Seychelles Favorites

  • your map for orientation
    your map for orientation
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Nice spread huh? (Feb 2011)
    Nice spread huh? (Feb 2011)
    by cjg1
  • This cake was delicious...yum
    This cake was delicious...yum
    by cjg1

Seychelles Favorites

  • Money for Seychelles

    The Rupee is what is used in the Seychelles. Most large hotels will exchange $100 into rupees for you and give you a decent exchange rate. If you have transportation, I recommend using your Check card and going to the ATM to take out cash. The ATM gives the best exchange rates. You can withdraw up to 3000 rupees at a time and don’t have to hide a...

  • Seychelles mindset

    First, 100 SR (rupees) is equal to about $10 US, so keep that in mind as you go through. Next, and you will find this out when you get here, No one and I mean No one is in a hurry here, except for you. So if you want to have fun, just understand that this isn’t home and you’re going to have to slow it down a little and relax. The Seychelles have...


    You absolutely should see the island of La Diguewith its splendid beaches and the world famous rocksANSE SOURCE D'ARGENT IS REPUTED TO THE M,SOT FOTOGRAPHED BEACH IN THE WORLDENTRANCE FEE 5 USD OR 4 EURO from the jetty of la digue turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school.take the road to your right...

  • Backpacking/Island Hopping

    Travel agencies did not recommend us to just go there without booking any hotels. I personally think it is not a problem at all outside high season. Backpacking is easly possible just not on a shoe string.....bring the big vallet! In high season it might be a problem with vacancies. However thats acctually a good thing: I was fascinated how this...

  • Donate your books

    once you have finished reading our beach books or magazines, think about donating them to the local library in Victoria. When I visited their library I was shocked to see magazines dated 2002. With their lack of foreign currency and the cost of shipping, it must be a strain on them to purchase magazines and books.

  • Make it cheaper....

    It is costly to travel to the Seychelles, and the price level is high.For USD 2000 per person you can do what I did in terms of flights (Oslo-Paris-Mahe rtn), boat rides (Victoria-Praslin-La Digue), fishing and snorkelling from a boat, renting a taxi full day on Mahe, taxi transfers to Victoria, airport, accommodation in a guest house on Beau...

  • Confusing Currency !!

    NOT !!!!!!One of my least favourite things in the Seychelles was their confusing currency laws !!!! they drove me nuts - take a caculator of currency converter with you if possible as I was never sure if I was getting swindled because - over there you pay for some things in local currency but most things need to be paid in US dollars, british...

  • only one gas station!

    Take into account that there are no gas stations on the entire West coast. We rented a car in Victoria and forgot to fill her up before leaving town, We coasted half way down the La Misere road and luckily arrived at the station.

  • Geckos

    If you have read some of my other pages here on Vt, you may know by now that my husband David is absultely passionate about geckos and lizards. WE will spend hours just wathcing these cute little creatures scampering in amongst the rocks.

  • Flowers

    The Seychelles is full of beautiful and colourful flora, plants that we have as pot plants at home will grow to enormous bushes or even trees. I loved to walk around the hotel grounds and also see the flowers growing along the side of the road. Beautiful!

  • Watching life on the beach

    I loved to get up early in the morning and watch the fishermen bring their cathc back and all the locals helping to bring the net ashore in return for a fish or two. Fishing is one of the major industries in the Seychelles.

  • Smiling moon

    One thing that I found very funny in the Seychelles is to see the moon in another position than I'm used to see it at home :-) If you click the picture, you'll see it a little better. The crescent of the moon is more upright in Belgium, but I liked it a lot with its bright smile ;-)

  • Little airport of Mahé

    Even if you choose to go to Praslin or La Digue, you always have to land in Mahé first. The little airport is really picturesque... and so tiny :-)People welcome you in a very friendly way when you arrive, and our hostess even offered me a frangipani flower because I was the first one to get out of the check in area :-))

  • How to fish

    If you are lucky and go to the right beach at the right time, you will see fisherman of the Seychelles dragging this fish net to the beach...most of the time full of tasty fish :-)Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky, and all I could see is that empty trap on a beach of Mahé. But I did taste delicious fish like the "bourzwa" and others so delicioulsy...

