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Tanzania Things to Do

  • Kigoma – Lake Tanganyika

    Kigoma is a busy port linking Tanzania to major towns on the lake in Burundi, Congo and Zambia.It is an open and airy town, with a strong local color and small, simple shops, restaurants and houses. However you can find some luxury hotels such as Lake Tanganyika hotel.The best way to see Kigoma is to walk around. That's what I did. I walked along...

  • Ujiji

    You can visit Ujiji from Kigoma either by taxi, or by public transport which costs only a few cents. I was dropped off at the main road and walked towards the lake. The village houses are scattered along the way and the children came to me curious and playful and escorted me all the way to the lake shore. They were very seriously explaining their...

  • Dodoma

    Dodoma is a quiet and dusty city offering almost nothing to the common tourist. However if you happen to be here you can just relax! Dodoma is the official capital of Tanzania with many ministries and government establishments but the main action is taking place in Dar Es Salam, anyway.It is located in the center of the country and is connected to...

  • Moshi

    Moshi is a clean, pleasant and green town of 200,000 inhabitants at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. You can use it as a base for climbing Mount “Kili”, as the locals call it. You can easily find guides and tour operators who can organize your expedition just the way you like it.If you have no intention of climbing the mountain you can just visit the...

  • Travel agencies in Arusha

    I visited several travel agencies in Arusha before I ended up in Il Maasai Expedition. I am just giving you the data so that you can come in touch with them and take your own decision. I cannot recommend any of them. In general, agencies cooperate sending their clients to each other in low season because it is very expensive to organise the tour...

  • Kibondo - on the way to Lake Tanganyika

    At the border of Rwanda and Tanzania I took the bus to Kigoma thinking that I could reach my destination on the same day. The first bus left me at a small village , Nyakanazi, where locals welcomed me with some bananas! They were very sweet and curious to know who I was.... I had to wait for the next bus, which was actually a dilapidated van..After...

  • Safari in Tanzania

    1st dayWe started early on the first day. They took my big bag to keep it in the office and I got on the van where I met my co-travelers. They all welcomed me with a smile, which I later learned was not so genuine. Because they had resented at the idea of having one more passenger in a private tour. This happened because it was difficult to find a...

  • Marangu, Mamba villages-Kilimanjaro

    As I didn't want to climb the mountain I decided to visit some of the villages at the foot of Kilimanjaro and get the feeling of the local people, who belong to the ethnic groups of Chagga and Pare. They live peacefully in their fertile, charming land with lush vegetation and beautiful scenery. I took the public bus from Moshi to Marangu, paid only...

  • Irente View Point - Lushoto

    The famous Irente View Point is on one of the tops of Usambara mountain range. After a relaxing walk starting from Lushoto you reach the picturesque village of Irente. There you pay a minimal fee to the local community and you walk on a small path that leads to Irente View Point. There you can gaze at the enchanting view of the valley below. The...


    I didn't like this bustling, noisy city of almost 3 million inhabitants, with the heavy traffic, and all kind of people moving around, sweating in the hot humid weather and treating tourists more as a source of prospective profit than human beings. However it is quite safe to walk around. Dar es Salam is the biggest city in Tanzania , fast...


    They organize: Walking tours of Historical culture.Cycling ToursBoat trips to Mazime Island and cruising up the riverHotel BookingPersonalised SafarisPO.Box 129 – Pangani-TanzaniaTour Guide: Emanuel Petro mob: 255 (0)787 394161 / 077 727519email: bothotpetro@yahoo.com


    History, culture, great food, excellent upmarket hotels, comfortable budget guest houses, interesting local life, spice tours, excellent beaches with superb turquoise waters, relaxing beach hotels, and friendly people.The “Spice Island” as it is commonly called is full of surprises. You can find them in the winding narrow streets, in the small...

  • Stone Town

    Very picturesque, winding, narrow streets, full of life, interesting wooden doors, a mixture of Arabic and European architecture, many little shops selling local craft, and spices, and more luxurious gallery type shops owned by European residents with excellent pieces of antiques and charming samples of local craft. Local life is getting on and...

  • Kendwa

    Kendwa is a village with a perfect beach, to the northwest of the island. You can reach it on foot along the beach from Nunguy, by public bus or you can stay in one of the expensive resorts that line the stunning beach. If you decide to go on foot from Nunguy, try to go in low tide or keep your valuables in a plastic bag. It is an amazing walk!!!

  • Jambiani

    The simple village life of Jambiani with the wooden houses, the exquisite palm fringed beach and the traditional fishing boats on the wonderful turquoise sea water gives a dreamy picture of past unspoilt earth paradises. I walked along the main road, took beautiful photos and stopped to talk to the local people who were very nice and open-hearted,...

