South Africa Transportation

  • Hatfield Station
    Hatfield Station
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  • Brief Stop in Hatfield
    Brief Stop in Hatfield
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  • Transportation
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South Africa Transportation

  • Air Travel

    Cape Town Transportation

    In recent years, South Africa has welcomed a number of low cost air carriers into the local market - with a resultant (and much appreciated) drop in the cost of internal air flights. The three major carriers are Kulula (, 1Time ( and Mango ( - with Mango actually being a subsidiary of the national...

  • self drive

    Kruger National Park Transportation

    Shell Ultra City N4 highway at Middelburg is on the main route from to Johannesburg and Pretoria to the Kruger National park. Thieves are using car lock jamming devices to block the signal to auto lock your cars . Myself and three other friends of mine have been robbed recently of our personal effects left in our cars on 4 different occasions...

  • Car / Taxi

    Cape Town Transportation

    There are many rental car agencies in South Africa. We found Thrifty Dollars Rental cars were the most reasonable . You can find them at the airport or also at Hilton Hotel in the city. There is a petrol pump right opposite to Hilton Hotel which is convenient to fill in before dropping the car off.

  • safari tour

    Kruger National Park Transportation

    As part of the price of the safari tour with Viva Safari I had a full day Kruger Park driving safari which included the price of the park entrance and an all day safari drive. The vehicle sits up to 16 passengers in a jeep which allowed for excellent game viewing which is driven by an experienced ranger who knows all the flora and fauna of the...

  • Buses

    Cape Town Transportation

    See beautiful Cape Town in 4 routes available: the Red City Tour, the Blue Mini Peninsula Tour, the Yellow Downtown Tour and the Purple Wine Tour. Discover this mysterious, beautiful and exhilarating city!

  • airport

    Kruger National Park Transportation

    The easiest way to get to the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (which is adjacent to Kruger) is to fly from Johannesburg (JNB) to Hoedspruit (HDS). There are two daily direct flights and the HDS airport is about an hour away from the actual camp we stayed at (nThambo Tree Camp). Unfortunately for us, we tried to reserve rather late when only one way...

  • Trains

    Cape Town Transportation

    South Africa is notorious for its lack of public transport, so it is a rare pleasure to be able to report on a functional public transport link that's also of use to the tourist (particularly for those on a limited budget). The Metro rail network links the Cape Town CBD to a string of small stations along the False Bay coastline, of which the...

  • OR Tambo Inter Airport

    a very nice easy to read airport, terminal A and B all easily link, you can walk. There is some stores before passport control but the best is once you get actually in, plenty of stores, restos to serve you. I spent time here as was given a free ride to airport,and spend it at the wimpy's terrace overllooking the approach to the airport.Latest one...

  • Sitatunga transfers

    best shuttle transfers from airport to lodge all under the ownership and the timing is fantastic, great service, know the area well, and can arrange for even safaris. If you stay in the lodge hotel the pricing is combine and better, otherwise think about 495 rands for one way to Fourways area.And make sure you have cash, as they take cards but on...

  • get a car and drive East London

    I am always for the car, so this is the best to travel and here even better, nice rides nice sceneries, and combi country and city life trips.And I was driving here lol!!!this is the buffalo city of country East London, nice rides indeed and easy!!

  • Drive Randston,Fourways,Coppens

    This is a nice way to drive, and was driven from and to the airport to the areas mentioned, for courtesy didn't took pictures as was heavily crowded in the shopping plazas around the neighborhoods.Its a joy to drive and see up close the real country. Any country would do ,thank you ::) and another good driving trip and ride into the Fourways area...

  • East London airport

    very nice smallist airport even if rates to it are expensive, not enough airlines serving it yet; best rates come late at nights.the Mile High Bar is a highlight, and nice waiting period can be spent here, SA is running flights to other cities from here. Parking is just across the entrance uncovered and guarded.I do my connections to OR Tambo...

  • Hire a Car

    While much of South Africa is accessible by bus, hiring a car gives much greater flexibility and also allows for self-exploration of the National Parks. Car hire is relatively cheap and there are a range of domestic and international companies to chose from. Bookings can be often made online. Most roads are good but it is important to think...


    AROUNDABOUTCARSA bit of a mouthful, but an excellent car rental company. They gave me the cheapest rates and you can take their cars into Zimbabwe. Many companies have stopped letting people go into Zim. Just tell them which countries you want to go to and they will prepare the paperwork.They have modern cars, loads of locations and couldn't be...

  • Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus

    This is the way to see Cape Town that made the most sense to me. The sites are too spread out to walk and taxis are expensive. These buses go all over and get at least close to all the major sites. You can listen to information on the sites as you go by or unplug the headsets and take it all in. When I was there, it was just $15 with cash or credit...

  • South African Airways

    We did not have much choice from India to reach South Africa. This seemed to be the most reasonably priced airline, but I was not happy with their service. The food options are very unhealthy and meager portions, the staff are not courteous and there is no friendliness on board. I found this is in contrast to the general friendliness that we found...

  • Rental cars

    It is essential to have a car if you want to truly enjoy seeing this country. Of all the rental car companies, we found Thrifty Dollar Rental Cars most reasonable. There are many kinds of packages. It is better to take one with super cover, which includes insurance for any damage including the wind screen and the tyres.

  • Rent a car

    Renting a car (or hiring a car) in South Africa and touring the country independently is an excellent vacation option. South Africa is one of the few African countries where the roads are well maintained and you don't require a 4WD vehicle. Gas (petrol) is readily available at reasonable intervals along the roads and many gas stations are open...

  • Be particularly careful when driving in...

    Driving in South Africa is a superb way to get around, but visitors need to be mindful of the risks this involves so that they can exercise due caution. Driving in poor light (dawn, dusk or at night) is particularly risky, and I would advise travellers - particularly those who are unfamiliar with driving in the developing world - to avoid this if...

  • Mind out for the robots on our roads!

    One of the most bewildering pieces of Sarth Efrikan English for the newcomer is the use of the term 'robots' for traffic lights!I first encountered the term when I first arrived in Jo'burg and was asking for directions. At the time, I was too taken aback to question what the term might mean, and ventured forth with great trepidation, half-expecting...

  • 'One stop' service stations on all...

    (work in progress)The good news for the traveller that's willing to self drive is that South Africa has an excellent network of national roads (prefixed with an N) that are the equal of highways anywhere else in the world.On these roads, you'll comfortably be able to average 100km/h (the speed limit is 120km/h unless otherwise posted). However, in...

  • Forecourt attendants make your visit a...

    Visitors used to serving themselves are often surprised at the number and helpfulness of South African forecourt (petrol pump) attendants.These guys (I've never seen a female one) fill up your car with fuel, and will offer to wash your windscreen as well. They will usually also offer to check your oil and water levels, and even to check your tyre...

  • public transport Gautrain

    this I am told is recently done, and a semi metro subway tube transportation coming into the terminus of chic Sandton, and then goes above ground linking with public transport trains elsewhere, the convenience is that is link directly with OR Tambo international airport in Jo'burg.You buy a magnetic card, good for the trips you need or about 105...

  • Private Car

    I was fortunate in that South African friends drove me everywhere. We drove from Jo'burg to KNP and through the park (three days).I flew to Port Elizabeth and was again looked after by friends.If I had to find my own transportation I would definitely rent a car. The highways in South Africa are very well maintained.I have not done this but it is...

  • Beware of potholes on the roads!

    Ever wonder why there are so many 4x4s on South African roads? Well, here's your answer!For a developing country, South Africa has a very comprehensive road network - much of which is tarred (sealed). However, road maintenance leaves a lot to be desired, and in recent years, avoiding potholes on the roads has become somewhat of a national sport....

  • It seems that they will keep you...

    ...and the prices won't kill you either. This budget airline sounds like the way to go if you are flying within South AfricaWhen I was in the Johannesburg airport waiting for my flight back to the USA, I saw several aircraft with what seemed to be excessive writing on them. I have not had an opportunity to fly on this airline but have done some...

  • Kulula Air - low cost airline

    Kulula AirKulula Air, like Mango, is a low cost airline very convenient to fly around in South Africa.Flight tickets are priced very reasonable. For excellent deals, better buy tickets with many days in advance.I've used Kulula Air, for a couple one-way trips, such as Johannesburg-CapeTown & Johannesburg-George and must say I was very happy the...

  • Pc route planner

    A website where you can plan your route in South Africa, you give your departure destination, and your destination where you go to and you can choose between fastest or shortest route... you can print out and take with... its gives detailed directions

  • South African Airlines

    South African Airlines has flights from Atlanta or New York into either Johannesburg or Capetown.A word of warning this is one long flight! 18 hours or longer depending on the route.

