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Tanzania Transportation

  • Long distance bus to Tanzania

    Taking the bus is the cheapest way to get to Tanzania from the neighboor countries. The bus takes 8-10 hours from Mombasa to Dar es Salaam with stop at the border The bus stops at the border waiting for passengers to arrange visa and immigration. And in Tanga, where you have to change bus. The price is 15 USD. Keep your ticket because it is checked...

  • boats to Zanzibar

    The boat ticket to Zanzibar costs US$40 for the fast ferries and $25 for the slow ones. Only, the slow boats return at inconvenient hours, that is they start from Zanzibar late at night and arrive to Dar very early in the morning, so you can go on a slow boat and come back on a fast one that departs in the morning from Zanzibar.For more information...

  • Local v tourist rates!

    Safari parks ask for passports in Tanzania, so you pay tourist rates.However, buying catamaran tickets to Zanzibar (from Dar) was different. There were clearly marked different rates for locals & foreigners. My cousin from the U.S learnt some Swahili so he bought us local tickets (less than half the tourist rate).We did the same thing in a hotel in...

  • Buses and Dalla Dalla's

    Whilst in Tanzania this time, it was to visit a friend already in the country so, there was no hired vehicle as such hence it began with a bus ride, 8 hours of it, from Dar Es Salam to Pangani before taking a taxi to a ferry to eventually arrive at our destinationThe bus ride was an amazing if somewhat cramped experience! Although tickets are...

  • Self Drive is not a desirable option

    serenegti is great for spotting lions and cheetahs.ngorongoro is good to see flamingos, huge herds of zebra and wildebeest.USD50 for serengeti one day entry.USD100 for one day offroad ride.but the park is huge! u may not be able to spot any animals if u r not familiar with the area.our guide keeps talking with his driver friends or listening to a...

  • Nairobi to Arusha

    Hello Suzy,It's possible to get a shuttle from Jomo Kenyatta Airport.The company that offers this service is Riverside shuttles. The route is also very safe even if you are solo, just need to take normal precaution just like when in any other place in the world. Alternatively like advised above you can take a flight with Precision or Kenya Airways...

  • Road accidents

    Of course, in the rainy season, the same dust becomes mud. Mud can be absolute murder to drive through, and certain roads can become impassable. As we found out a few years ago when we were heading up a fairly steep slope which had become a complete mud bank after twice the entire months’ worth of rainfall had fallen overnight. After four hours we...

  • Dust

    Dirt. As I said before, most of the minor roads, and nearly every single road within the national parks, is a dirt track. In the dry season, the sand will be thrown up by the wheels of the vehicles that use the road – you and others. That means, if you are following another vehicle, you will be in the slipstream from the dust. Dust gets everywhere....

  • Road conditions

    Another thing you must be aware of is how long it will take to get from A to B in Tanzania. The road conditions are not how you are used to from home. I shall never again complain about the potholes in my road! The main roads between cities are mostly sealed (but still in a sad state of repair), but other, minor roads are dirt tracks. There are...

  • Safari vehicles

    In Tanzania we saw a Land Cruiser with seven people in it, two in the front, three in the back seat and two right at the back of the vehicle, facing inwards. Whatever would they be able to see? The windows right at the back didn’t open, and the driver hadn’t even bothered to clean them. There is no way the two poor unfortunate people right at the...

  • Safari vehicles

    The transport is one of the most important things to consider when doing a safari. There are many types of vehicles available, and getting the right one can make the difference between a mediocre safari and a good one. The things to look out for are:Do all passengers have a window seat?How many people will be in the vehicle?Does the roof elevate?Is...

  • Scandinavia Express Buses (1)

    Scandinavia Express has the reputation of being the best long-distance bus service in Tanzania. However, unfortunately, it didn't live up to its reputation on our journey from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya, which took 18 hours instead of the usual 11 or 12 because of 3 incidents en-route (see separate tip for details). However, the time spent sitting and...

  • Scandinavia Express Buses (2)

    The first incident which occurred after about an hour or so was the linkage between the gear-box and the gear lever coming apart, leaving us stranded in the middle of the Tanzanian countryside. After an hour and a half, a mechanic arrived, and it was then fixed fairly swiftly. However, before he arrived, a local man in a suit appeared on a bicycle...

  • Ranger Safaris

    Ranger safaris provided us with an excellent service during our two week safari in Tanzania. The driver/guides were very proficient when it came to spotting wildlife, particularly when they also had to negotiate the bumpy tracks within the national parks. Our vehicle was comfortable and our guide cleaned it every day! Unlike in Kenya, the safari...

