Tanzania Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by elsadran
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by elsadran
  • A nice juice - must find a local photo!
    A nice juice - must find a local photo!
    by fishandchips

Tanzania Warnings and Dangers

  • Poor Tanzanian Safari with Africa Smart...

    We took a five day two night safari trip from Africa Smart Safaris Ltd. Soter Clemence Mutambalik the manager lied to us that there were three Spanish who had joined already and our joining could cost lower. He also said we could pay in credit card. Things went wrong from there, he tricked us to do cash advance from credit card instead of visa...

  • Dangerous traffic and bad vehicles

    The traffic in Tanzania is reckless. The vehicles are in many cases in bad condition, like this truck cabriolet on the road from Tanga to Dar es Salaam.

  • Terrible Safari with 'Meru Mountain...

    A friend and I did a three day safari to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater recently with Meru Mountain Treks & Safaris ltd based in Arusha, Tanzania. We organised the safari through Thabit, at Celina Tours. Both companies were terrible and must be collaborating to rip tourists off.Considering this sort of safari is something you do once in a...

  • Police searching...

    Policemen came into the bus, they opened a random bag and started smelling inside it. Nothing finally happened but beware if you are carrying any …pepper with you...!! :))

  • Zipper openers

    Unfortunately, although I liked Tanzanians very much there is a small part of them, especially young boys who have this bad habit. They come behind you very silently and wait for a chance to open your backpack . Sometimes they come in groups and while one of them is trying to attract your attention by selling you something or asking for something,...

  • Beware Frostbite If You're Climbing...

    If you're climbing Kilimanjaro be warned that it gets COLD as you summit. As we were climbing up, we saw a woman on her way down who had this horrible scabbing all over her nose. We couldn't figure out what it was...we thought maybe it was sunburn. Well, we learned the hard way! As you summit, you're climbing at night and reaching higher altitude....


    PLEASE PREPARE! Malaria can sometimes be fatal and at best may make you regret that you survived. Medicines must be taken sometimes weeks BEFORE you come here. There are 4 different species of Malaria and humans can get them all from the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito. Illness and death from malaria are largely preventable - if you...


    I have just escaped from one of my worst experiences in Arusha Tanzania last week -10th Nov 2009-I was stopped by corrupt Immigration officials in Arusha -they confiscated my British Passport[I am a white British male ] and they said taht I had come on an a bogus Visa,although I was granted a visitors Visa at Dar Airport on arrival for three...

  • Dusty roads

    As in many parts of Africa the roads in Tanzania are often not paved, making for bumpy, dusty rides. You will probably want to travel with the windows down much of the time – not only is it cooler, but you get more vivid impressions of the country (sights, scents and sounds) that way. So don’t wear your best clothes as whatever you have on will get...

  • Elephants may look cute ...

    ... but beware. On our first full day in Tanzania we visited Lake Manyara National Park, and after early encounters with a troop of baboons and some grazing giraffe, we were thrilled to spot our first elephant, a large bull. Reginald stopped the vehicle and we observed him eating for a short while, before he moved behind a bush to find some juicier...

  • Boarding Crossing

    A valid passport and visa are still required for all visiting Tanzania. However, a visa can also be obtained at any of the country’s entry points. The costs did recently go up to US$100 (cash only). I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of always be conscious of your surroundings. I consider myself a seasoned traveler and I sill fall prey...


    02 April 2008.I wish to inform you that Tanzania Health Authority has advised that all passengers traveling to Tanzania will be required to produce a valid yellow fever Vaccination Certificate upon arrival in any entry point to Tanzania.This requirement also covers visitors from East African Community partner states.The vaccination validity is at...

  • Drugs in Tanzania

    Once walking with a friend down a street in Moshi town, a man apporached us asking if we wanted a safari (this is a very common occurence), when we refused his offer he started spouting off about drugs, asking us if wanted to "kiss the sky". My advice is, do not buy any street drugs in Tanzania. I cannot emphasis this enough. The punishments are...

  • Altitude Sickness

    Acute mountain sickness due to the altitude is the one thing on Kilimanjaro that we saw a lot. If you exhibit ataxia (can't stand with feet together and arms by your sides with your eyes closed) then you are supposed to immediately descend. To properly acclimatize, you would need to ascend only 1000 ft (305m) per day with a rest day every 3rd day...

  • No electricity

    Tanzania is a poor country. Electricity mainly comes from hydroelectric plants in the inland. Though Tanzania generally receives lots of rain, the water levels of the main lakes are very low after a period of draught in specific parts of the country. Therefore, daytime power cuts have been introduced. During my visit in July and August 2006, power...

