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  • Chicking Al Waha
    Chicking Al Waha
    by MazinM
  • inside
    by uglyscot
  • Smoked salmon bagel
    Smoked salmon bagel
    by awladhassan

Best Rated Restaurants in Khartoum

  • Universal Coffee: don't miss the ice cream , capuccino, coffee

    by AngelaCanon Written Sep 26, 2010

    friendly Italian restaurant with great pizza and pasta : The ice cream is really good . Only there did I have the true Italian cappuccino and coffee.
    The place is a small clean villa with lovely trees and yellow umbrellas, The service is good and fast

    Favorite Dish: Vegetable pizza, because in it I have the pizza with all the available vegetables in the market, (eggplant zucchini, belly peppers onions and if I want I can have mushrooms added) it is delicious I also had a wonderful vanilla and chocolate ice cream

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  • yurxlnc's Profile Photo

    Rotana Salam Hotel: Al Nuba Restaurant

    by yurxlnc Updated Dec 31, 2010
    main course selection
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    I was invited to dinner at The Nubian Restaurant at the Rotana Salam Hotel. It was a Thursday which meant the food was from the Far eastern menu.
    The restaurant itself was spacious and modern. Shortly after we sat down, a bottle of water was brought to the table, and then the waiter offered to chose a beverage from a selection of fruit drinks or cans of soft drinks.
    We went to the buffet bar and filled our plates from the wide selection of salads , and there was a tempura stand too .Items selected:
    Prawn crackers
    Baba ganoug hummous taboulah sweet carrot salad green bean ssalad, chaicken salad prawn salad egg noodles salad broccoli and squid salad. There were also different dressings available : yoghurt and dill Caesar dressing cocktail dressing.

    After satisfying ourselves with a feast of colour and taste, we then moved on to select from the main dishes;
    jasmine rice, steamed rice or vegetable rice
    Chicken cashew , chicken satay, veal piccata, chow mien, fried hammour, Indian-style cauliflower and more.
    I couldn’t fault anything.

    We then retired to a lounge for coffee which cost 10 SDG .

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  • awladhassan's Profile Photo

    YoghurBerry: Healthy eating

    by awladhassan Written Jan 10, 2011

    This outlet serves frozen fruit yoghurt with fresh fruit and nut toppings.The frozen yoghurt contains 1/3 dairy fat compared to normal ice cream and uses only fruit sugar.price from 8-17 SDG
    Also on the menu are smoothies , hot and iced coffee 5-8 SDG, and hot or iced herbal teas @ 3-7 SDG.
    In addition there are a variety of sandwiches:
    Beef Chinese @ 4SDg or 8SDG
    Chicken Fahitta at 5 or 10 SDG
    Beef Fahitta @ 4 or 8 SDG
    Chicken Crispy @5 or 10 SDG
    Chicken Mexico @5 and 10 SDG
    Club @5 and 10 SDG
    Chicken Special @5 and 10 SDG]
    Beef Burger 5SDG
    Double Cheese Burger 8SDG
    Chicken Burger 7 SDG
    French Fries 4 SDG Big
    3 SDG small

    Favorite Dish: Frozen yoghurt without topping, It is creamy yet healthy, especially for a diabetic..

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    Alex: Upmarket Egyptian

    by uglyscot Updated Dec 30, 2012
    grilled chicken breasts with mushroom sauce
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    This Egyptian run restaurant is classier than the others I've eaten in in Khartoum. The restaurant is upstairs and the decor is very nice- dark wood, ornaments in alcoves, tables wood with banquettes or chairs. The walls are long slivers of unpolished marble.
    The menu is good , but service was a bit slow as everything seemed to be freshly cooked.
    The staff were polite and obliging- bringing husband a second cup of Turkish coffee as the one he was first given had sugar added.
    The food was excellent though the meat portions were not as large as elsewhere.

    My only complaint was the brownies with ice cream which had a strong flavour of 'mistic'- fragrant gum, but others might like it.
    We paid 234 SDG for 7 people, this included 7 main courses, 2 brownies with ice cream , 2 Turkish coffees and 7 juices , plus 4 small bottles of water, inclusive of 15% tax

    Favorite Dish: I had grilled chicken breasts with mushroom sauce and saute vegetables and rice.Three of us had beef or chicken frajitas which were very tasty.
    Husband had grilled fish fillet with saute vegetables and mashed potato.
    There was a good variety of soft drinks. Our table had lemon juice, kiwi juice, apple juice, fruit tangle [ a mixture of different fruits]. I had a Lifesaver- pineapple, orange and pomegranate which was absolutely delicious.
    Everything was so good, that I'd definitely recommend it, and go there again

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  • Hamada Fried Chicken: surprisingly good

    by umasalam Updated May 13, 2011

    Hamada Fried Chicken, located on Siteen Street near Omak in Manshia, looks from the outside like most any fast food fried chicken places in Cairo or even Baltimore. But it is more. It is a clean and pleasant place to grab lunch or to get dinner to go and it has a good variety of menu items.
    Of course, there is the standard fried chicken " box" whith pieces of fried chicken, a roll, and some cole slaw. But there is also a great chicken wrap which you can get as spicy as you want. It is the " Zinger"

    There are salads, rice bowls, and also freshly made tamaaya (falafel). The managment and staff are friendly and helpful.

    All in all a nice place for a quick bite - i work nearby and we send someone to get the Zingers to take away. Also good for packed lunches if you are going on a road trip.

    Favorite Dish: The Zinger chicken wrap, for sure!

