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  • Dembesh Hotel
    Dembesh Hotel
    by YosephA
  • Dembesh Hotel Front Gate
    Dembesh Hotel Front Gate
    by YosephA
  • Dembesh Lobby
    Dembesh Lobby
    by YosephA
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See all 357 Khartoum Tips
  • Restaurant and Cafe

    Khartoum Restaurants

    There are so many new restaurants and cafes opening in Khartoum, often run by Egyptians and Lebanese. I know the name Spectra from living in Cairo, so thought it might be worth a visit.The restaurant upstairs is pleasant with wooden ceilings and walls hung with posters. There are tables for 4 or banquettes. We chose a banquette and asked for a...

  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel

    Khartoum Hotels

    Africa Road, P.O. Box 12290, Khartoum, Sudan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • High stile Good food

    Khartoum Restaurants

    We went to this restaurant for lunch on January 1st, immediately from the outside you can see that is special place... The the small parking place is full of suv's and other expensive's cars. You can sit inside or outside we choose the first, we sat in a big room with nice tables and pink chairs, we ate a little starter, hummus and cream of...


Port Sudan

See all 21 Port Sudan Tips
  • Diving at the coral reefs

    Port Sudan Sports & Outdoors

    The Red Sea reefs near Port Sudan are still largely unspoiled ,or were a decade ago.The water is clear and warm. The coral reefs can be seen clearly even without diving equipment.The only problem is getting out to the reefs which can be quite expensive if you try to arrange things yourself.I have not got any personal information on agencies.Try...

  • Mercure Port Sudan

    Port Sudan Hotels

    This is an excellent hotel with clean and comfortable rooms, everything that you would want. The...

  • Arrive by air or bus

    Port Sudan Transportation

    Most Europeans arrive by plane on Sudan Airways from Khartoum...they are not the most punctual in terms of being on time due to the restrictions the US has placed on selling Sudan aircraft parts. I took the bus from Khartoum which is roughly a 12 hour ride that departs around 06:00 from either Khartoum or Port will stop in Suakin going...



See all 48 Omdurman Tips
  • old silver

    Omdurman Shopping

    All the merchants with silver to sell are much the same. Some are so trusting they even let my daughter take pieces home to see if she wanted them- she was collecting silver at the time. Once she made up her mind, she went back and paid for it. Old silver. Beads.The silver has been sold by the Rashaida, an eastern tribe originally from Saudi...

  • Spices and herbs

    Omdurman Shopping

    Spice and herbs are found congregated together in the market. They make a colourful display laid out in baskets or basins or jars.Those with allergies beware ;the smell can be pungent, and the fine powdery spices can be irritating to the nostrils.Lentils, haricot beans, fava beans and rice will be found in hessian sacks.Dried dates, dom palm nuts,...

  • The Mulid: The celebration of the...

    Omdurman Local Customs

    Every year there are celebrations for the Birthday of the Prophet Mohamed. The actual date varies because the Islamic festivals are dated according to the lunar calendar. This year the holiday was 15 February 2011. We decided to take the grandchildren to the area beside the Mahdi’s tomb and the Khalifa’s mosque in Omdurman. Similar venues are held...



See all 26 Juba Tips
  • Forget traffic rules

    Juba Warnings and Dangers

    Whatch out when walking, driving or cycling. In the last 20 years or so, there has hardly been any maintainance on the roads which are mostly dirt at the moment. But in the last two years the traffic within the town gets heavier everyday, and most of the drivers or riders are either unlicensed or learners which coupled the poor state of the roads...

  • Security

    Juba Warnings and Dangers

    You may see a lot of guns in the street but its either the Police officers or army personel who still walk around town with the AK47s and stuff. Though there is peace currently, it still reminds most people's of the tradgic war. But having roamed the town all night without anyone asking me a question I got the impression its safe, probably safer...

