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  • Another view of the Three Rondavels
    Another view of the Three Rondavels
    by mikelisaanna
  • The Three Rondavels
    The Three Rondavels
    by mikelisaanna
  • The view from Wonder View
    The view from Wonder View
    by mikelisaanna

Graskop Things to Do

  • The Three Rondavels

    The Three Rondavels is a large rock formation in South Africa's Blyde River Canyon. The name refers to the fact that the three rounded mountain peaks resemble traditional native huts. The reddish color of the rocks adds to their photo appeal. You look out atthem from the top of the ridge on the other side of the canyon. From the parking lot to the...

  • Wonder View

    Wonder View is another spectacular viewpoint along the Drakensberg Escarpment north of Graskop. Wonder View gives you essentially the same view as God's Window, without making you climb up a bunch of steps. You look out over miles and miles of forests and fields that lie about 2000 feet below you and stretch to Kruger National Park to the east.

  • God's Window

    God's Window is an impressive viewpoint in the Drakensberg Mountains north of Graskop. The viewpoint is located near the top of a steep ridge that plunges 2000 feet down into the lowvelt (lowlands). From God's Window, you can see for over 50 miles across the lowvelt forests and fields that stretch east towards Kruger National Park and Mozambique....

  • Big Swing

    PLACES OF INTERESTThe town of Graskop is perched on a spur of the Mauchsberg at an altitude of 1493 metres and dates way back to 1837, when Andries Potgieter passed through with the Great Trek in search of greener pastures in the north. In his memoirs, he mentions leaving the womenfolk in the area now known as Graskop, which means grassy peak,...

  • African Silks

    A must visit when you are in this area. The staff are wonderful and take you on a tour explaining the diff between RSA silks and Thai silks and how they are spun. At Africa Silks you will once again be reminded of the wonders of nature. Visit Africa Silks and you will be amazed to see how the silkworm cocoons are processed into the most beautiful...

  • God's Window

    Situated on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga is God’s Window. Just one look down and you will begin to understand why it is called "God's Window". With magnificent views, canyons, rock formations and waterfalls, God's Window is truly an area of breathtaking scenic splendour. It is no wonder that Mpumalanga is known as Paradise Country! Gods...

  • Bourkes Luck potholes

    This natural water feature marks the beginning of the Blyde River Canyon. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River caused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river.The Potholes were named after a gold digger, Tom Burke, who staked a...

  • Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

    Although not a registered SA Natural Heritage Site, the world renown Blyde River Canyon deserves to be included here. The reserve is located north of Graskop and covers an area of 22 664 ha, extending from the Pinnacle Rock in the south to beyond the Blyderivierspoort Dam in the north. The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world...

  • Pinnacle

    On the same road as God's window you will find a turn of to the pinnalce. It is a large rock standing on it's own. You will also find some traders here with their African crafts.

  • God's window

    A few km's out of Graskop there is a viewpoint called God's window. It is said that on a clear day you can see the boats in Maputo Harbour. I can't confirm it. Must have been there about 5 or 6 different times in different seasons but there always seems to be a haze. It is still a very beautiful view. At all these viewpoints there are local traders...

  • Mac Mac Falls

    The 60-meter high Mac Mac Falls, located roughly 2/3 of the way to Sabie from Graskop, is just one of several that plunge off various cliffs along the Drakensberg escarpment. If you're there in summer, there is plenty of opportunities for swimming and diving; we were there in mid-winter, so that wasn't an option. However, there are hiking trails...

  • Berlin Falls

    Berlin Falls is not nearly as beautiful as Lisbon Falls, but it is impressive. You can climb right up to the edge of falls which then falls over a completely vertical rock cliff. There are many vendors selling curios at the top of the falls.


Graskop Restaurants


    Just to set the record straight Pancakes = Crepe's in South Africa. They have quite a few fillings and you can sit outside in the sunshine. Service is at good and the the food is excellent. 4 of us ate here for $15. Next door is a huge gift shop. If you need souvenirs from South Africa, you can do all your shopping here. After your meal, pop over...


    Not exactly a restaurant, but you definitely want to eat their Biltong. If you like Biltong, you will love this place. Biltong is so much more than Beef Jerky. It is more tender and flavourful. No plastic tubes here! Every purchase is placed in a brown paper bag that is easy to open. They have traditional beef varieties and game, like Eland, as...

