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  • Dembesh Hotel
    Dembesh Hotel
    by YosephA
  • Dembesh Hotel Front Gate
    Dembesh Hotel Front Gate
    by YosephA
  • Dembesh Lobby
    Dembesh Lobby
    by YosephA
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Kamlin el Abdullab



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  • Forget traffic rules

    Juba Warnings and Dangers

    Whatch out when walking, driving or cycling. In the last 20 years or so, there has hardly been any maintainance on the roads which are mostly dirt at the moment. But in the last two years the traffic within the town gets heavier everyday, and most of the drivers or riders are either unlicensed or learners which coupled the poor state of the roads...

  • Security

    Juba Warnings and Dangers

    You may see a lot of guns in the street but its either the Police officers or army personel who still walk around town with the AK47s and stuff. Though there is peace currently, it still reminds most people's of the tradgic war. But having roamed the town all night without anyone asking me a question I got the impression its safe, probably safer...

  • South Sudan visa

    Juba Favorites

    As of April, 2013My friend and I applied for a SS visa at the embassy in Kampala. The process now takes 3 days, costs $100. But you can pay $25 extra to get it done the same day. I applied at 9am and were told to pick it up at 3pm. I took Baby coach bus leaving Kampala at 8.30pm and arrived in Juba at 4pm. The ticket was 70,000. We arrived at the...



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  • 4WD Power

    Yambio Favorites

    Riding bicycles on narrow paths!Roads in this region are not good ones. But you can experience the out-back off-road power of your Four Wheel Drive in this Country of virgin lanscapes My school days in Yambio in the late 1980's are my fondest memories. Walking a mile home, studying under cool tree shades, and sharing laughs with peers.

  • Home to Hospitality

    Yambio Local Customs

    The inhabitants of Yambio are the Azande people. They welcome visitors, share food and drinks as is the hibit in Sudan.

  • Few Restaurants

    Yambio Restaurants

    Very few restaurants exist in this region. I found one between Yambio and Maridi, but besides that did not see any others. Mostly had locals that I was staying with prepare the food. If you enjoy beans and rice and all sorts of variations you'll be happy. Some tasty fruit available as well. Anything that didn't give me TD



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  • Burial Ground

    Maridi Local Customs

    This is how they bury their dead. This burial site is just a few yards away from the homes - the tukuns (mud huts) on their compound.

  • Out in the Bush

    Maridi Off The Beaten Path

    We visited with a family of which most of the members have been afflicted with river blindness. They live out in "the bush", which is definitely off the beaten path. They depend on others to help take care of them.

  • Peace

    Maridi Warnings and Dangers

    As of March, 2005, we experienced peace in Maridi County. The peace agreement signed in January seems to be working - at least at this time - and southern Sudanese are hopeful, very hopeful.Still, you will be required to visit the SPLA offices when you enter the country and as you enter each city where they have a presence. You must carry with you...


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