  • South Sudan visa

    Juba Favorites

    As of April, 2013My friend and I applied for a SS visa at the embassy in Kampala. The process now takes 3 days, costs $100. But you can pay $25 extra to get it done the same day. I applied at 9am and were told to pick it up at 3pm. I took Baby coach bus leaving Kampala at 8.30pm and arrived in Juba at 4pm. The ticket was 70,000. We arrived at the...



See all 53 Kassala Tips
  • A bit about tribes...the Beja tribes

    Kassala Local Customs

    Two famous coffee-drinking tribes of the east, the Haddendawa and Beni Amir are part of the large Beja family of tribes, and are widespread in Eastern Sudan and Eritrea (where they are known as Hedareb), along with the lesser known Halanga tribe. Now, I know several Hadendawa males (my room-mate is one) and know that their traditional dress is a...

  • Termites

    Kassala Off The Beaten Path

    Walking through as-Sawagi, you might come across big clumps of mud and rock which look as if they are just part of the land. On closer inspection, you realise that they are actually termite houses. My Kassalan friends were non-plussed, but having never seen one before, I was quite impressed! They are incredibly solid, and it is hard to believe that...

  • Trees

    Kassala Off The Beaten Path

    A weird sight in Kassala is the symmetrical palm tree. Tall and thin trunks, completely bare, reach great heights before splitting into two, then splitting again, topped off with green leaves. If you look out of the bus as you pass the large cemetery on the way to Khatmiya, you'll see a number of these trees, some looking like candle holders...I...



See all 46 Meroe Tips
  • Hey tourist......

    Meroe Things to Do

    In an attempt to draw tourist the Gov't build some pyramids at the site out of cement to show folks what the pyramids looked like when they were first built...except these are smaller versions of the real thing.Hint to tourism officals in to your buddies in Khartoum and make it easier for tourists to get into the country in the first...

  • Hey, where did the roof go????

    Meroe Things to Do

    For every place of beauty on earth there has to be some retard around to mess it up. In this case the retards were early Indiana Jones's looking for treasure. They took the roofs off several pyraminds and did not find much..go figure - should have done their homework first but the ^^%$&^"s probably could not read?

  • Peekaboo I see.....

    Meroe Things to Do

    Nothing? Yep, you can do the same thing here as you can in Giza except you don't have to walk a 100 yards or so hunched over to see it nor do you have to pay and you can take your camera inside.....



See all 13 Atbara Tips
  • cross with the ferry

    Atbara Transportation

    Nowadays getting to Atbara is quite easy as there is a new tarmac road from Khartoum which takes about 4 hours. Unfortunately it is also used by heavy lorries bringing goods from Port Sudan to Khartoum, which can slow things a lot. In the past Atbara was the main place for the railway- either going north to Halfa, or east to Port Sudan, but it has...

  • the railway

    Atbara Transportation

    In the past the only easy way to get from Khartoum to Port Sudan was by rail via Atbara. Atbara was the HQ for the Sudan Railways Corp. The original rail system was laid by the British, and they made the bridge across the Atbara River which is still in use today for rail , road and pedestrians. However, the bridge is narrow and a new bridge is...

  • The River Atbara

    Atbara Things to Do

    The River Atbara is the last tributary to feed into the Nile. It is seasonal in that the volume increases from June until the end of September. Four times each decade there will be a high flood which causes devastation.It is pleasant to sit beside the river, even to watch the ferry crossing. This tranquil scene has a darker side, though.In the...


Khartoum North

See all 18 Khartoum North Tips
  • coffee break

    Khartoum North Restaurants

    We went to photograph the junction of the Blue Nile and the White Nile from Khartoum North and decided a good spot was the Hotel Palace [formerly called Friendship Palace Hotel] The hotel is a large building and inside is nicely decorated in wood and wrought iron. I was struck at how clean the chairs were- either new or very well looked after.We...

  • Suq Saad Gishra

    Khartoum North Shopping

    Suq Saad Gishra is wellknown in Sudan as having a variety of goods , especially material and clothing. It has been in existence for a long time. Originally the shops were made of mud brick [teen[ , but then built with red bricks. One of the first to use this new building material was called Saad, hence the name.The suq covers a large area and is...

