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    View to Mt Meru
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  • Lake Natron and flamingoes
    Lake Natron and flamingoes
    by mariahuge

Tanzania Favorites

  • Great Adventure With Hartebeest Safaris

    Going on a safari in (Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro etc) was an experience of a life time and I will encourage anyone who wishes to discover Tanzania's God's gift to visit any of it's national Parks. Our journey plans begun about 9 months in advance and we did a lot of research on which of the hundreds of safari agencies was the right one for...

  • Our Safari Trip With Tanga Safaris...

    The main reason for us visiting Tanzania was purposely to visit Tarangire, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater which we did and will never forget! It was great to be part of such an amazing adventure with a company that took charge of everything and if it's possible (financially), we'll like to di it over and over again. Should anyone...

  • Border crossing Tanzania/Kenya

    Border crossing between Tanzania and Kenya is easy. Make sure to do it in two steps, first the visa and then the border control. Getting the visa costs 50 USD. Fill in relevant info on the application form, and deliver it to the officer with passport and the money. You will only get a simple stamp in the passport at small border stations, like the...

  • Tanzanian music

    The music of Tanzania stretches from traditional African music to the string-based taarab to a distinctive hip hop known as bongo flava and Swahili Remix. Famous taarab singers names are Abbasi Mzee, Culture Musical Club, Shakila of Black Star Musical Group.The Tanzanian Bongo flava music is popular in other swahili speaking countries. The songs...

  • Colorful Masai Tribes& Incredible...

    Visit Lake Natron, an area of Northern Tanzania that is rarely visited or suggested on the usual tourist circuits but it is a must! It is a very rural area made up of mainly Maasai communities. The surroundings are incredible: Picturesque African landscapes, Ol Doinyo Lengai (mountain of god) which is actually an active volcano!, Wildlife, the most...

  • Great Beds!!

    Old Swahili beds are master pieces of carpentry. The mattresses are really comfortable and sometimes huge. The headboards are beautifully carved and decorated with colorful traditional designs. They are equipped with large mosquito nets that make it look like a small web room, airy, spacious and safe. When you are lucky enough to find one on the...

  • a funny event

    A funny event – Policemen hiding behind the bushes rushed out in the middle of the street with their speedometers in hand and caught our bus driver speeding. All the passengers burst in laughter. Even the bus driver couldn't stop laughing while they were giving him the ticket!!!

  • Great Safari, amazing land, beautiful...

    Travelling from Arusha to Manyara Reserve seeing the change from town to rural, then completely wild Africa. Flying over Kilimanjaro was awsome too. Flying in hot air baloon over the Serenghetti national park was the highlight of our safari. The white beaches of Zanzibar and the spice farms there, they were all amazing! 5 am flying in a giant...

  • safari and Kilimanjaro trekking

    I am writing to offer some comments on our trip to Tanzania this year. I hope to help people, who like I did, are searching for answers to their concerns while they plan their trip. My wife and I did a Mt Kili climb and then followed with an 8 day safari. The whole trip was even better than we had envisioned. We chose Lipi Adventures as our Tour...

  • Visa on arrival

    Visas can be obtained at the airport upon arrival in Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Zanzibar International Airport, or from the Tanzanian Embassies / High Commissions abroad prior to departure. The visa fee is 50 USD for 90 days. (They do not accept credit cards or travellers’ cheques, so you will need to have cash). Citizens...


    COUNTRY INFORMATION:Visa: Visa at the airport takes 20 minutes. Costs 50 USD.Mobil phone: Good roaming, but expensive. Can also buy cheaper, prepaid SIM cards.ATM: Yes, in the cities. It works and gives normal rate.Recommended language: English.Infrastructure: Poor.Friendliness by the people: Friendly.Attention by Police/military: No bad...

  • Nice people witha big smile on their...

    Habari - mean Hi If you need someone to give you tour in ZanzibarLet me know I have someone with good experience for 10 years about Zanzibar Islands.June is a good time to go zanzibar because the music festival start in june you gonna like it.Here is my e-mail somasomakaka@yahoo.com People love to talk with tourists and they are very friendly.

  • Malaria

    HIV yes, it's rife in Africa but by far the biggest killer is Malaria, during my month there, I met many people suffering from it, it doesn't have to be a game of chance if you take care and protect yourself properly.Ensure your accommodation supplies mosquito nets or take one along with you, it's the difference not only to a peaceful nights rest...

  • Touring with a guide

    This was one of our “let’s splurge a little bit” trips, and one of our indulgences was having our own guide for the safari part of it. We arranged this (and indeed our whole holiday) through Zanzibar Travel, a small specialist company. They booked our accommodation and internal transport (safari vehicle in Tanzania and flight to Zanzibar...