  • Bad experience with PrecisionAir airline

    I’d like to communicate what we experienced with Precision Air services.Me and a friend of mine bought tickets to fly from Zanzibar to Mombasa, where we had a connecting flight to return home back in Italy, on last august 2006 paying over 300 U$.Thus we confirmed the flight 2 days in advance, the morning we got to the airport for checking in we...


    Air Tanzania calls itself ‘The wings of Kilimanjaro’ and they have some excellent prices within Tanzania. Their international flight prices are not as economical. You might want to consider flying as a quicker transport option at these prices.

  • Be aware of the dust

    As you can see in the picture, during the dry season, so many vans in motion generate an incredible of particles in suspension. You will sometimes arrive to the lodge covered by several layers of dust. Protect your photographic material accordingly.

  • Vans

    If you go during the dry season, one of these vans will take you everywhere you want to go. Roads are bumpy and uncomfortable, but that is the latest thing one thinks of while on safari.


    PRECISION AIR is a small well-run airline based in Tanzania. Unlike many airlines that fly you about 6 miles above the earth, Precision air has a fleet of smaller planes allowing you to see the real beauty of Eastern Africa. Their fleet consists of ATR 42’s, an ATR-72 and LET – 410’s. While most travellers to Tanzania see just clouds, you can see...

  • Train, Bus, or fly from Dar es...

    Train, Bus, or fly from Dar es salaam. The train takes about 12 hours and makes many stops along the way. 1st class is a cabin for two with a bunk and costs about ?15 GBP depending on the exchange rate.2nd class is a cabin for 6 and is cheaper and third class is a wooden bench with lots of people.this does'nt cost much.This does not run every...

  • Kilimanjaro Airport

    Others in our group flew in and out through the Kilimanjaro Airport. Located just outside of Arusha, this option, although more expensive for international flights, is much more conveniently located for Kilimanjaro treks and safaris than Nairobi.For transportation within Tanzania, for example getting to Zanzibar, you will find a reasonabley good...

  • Nairobi Airport

    After much research and price comparison, we decided that the cheapest way for us to get to Tanzania was to fly into Nairobi and get ground transport across the border. Even with a night's lodging, the shuttle fee, and the multiple entry Kenya visa, this still saved us money! But of course, this method won't save time. It's up to you to decide...

  • Four Wheel Drive!

    If you are going to climb Kilimanjaro, or go on safari, you'll find yourself spending at least some time in the back of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Our advice is to buckle up and be prepared for the bumpiest ride of your life!We climbed Kilimanjaro by the Lemosho route, which meant driving to the Londorossi gate and then to Lemosho village. The...

  • Impala Shuttle

    Our tour company booked us a ride from Nairobi to Moshi and then from Arusha back to Nairobi on the Impala Shuttle. We were very pleased with the service which included free bottles of water, a friendly driver, a bathroom stop, and helpful advice for navigating the Kenya/Tanzanian border.The Impala shuttle was $20 well spent!

  • Bus/truck it!

    If you are coming from most countries in the world, then flying is the only logical answer, particularly from the UK...... If you are already in Africa then you can travel overland by truck, either an organized trip or you can sometimes find an empty safari truck that is willing to take passengers along for the ride...One of the easiest ways is the...

  • Getting There

    The best way to get to Tanzania depends on several factors - what you are doing first and where are you arriving from. If you are starting off with a safari and are landing at the Kilimanjaro airport you have no problems as shuttle buses run regularly to Arusha (the safari hub for the Northern Circuit) at decent prices. If your flight does not land...

  • Seabus to Zanzibar Island

    If you want to go by boat from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Town or back you have much choices. There are ferries, catamarans, hydrofoils or you can even go by dhow or governmental boat. There are different prices depending on which boat you take (10 -35 dollar). The boattrip will take 90 minutes at the fast boats and 6 hours at the slowest ones.From...

  • Flying right in time with Precisionair

    There are several national airlines in Tanzania between most major towns in the country. At the end of our overland trip we decided to fly from Arusha to Zanzibar Island, to have more time at Zanzibar at the end of our overlandtrip before flying back to Europe. We had a flight with Precisionair. This flight to Zanzibar is everyday from Dar es...

  • Around Tanzania

    This was our car with wich we drove around Tanzania.It is a Toyota Hiace (older Model), but still in good shape (if you overhear the automatic door closer readjusting after some hard bumps on the road).The roof can be opened, so you have a good view around in the national parks and are still safe from the animals - well, hopefully....The tires were...