  • See the new mosque at Kafouri

    Khartoum North Off The Beaten Path

    In Kafouri, a new large mosque cannot be missed-as it stands out. It is built in the Ottoman style of Turkey, and like mosques in Egypt [The Citadel], and in The United Arab Emirates [Gulf States]. This type of mosque has numerous domes and minarets. Theis on at Kafouri was built by Qataris.It is very well furnished, with thick carpets, first-class...


Suakin Island

See all 11 Suakin Island Tips
  • Don't buy lumps of coral, and beware the...

    Suakin Island Warnings and Dangers

    When we were in Suakin we were pestered by children and some men trying to sell us lumps of the coral limestone from which the buildings had been made. Some of the coral is tempting as there are different varieties - brain coral, feathery plant-like pieces and others.However, this is a historic site even if allowed to fall into complete rubble.Also...

  • A guide????

    Suakin Island Tourist Traps

    Don't pay for them. I am all for supporting the local economy but I can buy food to do that. English is not spoken well here and a good guide book will do ya just fine here. If you are going to pay...bargain the guy down.

  • Explore the working part of Suakin

    Suakin Island Things to Do

    Ok....did not do this and regret it.....If you come by bus from Port Sudan you will get dropped off a couple hundred yards from the historic part that you have to pay a couple of bucks to enter. My driver took me right up to the front of the Kitchners gate where you pay the folks in the office to the right. Anyway the town itself is kind of a...


Al Fashir

See all 4 Al Fashir Tips
  • see the war drums

    Al Fashir Things to Do

    Large copper war drums sit in front of the museum.Each tribe would have its own war drums , each with a distinctive sound or tone. When the drums sounded the warriors would prepare their weapons, the women prepare dry food for their men to take to eat .The drums would have a distinctive sound. They were covered with a leather covering.

  • Ali Dinar Museum

    Al Fashir Things to Do

    This little museum has exhibits about the life and times of Ali Dinar. Furniture, drums and weapons are included in the exhibits.Ali Dinar is one of the famous personalities in Sudanese history. In 1916 Sultan Ali Dinar was the ruler of Darfur . At the beginning of the First World War Ali Dinar showed his growing annoyance at the British-led...

  • Late nights...

    Al Fashir Warnings and Dangers

    Although Al-Fashir is pretty safe, do not got after dark....anywhere! Latley, their is a problem with robberies and recently a close family friend of mine got shot by a robber at 9 P.M. who also tooks his car. Due to the recent violence in Darfur, be sure to do anything you want before dark.



See all 3 Yambio Tips
  • 4WD Power

    Yambio Favorites

    Riding bicycles on narrow paths!Roads in this region are not good ones. But you can experience the out-back off-road power of your Four Wheel Drive in this Country of virgin lanscapes My school days in Yambio in the late 1980's are my fondest memories. Walking a mile home, studying under cool tree shades, and sharing laughs with peers.

  • Home to Hospitality

    Yambio Local Customs

    The inhabitants of Yambio are the Azande people. They welcome visitors, share food and drinks as is the hibit in Sudan.

  • Few Restaurants

    Yambio Restaurants

    Very few restaurants exist in this region. I found one between Yambio and Maridi, but besides that did not see any others. Mostly had locals that I was staying with prepare the food. If you enjoy beans and rice and all sorts of variations you'll be happy. Some tasty fruit available as well. Anything that didn't give me TD


Jabal al Awliya'

  • By the White Nile

    Jabal al Awliya' Things to Do

    It is quite common to see families having a picnic by the Nile. As mentioned elsewhere it is not advisable to go into the water as bilharzia is to be found there,However to sit by the water in the shade of the trees with a picnic, or even a barbecue is an enjoyable occasion.Some of the fishermen may agree to take you out in their boats at a price.