  • kiswahili in Tanzania

    Tanzania: mostly they speak kiswahili and very few speak some level of english.Some words...Welcome - karibuHello - JamboThank you - asantePeople - watuI'm busy - niko busyNo money - hakuna pesaDon't forget - usi sahauI love you - naku pendaYou are beautiful - wewe ni mremboAss - matako

  • safari and beach

    Hi, have been living for sometime in kenya and Tanzania. Of course now I would go always off the crowded roads... I would not go to Tanzibar nor serengeti or nogoro ngoro. Coming from Europe I would always look for somewhere not crowded, easygoing and peacefull. Zanzibar was just that, now if you are on the beach you get annoyed by beachboys...

  • Enjoying Tanzania

    If you ever go to Tanzania, please do not miss going to Zanzibar- Ungugia (sorry for spelling) the main Iland. Either you can fly 100-200 Euro or choose to go by boat from Dar es Salaam. 35-40 USD. 2.5 hrs longIf y ou ever go to Zanzibar do not miss spice tour (at least). There you can see the plantation willl all of the spices for 4-5 USD....

  • Capturing the action moments

    While we were driving through the Serengeti we spotted a couple of lions ahead just beside the road. They were unpreturbed by our presence and began stalking a herd of zebras that were crossing up ahead. I began to video as the lioness stealthily crept towards the unsuspecting zebras. The lioness would manouver her body close to the ground as she...

  • Elephant watching

    One of the most awe inspiring experiences is coming across elephants in the wild. You see quite alot more than you expect, and often very close up. The females are very protective of the babies, so make sure you stay quiet and the driver has switched the engine off. It is amazing to watch a herd of elephants on the move. They all walk in a line...

  • Close Encounters with the Wildlife

    Human beings have been so successful at terrorising animals in Europe that most species of fauna have become totally elusive and watching them requires a great deal of patience and luck. In Eastern Africa, hunting activities are still legal and a good source income for the impoverished and often corrupt governments. However, hunting is prohibited...

  • The geography of Tanzania

    What we know now as Tanzania was born in 1964 after the merging of the former colonies of Tanganyka and Zanzibar. With an area equivalent to France and Spain combined, it stretches from the African Great Lakes on the Rift Valley to the Indian Ocean and it includes Africa's roof, the Kilimanjaro, and some of the most famous conservation areas in the...

  • The Garden of Eden

    Anyone who loves animals as much as I do, will be enchanted by the possibility of witnessing the perfect balance that nature has achieved between all living beings in the plains of Eastern Africa. It is not only in the National Parks that Nature is overwhelming: you will be confronted with all kinds of wildlife in the most unsuspected places.

  • Those skilled Guides

    Guides and Drivers in the Tanzanian National Parks were truly skilled and experienced and, in general, showed much more respect towards animals and the environment than what he had witnessed in Kenya.They seemed to be extremely acquainted with the terrain and the animals habits. On this very occasion, we were driven to a spot where there was a...

  • Vaccinations

    Before heading out to Tanzania make sure you get the proper shots in your home country. I mean it is great to get them for personal health reasons but the country will deny you entry unless you have proof of certain vaccinations depending where you are coming from in the world. I flew from Oman and I was supposed to have yellow fever vac but I was...

  • The Flag

    On the tanzanian flag, green stands for the forests and agriculture. Gold symbolizes the country's mineral wealth. Blue represents the sea and Black stands for its people...

  • Always better when you know somebody!

    Coming to Arusha was almost like coming home, although we did not know anybody there. But a man I had learned to know when he was working for a friend of mine doing a job on my house, had given me the adress and telephone number of his wife and asked us to visit her :-) So we did, and we became instantly friends :-) She took us shopping in the...

  • Money - bringing it, getting it, keeping...

    What to do about money is something those of us from more developed countries tend to take for granted. With ATMs everywhere and most, if not all, businesses accepting credit cards, we were at a loss when it came to handling our finances without such things. Here's what we learned:Credit Cards, although useful in major hotels and some larger gift...

  • Money - Cash+US$ strongly preferred

    In Tanzania, most prices in hotels or travel agencies are marked and paid in U.S.dollars. When you pay in Tanzanian shilling, you're generally asked to pay one or two dollars more because of exchange rate. In my case, it was. 'cause I usually put my money in my savings account and just draw them whenever I need in local currency. If you don't want...

  • Learn some Swahili

    Gareth spent two years studying Swahili, which is spoken by nearly everyone in Tanzania, and it made all the difference. We were able to communicate with all the porters on our climb, people in small shops, and anyone else we ran into. Of course, we could have gotten by with English, but the smiles we got for having made the effort to communicate...