  • Health concerns

    In order to enter Tanzania, you are required to have been vaccinated against yellow fever. It is not compulsory but highly recommended to take anti-malaria profilaxis and to protect against mosquito bites.

  • The Big Five Obsession

    It is amazing how obbeying we tourist can turn to be when it comes to compulsively repeat the habits described in travel guides.

  • Make sure you have enough diesel

    When driving through Tanzania, you'll see lots of people who are just sitting along the road side. You'll also see jerry cans, lots of them. And you'll see trucks that have stopped for a break in ridiculous places. So what's that!?Truck drivers are said to get paid very little. To 'earn' a bit extra, they sell small amounts of diesel to the people...

  • Exchanging Money

    Tanzania is a great country no question and the people are lovely but you shouldnt forget where you are in the world. Most people in the country live below the poverty line thus thugs are present in just about every town or city you visit so when exchanging money especially in Dar in the glass cased booths be careful what you flash inside and...

  • Clemence Muta Phillemon: DANGER !

    If you organize safari, DON'T organize with Mr. Clemence Muta Phillemon because it is a lying men...Sometime ( when it come out from the prison..) Clemence open a new safari company in Arusha ( every time with a new name..and etime with Mr. Prem ) to swindle tourist ! By email and when you meet him for the payments it is very professional but...

  • Insect Pests

    Mosquitos and tse tse flies can be deadly. Avoid them at all costs by spraying yourself with insect repellant and wear long sleeves and pants wherever possible.Mosquitos are carriers of Malaria whilst tse tse flies carry African sleeping sickness. Tse tse flies also have a painful bite and are attracted to blue clothing.Make sure you are taking...

  • A word of warning - The attitude towards...

    It is a shock to many to meet the Africans for the first time - as soon as youset foot in Tanzania the people will literally swarm you, pestering you to buy safaris, fruit, jewelry; asking you if you need a taxi; grabbing your bags and expecting tips; begging for money ... in summary the people are nothing short of being downright brazen sometimes!...

  • The Tse-Tse fly

    The Tse-tse fly is a mean creature...It bites really hard and may leave behind the sleeping-sickness. Not exactly a big problem for short-time visitors with access to medical services later, but an annoyance, nevertheless.The fly only lives in low-lying areas with a certain temperature and apparently also a specific humidity level.Its preferred...

  • Know what you are photographing !

    In Tanzania you can't take pictures of the Masai (unless you are in a culture village), offical government buildings, militairy posts or police stations/ officers.One of our groupmembers found it out the hard way. She photographed a Tanzanian flag, next to a blooming purple Jacaranda tree. It was the perfect picture, except the flag was on top of a...

  • if you have to go to the toilet ...

    if you have to go to the toilet ... in the national parks, you seldom find a real restroom :-)Just be careful, if you have to do it in the nationalparks that you are in an area where the grass isn´t too high. You will never see the lions coming ...Also take care, that someone is watching out (for the animals of course).Making a toilet stop in a...

  • Dust, dust (cough, cough)

    Since there are still a lot of roads in Tanzania that are gravel (if there's a road at all) you can expect them to be dry as a bone most of the time and with a lot of dust.You drive over it and in no time your car is covered with dust - and not only on the outside.Still you will want to have the windows open, because you want to see more of the...

  • Don't ever under estimate road...

    The roads out to Ngorongoro Creater are the worst I have ever travelled, I Designed and built this trailer myself, thinking I had everything covered.Only to realise at the wrong time the axle was totally under designed and under manufactured.The road in and out of the creater cost me 3 new tyres.A lesson well learnt, the trailer now sports a new...

  • Water

    When they say "don't drink the water", take it seriously! The lake that supplies the town's water is a bilharzia breeding ground. Remember there are many ways to injest water... such as rinsing your toothbrush, having ice in your soda or licking your lips as you shower. Also don't eat salads, as the veggies may have been rinsed with tap water.

  • Pick pockets

    Thiefs lurk near the bus station in Arusha. Make sure your valuables are secure and are firmly place under your clothes. My friend had his money belt stolen on a early morning because it was sticking out of his pocket and not around his waste.

  • fly-catcher

    In every bigger city there are hundreds of fly-catcher around and it’s sometime very hard to get rid of them. Never show any interest. Mostly there are also people from the tourist office hanging around who really helps you to find what you are searching for.

