Tanzania Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by PryanoFiore
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by PryanoFiore
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by PryanoFiore

Tanzania Off The Beaten Path

  • The Scenery at 'The Rocks'

    In the Northwestern part of Tanzania (Karagwe, Kagera region), very close to the Rwandan border, there is a beautiful spot to visit. It has no legitimate name, but is absolutely gorgeous.It is located further up the road from the Bweranyange Girls' Secondary School. Under the website section, I have posted Bweranyange School's web address for the...

  • Ushongo

    Ushongo is a remote part of Tanzania, little known and unspoiled and one of the countries best kept secrets. Glorious white sands fringed with coconut palms make up the quiet beach, there are places where the sand runs red from iron seeping out of the rocks. Lagoons and urchin free sea make this place idyllic.Small villages and lovely locals add to...

  • Turtle Conservation At Ushongo Beach

    The Tanzanian coastline is an unexplored and untouched area, it's where Kasa Divers, the first professional dive operation between Kenya and Dar es Salaam is based. It is also at Kasa Divers that the Maziwe turtles are being rescued and given a chance to relocate their nesting grounds.Turtles return forever to the grounds they were born at to lay...

  • Zanzibar

    After a week on safari on the mainland we flew from Arusha to Zanzibar for the second week of our holiday. Zanzibar – just the sound of that name is magical. And the island lives up to the images that the names conjures up – not only in its sights and sounds but in the scent of exotic spices that hangs over the island, and indeed was the first...

  • Sun and sea in South Beach

    If you are in the Dar es Salaam area but don't have enough money or time to visit Zanzibar, you can take a ferry and go to Kigamboni. There's a lot of resports right on the beach - South Beach resort, Kipepeo Resort or Sunrise Beach Resort.Sunrise Beach has a restaurant that serves a very good curry and you can walk along the beach picking up...

  • Meet people up close!

    If you want to meet adults and kids up close, see a school at work, experience a village and real hospitality, maybe even ve invited into their homes, go to Mbagala (about 10 miles south of Dar) and visit the non-profit Bibi Jann Children's Care Trust.This includes an elementary school, small orphanage and communal housing for homeless grandmothers...

  • Picnic at Gong Rock

    I don't know how far 'off the beaten track' this is, but we were the only ones there when we visited.Gong rock is situated in the Serengeti National Park, and is literally a big, isolated outcrop of rock. It is called Gong Rock because, if you stick the rock in certain places, it resounds like a gong. This is apparently due to the metal content of...

  • Selous Game Reserve

    Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected area in the country and one of the biggest in the world. There are one or two days safaris organised from Zanzibar, but it is so large that longer stays are recommended. Very few visitors reach the Southern and Eastern parts of the country, where the Great Lakes are located. Neither did we. It will have...

  • going local style

    3 weeks of experiencing what it is like living in Tanzania with locals. If you go around Christmas, expect water rationings and maybe electric rationings. A good local dish is called Zeggy (chip omelette with jalapeños), very nice. But for the best chicken you have ever eaten check out Natasha’s in Dar es Salaam, they do the best chicken and madras...

  • pemba unexplore

    the best way to go to pemba its from zanzibar, there are three boats a week (amazing how many people can fit in one of them), it seems a smaller island than zanzibar but its exactly the same size, but less roads, less hostels, less beaches, but the paradise...Misali island, it should be compulsory for catholic people who speaks about heaven, to go...

  • Young Maasai

    The Maasai are normally wearing red clothes. But they only do this after they have reached manhood.These young men haven't, yet.To become a real man, a Maasai has to live away from his poeple, family and tribe for one year.They must survive at themselves.When they come back after that year, there is a big celebration (probably with the classical...

  • YO, free ride.

    The best part of the game drive around Lake Manyara was the baboons!They were in a huge group constantly active, fighting and doing other less appropriate stuff...ahem....to others and to them selves. Lake Manyara, north of Tanzania, has been my greatest experience with animals. Untop of that the surroundings were absolutely beautiful.Great fun I...

  • Lushoto: great hiking and a lot of...

    Lushoto (1500m) is a former hill station and the common base for exploring the Usambara Mountains, that are well known for their biodiversity. A nice retreat from the heat on the plains that is reached by a breathtaking road through the hills.Lushoto is a popular backpackers destination since it's highlighted in the Lonely Planet guides and the...

  • Cultural Tourism programs

    There are several opportunities to participate in cultural tourism programs - be choosy. Many of them are "put on" for tourists. I was lucky and chose one where you hiked and toured a village which was more like walking until I was tired. I was the only tourist around in a rural area. People were friendly and children came to speak with me.Ng'iresi...