  • Cheap airlines

    When I book a flight within South Africa, I found Kulula - a cheap South African airlines. My tickets were quite a bit cheaper than I would have been able to get from major airlines, so if you are planning to fly within the SA, take a look at!

  • is South Africa's first no frills airline. Operating on the Cape Town - Johannesburg and Johannesburg - Durban routes, they offer a cheaper alternative to regulatr air travel.

  • Airlines

    There is a great choice of airlines to & from Johannesburg or Cape Town. South Africa is on the same time as Europe during the summer & one hour ahead during winter. If you search on the internet at you will find all the airlines telephone no(s) and details to and from South Africa!

  • Car Hire!!

    The best way to travel is to hire a car. It is a bit expensive but the best way to travel. You can hire a car on the airport at Budget, Avis or Imperial. They cars are quite good! South Africa don't really have good public transportation. Don't climb into just ANY taxi, if you make use of a taxi, phone for one. At the link opposite "Website" below,...


    This is about the bad driving conditions I experienced in RSA, so you will know what to look for here. Please see my other transport pages for bad drivers in other parts of the world. 1) Driving on the leftStay FAR left. Drivers love to overtake at the crest of blind summits on your side of the road. Always hug the left side (except at night).2)...

  • CABS Car Hire

    For great prices, and a pretty cool selection of types of car, they are a good choice. Their motto is Customers Appreciate Better Service, which is a good one because their service was excellent. I was able to find only one company who offered a cheaper rate per day to hire a car, but the catch was the insurance excess which was much higher, and a...

  • GPS/Cell Phone

    The best advice we got came from a man we met on our plane who was from South Africa. He suggested we rent a GPS and a cellphone upon arrival in Cape Town before renting our car. The GPS was a blessing to have and the cellphone also gave us some piece of mind while we were exploring the countryside and driving around.


    Just a little word to the wise.Over a year after I was driving through Oudtshoorn, admiring ostrich after ostrich after ostrich after ostrich... my credit card statement came in and showed a curious amount as having been paid to the car hire company I had used when I had been in South Africa. The amount was taken from an enitrely different...

  • Pilanesberg

    I can't speak to the rest of your question but I went with friends for 3 days to Pilanesberg and the experience was wonderful. One day though would still be most enjoyable. We self drove except for one tour and I liked the self driving better as we could stop whenever we saw something and stay in that spot for as long as we wanted to. The vehicles...

  • Fly

    As i came all the way from Europe to South Africa I obviously needed to fly. We chose the Dutch airlines via Amsterdam which was easy and comfortable connection as well as we got good deal offer.

  • Drive a car

    Car rental is a great way to see the country, if it is for the nature, animal watching and adventure, it will give you the flexibility and freedom. Roads are good and it is easy to get everywhere.However, the distances are very far, depends where you go, the Kruger park in the east, Cape town in the west and the desert in the north, it will take...

  • Suggest you hire a GPS with your car

    It is important to note that hire cars in South Africa generally do not come with maps or streetfinder atlases, and few hire companies are willing to lend these out (presumably as these have not been returned in the past?).In general, South African cities are not well signposted, and the confusion is compounded where roads have been renamed to...

  • Petrol and diesel prices are fixed in...

    It may seem odd to visitors, but there is no competition allowed between oil companies in terms of their pricing in South Africa, so there is no value trying to shop around to get a good deal. The petrol (that's 'gas' for you North Americans) and diesel prices are set by the Department of Energy and no company is allowed to charge below that fixed...

  • driving

    Get a car and get around. It is the only way to see this large country.... and it is so easy - a 2WD is sufficient. The roads are tarmac and in good condition, petrol stations abound, some spectacular scenery to drive through, interesting villages to find and just as interesting people to meet.There are many scares about road blocks and safety...

  • Passport requirements

    If it is just a week I would pick Cape Town. Kruger Park is wonderful but the two locations are very far apart. I just spent 4 weeks in SA and just took the normal travel precautions that others have suggested here and was fine. Trust your 6th sense; if you feel uncomfortable about a person or place leave/avoid the problem. My major safety concern...

  • Air Travel: South African Airways

    SAA is our National Carrier. It seems to get mixed reviews, but I do believe that the Premier Class on SAA is one of the best in-flight experiences I ever had. Unfortunately the same cannot always be said about the economy section, alyhough they have improved rcently. In general I mostly had pleasant experiences with SAA. They serve most African...


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