  • Bring your own toilet paper

    In the campgrounds, the toilets are very basic. They don't always have hot water, and the WC is just a hole in the ground. At least bring your own paper, in case the newspapers don't suit your western customs.Oh, and bring the torch too, as it is usually very dark under african skies.

  • Bugs

    Just one warning--use DEET and lots of it. When you shower, put it on again. Do not use anything with scent--shampoo, deoderant, lotion, etc. There are serious mosquitos and tse tse flies. They were not swarming, but we were aware of them. Of course, I don't have to say anything about not going where you shouldn't, do I? Big animals don't care...

  • Remember the Hippo causes most...

    Remember the Hippo causes most fatal casualties amongst men every year in Africa not lion. Before you jump in any tempting looking pool no matter how small, OBSERVE it very carefully for at least half an hour listen for noises watch for movements below surface!!!

  • tourist's are always a target...

    tourist's are always a target of a scam and you can not even trust the cop's but if you are ever in trouble just ask how much will it cost and tell them you only have ten buck's and are waiting for money from your parents, you might get off easy and don't wear your watch and jewellery and don't flaunt you camera's either.

  • Sea Urchins - These are black...

    Sea Urchins - These are black spiky individuals which lurk in the shallows off some beaches. If you step on them their spines get embedded in your foot - I know, I did. If you do step on one the milk from Papaya is meant to help them fall out, or you can remove them as you would splinters

  • Be careful in Zanzibar, Stone...

    Be careful in Zanzibar, Stone town, our friends had everything they had on them stolen at knifepoint! This was on the isolated beaches of Stone Town, not advised to walk around alone.Dont be put off going to Zanzibar by this though, its an incredible place.

  • Jeesh, WATCH OUT FOR Tsetse...

    Jeesh, WATCH OUT FOR Tsetse flies!!!! While driving through the Serengeti, if you would have th windows down and you stopped,they would just swarm!! Not only does it feel like a drill when they bite you,you could potentially get Sleeping Sickness,a very serious and dangerous disease! And what makes it worse is that they don't kill easily! We had a...

  • If you wear shorts in Arusha,...

    If you wear shorts in Arusha, be prepared for unwelcome looks or comments from both men and women. Although my shorts came down to just above my knees, I still heard comments. Capri pants or long skirts would be more appropriate. On safari, shorts are the only way to go.Tsetse flies were very much a pest in the Western Corridor one day, they came...

  • It's not that dangerous to go...

    It's not that dangerous to go outside after dark. Only, don't take any valuebles or big sum of money with you - you can be robbed. Be aware of thiefs. In Dar-es-Salaam there's more thiefs than in Zanzibar.Don't drink tap water.In some restaurants they suggest that you wash your hands and bring you some water. Instead you'd better ask for a...

  • Police officers in Zanzibar...

    Police officers in Zanzibar can be very corrupt. The police force is underpaid, ill-equipped andpoorly trained. You may be approached for bribes. Playing dumb may be the best way to react;they probably won’t ask you outright for money, and after a while they may get exasperated withyour stupidity and give up.

  • Malaria is endemic. Take...

    Malaria is endemic. Take anti-malarial pills, as prescribed by a doctor. Take care not to getbitten in the evening when the mosquitoes that transmit this disease are active; use a mosquito netwhile sleeping and use bug repellant that is at least 30% DEET. If you develop a fever while inthe country, or within three months of departing, get a blood...

  • I don't know if this is...

    I don't know if this is dangerous, but the roads in Tanzania are absolutely horrible. A normal 2 hour drive takes about 8 hours. If any of you women are well endowed, be prepared to suffer. The ruts and washouts on the road are gargantuous.

  • WaterWell, sometimes it...

    WaterWell, sometimes it happens to be grateful to the globalisation…especially when you realise that the tea you’ve just drunk was made using water from the river, and a cholera epidemic is occurring. For the next drink, have a Pepsi!

  • Be sure to take your...

    Be sure to take your anti-malarial meds. I use a Chlroquin/Proguanil combo which yuo cannot get in the USA (where I live), but you can get it in pharmacies in the UK. The people are warm and friendly but do not put temptation in theire way - guard your valuables.

  • The citycentre of Dar es...

    The citycentre of Dar es Salaam is ok to walk alone late at night, but outside the centre its better to use a taxi, which aren't expensive.The beach at Dar es Salaam is known for its muggers, Coco beach its called, a friend of mine was mugged by three men with a very large knive, its better to take a small boat to one of the small gaunted islands,...


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