The Gambia Things to Do

  • In the slavery museum
    In the slavery museum
    by toonsarah
  • Welcome to Juffureh
    Welcome to Juffureh
    by toonsarah
  • Museum exhibit
    Museum exhibit
    by toonsarah

The Gambia Things to Do


    The oyster farm is situated just outside Lamin Lodge, i visited on the " 4 in 1 day tour" with ARCH-TOURSThe oysters are brought to the farm, boiled for 20 minutes so that they are easier to prise open. The larger of the oysters are sold to local hotels and the smaller ones sold in the local markets. The shells of the oysters are ground down to a...


    Kachikally crocodile pool is in a district of Bakau. There are over 100 magnificent crocodiles in and around the pool. The pool also has sacred fertility properties, women still to this day go there in the hope that it will help them to get pregnant. This is not the only sacred pool in The Gambia, some of the others also have crocodiles living in...

  • A culture show at The Palm Beach hotel

    AFRICAN DANCINGDuring my stay at PALM BEACH HOTEL, there was entertainment each evening, at the bar around the pool.Sunday and Wednesday evening, the entertainment was “a culture show”.Women African dancers, danced energetically to a drum band played by men. It was very entertaining. People were invited up onto the stage to participate. I enjoyed...

  • 4 IN 1 DAY TOUR

    4 in 1 day tour, This was the first ARCH-TOURS that I went on in The Gambia, it was really fun and very informative. We started by going to Serrekunda market, which was very busy and hectic. Alex showed us some of the products on sale including Kola nuts, we tasted these, they were quite bitter but very popular with the locals. We next went to...


    Arch-Tours was by far the best part of my holiday in The Gambia. The company was started in 2004 by Abdul Conteh,previously they were known as the "boys in red" and their reputation has grown along with the company for the last 10 years.I booked my tours whilst I was in Gambia as the office was only a ten minute walk from my hotel and next to the...


    The beach at Kotu is wonderful, from Kololi, the beach stretches for miles northwards towards Kotu and Kotu stream ( a small river that cuts off the beach at high tide). Along the shore there are bars, FRUIT LADIES and juice bars. Walking along the beach through the day is quite relaxing, and the sunset is beautifulThe sand is soft, clean and great...


    JULBREWThe local bottled beer is Julbrew, and is sold everywhere in The Gambia. it is brewed in Banjul and tastes delicious. In the hotels it is 50 dalasis (£1) a bottle.


    The fruit ladies serve most parts of the beach between kotu stream and Kololi. Usually when you buy fruit from one of these ladies she will remember you and approach you when you are walking along the beach. I love fruit so I had 3 fruit ladies, Halimatous, Almia and Susan. Each of them work on different parts of the beach. The fruit is really...

  • Bakau fishing village

    If you walk into Bakau from Fajara one of the first places you come too, soon after the small market, is the fishing village. Here the local fishermen congregate to launch their pirogues, mend their nets, sell their catch – and to try to make a few extra delasi by showing tourists around. Stand firm – you don't need a guide to wander around here...

  • Serekunda Market

    We came to Serekunda Market, the largest in The Gambia, with Habib and spent around an hour wandering around. We were very pleased to have his company as I'm not at all sure we would have found our way around this maze of lanes on our own, and we would certainly have attracted more attention, more hassle, and found it harder to take photos. As it...

  • Kachikally Crocodile Pool

    Have you ever petted a full grown crocodile?! No, nor had we, and when Habib suggested that we might do just that at the Kachikally Crocodile Pool I was in two minds about the idea. But as it turned out we found the crocs docile enough that we did pet them, and lived to tell the tale!Kachikally is part tourist attraction, part shrine. It is one of...

  • Botanic Gardens

    We paid a brief visit to the Botanic Gardens in Bakau with Habib. After the colourful flowers on many of the shrubs in the grounds of Ngala Lodge this struck us as a little dusty and bare, with few flowers and some plants looking less than well-tended. But it was an interesting opportunity to see some of the country’s native plants and a few were...

  • Calypso at the Cape

    Although this is a bar and restaurant I am including it as a "Thing to do" because it is in such an appealing setting that it merits a trip simply to see the surroundings. We came here with Habib at the end of one of our excellent mornings out (see my Fajara Favourites tip) and had a relaxing time sipping cold fresh wonjo juice (made from sorrel,...

  • Bijilo Forest Park

    This is an easy excursion from any of the coastal resorts, and if you like animals and birds, one well worth making. Bijilo is an area of natural sandy-soiled forest that was preserved when the coastal strip was being developed, so that tourists would have a chance to see something of natural Gambia on their doorstep. It has become home to troops...

