Sudan Restaurants

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Sudan Restaurants

  • Fuul

    All over Sudan, you'll find streetside cafes with burly men in dirty jellabiyyas ladelling brown sludge from a huge metal vat. This is fuul. In Khartoum, most local dukkans (grocers) have their own fuul pots, and you sit crouching by the side of the street. Sudan's national staple food is fuul, essentially a bowl of mashed boiled beans. Now a bowl...

  • The best bush in Sudan!!

    This restaurant is one of my favorites for sure. It is in Omdurman, right off shari sita (street six). The ambience is incredible.....there are tables set up outside where people sit, eat, talk, laugh, and drink tea. My favorite dish happens to be the only one they serve........bush. It is a very local dish that Sudanese love. It is fuul with the...

  • Roadside cafes

    Don't expect any fancy eating places along the highways. There are traditional stopping places along the Khartoum-Wad Medani road that are used by long-distance lorry drivers and buses/coaches.The first one is at Meseed where a string of cafes line the road. By day travellers can buy a cold drink , tea or coffee and a traditional breakfast of ful ,...

  • Don't bother

    I was recommended to go to this restaurant and was looking forward to it. The plave was not that clean, most items on the menu were not available and what we got was all from packets or frozen food stuff. None

  • Fish, If you dare!

    Actually, the fish is pretty fresh and not bad. It comes from the local fish market, only a few blocks away from this restaurant. You can get breaksfast, lunch and/or dinner here 7 days a week. Nile River perch.

  • More Fish

    Also located on the River Nile, this restaurant is a good choce for outdoor eating when visiting the Muslim neighborhood of Ombduran. Random, unidentifiable fish -- resunebably caught fresh from the River Nile.

  • Continental

    If you can call anything in Sudan "touristy" this might be it. That said, it is not. There are very, very few tourists in this city at all -- mostly foreign busienss people, who find this restaurant safe and reasonably good. The location is nice -- right alongside the River Nile. You can even book a tourist cruise on the river from this location....

  • Local Take-Away

    Delicious serves great meals and takeaway foods such as shawourmahs, beefburgers etc. at very reasonable prices. Delicious also has an Ice Cream Parlor in Riyadh near the McNimer pharmacy. Good meals and takeaway foods such as shawourmahs, beefburgers etc. at very reasonable prices.

  • Pizza & Juice

    If you are fed up with beans and falafel then there is the great opportunity to go for the best pizza in Sudan in the Pizza restaurant. Its located two blocks south of the Palace. The only disadvantage is the irrigated garden. The air is more humid than elsewhere in the city. Order your pizza (about 1000SDD) as a take away.The best juice shop is on...

  • Fuul & Tamiya

    In every city or larger village there are places to eat. restaurants or take aways are every where. The cuisine will be traditional, for sure fuul (beans) and taamiya (felafel) will be served. Chai (tea) is served everywhere in the country.

  • Desert cafes

    All travel off road or on road to the west is devoid of restaurants as such. But, there are a number of tea/coffee shops. These normally consist of metal tables and chairs under a straw or cane construction. Passers by can have tea, coffee , cold drinks like Coke or Pepsi ,or the local alternatives, and simple meals.Not very hygienic, but welcome...

  • Food during Eid al-Adha

    Visit during Eid al-Adha, and as long as you are outside Khartoum, chances are high that you will be invited to celebrate with a family. Eid al-Adha commemorates Ibrahim's slaughtering of the ram, so many a sheep's throat is slit on the first day of Eid.I was given the dubious task of holding down the legs of my host's sheep, while my friend Ammar...

  • Dining in the desert

    We carried a large mess tent which was erected every lunch time and evening. Mattresses were placed on the floor for us to sit on (three of us had brought a collapsible picnic chair to sit on). As we were waiting for lunch or dinner to arrive, bowls of olives, dried fruit, biscuits, pringles and sweets were served.For the first couple of days,...

  • The food is included in the room price

    The food is plentiful and very tasty. The kitchen is run by George's wife, who is Italian, so there is some emphasis on pasta and other Italian / European dishes. Breakfast starts with half a grapefruit. There is usually eggs (boiled, fried or scrambled) and sausages, cheese and meats. Cereal, jams, toast, fruit and juice.Lunch starts with a salad...