  • Nunguy

    When people ask me what was most impressive in Zanzibar my mind goes first to its amazing beaches with the soul relaxing colors. I have seen thousands of beaches in my life. I have swum in gorgeous sea water and this is one of the top ones. Off course it is not what I have in mind as a perfect destination because it is the kind of touristic hotels...

  • The Swahili language

    Swahili is a mixture of the old local language, Bantu, and Arabic.It's not very difficult to learn especially if you really wish to communicate with locals.Speaking Swahili saves you a lot of trouble, makes people nicer to you, saves you time at the borders, gives you much better prices ( I paid resident prices) and generally gives you a sensation...

  • Tarangire National Park

    Located in the North East area of Tanzania, the Tarangire National Park has great diverse collection of animals and birds and one of the most prettiest views over the Tarangire River. While we took a guided tour in the Park it looked like some parties simply drove their own cars through. There is a fee to get in that I believe is fairly steep. It...

  • Best Trip in Tanzania with Hartebeest...

    We did a 5-day, trip to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater with Hartebeest Safaris.We had no doubt that entire experience would have been amazing, but was it made even better by Hartebeest Safaris. We spoke to quite a few other people that we met along the way about other companies, and were glad we had made the choice we did.Since it...

  • Safari Review with Ostrich Holiday &...

    It was the trip of a lifetime, hope we're able to return someday!Our initial dream was very broad; just an African Adventure!! We began our planning by reading through a lot of forums to plan our trip, which was an excellent starting point for us in narrowing our search to Tanzania and to which parks we wanted to visit there. We followed that up...

  • My Safari In Tanzania With Hartebeest...

    I had an amazing experience in Tanzania Hartebeest Safaris. The whole trip was easy to organize, and everyone from the company, before and after our trip, was incredibly helpful and informative. I really had a great time – it was a great mix of local culture, history and wildlife, and back home, the memories are still very fresh even though it’s...

  • Safaris

    Tanzania that has plenty of game parks and conservation areas over 25% of its landmass, If you have enough time and your budget allow you, try to do safari whether in Serengeti, Ngorongoro and the restTour operators like -Shrike safaris, Email: safari@shrikesafaris.org +255756243686

  • Explore Tanzania's wildlife beauty with...

    I write this review as regards to the experience my friends and I had with Meru Mountain Treks and Safaris ltd which is located in Arusha, kaloleni street precisely. We decided to share our experience because we noticed that small companies in Tanzania are all left in the dark despite the incredible services they render to travelers and we're very...

  • Ngorongoro Crater

    A conservation area since 1959, this area covers around 8,300 square kms including the highlands, Olduvai gorge and the crater itself.Views from the crater rim are spectacular, the light and colours of the vast plain then become real when you descend to the bottom and see the amazing numbers and variety of wildlife it contains. The crater lake,...

  • Zanzibar

    This island paradise has a rich history and was an important trading port (ivory, spices and slaves) over many centuries. It is predominately Islamic based but you can find many places to relax overlooking a great beach, beer in hand.Access to the Island is an easy 20min flight from Dar Es Salaam or about 1 and half hours in a fast ferry. Take a...

  • Serengeti National Park

    The bumpy and very dusty 4WD road into the Serengeti Park from Ngorongoro gave a sense of the remoteness and wildness of this vast place. Serengeti means "endless plains" and the protected park area (since 1951) covers a huge 14,800 square kilometres.It probably takes about 4 hours of 4WD driving from Arusha to the Serengeti, around 6 hours all up...

  • Diving centers in Zanzibar

    Diving and snorkelling are very enjoyable in these gorgeous waters.You can very easily book on the spot. Don't book anything before you arrive because you can arrange much better and convenient deals while you are here.They usually take divers to nearby heavenly remote islands!!!But still, I am mentioning some of the many diving centers on the...

  • Pangani

    The more I stayed in Pangani the more I was fascinated by its hidden charm. Built on the mouth of Pangani river, this small village has only been left with dilapidated remains of its old glory, when it was a main port of the east African coast and an important trade center of ivory and slaves. Now it is a pleasant, quiet and picturesque village,...

  • Tayodea Travel Agency - Lushoto

    Tayodea Travel Agency "JOIN A TOUR-HELP THE REGION”I give you all the information about Tayodea because they surely work for a noble goal. They are part of Cultural Tourism Program, a project that helps the local community by giving half of the money they get to social care for the children in need of the region.They offer hiking, guiding and tour...


    They call Lushoto “The Switzerland of Africa” … Whether you find it appropriate or not, you will probably understand why Lushoto is one of my favourite places in Tanzania, if you happen to be there.The lush vegetation makes you feel you are in a small corner of paradise. I liked the fresh breeze caressing my face in my enjoyable walks in the...

