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Kololi Highlights

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     Ideally situated for shops, bars, restaurants and all amenities. Great value for money. 

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     the lplace to be for sunlovers 

Kololi Things to Do

  • Trips and Tours

    Try to use a local company for trips rather than the overseas big holiday companies that way more of the money you pay stays with the locals and directly benefits their families. We used Tilly’s Tours http://www.tillystours.com/ who are also a charity working in the Gambia on the S.P.A.D.E. Project. Please make sure though that any tour operator...

  • Go wild and take a rasta hairdo!

    Why don't you surprise your family, relatives, friends and your boss when coming back from your trip? I did it, and didn't get fired ;O)For women I can tell that it helps a lot: just wash and go! Act like a man, finally. No hair conditioners, no mousse, no gel, no hairspray, no extra time wasted - just wash your hair gently and let it dry as it is....

  • Local dance and drumming shows are...

    A must at least once during the trip is to see a local dancing and drumming show. Now you might think "I've seen this already" - but it is far from the tv ads or pictures in magazines. You got to see it live. What amazed me most was the fact that this is not only show - it is tough sports! Those dancing (and drumming) had to have an unbeliavably...


Kololi Hotels

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Kololi Restaurants

  • Great food and service

    What a great restaurant this is. The food is freshly prepared and tastes really good. Average meal consisting of a main course and 2 beer's and coffee will be about £12 stg. Say hello for me to "Walk On By" he is employed by the restaurant and is the guy working immediately outside the restaurant who gets you to go in. The owner calls him, her...

  • the best steaks in Senengambia

    This restaurant is located next to the entrance of Holiday Beach Hotel. It was formerley the Bush Garden. The steaks are delicious as are the other dishes which include chicken, pork and fish. The menu is select and therefore does not take ages to decide. The proprietor is a lovely Gambian lady and her staff are amazing, so friendly and enjoy a...

  • Real African food and great athmosphere

    The menu contained all the traditional and famous African dishes like domoda, yassa (with either chicken, fish or meat) and benechin. You could also order fresh exotic fish like butterfish, Captainfish and Ladyfish.The ambience and surroundings were cosy, attractive and nice. It is an outside/terrace restaurant, so people eat out (it is enough warm...

  • Great buffet

    From my journal:"In the evening we had a table booked at Liao Thai Restaurant. Arranged a taxi to take us there, wait, and then take us home. We had a lovely table in a little courtyard by a small pond with koi carp, plants and an Oriental bridge acros it leading to an aviary.The only drawback was the appearance of a bunch of unruly children...

  • Free cabaret

    From my journal:"We asked if we could sit inside as it was rather cold outside, and they were very obliging, moving a table from the terrace to the inside corner of the restaurant, but I think it was the waiter's first night. Watching him trying to lift a roll on to the plate the silver service way was hilarious. By the time the roll had actually...

  • Interesting menu

    This covered café / restaurant is set right by the pool and is ideal for daytime snacks. I had an African dish of ocra formed into little nuggets and deep fried, served with a bitingly hot chilli sauce. Delicious!


Kololi Nightlife

  • WanderingFinn's Profile Photo
    WoW's stairs - keep on going up! 1 more image

    by WanderingFinn Written Jan 6, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    WoW was a really WoW to us as we entered it the first time. We don't usually go to these kind of places (hip-hop, rap & black music; cannot dance). Still the ambience took us; as earlier in the evening the music was not loud so you could talk, older music + reggae was played. Perhaps at 01:00 they started to play loud. I felt like being in some club in Harlem.

    If you want to see all styles; go there! A lot of rastas enjoyed the place; at first we were the only tourists there. You can enjoy watching the whole variety of clothes, hats, caps, rastas, everything. That already is amusing itself.

    The people were great though; the same Gambian comradeship was there. I had taken a "rasta"-look in my long blond hair, and all rasta guys came to me to shake hands and say "sister". "Rasta" women smiled at me nicely.

    If you wanna dance - go to the WoW. It was amazing how the Gambian people had the rhythm in their blood. It was enjoyable to watch them move their bodies so easily the way we Europeans can never do. The dance floor was full all the time.

    One thing: watch out for pickpockets; it's really dark in there. Also it is good to be aware that even if people don't drink much alchol there, some smoke drugs and perhaps sell them too (esp. the rastafaris). Despite this, they are nice and let you be and shake hands :) Everybody is your friend.

    Please note also: there are a few prostitutes in this place; usually they can be recognized of their outlooks but not always, so it is good to be aware if you are not planning to buy these kind of services.

    I hope I didn't scare you; it's a safe place and a safe area to walk even at the whee hours. Just don't get too drunk. Be brave and jump in and be a part of this crazy world for a moment. I would call that an experience.

    There is an entrance fee of 50 dalasis usually, but I am sure that during your stay in Gambia you get friends who will let you in without paying anything. It happened to us too!

