enough time. If someone invintes you for a tea at their place or in the street just say yes if you feel like but know or ask to boil the water well. If you get sick, you're done...

  • Getting sick while traveling

    Yes its me on the pcture, not lying on the beach cos I was having a great time but I was actually feeling really bad. This was the second time of many that I got sick in just 2 weeks period while traveling in West Africa. First time i got sick from my sinusites that got me into a little crises due to weather changing already in Mauritania, and...

  • The "Slave Island" of Ile Goree

    Many people and lots of local tourist info will tell visitors that this was the transshipment point of slaves for the Americas. By and large this is not true, but it serves to bring many tourists.The main roles of Ile Goree during colonial times appear to be administrative and trade related. It was also heavily fortified and served as a naval guard...

  • Airport "assistance"

    While in immigration, customs and exit lines at the airport in Dakar, someone may come up to you with some kind of ID card and all and ask if you need help/assistance.Don't accept it, this is a scam, and the only thing that will happen is that you will have to pay for an unnecessary service. Obviously, these touts are in lead with airport officials...

  • "Coco Chanel locale"

    The sweet-talking and beautiful sales ladies of Ile Goree are using a much less brutal tactics than the salesmen and touts on the mainland. Somehow, marketing sophistication has reached this island but missed out on the mainland.Miss "Coco Chanel Locale" turned the head of my friend to the extent he had the feeling and urge to buy something from...

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Senegal Tourist Traps

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