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  • Papa Costa's: Papa Costa's on Thursday night - THE place to be!

    by umasalam Written May 27, 2011

    OK - it is true that the service at Papa Costa's is well, say, unhurried. But you really won't mind that if you go on Thursday night when the Blue Stars band is providing the live music from about 9 until midnight. What a treat!!! Absolutely the best place to go in Khartoum on a Thursday night if you are into music. Blue Stars are a Sudanese band with occasional expats joining the fun on sax or drums. The music is eclectic to say the least - last night ranged from the classic Swahili "Malaika" to Congolese dance music to Elvis and Chubby Checkers (yes!). The band is great, the singer is great and a good time is had by all in the very nice outdoor courtyard at Papa Costa's. And it is OK to dance!

    There are also indoor rooms for dining and for exhibition of visual art by local artists. And a very nice selection of locally made jewelry for sale, as well. In short, Papa's is a pretty cool place.

    The menu ranges from pizza and pasta to kebab, fish, veal and such. There are also a variety of fresh fruit juices. And this may be the only place to get an iced latte milkshake or a smoothie in Khartoum right now since Ozone is undergoing renovation.

    I really hesitate to even write this because I don't want to take a chance that there wont be an open table next Thursday... but really, folks, you should not miss this.

    Favorite Dish: I have only tried the pasta and the pizza so far.. The spicy pizza was excellent - reminded me of my old fav - zigni pizza in Asmara. Juices are fresh and good and you can have them without sugar, which is a relief

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  • awladhassan's Profile Photo

    Kudu: Children love it

    by awladhassan Written Sep 22, 2009

    This is a favourite restaurant for families with children.
    It is situated in a large glass fronted building on the road between Riyadh, the airport and the Wad Medani road [Obeid Khatim Street]
    It serves fast food.

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  • awladhassan's Profile Photo

    Pizza Connection: pizza in or out

    by awladhassan Written Apr 5, 2010
    1 more image

    I have used this as a takeaway pizza place.

    Favorite Dish: The margherita is nice with a thin crust, plenty of tomato and cheese The pizza is large, but when there are hungry children involved it is safer to buy two!

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    Spectra: Restaurant and Cafe

    by uglyscot Written Jan 4, 2014

    There are so many new restaurants and cafes opening in Khartoum, often run by Egyptians and Lebanese. I know the name Spectra from living in Cairo, so thought it might be worth a visit.
    The restaurant upstairs is pleasant with wooden ceilings and walls hung with posters. There are tables for 4 or banquettes. We chose a banquette and asked for a wooden chair to fix on our car seat for the baby as they do not have high-chairs.
    There is also a garden extension ,
    The service was good and the food was enjoyable. The meat portion was not large by other restaurant standards, but the mashed potato and gravy [ and an individual gravy boat] , and the mountain of vegetables [courgettes, carrots and green beans] more than made up for it. In fact I had to take a large portion home.
    We had soup as well - creamy chicken and mushroom.A bit salty for my taste but good nonetheless.

    Favorite Dish: The grilled chicken with a mountain of mashed potatoes and gravy, and sauteed vegetables.
    We were charged 100SDG for two bowls of soup and two plates of main course, and a bottle of water.

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  • Little Asia / Little India: Sauce & Bones - the worst in Asian cuisine

    by johndc Written Sep 24, 2007

    They're very happy to fleece you at these awful restaurants. Both restaurants (owned and operated by the same villain) offer a very poor imitation of Indian/Asian food. This is a feat in itself as the chef is Indian!

    Plenty of sauce and bones - very little meat or vegetables of any description. All the curries virtually taste the same, with same contemptuous approach to presentation.

    Favorite Dish: Nothing - Ihave never had a satisfactory meal in this sham of a restaurant.

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  • ngorngor's Profile Photo

    Amwag: Fresh, hot clean and tasty

    by ngorngor Written Nov 13, 2004

    Amwag is located on the airport road. It's shiny clean, with white tiles and spinning fans. The choices are fried or grilled chicken, beef kebab, lamb or burgers. The service is fast and the food is fresh and in generous proprtions. It's a great place to grab a quick lunch. The fresh juices are a pleasure.

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  • Joka&Bucks's Profile Photo

    Tangerine: High stile Good food

    by Joka&Bucks Written Jan 2, 2013

    We went to this restaurant for lunch on January 1st, immediately from the outside you can see that is special place... The the small parking place is full of suv's and other expensive's cars. You can sit inside or outside we choose the first, we sat in a big room with nice tables and pink chairs, we ate a little starter, hummus and cream of egg-plant, good, as main course, we had a steak sandwich, organic salad and the plate of the day that was chicken curry, everthing was delicious well served. All food is served in big plates so it might let you think the food is not enough but for me was OK. I think we spent the right, around 120 SDG.

    Favorite Dish: Chicken curry

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    Tutti Frutti: ice cream

    by uglyscot Updated Sep 22, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    entry sign
    3 more images

    Tutti Frutti is an icecream parlour and coffee house. The ice cream or iced drinks are delicious.
    There is an outdoor area, but also takeaway service.

    Favorite Dish: strawberry milk shake

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  • ishi01's Profile Photo

    Zikos and son: Ful and Felafel

    by ishi01 Written Apr 13, 2005
    Ahmad and Omer checking out the felafel

    By the street in Riyahd. Look for Zikos and son, proprietor Ahmad Zaki.
    Laid back ambiance, funny owner, darn good food.

    Favorite Dish: Ful and felafel , the best. My compliments to the proprietor, Ahmad Zaki

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  • MazinM's Profile Photo

    Chicking Fried Chicken: Don't miss the best fried chicken in town

    by MazinM Written Sep 25, 2012
    Chicking Al Waha

    The fried chicken was worth a try and Staff were polite and efficient.

    Favorite Dish: The two pieces of chicken were rather small but nicely spiced and crunchy without being too oily or dry.

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