Somalia Warnings and Dangers

  • Red painted rocks showing a minefield.
    Red painted rocks showing a minefield.
    by canuckmike
  • gas station in the middle of nowhere
    gas station in the middle of nowhere
    by sphynxxs
  • AMISOM in Somalia
    AMISOM in Somalia
    by buulayaasha

Somalia Warnings and Dangers

  • Minefields

    Minefields (or suspected minefields) exist many places around the world and Somalia/Somaliland has them as well. Many of the landmines were laid during the 1988-1991 Somali civil war. There are many reasons why landmines are laid. Defense is one reason. For example to protect certain things such as borders or airfields. There are several ways...

  • make sure you don´t run out of gas

    when you travel outside Hargeysa across the country, make sure you have enough fuel. Gas stations are few between Hargeysa and Berbera, and you cannot always rely on them being stocked sufficiently.


    When you enter Somaliland there is a mandatory money exchange of $50 and they give you a bad rate of only 5500 per Dollar. You get at least 6000 or more on the street from the Moneychangers. If you argue your case and hand over less, you will probably get away with it. Now, $50 = 275,000 Shillings! And it gets worse. The only note now in...


    Common house flies are just plain nasty. They happily fly onto and eat animal droppings. In Africa these nasty critters spread some seriously bad diseases. They can even carry Typhoid – which you should be inoculated for before any adventure to Africa. Keep a good hat or other item handy to wave flies away. They always show up and there is always...

  • DUST !

    Somaliland is a semi-desert environment, except during the rainy season. You are going to get dusty no matter how hard you try to not get dusty. I would recommend very light coloured clothes like a tan or beige colour. It will hide the dust better and be just a bit cooler for you. I would suggest you take a good lens cleaning cloth for cameras. I...

  • And you thought Mad Max was fiction?

    I was a foreign correspondent in Africa and I saw many nasty things in many nasty places, but with the exception of maybe Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I worked in none nastier than Somalia. Mogadishu is a mean, corrupt and violent city. Problem is, once you leave the Mogadishu you will find a world of even more extreme violence...

  • Take you pills and shots!

    Make sure to take all your medicines before arriving here. This is sub-sahara africa and all the anti-malaria, hepetitis A, etc. drugs are required. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants to decrease chance of sun exposure and mosquito bites.

  • Telephone problems

    In Somalia, two competing telephone companies use different lines. So you have to have 2 phone lines if you want to be accessible to everyone. You can't call STC using Barakat (Telesom) or vise-versa. There are cellphones though.

  • Unfortunately, this place is...

    Unfortunately, this place is just plain anarchic for the most part. Tribal warlords, famine, and drought make it a rather inhospitable place. The people individually are beautiful, but the political situation, in spite of the new president, is still very dodgy.

  • Warning tips

    Like in any country, Somalia has its share of dangerous places. But with some hard currency, you can buy your way out of basically anything. If your short on money, your wits might help. No really, Somalis have nothing against people who visit their counrty. They rarely see outsiders so probably won't know what to say if they do.

  • I think it's better not to go...

    I think it's better not to go to Somalia. It's very dangerous there. The people who live there are going to other country's, because it's to dangerous in there own country.I think that it's very stupid and dum to go there.

  • The warlords are seemingly...

    The warlords are seemingly still fighting each other. From what I understand, it's not a safe or comfortable destination.Also, don't believe what you read in many magazines about the accommodations there. The Official Hotel Guide (OHG) is very misleading and I doubt they've investigated many of the places they say are fine. I chose a place that had...


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Somalia Warnings and Dangers

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