    Dress Code: What dress code? There was no dress code at all; I guess that the main thing is that you have something on you.

    The guys had mainly sports clothing and sneakers (due to the music), a small part had neat black pants and some nice shirt hanging on the pants (not inside). No-one weared shorts.

    The girls had no sports clothing at all; they were all dressed and made up. They wore either supertight jeans or capri pants with a tiny top. Or a mini skirt. Quite much make-up.

    I dressed myself up just like in any other hot places; some dress or skirt and top/blouse; the normal "disco" way.

    Note: local men do not wear shorts not even daytime. Evenings, nighttime and especially if you go for dinner it is not acceptable to wear shorts - even if you see half of the tourists doing it still, unfortunately.

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Kololi Local Customs

  • Local Dance Show

    From my journal:"In the evening we went for the BBQ by the pool, followed by African dancing. It got surprisingly cold outside with the wind. The dancers were good - very energetic! The asked for 'volunteers' and for a change I wasn't picked on. One lady was obviously upset she wasn't chosen, so she walked up to the stage anyway. She didn't do...

  • Musical entertainment

    One night in the hotel there was a happy hour with a little band which played Caribbean and Reggae music on strange looking instruments and wooden boxes with strips of metal attached to them. Very different!

  • Kololi Hotels

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Kololi Warnings and Dangers

  • Outside of the resort you are hunted...

    The only reason we came to The Gambia is because of the great weather in December (we were there in 2009). And it stayed the only reason one should ever have to go there. As soon as we left the resort, close to the beach, one person after the other comes at you, wanting to be your friend (later asking for money), sell you something, offering trips,...

  • Pickpockets at the ferry

    We made the Banjul-Barra ferry crossing four times in total. Three times were completely trouble free but once we attempted to make the crossing on the first ferry of the morning of Milad an-Nabi and it was chaos! This particular crossing was part of a group tour to Janjang Burreh. We started our journey as a group of thirteen, but we became twelve...

  • Tours and Trips

    Please make sure that any tour operator you do use has a valid operator licence as your insurance company will not pay out in the event of an incident which requires you to claim for lost property or medical etc etc.


Kololi Tourist Traps

  • grets's Profile Photo
    Beach with salesmen

    by grets Written Jan 25, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The area all around the hotels on the coast is full of sales people and hustlers. If you want to go to the supermarket or walk along the beach, you need to be prepared to run the gauntlet of the persistent locals. Most are Ok and take no for an answer, and some you can even build up a really friendly banter with, but some are very persistent! They sell everything from tours, carvings, cigarettes to charity donations. Some just want to chat to you in order to practice their English.

    Unique Suggestions: Friends of mine visited a couple of years after we did, and she was so upset by the hustlers, she refused to leave the hotel grounds. I also spoke to several people on the flight home who had done the same. It's a shame, because chatting to the locals can really get you a feel for the place.

    Fun Alternatives: Try to smile, be firm about not wanting to purchase whatever it is that they are selling, but do talk to the local people. It can really enrich your holiday.

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Kololi What to Pack

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    by Firestar24 Written Apr 13, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: If you’re planning to venture outside the coastal tourist areas and head inland then it’s a very good idea to take cheap gifts for the children you will meet. Before we went I visited Wilkinsons (am I allowed to name drop like that? Oh, well!) and picked up a whole load of crayons for 12p per pack, exercise books for 39p each and huge tubs of pens and pencils for next to nothing. If I had bought all that locally rather than bringing it over from England it would have cost me a fortune, and the gifts were very much appreciated by the children. Clothing is appreciated too, in certain circumstance. I gave my pashmina to one woman who took a shine to it. Jonathan said I should have taken my VT T-Shirt so that a little of VT could have stayed in rural Africa, but I had left it in my bag and didn’t think until we had left the village.

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Kololi Off The Beaten Path

  • grets's Profile Photo
    Termite mound

    by grets Written Jan 25, 2005

    A little inland from the beach, we stopped by these enormous termite mounds along the side of the road.

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Kololi Favorites

  • Cash Flow Considerations

    Before setting off for The Gambia, I read in The Lonely Planet that there were very few ATMs in the Country and it would be a better idea to take cash or travellers cheques. Never having used travellers cheques before and having a general mistrust of all things that were not processed electronically, I checked the exchange rate online and scooted...

  • the nightlife

    the nightclubs in kololi is excellent! the drinks are very cheap and are open all nightand also the locals are very nice as well. My best advice is to go to a nightclub with someone that either works in the hotel, or a rep, because they know what/where to go Listerning to Bob marley's "no woman no cry" at WAAW! This could have made anyone shead a...

  • The Wee Smiling Faces

    A trip through the bush, away from the normal tourist haunts is essential. You will be totally bowled over by the greeting you receive from the children in the outlying villages. They will run after your Landrover smiling and waving until their little hands drop off.If you go on a mini safari don't forget to take a BIG bag of sweets - lollipops are...


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