  • Beds full of flowers

    Room service in the Seychelles is good almost everywhere. We were staying at the Berjaya Mahé Beach Hotel in Mahé and we were very satisfied. One thing I appreciated particularly was the way they made the beds. We found it very often covered with flowers, and I found this so sweet :-) Little attentions that make you happy !

  • Arriving in the Seychelles

    When you arrive by plane, the view you have is the island of Sainte-Anne and the Marine park. Apart from the moment we get in the plane, this is my favorite moment...when we start to see the land :-) And arriving in the Seychelles was quite magical to me.

  • Giant granite boulders

    Pointe Source D'Argent is a two-mile long beach that that steps down from heaps of giant granite boulders. These rocks, one heaped on top of the other, seem as though they might fall at any moment but they are so dramatic you can't stop looking at them.The water is crystal clear casting different colors from the rocks, which appear either pink or...

  • All is exceptionally beautiful!

    All of the Seychelles is wonderful. But - for us - La Digue was the utmost! No traffic (!), only ox-cars and bicycles, these fantastic granit rock formations on white sandy beaches, the absolute clear and warm waters, the vegetaion and the very friendly people having a lot of natural self confidence (this applies for the other islands, too,...


    on Mahé Island!Those beaches are only accessible by walking (about 25 minutes) or by hiring a boat in Beau Vallon.The trail passes through the unspoilt Morne Seychellois NP, fringed by some impressive glacis rock formations. It starts in Danzilles just beyond La Scala Restaurant. Always walk on the trail closest to the sea. The 2 beaches /Anse...


    With a catamaran cruise you can reach directly desert beaches: choreographic rocks between sand and palm evoke the primeval image of Seychelles.

  • Sun and Sea

    The sea life is wonderful and the beaches unspoilt. You must spend time in the water! Snorkelling with sea turtles only a few feet out into the water.

  • Be with someone special

    By far the most beautiful memory of the Seychelles is spending time being with someone you enjoy. In this case, it was Leo. I think he was the only Argentinien in the whole island chain, and I was probably the most pale. I can never say enough about the Seychelles. I have always been reluctant to go back places I have already been if they are too...

  • the island of LA...

    the island of LA DIGUE,approached by small boat fromPRASLIN.....the view of the small harbour when theboat is docking...children waving their hands....emerald blue water the boss of LA CITRONELLE guest house on LA DIGUE,whomlike a real AFRICAN MAMA took care of me after i brokemy shoulder on this island and couldn't get to an hospital soon

  • Get ready to spend some time...

    Get ready to spend some time with yourself. There isn't much to do by way of sightseeing in seychelles. So bring along a few books or whatever you choose to do with your days and choose a different beach or Island everyday.

  • Visit La Digue Island and its...

    Visit La Digue Island and its Anse Source D'Argent beach. Countless beaches worldwide are called the world's most beautiful beach by locals. Well, I've been around a lot and nothing I've seen thus far compares to the beauty of La Digue's Anse D'Argent. It does not have the best snorkeling or the best reef in the Seychelles...much less in the world,...

  • Visit the capital, Victoria! ...

    Visit the capital, Victoria! This picture is of the clock at the main junction. It's the world's smallest capital city, and is a great place to be! :)Try the Pirate's Arms for great food or a cool drink...Oh, and buy some 'busy bee' honey from the main supermarket - the nicest thing i've ever tasted!! (it's from australia, but you can buy...

  • watch the sun set.... this...

    watch the sun set.... this picture was taken from near the Nature Protection Trust house on Silhouette.because the sky is so clear, you can see the Milky Way and Mars at night (depending on the time of year). And look out for Orion - he's sideways!! laying on the pier at La Passe, next to an ENORMOUS pile of coconuts, watching the stars!

  • Go for a hike in the mist...