  • Cross Cultural Solutions

    Tanzania is renowned for its development initiatives and boasts of its reputation in fostering international relations. Being a relatively peaceful country, it is well set up for cultural sharing of nationalities, and I was convinced it was the best way for me to be introduced to the African continent.The Cross Cultural Solutions Volunteer program...

  • Cross Cultural Solutions

    Find out how the people in the country you are visiting view gestures, colors, religious holidays, tipping, dress, table manners, etc.... If you take the time to learn more about the culture that you are visiting, you're bound to show your new local friends how much you value them. Also, being well-prepared and armed with knowledge will help you...

  • Cross Cultural Solutions

    Some suggestions of things you can do to prepare yourself for any international volunteer experience:1) Read as much about the history and culture of the country that you are visiting. You will quickly learn the differences about "your" culture and "their" culture. Plus, you will be better able to converse with the people you meet and with more...

  • Cross Cultural Solutions

    The community in Moshi, realizing its struggles for development, and needing support from within and outside the country, has opened its doors to Cross-Cultural Solutions Tanzania for collaboration in certain development fields including education, health, women's groups, orphanage centers, vocational centers, etc... Volunteers who enroll in this...

  • Where to go?

    Well this depends mainly on the time you have available and how adventurous you are. If you have 1 week available - Do the Northern Circuit Safari and maybe squeeze in a couple of days in Zanzibar. Many people spend just 3 nights safari - which in my opinion is too little to see all the animals and landscapes in the Northern part of Tanzania. Not...

  • Choosing a Safari Tour Company

    This is the most difficult part of organising the trip - I usually shun tours and organised trips and was going to do the same in Tanzania. But then I slowly realized that travelling on your own is far more expensive and cumbersome than travelling with a Safari company - even with a private safari! It is incredible how expensive the car hire, park...

  • Wood sellers along the road

    Just before we crossed the border to Kenya we saw heaps of wood for sale along the road. So we stopped to buy, because we cooked also at woodfire when we camped along the road.I always liked these stops along the road for buying the basics, like wood or water.

  • money

    US dollars are the best thing to take. Yes you can withdraw money from the cash machines in a couple of the big cities but not all.Best to take cash in big notes rather than travellers cheques. Smaller notes you get a worst exchange rate, likewise travellers cheques you get a worst exchange rate.In Zanzibar good to have some dollar notes.I didn't...

  • Crossing the Border from Kenya

    We went on an overland tour from Kenya to Tanzania to Zanzibar. It was a whole day of driving from Kenya to Tanzania, crossing over the border. Needed US dollars to buy the visa at the border. Long time crossing te border, big queues. People are trying to sell you things on both sides of the border.Change any local currency at the border from Kenya...

  • A dry dusty place

    Tanzania can be a dry dusty place. From june to september is the dry season, we visited end october and everything was still dry and dusty. All our lugguage had the same color as we had, the color of sand. We did not experience it, but in the rainy season it can be muddy (they tell us)

  • Health in Tanzania -status Aug 2004

    Malaria:There is a Risk of catching Malaria in the whole country during the whole year.It is advised to protect yourself against Mosquito bites. Use repellent and long light clothes in the evening and morning.It is necessary to take Malaria Medication before, during and after your stay: Mefloquin (LARIAM® / MEPHAQUIN®), or Atovaquon + Proguanil...

  • Longido: visit Maasai in non touristy...

    Much has been said about visits to the Maasai tribe. So many tourists complain that they charge money for pictures, that they are only interested in selling souvenirs and that visits to "traditional" boma's are much like zoo.Travellers saying so have probably not been to Longido and certainly didn't take part in the local Cultural Tourism...

  • Getting close to animals

    We got very close to animals and they seemed extremely friendly (like this picture below reminded me of my cat at home). But, they are dangerous. We saw baboons and birds attacking people who were not listening to their guides. So the moral is when your guide says no, its no. Our guide still made sure we were able to reach out and touch the animals...

  • tour company for safari

    We took a rather long safari - 11 days. The company you choose and the guide you get does make a HUGE difference. For us, it was important that we were with a company local to the area and with a guide who understood English and knew about wildlife. We were extremely pleased with Roy's Safaris and our guide Adam. He studied many years tourism and...

  • language

    The current president of Tanzania, has made English the official language. However, Swahili is still what is spoken, except for the tribes that have their own dialect. I found that learning more than hello and thank you in Swahili really opened people up. They responded so warmly when I tried to speak Swahili and even thought I spoke it fluently...

  • Beaches of Zanzibar

    The beaches are beautiful, but be forewarned, that depending upon what part of the island you stay - your walk to the ocean may be filled with hazards! Where we were, was near the reef and therefore, when the tide went out - it was VERY far to walk to the water. Made for great tide pools and interesting landscape, but for those of you that want to...


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