  • Need a sugar fix? Go Turkish!

    If you've got a sweet tooth then Sudan is probably not the best place to be. Sudanese 'sweets' can actually be quite savoury and dry. By far your best bet are the Turkish Bakeries found in most major cities. They specialise in pastry, lots of it, dunked in extremely sweet and sickly honey, coated in sugar, dipped in more syrup, then a bit more for...

  • Chai (tea) - the national drink

    No day in Sudan is complete without a visit to the tea lady for a small glass of 'chai' - very hot, very sweet tea ideally flavoured with mint. Tea ladies are found on almost every street, sat on their tiny stool with a small fire and pot. And as you'd expect after years of practice, many are experts at making tea. You've never tasted it so good!In...

  • Quenching your thirst

    With the incredible heat in Sudan you'll find you need to drink plenty just to stay conscious! Fortunately there are plenty of delicious drinks to offer a bit of variety from plain old boiled or bottled water. Fresh drinks:Boxes filled with masses of ice and freshly made fruit juice can be found at many food stalls. Tourists are generally wary of...

  • Anything else to eat?

    When in Sudan you will eat lots of fuul - there's just no getting away from it! But there are other things to eat as well. Of course the best meals are to be found in people's homes - which I encourage you to try whenever you get the chance - but most of these following eats are available to buy on the street and in cafes:Near the Nile, fish is...

  • It tastes better than it looks!

    Fuul, or mashed or stewed beans, is a food that no visitor to Sudan can avoid, no matter how much you might want to after the thousandth bowl! It's the national dish, it's sold everywhere, and it's eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and sometimes all three!) When it's cooked right it's delicious and very healthy, when it's not... well, less said...

  • Sudanese food in the home

    If you are invited to someone's house for a meal, then of course you should accept! This will give you a chance to try some of the Sudanese food often talked about but never found in restaurants. Sudanese eat almost everything with their hands, scooping it up with bread, and this is a technique which might take some getting used to...try to perfect...

  • Streetfood

    Cafes abound in all Sudanese towns, and you'll find the same stuff on offer...shawarma (chicken or lamb carved from a spit and put in a sandwich), burger (with colourless fried egg, a Sudanese speciality stemming from anaemic hens!), ta'amiya (felafel), and sandwhiches containing sujuk (spicy sausage of dubious origin), fried mince meat or kibda...

  • There is no one place in...

    There is no one place in particular, but lots of small food stalls all over the place that sell mostly ful, Sudan's national dish, i.e. mashed or stewed beans, sometimes with cheese. Near Khartoum airport and in the center there are a few western-style restaurants and even a faux McDonald's, but i didn't find their food significantly better to...

  • In Khartoum,there was one...

    In Khartoum,there was one place where I ate just after I got married to someone I met there. The name escapes me. But, it is in Amaraat on Sharia Wahid, one block east of Sharia Mohammed Najib (towards the airport). A lot of taxis park outside of it. But, for the junk food minded, if you stay long enough you will stop cringing at the food handling...

  • Roadside stalls and burger...

    Roadside stalls and burger joints.Outdoor dining at most places, all supply water for washing your hands and face before and after eating. You select from the menu and are given a token which you take to the cooks window to receive your order. Beans with crumbled goat cheese, olive oil and salad.The biggest tastiest burgers I've had since...

  • Actually I never had a meal at...

    Actually I never had a meal at a restaurant in Sudan.I was with locals all the time and they always insisted on eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in their homes. For me it was a great oportunity to taste the local food. I was served lamb and sheepmeat, vegetables, soups... everything very tastful. I eat alot of things that I dont even know what it...

  • I never eat at a restaurant in...

    I never eat at a restaurant in Sudan.... I was with local people all the time and they all refused it when I said we should go and eat in a restaurant. I was always invited to eat in peoples private homes.The food was tasteful. They served lamb, sheep, vegetables, soups etc. Although Port Sudan is located by the seaside I cant remember we ever had...

  • There really are no...

    There really are no restuarants to be honest. There are just this little shops by the side of road, or in between the alleys. Some shops are highly localized and others are more westernized. Of course there are the fancy restuarants. But many are expensive, plus you didn't come all this way to eat what can be found back home! So go ahead, try what...


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