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  • The factory also runs its own ferry across the Blu
    The factory also runs its own ferry...
    by shukry1989
  • The factory also runs its own ferry across the Blu
    The factory also runs its own ferry...
    by shukry1989
  • The factory also runs its own ferry across the Blu
    The factory also runs its own ferry...
    by shukry1989
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Wad Madani

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  • roads

    Wad Madani Transportation

    The road from Khartoum to Wad Medani is the main highway to Port Sudan. It is used by buses ,articulated lorries as well as other transport. Although the road is tarmac, it was not constructed to carry the volume or loads that it has today. Pot holes are rapidly filled, but not much can be done about the noticeable ridge/ruts on the lane coming...

  • The Blue Nile

    Wad Madani Things to Do

    Wad Medani lies on the west bank of the Blue Nile. there has been some attempt to utilize the embankment area in the centre of town by making parks and an area to walk and enjoy the view.In the southern part of Wad Medani we visited a private nursery where you could see people swimming across to the east bank and splashing and enjoying themselves...

  • Gezira University

    Wad Madani Things to Do

    After Khartoum, Omdurman and Juba Universities, Gezira University was founded and built at nashashibi on northern part of Wad Medani. there are Faculties of Arts, Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Medicine.The campus is on a large tract of land, walled in by a brick wall, west of the Nile on the road leading to Hantoub Bridge. It is not far from...


Al Hasahisa

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  • The new Hasahisa Bridge

    Al Hasahisa Favorites

    The new bridge- as yet unopened 2009- will make the present ferries obsolete. It will give access to the towns of El Hilaliya and Rufaa on the east bank, and to the Guneid Sugar Factory. It is one of a series of new bridges to be built across the Nile.

  • El Guneid Sugar Factory

    Al Hasahisa Off The Beaten Path

    Guneid Sugar Factory was established in 1962 to meet the local sugar demand, and reduce import of white sugar. It also aimed to bring development into the area.Guneid is located on the east bank of the Blue Nile, 120 Km south east of Khartoum. There are about 2511 tenants farming an area of 42816 feddans. It produces about 850,000 tons per year.The...

  • Ferry boat

    Al Hasahisa Transportation

    To get across the Blue Nile, there are no bridges as yet before Wad Medani, although a new bridge will open soon.[2009]At present the only way to get to Rufaa and other towns on the eastern bank is by the Hasahisa Ferry. The ferry takes a few cars and passengers, and the crossing is short,


Abu `Ushar

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  • visit the graves at the Eid

    Abu `Ushar Local Customs

    At the Eid many people go and visit and say prayers at the graves of their loved ones, Because of the weather conditions the grave markers need to be replaced from time to time because the blown sand erodes the paint from the markers. More people are demarcating the grave site with bricks as the wind also removes the heaped sand. Now a few people...

  • shrine of Sheikh Abdelnour

    Abu `Ushar Local Customs

    Shrines can be found throughout the Sudan, erected in memory of a holy man. They are usually a square building with a steep domed roof. The most famous one is that of the Mahdi [see Omdurman tips]. When travelling through the flat plains of central Sudan, a gubba may be the first sign that a village is near. Many are actually inside the cemetery,...

  • communal life

    Abu `Ushar Local Customs

    Because several generations share a house, and whenever there is an Eid or family event, all family members come to the ancestral house, you would think accomodation a problem, but it isn't. A usual house will have a couple of rooms and verandas, an external kitchen, and toilet/shower room. Rooms will have 3 or 4 beds for people to relax or sleep...



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  • sugar factories in the Kusti area

    Kusti Off The Beaten Path

    Near Kosti are some of the largest sugar factories : Kenana Sugar Factory, Asalaya Sugar Factory, and soon Kenana 2 Sugar factory.After a long period of sugar shortages in the 1980s, the Sudan is now exporting quantities of sugar and is self sufficient in the commodity.Kenana was a custom built town on the road from Sinnar to Kosti. Asalaya is...

  • Kosti-Tendelti road trip

    Kusti Off The Beaten Path

    the rural areas of Sudan are not very exciting for a tourist who likes to see man-made structures, enjoy night-life etc. They give those with a more adventurous outlook on life the chance to see life as it was a hundred years and more ago. No civilization as Westerners recognize it, just simple people living their traditional way of life.One of...

  • Sugar Factories

    Kusti Off The Beaten Path

    There are a number of sugar factories in central Sudan. the largest is at Kenana [see also Sinnar, off the beaten track] not far from Kosti, and at Asalaya also nearby. across the White Nile on the east bank.


Old Roseires

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    Markets in the region: handicrafts

    by uglyscot Written Mar 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Any of the many 'shops' where goods are displayed, or presented on the ground. So much can be purchased at reasonable price especially things made of straw and wood.

    What to buy: Look for wooden stool, straw hats and mats, food covers.

    What to pay: it depends on how good you are at bargaining.

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