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Moshi Things to Do

  • KIWAKUKKI Social Reality Tour HIV/AIDS

    The half-day tour of the local NGO KIWAKUKKI gives a realistic insight into the social reality of the country: you will be learning about the situation of HIV/AIDS in the Kilimanjaro region and the impacts of the disease on the community and families. Accompanied by a social worker of KIWAKUKKI, you are going to encounter affected families...

  • Moshi Post Office

    Located in central Moshi, the post office is a handy for posting off any last minute post cards before your trip up Kili or as you are leaving from said climb.

  • Go for a walk

    Moshi's middle of town is rather small so it's easy to go for a gentle walk. Be prepared for locals to try and sell you carvings or paintings.

  • Ngorongoro Crater Highlands Trek

    This was an excellent 4 day trek, arranged for us by Tanganyika Travels Ltd. The first day we were driven from our hotel to the Ngorongoro Crater, a long journey of about 4 hours over bumpy roads. We arrived at the Ngorongoro National Park and descended into the crater to spot Big Game. Our guide was very thorough and made sure we missed nothing! I...

  • relaxed afternoon walk in the street...

    Just arrived from Arusha, after checking in at Leopard's, a relaxed walk in Moshi main streets.The little sunny city is full of colors and life. People just walking by, relaxed and moving!There are plenty of fruits and vegetables, all kind of shops selling every imaginable item, even those that you may think that do not exist anymore.definitelly a...

  • Boma house at International School,...

    This is a Bantu house but isnt really authentic. International School hosts sports on the fields, go along and join in if you are around


Moshi Hotels

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  • Marangu Hotel

    PO Box 40, Marangu, Moshi, Tanzania

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Shah Tours - Mountain Inn

    Taifa Road, Kiborloni, Mnazi, Moshi, Tanzania

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Springlands Hotel

    Excellent hotel to serve as a base in Moshi for your Kili or Meru trek. Rooms are standard size...


Moshi Restaurants

  • Good!

    Our guides took us into this place on the way back from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. After a week of campsite food (brilliantly produced by Aloise & Ernest, but still campsite food), it was wonderful to get a decent burger and a cold beer.We were 11 altogether, and Jonas (chief guide) was smart by phoning in our order as we drove into town from...

  • not so good

    My guidebook (Bradt’s) tells me this hotel restaurant is a good bet.Before going, a colleague enthused about the fact that the local Rotary club meets there and that the toilets are quite nice.Hmmm. OK, to be fair, 10 of us arrived unannounced for lunch. Not easy to deal with. But to be honest, the food took best part of 90 minutes to arrive. Mine...

  • Great Place to Chill Out

    The Coffee Shop was one of my favourite places to hang out in Moshi. There's a great garden courtyard in the back with shaded tables and it was so peaceful to sit and chill with a drink and chat with friends. There's an inside eating area as well where the cash register is and they also sell packets of the local coffee. A great place for breakfast...

  • A Taste of Austria

    This was quite an interesting restaurant with touches of the Austrian Alps mixed with local African. It was a quiet, peaceful place to have some nourishment. Thoroughly enjoyed our meal here, the waitresses were friendly and welcoming and the meal was tasty. We went for lunch and though it's not a huge menu it was very good, African dishes are big...

  • Indian and Italian in One

    This was a great, popular restaurant in Moshi. Two different menus are offered, Italian and Indian, so you can choose whatever cuisine you happen to fancy that day. We went back several times and my fellow traveller, who came down from the mountain several days before me, went a few more times. There's an outside patio, which fills up quickly, and...

  • Best Café In Tanzania

    Location: Moshi Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaOutreach of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Moshi. Quiet and pleasant atmosphere that really has a café feel which is very unusual in East Africa. “Aim is to train local staff, serve the community by providing a pleasant meeting place and to promote Tanzanian coffees. Surpluses are directed into the work of...


Moshi Nightlife

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  • You'll pick up the Rhythm in no time!

    By the end of the night, we were all drenched in sweat from such an exhilarating rush of adrenaline from the music....the dance......the energy.

  • Bump and Grind

    Did someone say Dance? Bump and Grind is more like it.We tried diligently to learn the hip action!

  • Ungependa kucheza dansi?

    Every night the Honey Badger Centre offers live bands who perform traditional Tanzanian beats and dancers who accompany them.It's a lively stage performance where audience participation is a must. Once the musicians start the beats and sing the harmonious melodies, you'll find yourself up on stage in no time, wanting to learn all the pulsating...


Moshi Transportation

  • Bus to Mombasa from Moshi

    I took the Raqib bus from Moshi, Tanzania to Mombasa. The Raqib starts, I believe, in Arusha and picks up at various stops along the way, crossing the border at Taveta, travelling to Voi and then along the highway to Mombasa. From the border to Voi it is a long, bumpy and dusty red dirt road. The dirt seeps in and covers you in a fine layer of red...