  • More pancakes

    Silver Spoon is opposite Harrie's. We wanted to go back to Harrie's for a last pancake before coming back home. We very seldom have pancakes at home so we over - indulged a bit. Harrie's was closed for a function so we had to try something else. A bit crowded. The verandah area is very small. They are busy building a deck so that might help....


Graskop Shopping

  • mvtouring's Profile Photo

    street buying: African curious

    by mvtouring Written Mar 3, 2008

    At the entrance to the Blyde River canyon, you will find these informal vendors selling all kinds of lovely stuff that makes nice gifts and souvenirs.

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Graskop Warnings and Dangers

  • Graskop - Traffic "offences"

    I recently visited the province of Mpumalanga with my Mom. I hadn't been there since I was a child and was naturally very excited about my return to the area. There are so many beautiful places to visit in and around the small towns. Graskop was one of the towns on our list of places to see. On the first day we went there, we had breakfast at...

  • Fog

    This place has the strangest weather. The fog appears out of nowhere. Be very careful when you drive. Switch headlights on and drive very, very carefully. There are a lot of mountain passes in the area. Here you should be extra careful.

  • Graskop Hotels

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Graskop Tourist Traps

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    Mac Mac Tourist Trap!

    by Waxbag Written Nov 30, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mac Mac Falls and Mac Mac Pools are definately not worth seeing for the price. The falls are nice but not for the amount of tourist there and the R10 per person charged.

    Unique Suggestions: The consolation to coming here (maybe not so for some) are the nice curious sold here. This is one of the best places in the region for buying local crafts at a cheap price.

    Fun Alternatives: Try Lisbon Falls on R532 north of Graskop or even Berlin Falls in the same direction. Lisbon Falls is 10 times nicer and free.

    Vendor and Baby
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Graskop What to Pack

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    How should one dress?

    by Jenniflower Written Mar 24, 2009

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    Luggage and bags: Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are travelling.

    If you are doing a night hike, bring a backpack and a water bottle.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Some ideas:

    Light coloured clothing that doesnt absorb the sun as much as dark clothing. If you're going on safari, pack comfortable walking shoes and khaki, brown or beige casual clothes.

    Long-sleeved shirts and trousers will help protect you against the sun and insect bites.

    Take a warm jacket for game drives; and, if you're going in summer, make sure it's water-proof.

    A cap/hat that covers your head and neck.

    Long socks if you are going hiking (extra protection against snakes if you come across one).


    Comfortable sandals and tackies/trainers/sneakers.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Sun screen (Factor 35), headache tablets (from being in the car during the sun all day, may bring on a headache), and usual little things like some plasters for blisters, Tabard for the mossies (mosquitos), cotton wool, germolene etc.

    Photo Equipment: Your camera, with charger, and a SOUTH AFRICAN plug extension.

    Bring along the best lens you can - a zoom lens will be needed as the animals are often in the distance and may only look like tiny specks in your photos when they are developed.

    Miscellaneous: Have a map of the area handy, plus a local bird, flower and tree book. For this you also need a pair of good quality binoculars

    This is so that you don’t get lost, plus can appreciate all that’s around you that much more.

    It is not just a place to sight-see, but a place to learn from too.

    Dont forget a torch!

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Graskop Off The Beaten Path

  • Three Rondavels

    A few km from the Blyde River Canyon viewpoint is the viewpoint for 3 Rondavels. It is named like this because of the 3 peaks looking like 3 rondavels. The scenery and view from here over the canyon is breathtaking. Even better than from the official viewpoint. Entrance to both the canyon and the 3 rondavels is free.

  • Blyde River Canyon

    About 50km from Graskop on the Orighstad road you will find a view point to the Blyde River Canyon. Beautiful view especially on a clear day

  • Forest Falls, A Nice Relaxing Falls Near...

    Forest Falls is not as impressive as some of the other surrounding falls, but the walk to the falls is nice. It is also free. They are certainly better than Macmac falls, which is a tourist trap further down the road. Andre, the owner at the Green Castle, says that a leopard comes to drink here at the pool below the falls every morning.The falls...


Graskop Favorites

  • bocalia's Profile Photo

    YOUR SAFETY - Mpumalanga is one of South...

    by bocalia Written Dec 15, 2008

    Favorite thing: Mpumalanga is one of South Africa's safest provinces, with significantly lower than average violent crime rates. however, advised to take normal common-sense precautions to ensure that their visits are hassle free. If visitors are unfortunate enough to be involved in a vehicle accident, other mishap, or crime, they should immediately call the province's emergency services on telephone number 10111

    Fondest memory: Harry's Pancake

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