  • Fresh fish

    Jabal al Awliya' Shopping

    Men with baskets of fish for sale can be found on the dam. The varieties available are tilapi [bulti], bayad and catfish. Normally a basket will hold four or 5 large fish and many more smaller ones.It is wise to bargain as the price can drop by as much as a third with persistance. The salesman will skin and fillet the fish for an extra £5...

  • fresh fish

    Jabal al Awliya' Things to Do

    To the right of the bridge in Jabel Awliya there's a small bluish restaurant. It's more like one woman cooking your meals (specifically fish). It's an outdoor restaurant, you go there with family or friends to enjoy your meal while inhaling the fresh air of jabal awliya.


Wad Madani

See all 3 Wad Madani Tips
  • roads

    Wad Madani Transportation

    The road from Khartoum to Wad Medani is the main highway to Port Sudan. It is used by buses ,articulated lorries as well as other transport. Although the road is tarmac, it was not constructed to carry the volume or loads that it has today. Pot holes are rapidly filled, but not much can be done about the noticeable ridge/ruts on the lane coming...

  • The Blue Nile

    Wad Madani Things to Do

    Wad Medani lies on the west bank of the Blue Nile. there has been some attempt to utilize the embankment area in the centre of town by making parks and an area to walk and enjoy the view.In the southern part of Wad Medani we visited a private nursery where you could see people swimming across to the east bank and splashing and enjoying themselves...

  • Gezira University

    Wad Madani Things to Do

    After Khartoum, Omdurman and Juba Universities, Gezira University was founded and built at nashashibi on northern part of Wad Medani. there are Faculties of Arts, Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Medicine.The campus is on a large tract of land, walled in by a brick wall, west of the Nile on the road leading to Hantoub Bridge. It is not far from...



See all 5 Shendi Tips
  • see the Temple of Hathor at Nagaa

    Shendi Things to Do

    The first monument to see on arrival at Nagaa is the Temple of Hathor [formerly called the Roman kiosk] a small square structure built in the Roman style of the 2nd. Or 3rd. Century AD. It is in a better state of preservation than the other monuments, though the roof is missing.Besides there are numerous mounds which are the remains of several...

  • See the temples at Nagaa

    Shendi Things to Do

    Nagaa is an interesting archaeological site. It has a well preserved Temple of Hathor, and several less well preserved Egyptian temples. The structure of the temples is still visible though much of the stone work has fallen. One building with pylon type entrance is in good condition,with a single chamber behind and the remains of a portico in...

  • A poem

    Shendi Favorites

    .The Pyramids at Begrawiya. Vivid blood-red sun peeks over the horizonTurns the desert Gold, Pale lemon, grey.Flat topped massifs, pink and violetRanges, heaps of heat-eroded stoneHills float on a sea of mirage.Umbrella trees in rows and rowsLemon-frosted grasses at their feet.And trails of 'hundel', bitterest of fruitsNo use except to fix the...


Al Ubayyid

See all 30 Al Ubayyid Tips
  • Internet in El Obeid

    Al Ubayyid Favorites

    It took me quite some time to find an Internet Cafe in El Obeid. It isn’t advertised at all. People who need it probably know where it is. The one I found is in the street of the Bank of Khartoum under a sign saying “Al Hadi Mohammed Husein Krisnallah & Sons“ in a kind of small shopping mall. They have ADSL and several computers with headsets. The...

  • Not really very good

    Al Ubayyid Restaurants

    My travel guide described this restaurant as the only one worth to visit for a taste of 'International' cuisine.I took my friends there for my birthday. The place is richly decorated but the food is just about average, relatively expensive for what is served and the portions are small.The waiter/cook came with a lot of food stains on his...

  • Shopping for food in El Obeid

    Al Ubayyid Shopping

    On the street besides the Sudanese Central bank (not the street where the entrance is, but the side street), you’ll find a row of shops for meat and fruit & vegetables and several small super-markets. One of the super-markets has written “Welcome” in English above the door and the owner, a Christian Sudanese, speaks quite good English and is very...


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