  • Shuttle To Moshi From Nairobi

    One of the cheapest ways to reach Moshi, if you have flown into Nairobi, is to book one of the many shuttle buses which travel daily between Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi. There are several companies to choose from, we used Impala Shuttle and it cost about $30 each for the journey. We were staying across the road from the shuttle bus stop in Nairobi...

  • Impala Shuttle

    The Impala Hotel in Arusha runs a shuttle operation running between Nairobi and Moshi. The shuttles are small but clean and the operation is run fairly smoothly. The shuttle to get you to Moshi leaves Nairobi at approx 8am and gets to Arusha at approx 2pm though with the amount of road works this can vary significantly - our shuttle got to Arusha...


Moshi Shopping

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  • Come on baby, you can do that Kanga

    One of the must have's from Africa is a KANGA. It's basically a rectangular piece of colorful cloth worn by both men and women that covers the head as well as the body. It's said to have originated along the coast of East Africa.Traditionally, each kanga has a Swahili phrase written on it, and make fantastic gifts! Husbands give it to their wives,...

  • No ordinary trip to the Market

    Close to Moshi is the huge market where, once a week, everything from second-hand clothing, to hardware, to food and local crafts are sold. People come from all over the region to do their shopping, and it is definitelhy worthwhile to peruse the merchandise there. Fabrics and artwork are the best buys at these busy markets. It's best to focus on...

  • Good craft shop

    Africulture House Curios is probably the best craft shop we've seen in Tanzania. It has a good selection of crafts at very reasonable prices. Moreover we could look at everything in the shop without being harassed by the staff and all the articles had a price tag (and the prices were really interesting, we couldn't find anythng cheaper in the...


Moshi Local Customs

  • Geisha_Girl's Profile Photo

    Married Life in the Village

    by Geisha_Girl Updated Jul 8, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This article came in the Tanzania Sunday News on May 15, 2005. I thought this was quite an interesting take on the local customs:

    "OLD Zanaki men have a unique way of dealing with unfaithful wives: they sing at the top of their voices each time they approach home and in this way scare away any man who does not have a convincing reason to explain his presence.

    That special song is called kibanziko in the Zanaki language and every old man reaches a particular age and gets down to composing his kibanziko. The song is a notice for unwanted guests to leave, a warning for men whose intentions are not honourable. It is assumed that when an old man sings his kibanziko he is usually drunk, and it is sung only after dark.

    No self-respecting elder of the Zanaki tribe will be caught sneaking upon his wife trying to catch her in the act of committing adultery. It is a behaviour that is frowned upon."

    So all you Players in the house can learn from these Zanaki men! If you hear homeboy humming to the tune of "Mack the Knife,"............ head for the back door!!!

    Whistle while he works....Whistle REAL LOUD!

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Moshi Warnings and Dangers

  • aleshka's Profile Photo

    Do not trust this tour operator

    by aleshka Written Apr 3, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To this tour operator we paid money before he organized for us trip to Kilimanjaro and Safari, but after coming back from Kilimanjaro he disappeared with our money. His office on the main bus station in Moshi, his name Job Urasa. So please be careful when you chose a tour operator in Tanzania.

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Moshi Tourist Traps

  • Waxbag's Profile Photo

    Avoid Collins Safaris LTD

    by Waxbag Written Sep 17, 2005

    This company gave us a really bad safari. After building a good case they agreed to give us another safari at half price. They screwed that up too. I really recommend finding another operator in Moshi if you choose to do a safari in the Northern Circuit. Or, find a reliable one in Arusha. These guys were really disappointing.
    They also do treks on Mnt. Kili. If they treat their clients on the mountain as badly as they treated us on the safari, choose another!

    Unique Suggestions: Late - they can never seem to leave on time
    Inadequate Equipment - 7 blown tires in 3 days
    Poor Communication - Never keep in touch with clients to inform schedule change
    Itinerary Changes - Constantly change to self serve and save money
    Last Day Confusion - Leave clients hanging on last day logistics and transport (we got stuck taking a local bus back to Arusha; a 45 seater with 90 people crammed on)
    Never Take Responsibility of Problems or Inadequacies
    Don't Follow Through on Promises

    Fun Alternatives: We had good reports of Tanganika Safaris based in Moshi

    Related to:
    • Camping
    • Photography
    • National/State Park

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Moshi Off The Beaten Path

  • jackfruit's Profile Photo

    Colobus Monkeys on Kili's lower slopes

    by jackfruit Written Jan 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is possible to do a half day hike in the rainforests on Kili's base. Colobus monkeys are plentiful here. If you are lucky, you will see them leaping from tree to tree in the forest's upper canopy.

    Most hotels can arrange a walking tour into the forests for as little as $15 including the services of a english speaking guide.

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Moshi Favorites

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  • Middle of Town

    In the middle of town you will find a large directions tree with the direction and distance to many places. One of these is Kibo Hut which I had left 2 days earlier! The directions tree is located in the large round-about in the centre of Moshi.

  • Maps of Tanzania - has all the maps you need for most tourist attractions in Tanzania including Kilimanjaro, safari parks (Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Arusha National Park, etc) and Zanzibar.

  • Moshi Hotels

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