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  • Biking warriors and Mt. Longido
    Biking warriors and Mt. Longido
    by Bonobo2005
  • so colourful
    so colourful
    by Bonobo2005
  • Beautiful young Maasai women
    Beautiful young Maasai women
    by Bonobo2005

Longido Local Customs

  • Maasai women

    From a very young age Maasai girls are involved in helping their mothers with the household, such as caring for little kids, and collecting wood and water. Before circumcision, the Maasai girls may act as partners for the Warriors. Until recovery, usually 2 months, she wears black clothes and paints white lines on her face after which she gets...

  • Maasai men

    From about the age of 5 the Maasai boys take care of the cattle (goats and cows). After circumcision they become warriors. Their main responsibility is social security but also herding livestock. Warriors let their hair grow, sometimes paint it red and dress up using a lot of jewellery and paint. They leave their families boma and sometimes start...

  • Circumcision

    Circumcision is an important point of change in the lives of Maasai boys and girls. For the boys, usually aged between ca. 9-12, it means becoming a (junior) warrior and for girls circumcised before her 9th menstruation or when pregnant earlier, it means getting married. Boys are circumcised in communal sessions in presence of warriors and elders...


Longido Tourist Traps

  • Mt. Longido Climb

    I too tried to climb the "wart hog" mountain one afternoon in August, 1999. After about an hour we were so surrounded by an impenetrable wall of high grass that we could not proceed any further. We did however find a nearby mountain stream that provided a cold but refreshing dip!

  • Buffaloos on the trails of Mt. Longido

    Just a word on the failed Mt. Longido climb (hike). After 2 hours my guide was scared to death and wanted to go down because of the presence of...buffaloos. Maybe he just felt responsible.So for me no summit of Mt. Longido :-((I place this under tourist traps because the hike to the summit is greatly promoted in the brochure, and according to this,...

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Longido Favorites

  • couldn’t believe this was really...

    In the course of that afternoon a second group of warriors paraded in –and also a third, all followed by young girls and started to make circles while singing their own heroic songs, chanting and jumping. The whole boma on the lower slopes of 2690m high Mt. Longido –with in the middle a huge acacia tree- was now full of cheerful warriors and...

  • young women making music

    Around the circle the young women gathered–in their finest dresses and their collars and necklaces were the most beautiful I ever saw. Rhythmically they flipped their huge necklaces by moving their upper bodies and heads making the hundreds of beads touching each other and producing a delicate sound.

  • ...and jumping...and jumping...and....

    One by one or two by two the warriors stepped into the circle and jumped- as high as possible-continuing for hours.The jumping is done on the rhythm of the song or sound.


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