    Go for a hike in the mist forests on Mahe or Silhouette. Get a guide to take you up and show you the sights! Standing on the beach at La Passe on Silhouette, looking towards Mahe in the sunshine and thinking how lucky I was....

  • Hire a Mini Moke, Drive around...

    Hire a Mini Moke, Drive around the Island, stop and chat to locals, have meals at little eateries, It's away from the Rat Race of insutrialised countries.Tropical greenery.Coral Reefs.

  • maribelm's General Tip

    Logicamente lo que mas perdura en la memoria de estas islas son sus playas y el relax y su tranquilidad. La foto es una muestra de ello.

  • AstrOlga's General Tip

    I spent New Year's Eve there in 1997, we had found this lovely beach with a fisherman called Jean-Baptiste. He had arranged a small hut with a few tables and he would grill on the beach what he had been fishing and serve it to you on the spot. We were a dozen of people and we had so much fun, eating, drinking, singing and playing guitar around...

  • Get to know the locals. They...

    Get to know the locals. They are the nicest people in the world, and make you feel so welcome and at home. Going as far as the road goes and then trecking for a long while down a narrow footpath with a ravine to one side to meet the girls family for the first time.....Heaven on earth! The pic is me Simone and Hollyanne with the family in Mont...

  • See the other eilands...

    See the other eilands Praslin,La dique you will see dubbel cocconuts and flyingdogs and a lot off intrest things the beautifull beaches Alway's nice weather.And sopeacefull(in 1976 –77) Also the verry good kitchen.

  • Rent a car and go around the...

    Rent a car and go around the island. There is a lot of nice places, beaches, and a fantastic nature.You also have to go to some of the other islands like La Digue, Praslin, Silhouette or Bird Island Life in Seychelles is absolutly relaxing and You do not get here to do shopping!

  • The Seychelles...a place for...

    The Seychelles...a place for honymoons(my parents got married there!),coral diving,good meals.scuba diving is one thing you can do(Ona all the islands,but especially at the island of La Digue.Hundreds of fishes in all the colors,corals,crabs,shells,...The underwaterworld at the Seychellse is a magical place. My dad broke his arm at the...

  • Be aware that:Seychelles is...

    Be aware that:Seychelles is the perfect place for the 'tropical islands dreamers'. Pure beaches decorated with Coconutpalms and clear blue water, mountains covered with lush forests, nice people, nice food,and that calmness that is so typical forthose kind of places. If you seek hiking trails, water Activities,original cultre and the 'tahitian...

  • Seychelles is not for the...

    Seychelles is not for the agressive adventurist. There are some things to do like sport fishing, scuba and maybe para-gliding but you come to the Seychelles to relax. Walking on the beach at night. The sand is like powder, a zillion stars overhead, the warm IO licking your feet and it is so quiet.

  • Island hop. Each island has...

    Island hop. Each island has its own unique qualities. We went to Praslin and La Digue as part of our 'honeymoon' week away from Mahe.We had plannned this vacation one year in advance, so we took the previous year to become certified scuba divers. If you're a qualified diver, you simply must dive here. The marine life is as colouful as the flora on...

  • snorkeling or diving ... you...

    snorkeling or diving ... you absolutely can't miss the wonder of underwater world :-)I suggest you to taste and buy the COCO DE MAIR LIQUEUR, a unique tropical liqueur from Seychelles. Anse Kerlan in Praslin island.

  • The beaches are excellent and...

    The beaches are excellent and there are some good secluded spots. Time has passed since my last visit but I suspect the sun and sand are still excellent. The beaches and the deepsea fishing. The photo below shows the catch that I and friends took, mostly tuna. Some were sold to restaurants, some we took back to our hotel for dinner, and some we...

  • visit to Anse...

    visit to Anse Lasio!(Praslin)The perfect kinds on a foot road from a stop of the bus about Auberge Club hotel and are farther in the party Anse Major. Remarkable bays in the south of islands near ¨¢lantation Club hotel - Anse Solei, Petit Anse - Perfect nature, there are not enough of people.We flew to Seychelles from Frankfurt by Lufthansa. Ok...

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