  • Arusha

    Arusha is a fast-growing city and a good base for a safari to famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire National Park. The city has a hectic pace but a walk around is quite pleasant. There are spots with a lot of green and nice breezes. The clock Tower is one of the city special features. Be careful of the locals who approach you offering to help...

  • Gombe National Park

    Gombe National Park is a small, isolated park, ten miles north of Kigoma. It is protected by Lake Tanganyika and the high wall of the Rift Escarpment ( 2,460 ft tall ). The trails are steep and arduous.The Kasakela chimpanzee community is the most famous feature of the park.Entry fee 100$ - children 20$ - guide 10$ - accommodation 20$ - camp fee...

  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area

    Much larger than the actual crater the conservation area is a huge area between the Serengeti and the Crater

  • Water Safari at Rubondo Island

    While walking safaris are also held at Rubondo Island, the water safaris on Lake Victoria are the real treat. You will be able to see wild hippos, crocodiles, lizards, and all kinds of birds. Trust me, it's really something.The safaris are very personal, and depending on your guide, you could get a little extra out of it (I was scheduled for a 2...

  • Serengeti & Ngorongoro game drives

    Looking for a Safari locally at arrival in Arusha, and having 5 days at our disposal, we were a bit sceptical about going as far as the Serengeti, because the drive to get to Seronera campside (in the middle of Serengeti), consists basically of a 150km free massage in the Jeep and dust treatment for your skin! After half day of search in Arusha we...

  • Safari Organizer in Tanzania

    Hi, I just got back yesterday. I can highly recommend Tansafaris (www.tansafaris.com). The guys are fantastic. I did one tour with them and stuck with them for the rest of my trip. They are really well-connected (they have offices in Dar and Moshi, but know people everywhere) and can organize everything. For example, I wanted to hike up Ol Doinyo...

  • Explore East Africa (Mt...

    I would like to recommend to travelers who are heading out towards, East African countries, looking for a safari try hook up with this company Elephant Adventures Tours,they have cheap and affordable prices than any other company, around East Africa visit their site http://www.elephantadventurestours.com

  • Zanzibar

    Zanzibar is one of the unmissable places in Tanzania. It was an independent island during colonial times, but finally joined Tanganika territories to form Tanzania.There you will find an interesting old town (stone town) with a mix of muslim, swahili and indian cultures), former center of the slaves trade of East Africa, departure point of all the...

  • Lipi Adventure Company"Quality Travel...

    It’s not even a pleasure to write this article but a gift to all the travelers intending to visit Tanzania at their own time with different intentions.Am from Germany and my ancestors used to live in Tanzania in 1920's, But we shifted to Belgium since 80’s for sure this was my grandfather and my grand mother who lived in the Derema Coffee farms...

  • The Serengeti- Lions and Cheetah

    We are starting to worry that we won’t see many animals during this extremely dry season. Excitement soon returned however when we spot two very photogenic cheetah near the road way. Our guide tells us they are two brothers . They actually seemed to enjoy our attention and didn’t seem bothered by the many photos we were taking. Shortly after seeing...

  • Entering the Serengeti

    Now we drive over the roughest , dustiest road yet as we come closer to the Serengeti. Nearing the gate of the game reserve we see some Thompson’s Gazelle. They are so cute and even though we saw many exciting and exotic animals later they remained on my list of favorites. When we stop at the gate we have to take a picture of this momentous...

  • The Cradle of Mankind

    We enjoy our box picnic lunch looking out over the Oldepai Gorge. The gorge is a steep-sided ravine about 30 miles long , in the Rift Valley.The Oldupai Gorge is commonly referred to as "The Cradle of Mankind." The name Oldepai is a Maasai word for the wild plant Sansevieria ehrenbergii. This is site was made famous largely by the work started in...

  • The amazing Baobob Tree

    On our our way to Arusha we arrive catch a glimpse of the Rift Valley. It is here we see our first baobab tree. This is a beautiful but strange tree that can grow up to 25 meters tall and can live for several thousand years. The Arabian legend of the baobab is that "the devil plucked up the baobab, thrust its branches into the earth and left its...

  • First Views of the Rift Valley and Lake...

    Our drive takes us to the Rift Valley. Here we look down over Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara is a very shallow lake and we see it during a period of drought it is even more shallow and the shores are white and dried up. Said by Enest Hemingway to be one of the loveliest lakes in Africa , it is also the home of a diverse set of landscapes and wildlife....

  • Maasai Village

    Your guide might suggest a stop at a Maasai Boma (village). We were of two minds about this as we felt strange about paying to gawk and stare at the villagers. And it's not cheap! I believe they asked for $50US, we only had Tanzanian shillings with us and had already sorted out the exchange rate and actually paid less. We were about to change our...


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