  • Over the Top.

    Here we were are far over 6000 meters. The air gets thin and when you go up this quickly you can get sick due to low oxygen.But the view is breathtaking, literal, haha, don't you think so? I would go right again!

  • Ol Doinyo Lengai from the air.

    I was here in may 2003 and the volcano had an eruption a few weeks before. This can happen any moment. There is this true story of some quite some years ago. A tradesman living next to the crater was listening BBC radio, he heard the volcano had erupted, HIS volcano. He laughed and said this couldn't be. Then he stepped outside the house and saw...

  • Vulcanic Landscapes.

    The whole Tanzania and Kenya regions are covered with these craters. This is far out the biggest, Ngorongoro lies here. Inside the crater you never would know it's a crater, only on the edge if you know how to look. From the air it is real spectacular.

  • The African Mountain.

    This way you will not see this mountain often, due to clouds and from a plane this also is a rare view, very impressive. 19,340 ft. is quite a journey uphill, I stick to aeroplanes.Check out the Arusha airport for flights.

  • Just north of Arusha, 14,975 ft....

    A lot of times this nice mountain is hidden in the clouds, but not as often as the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa.

  • Rock Paintings

    These rockpaintings can be found some km from the village Kolo. Kolo is situated about 20 km north of Kondoa, along the road to Arusha.The Caretaker/guide can be found in the village.

  • Katesh: Visit the Barbaig Tribe

    "...a cultural insight hike to the settlement of Dirma, home of the Barbaig tribespeople whose traditions remain unchanged and unspoilt..."Sounds like the ideal combination: Traditional culture, going off the beaten track and benefiting local communities.Attracted by this phrases from the Cultural Tourism Programme, I took a Babati bound bus, some...

  • Olduvai Gorge - Cradle of Mankind

    In the Ngorongoro Conservation Area there's a canyon nicknamed cradle of mankind because the archaeological findings here date back to the first humans that walked straight up.After having a lecture and lunch at the view platforms you can admire the work of Dr. Louis Leakey and his wife Mary and visit the interesting museum and learn all about...

  • Mwanza: pleasant stopover

    I passed Mwanza on my way to Rwanda and stayed 2 nights.It's the 2nd biggest city of Tanzania on Lake Victoria. In comparison with the other bigger cities like Dar, Arusha or Tanga I rate Mwanza as the most pleasant, not in the last place because of it's bearable climate and the lack of tourists (and touts).Unless you're highly interested in...

  • Mt. Hanang: a 10 hour roundtrip to the...

    Everybody who has been around Katesh, can for sure remember the view of the majestic mountain towering high above the plains. Name: Mt. Hanang, 3418 meters high, 4th highest of Tanzania...Mt. Hanang can be climbed by fit hikers. Not very difficult - but very very long. From Katesh it already takes an hour across farmlands to reach the base. From...

  • Flamingos at Lake Natron

    A turn-off on the Arusha - Ngorongoro Crater road. A rough track through a wilderness area, bottom part of the Great Rift Valley. Tremendous heat and the windows closed. Dust. Maasai men sit under Baobab trees while their cattle grazes. Sometimes we stop to observe zebra, wildebeest and gazelle or other animals that inhabit the plains.Some hours...

  • Usangi - perfect mix of culture and...

    Usangi is a small, spread out town 3 hours from Moshi, located in some kind of crater surrounded by a bunch of peaks called the Northern Pare Mountains.The area is a dream for somewhat adventurous independent travellers/hikers. Unlike the Usambara Mountains around Lushoto, which is heavily promoted by Lonely Planet and German guidebooks, Usangi...

  • Tanga: Amboni Caves

    The coastal city of Tanga (pop/203k) is the 6th largest city of Tanzania and mainly used as a stopover between Mombasa and Dar or Arusha. It's not an unpleasant place with some nice colonial buildings and sleepy ambiance, but there's not much to do. However coming from Pangani I thought 3 hours local bus on a dirt track were enough for the day and...

  • Pangani: 1st place in Africa that stole...

    Pangani, situated on the Swahili Coast, is the first place in Tanzania that stole my heart. Everything is just a bit less organised and conserved than in other colonial coastal towns, giving it a very natural atmosphere. Tourism is 99% restricted to the resorts on the beach and contacts between locals and tourist are very few. Which probably...