  • Roots excursion

    If you have read Alex Haley's book, Roots, have seen the TV series or are simply interested in the history of slavery in The Gambia and West Africa, this tour provides an interesting insight into the places and people behind his story and that of thousands of others. You board a boat in Banjul for the two hour journey on the River Gambia to the...

  • Albreda

    We visited Albreda as part of the Roots excursion. It is a small fishing village on the north bank of the Gambia River, about two hours sailing time from Banjul. In less happy times this was one of the embarkation points for slaves being transported to the Caribbean and Southern states plantations, and the village contains several memorials of...

  • Slavery Museum, Albreda

    The small slavery museum in Albreda is housed in a wooden building dating from the mid 19th century, known as the Maurel Freres Building. This building is somewhat ramshackle, despite being described in a sign on the outside wall as “one of the best structurally preserved historical buildings in the James Island and related sites world heritage...

  • Juffureh

    Juffureh is the neighbouring village to Albreda and like it is visited on the popular Roots excursion. The two villages in fact more or less join each other, separate only by what appeared to me to be a wide sandy track but could equally as easily have been a dried up river bed. Only the "Welcome to Juffureh" sign tells you that you are entering...

  • Kunta Kinteh Island

    Formerly known as James Island (the name was changed in 2011) and prior to that St Andrew's Island, this small island in the River Gambia is home to the ruins of a fort that once belonged to colonial Britain. For many slaves, this would have been the last patch of African soil that they saw before being transported in the bowels of transatlantic...

  • Makasutu Cultural Forest

    Makasutu means “sacred forest” in Mandinka. This 500 hectare reserve was founded by two British men, James English and Lawrence Williams, who had a passion for The Gambia and wanted to help to preserve its wildlife and natural environment. They gradually bought this area of land and restored it to its natural state. It encompasses five different...

  • James Island or Kuntah Kinteh Island

    In summer 2012 we visited James Island, also known as Kunta Kinteh Island. James Island is a very small island in the Gambia River. We went there by small boat from the northern riverside.In 1456 the Island after Portugal acquired the island from local rules the Oortuguese started to build a fort. The location of the island in the middle of the...

  • Wassu, the mysterious stone circles

    In Wassu each stone circle consists of about 10 to 24 massive and reddish brown stones.The stones are between 1M and 2.5 M high and must weigh several tons, they told me.Similar structures are found in the Sahara and in Guinee. In Gambia is the largest concentration, about 40 circles between Wassu and Kau-ur.After my visit at the Wassu circles the...


    I will be there in February/March too. It will be my Gambia Trip # 15.The real Gambia is to avoid the Hotels and live in the village. There are a lot of appartments and B&B offers. If you want to travel, which I would recommend, do it on a private base with an experienced guide. Gore Island is really worth a trip! Anyway, Senegal is taking better...

  • Fishing

    The Gambia offers some fabulous fishing both salt water and freshwater try your hand fishing for Barracuda in the Atlantic or go up river for the Tiger Fish

  • Kachikally Crocodile Park

    The sacred pools at Bakau have over the years become a tourist magnet for visitors to The Gambia. Some Gambians believe that the pools have supernatural healing powers and in particular bathing with the waters can aid in fertility. There are dozens of these sacred pools in The Gambia (some without crocs) but this is the nearest to the Atlantic...


    When in the Gambia, do take a trip to the south part of Senegal, the Casamance. Go on a guided trip for one day and experience the Atlantic Ocean, the different language and the husle to cross the border and to get in again........Great fun.

  • Wassu, stone circles

    Near Wassu are several stone circles, believed to be burial sites and about 1200 years old. Wassu with its stone circles is one of the most famous sites in Gambia.These stone circles gave me a very mysterious feeling, like also Stonehenge in England and the stones in Carnac in France did.The archaeologists don't know yet the origin of these Wassu...

  • Mali & Senegal Tours with Oumar Diarra

    Anyone considering a beach holiday in the Gambia and Senegal, may want to look West and venture deeper into the real Africa. Whether you just have a few spare days away from the beach or would like to spend three or four weeks travelling around the sights of Senegal, Mali, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry, Oumar can take you there. For those lucky...

  • Gambia is Good Farm

    Close to the Banjul International Airport you find the Gambia is Good Farm yard. Gambia is Good is bringing together thousands of local farmers. The supply Gambia is Good and they in return sell the crop to the Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets etc. Thus providing a livelyhood for the local farmers and making the hotels etc less dependant on...

  • Cruising on the River

    We came across this great website for Gambia River Cruise. We contacted them and within a day we had a trip arranged. We chartered a boat just for the 2 of us and it was just fantastic. The boat itself is huge - the crew is fantastic and the day itself is one to remember for the rest of our lives. If we ever get married we want to do it on that...