  • From Mombasa to the Tanzanian Border

    From Mombasa (which is located at the sea) to the Border of Tanzania there are also roads, but they take hours.The faster way is by air. From a small strip close to the beach you start in theis tiny aircraft.You see the Kilimanjaro by air (impressive view - snow in Africa) and shortly after you land - also on a strip right in the middle of nowhere....

  • motocycles

    the easiest way to drive around, not so much in the big citys but perfect for the small areas, they give you an extra dimension, you can go everywhere!!!!!!

  • transport

    they are lunatics..........but they have their own rules, they switch the light off when they are driving in the night and only switch it on when they guess someone is comming

  • Scandinavian Bus ride to Arusha

    Take Scandinavian from Dar es Salam to Arusha.It comfortable - as comfortable as it gets unless you want to fly there. No train is available on this particulary section at the time being. And it´s cheap but time consuming - about 10 hours drive.

  • The KLM Lounge

    We travelled back from Stone Town, Zanzibar and had a 6 hour wait to resign ourselves to before catching the late KLM service home from Dar es Salaam.We quickly decided we were too tired to go for a spin round Dar es Salaam....despite many offers of tours from taxi drivers.So we settled ourselves down on the benches outside the terminal...

  • Going there by Air

    If you are going to either Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam I can highly recommend that you book your plane ticket directly through Ethiopian Airlines. There is a lot of money to be saved by doing this. I know that most people from Europe prefer to fly with KLM or BA, but Ethiopian Airlines is just as good, and a whole lot cheaper to say the most. I...

  • Walking

    Many people in Tanzania don't own a motor vehicle or bike. A common way to move around is walking. These women walk about 10 km in the morning to go to the market in Kondoa. In the evening they walk back.

  • You won't starve on the trains

    The train is an excellent way to get around. There are 2 main lines:1. Dar-Morogoro-Dodoma-Tabora and then:1a. Mwanza;1b. Kigoma;1c. Mpanda.2. Dar-Mbeya-New Kapiri Mposhi (for Zambia)Take 2nd or 1st class for a bit comfort and privacy.On every trainstation loads of hawkers sell a wide variety of food/non food and on the longer stops lines of...

  • Experience the bus

    tIn general there are excellent express buses on the tarmac roads connecting Dar es Salaam with 1. Morogoro/Zambia and 2. Arusha/Nairobi/Kampala. You can book these in advance with several companies at the busstation or through hotels.About everywhere else in Northern Tanzania there's (red) gravelroads and busrides are a different piece of cake....

  • For wildlife safari you need a 4WD

    For safaris into parks like Serengeti or Ngorongoro you need a 4WD even in dry season, especially if you want to tour around.However there's also a common public bus that crosses Serengeti and the crater rim on it's way from Arusha to Mwanza. You have to pay the park fees anyway, a total of $60.Usually tourists book tours through operators in...

  • Flying Out

    After our initial 2-day indoctrination to Africa in Dar, our group was broken up into our various country contingents for onward travel. This is a scene from Dar es Salaam International Airport as we waited to fly out to Lusaka, Zambia for the next stage of our journey. It is only now, with the hindsight of years of travelling, that I recognize...


    The Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority, shortly known as TAZARA, operates 1,860 kilometers of truck from Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania to New Kapri Mposhi Zambia. Since its construction, TAZARA has been vital to the life of villagers living along the railway track and for the economy of the country.

  • It's hard to say goodbye (kwa heri)

    The airport in Dar es Salaam is fine. But be prepared that only passangers can enter. So the last goodbye must be outside. The duty free area is not good place for the last souvenirs, it's expensive and the choice is limited.

  • Learning to wait

    You need to have faith when taking the local buses as they don’t take the time table for serious, but they are cheap and it’s a nice experience (see “Fondest Memory”).

  • Plane Zanzibar-Mombassa

    As we arrived to Zanzibar we had very few days left to return, so we decided to take a light plane back to Mombassa, and this saved us 2 days. The ticket was about 90$ one way, boat is much cheaper, but we had a tight schedule.There is a very nice view of the Old Stone Town from the air...

  • Local buses

    Buses are a good mean of transport in this part of Africa, besides a real experience by itself. We took this bus from Moshi to Dar es Salaam. We went to the bus station early in the morning, there were several buses, and we went into one of them, but none could tell us the time of departure. We waited and waited and it only departured after one...


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