  • Lonely on Zanzibar

    Zanzibar island: Pwani Mchangani, a very small village within the palms at the eastern coast. There is nothing to do, so if you need action, don’t go there. But here you really have long, empty beaches, the next tourist resorts are far away. Every day, we were sure that the water wasn’t this turquoise before and had to make a photo of it again. You...

  • Off the beaten path indeed!

    Our whole trip was a bit 'off the beaten path', since we stayed in a small village in the middle of nowhere with my in-laws for the greater part of our holiday. For those who come to see the great gamereserves or Kilimanjaro and who maybe stay in Dar for one or two days: it could be worth your while to visit the National Museum or the Botanical...

  • Riding off road though the migrating...

    Driving off road through the vast herds of migrating animals at the Tanzanian boarder with Kenya. We saw no other people. The guides took us on a wild ride; we were so close we could hear the animals calling to each other clearly; we could reach out and touch them (if we were nuts). There were wildebeest, zebra, antelope (including the elusive...

  • Beaches

    The beaches in Zanzibar are a paradise, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages, where the people live a simple way of life, unchanged over the years.

  • Port of Zanzibar

    Port of Zanzibar. Zanzibar was once the world's largest producer of cloves, and her economy was based on large incomes thus derived. Cloves are still a major export along with coconut products and spices.

  • Language

    Zanzibaris speak Swahili ,a language which is spoken extensively in East Africa. Many believe that the purest form is spoken in Zanzibar as it is the birth place of the language.

  • Oldoinyo Lengai - another...

    Oldoinyo Lengai - another hill! Famous among the Masai as it is supposedly their God-mountain from which all the animals in the world walked out led by cattle and then all the men, led of course by the Masai. An active volcano, this is a seriously hard place to get to. There are no roads of any description anywhere nearby and there is no...

  • Mount Meru - most people skip...

    Mount Meru - most people skip Meru and climb Kili instead. While not as bit or impressive as Kili, Meru is a big mountain in it's own right at just over 4500 metres. It is also a lot more fun to climb. The climb takes 2 or 3 days, depending on how much of a hurry you're in, and is quite steep all the way. The path up takes you through fields full...

  • Visit the world's unique Lake...

    Visit the world's unique Lake Natron.Coming back from the serengeti NP to arusha, take a stop at the oldivai gorge and visit the litte museum of 'Lucy', the first australopithecus afarensis found in the region.

  • Most people do not visit...

    Most people do not visit Tanzania state house which serves as the residents of the president of United Republic of Tanzania. The picture shows the State House or as locally known as Ikulu.

  • Try one of the deserted little...

    Try one of the deserted little islands near Dar. There's no people and you can do what you wantThe boats go there from Mikocheni pierAlso try the Kijiji cha Makumbusho, there's a market selling makonde carvings not that far from it.Also there's a cafe where you can taste ugali (very tasty)

  • If you’re going between Dar es...

    If you’re going between Dar es Salaam and Mbeya, consider breaking up the journey by bus,rather than taking the overnight train. There are some lovely towns with some excellent hikingand rambling opportunities, like Iringa and Morogoro. These places also tend to be less touristy,because most travellers don’t bother stopping. In Morogoro, a supper...

  • I found that Tanzania had a...

    I found that Tanzania had a lot less tourists than some of the other countries I visited. We oftenwent weeks at a time without meeting another foreigner. The exception to this is Stone Town, on Zanzibar Island. Prices there are higher, and there are many tourists wandering the streets. But that doesn’tchange the fact that Zanzibar is a fabulous,...

  • If you are on Zanzibar (Unguja...

    If you are on Zanzibar (Unguja island) try to make it to the Jozani forest and the Red Colobus Monkey reserve. You will be required to take a guide. You can sometimes see the monkeys right on the road, but as you move into the forest you will see many more of them.

  • PembaOne of the two main...

    PembaOne of the two main islands of the Zanzibar group, Pemba is another paradise of beaches and marine life. Since we are not interested in diving, we avoided beaches and went to visit the inland area. From the harbour we went directly to Chake Chake, the capital, by dala-dala, a small private bus. The city, at the top of a beautiful inlet, is a...

  • Hike to a waterfall!

    There are several waterfalls near Marangu (in the foothills of Kilimanjaro). There are always locals around willing to act as guides for a very very small fee, so you will have no problem getting there. It is about a 1 1/2 - 2 hour roundtrip and it is best to where shoes with a good grip as it can get quite slippy. (I did it in 'Teva's and had no...

  • You will love to see the...

    You will love to see the animals like the girafe and the zebra in africa.It might cost you to see the lions sleeping in the trees, but the girafe and zebra were free when I wasthere. I hope they are free now.


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