  • Suels Saloon

    On Bakau New Town road you will find a bit hidden The Saloon. This is a multi purpose place. Hair and massage Saloon downstairs, Art Gallery upstairs and there is also a lovely food place. The whole building is a gem with loads of different styles and you just keep on looking around. If you are lucky the owner will show you his garden with the most...

  • Bicycle riding & Serrekunda Market

    just rent some mountain bikes and drive towards Serrekunda - avoid the big road with loads of traffic - and then just drive around this bustling city. You can park your bicycle e.g. at a local bar, have a drink and then ask the waiter to look after your bikes whilst you visit the market. You just wander around and you will be amazed at what you all...

  • Horseriding

    Just walk on the beach and you will find friendly Gambians riding horses and offering you to rent their horses for 30 minutes. You will pay about 300 Dalasi and riding along the Atlantic Ocean is just relaxing and gives you that perfect holiday feelling

  • Kotu Bridge & Kotu ponds

    within walking distance from the Kotu hotels you find the Kotu Bridge and a bit further down the Kotu ponds. To beautiful pieces of nature which are home to many colourful birds. The Kotu bridge gives you a great view over the Kotu stream with its mangroves and palm trees and on the other side the Atlantic Ocean. The Kotu ponds is a nice strech of...

  • Abuko Nature Reserve

    The first area in the Gambia to be given protection.Famous worldwide for its birdlife even non birdwatchers will enjoy see the birds here.Gambian birds are amazingly coloured .Get a guide they will mimic bird calls to help you see more birds,as of Nov 09 150 Dalasis an hour two or three hours is plenty for non birders.there is an animal orphanage...

  • Paradise beach

    for a day just lying on a beach its hard to beat this.Sand Palm trees and good food and much less hassel here than on other beaches.Also if you get bored lying on a sunbed ther are Lakes behind the beach to go birdwatching

  • TANJI fishing village

    this is the biggest fishing village in the Gambia,with hundreds of boats going out sometimes for up to three days,the fish is brought ashore by hand in baskets and sold on the beach.They dry,salt or smoke the fish here too.The whole place is a hive of activity the boats the people are all so colourfull well worth an hour or two here in the...

  • drink a fruit juice on the Beach

    Its almost impossible to walk on the beach's without being hassled for something, but do try a fruit drink made fresh in front of you with fresh fruit. Don't be in a hurry it can take 30 minutes.Baobab Milkshake or Wanju juice try something you've never tasted before.Our favourate guy is outside the Bijilo Beach Hotel he is called Mr Buddy Max also...

  • take a trip into the Mangroves

    Our guide took us to Lamin Lodge a well known tourist spot for birdwatching and boat trips.He didn't want us to use the actual Lodge as its not owend by a Gambian, and as much as possilble he tried to steer us into the local economy .Downside of this you get a tour of the oyster collection and use (which costs ),interesting still making lime for...

  • Serekunda market

    We asked our guide to take us to a real market not a tourist trinket type.He delivered, this market is huge chaotic and colourful.there is fish fruit clothes batik fabirc.meat and jewellery.Be prepared to haggle hard for a bargain,the stall holders are nowhere near as aggressive as some places iv'e been (silk market Biejing) .But the shear size and...

  • day trips it is stated that the park is not opened for the public. Boat tours are sometimes very expensive. A good trip with an overnight stay in a camp might be Georgetown. There are several camps available, and the stone circle of Wassu are very interesting. But you might be on the road for almost...

  • general

    Hi Hilary Thanks for all this Would you know any good and reasonable taxi driver who can be our "guide" and a taxi driver as me and my wife would prefer all day taxi so the same person could accompany us everywhere including touring I would rather pay a driver per day like 10.00 till midnight , that way someone is with you all time and saves...

  • Go Fishing

    While eating in our favourite restaurant in Banjul (Michel's Seafood Restaurant), I mentioned to the owner that I would like to go fishing. Well, I was immediatly invited to go with the owner two days later, the day I was due to leave for the UK. "No problem" was the answer, and the fishing trip already arranged was brought forward a day just to...

  • Monky Park in Bijilo

    just a stroll from Senegambia Stri, this little park will give you an impression how the land was like before being cultivated. On Top you have nice and greedy monkies, though many of them invaded to the nearby hotels.

  • Go to the crocodile pool

    There is no such thing as Health and Safety in Gambia - go to the crocodile pool and jiggle a crocs belly . . . go on, where else will you get the chance? You have you got to loose (except maybe a hand or foot)?Just go for it. It's definitely worth going, for the phto opportunity alone.


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