Cape Town Local Customs

  • The Minstrel Festival, Jan 2014
    The Minstrel Festival, Jan 2014
    by MM212
  • Local Customs
    by mvtouring
  • Lamb on the spit
    Lamb on the spit
    by morne

Most Recent Local Customs in Cape Town

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    Almost like Flemish and Dutch

    by johanl Updated Dec 8, 2002

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    The local language is different from English and is called Afrikaans. This language is a mixture of Dutch and English. For Flemish and Dutch people it is easy to understand and seems to be the only region in the world where beneath Belgium and Holland this language is spoken. So al signs are in both languages and to us it is rather funny that we understand both languages.


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    There's so many different cultures

    by cosmopolit Updated Nov 26, 2002

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    There's so many different cultures living toghether making Cape Town a real meltingpot of cultures, religions, styles and flavours. European, Indian, Madagascan and South East Asian all these people are interspersed with the local Khoi and Xhosa population plus Traders from countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Nigeria favour Cape Town, particularly because there's so many tourists read business. Due to this Cape Town has one of the most distinctive identities, strong diversity and open-minded benevolence of all the South African cities. It shows in opening hours at shops if there's x-mas for some it's a plain vanilla day to others and vice-versa.
    The result's a delicious Cape cuisine which must be integrated as part of the experience. Don't let sometimes sloppy service get you as this is due to another Cape Town characteristic the very laid-back attitude of her inhabitants.


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    There's the Cape doctor and there's also Cape coma

    by cosmopolit Written Nov 26, 2002

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    Capetonians are fiercely proud of their easygoing image, openly laughing at their more frenetic fellow South Africans from the north and shrugging off admonitions of being afflicted by what has widely become known as the ‘Cape coma’. It usually shows when someone uses "hectic" to describe styles or colours or just anything sticking out of the regular...;-))

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    Here is the Cape Of Good Hope

    by rachel_sun Updated Sep 11, 2002

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    Here is the Cape Of Good Hope(Cape Point).This is where the atlantic and indian oceans meet.We went here on a day trip.There were plenty of walks and beaches to choice from.The nature reserve here has 40km of coastline.Fynbos,Capes unusual plants and fauna are here,as well as wildlife,Baboons and loads of birds.
    We stopped at one of the many picnic spots for a drink and then went to the Point(in the pic).There is a restaurant here if you want a tasty meal too.There is a big car park near the Point,you can walk to the point or catch a bus upto it.We took the bus.

    I recomend this trip,but take your time and stop on the way for a drink and stretch your legs.I think it took about 3 hours to get here.


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    Capetown is a real mix of...

    by ratcorp Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Capetown is a real mix of people. your more likely to Dump into other tourists than locals. Never insult capetownians wines. Drink it ...LOL. They love thier wine. Capetownians are passonate about alot of things .
    If driving around , just be very careful in crowded areas , pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. So be more aware of capetownians BREAKING hard for pedestrians . Capetown is VERY gay . If this isn't your scene , your will have a hard time trying not to see beatiful men and women sitting at resturants chatting and dining with each other. Don't be shocked by Nudist beaches and even the Nudist colony on Greenpoint ((graafs pool) if you don't like it , don't go there.
    People in Capetown are funky , viby and can get very loud ...Its like the Rio carnival during the holiday season.
    (photo taken of me in a Cave on Lions head , over looking greenpoint and robben isalnd can be spotted in the far right of the pic)

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    The Capetonians have been...

    by kenHuocj Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    The Capetonians have been around since 1652, thus their pedigree is always noted: knowing of their Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Flemish, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Java etc genetic links;
    that Cape Town having been a port of the Global Trade seaways, with the blood links, and nowadays, it's airlinks; and
    since the lifting of Economic Sanctions of the 80's, also supplier of some of the finest New World Modified Nectars of Bacchus;
    It's understandanble why Culuture is so important.

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    BACKPACKER'S INFOIn this web...

    by SirRichard Written Aug 25, 2002

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    In this web page of the Backpackers Youth Hostel you will find a lot of useful info about the place.

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    by audrius35 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Unlike some other cities I've...

    by Krystynn Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Unlike some other cities I've visited, I find the South Africans here in Cape Town (it's quite a different story in Jo'burg though!) very friendly and hospitable... from the street vendors to those I meet during the course of my stay in this enchanting city. I know I'd miss this beautiful city...

    Don't confuse your travel agent with God.' - Kenneth Morgan, (American Writer) b.1916

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  • South Africa, Land of...

    by Petra_Khalil Written Aug 24, 2002

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    South Africa, Land of Delicious Wine!
    We tried several different kinds of South African wine and all of them where exquisite.
    If you are in the Cape Town area, you are in the center of interest of the South African wine production. Follow the wine-route and taste some of the best wines of the land.

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    There is a population in the...

    by susie_fr Written Aug 24, 2002

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    There is a population in the Cape called the Cape Coloureds. They are very happy go lucky people. Always smiling and seem to enjoy life. If you are lucky enough to be in the cape during the Cape Carnival, you will see a lot of bright colours, people all dressed up and singing and dancing through the streets. Here is a Cape Coloured teaching himself to produce music out of an old plank, a tin can and a few wire strings. Very talented lot they are!

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    Minstrel Festival

    by MM212 Updated Jan 22, 2014

    Take a look at my video entitled: "Minstrel Festival".

    The Minstrel Festival, Jan 2014

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    by morne Written Mar 28, 2008

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    Braai or BBQ as some call it, is a favorite passtime of South Africans. From little chops on the fire to a whole sheet on the spit. We do it all.

    Lamb on the spit
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    don't feed the birds

    by 1gorams Updated Apr 2, 2007

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    if you dine outside @ the v & a waterfront, try not to feed the birds ... tens upon tens will converge on you, people around you, and your food! there are some signs posted warning about this.

    V & A Waterfront
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    Xmas lights

    by mvtouring Written Jan 23, 2007

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    We are not very big on decorating our homes at x-mas time, however one suburb has been doing it for a number of years and that is Bothasig, especially Klepper street where it all started.

    Klepper street, Bothasig Klepper street, Bothasig

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Cape Town Local Customs

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People are friendly and will easily smile at you. Street vendors can be a nuisance, but they are harmless and if you are firm enough they will leave you alone.

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